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M.Tech Information Technology (IT) Course, Fees, Syllabus, Duration, Eligibility, Colleges, and Salary 2024

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M.Tech Information Technology (IT) Course, Fees, Syllabus, Duration, Eligibility, Colleges, and Salary 2024-here

The term Information technology is associated to collect, assemble, manipulate, and transmitting data or information. In other words, any technology which helps in the transfer of information is called Information technology. This term is mainly used for the business context.

Details of M.Tech Information Technology Course:

It is a Post-graduation Course which is a very valuable degree in the IT industry. The course duration is 2 years and the M.Tech Information Technology Course fees are around 45,000 to 1.5 lakhs. You will study the different technologies related to the IT sector and their use in the business world.

Information technology is considered to be related to computers and their technology, but it is also related to other information transmission technologies like television, mobile network, etc. So, we can say that the IT industry provides you with all the hardware technologies, software technologies, and services that involve the transmission and manipulation of Information.

Because of these reasons, it covers a major segment of the economy and is still growing. This industry has great career opportunities for highly skilled professionals. So, students will have a bright future in this industry after the M.Tech Information Technology Course.

Benefits of M.Tech Information Technology Course:

The M.Tech information technology degree has a large number of benefits, some of which are listed below:

Expertise: The first benefit is that it will provide you with deep knowledge about the subjects. You will learn all the nuances in an M.Tech Course that has remained uncovered in the graduation course. This is very important to become an expert in the industry.

Research work: The Research and Development department is responsible for creating new technology. This requires a deep knowledge of all the concepts, and principles related to the IT sector, and its applications. Hence, Masters in Technology Information Technology course is very helpful for this purpose.

Teaching work: Similar to research work, teaching also requires deep knowledge of all the concepts and principles of Information technology. A teacher has to guide the students and solve their queries related to the subject. So, an M.Tech Information Technology Course is very important for a teacher of B.Tech Information Technology Course.

Helps in Promotions: The company needs professionals who can make a profit for the company. An employee who has a good knowledge of the subject and process is very valuable for the organization. Also, if you have good work experience, you will be promoted to higher ranks. Hence, this course is very helpful to get promotions in the organization.

Career Opportunities after Information Technology Course:

The IT industry is one of the largest industries in India. It employs a large part of the population. It is constantly growing, so it has great career opportunities. After doing an M.Tech in Information technology you will get specialization in this field and become eligible for higher ranks. The IT industry has different subfields and is related to various industries as consumers and service providers. You can also apply in these fields. During the M.Tech Course, you will come up with different subjects related to other fields.

Job roles after the Masters in Technology Information Technology course:

Job Roles

IT consultant

The job responsibility of an IT consultant is to evaluate the IT system of an organization and give the best possible solution to the problem.

Web Developer

He is responsible to design and modify a website according to the requirement of a client. He also fixes issues in the functioning of the site.

Database Administrator

A database administrator prepares and maintains database servers and ensures the security of the data of an organization.

System Designer

The system designers prepare a set of instructions that are given to the programmers. These instructions are based on the requirements of clients.

Network Engineer

He is responsible for the proper functioning of computer networks. He troubleshoots, diagnoses, and resolves any issue in the computer network.

Cloud Architect

A cloud architect works on cloud application design, cloud approval plans, and systems required to manage cloud storage.

M.Tech Information Technology Course Duration and Eligibility:

Eligibility criteria are the minimum requirement to take admission in a particular course. You have to fulfill these requirements before taking admission into these courses.

The eligibility criteria for the M.Tech Information technology course is as follow:

  • Students have to crack the qualifying entrance exam with at least the minimum marks required in the college.
  • Students should have finished their B.Tech Information Technology Course with at least 60% marks from a recognized college.
  • In an integrated program, there is no need to qualify for an entrance exam.

M.Tech Information Technology Course duration is 2 years. The exams are conducted semi-annually.

Masters in Technology Information Technology Course Syllabus:

It contains some subjects which you have already studied in your graduation. However, topics and concepts are explained in detail in the Post-graduation. M.Tech provides you with detailed knowledge that helps you in achieving expertise in your field. Information technology is a field that keeps changing every day. So, it is mandatory to teach the students about all these updates. The syllabus of M.Tech information technology follows the latest educational pattern.

1st Semester

2nd Semester

Data structure and algorithm

Operating System


Software Project Management and TQM

Software engineering

Object-oriented software engineering and UML

Discrete structure

Computer Network

Object-oriented Programming


3rd Semester

4th Semester

Web technology


Elective I

Assigned Project

Elective II


Elective I:

  • Formal Language and automata theory
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer graphics and multimedia
  • Real-time and Embedded system
  • Bioinformatics
  • Data mining and Warehousing
  • Mechatronics

Elective II:

  • Compiler Design
  • Soft Computing
  • Image processing and pattern recognition
  • Mobile communication
  • Data Encryption and Compression
  • Remote sensing and GIS
  • Design and analysis of algorithm

Admission Process of M.Tech Information Technology Course:

Different educational institutions provide M.Tech Information Technology. These institutes offer admission to information technology through various modes. However, the eligibility criteria remain the same. Following are the methods for admission:

(1). Through Entrance Exam:

Entrance Exams check your knowledge of the subjects. It is also the eligibility criteria for post-graduation courses for most of the top colleges. Some institutions conduct their own entrance exam. They provide admission based on marks obtained in these exams. The difficulty level of these exams is high. So, you need to make a proper plan for the preparation. It may take some months to complete the preparation.

Some entrance exam names are:

  • GATE

(2). Through Direct Admission:

Sometimes, students have no intentions for post-graduation. They make their decision to continue their study at the final moment. They don’t apply for any entrance exam for a PG course. In such situations, the best choice you have is direct admission into a college. In this way, you don’t need to qualify for any entrance exam. Also, these colleges have a better placement record.

Top Colleges for M.Tech Information Technology Course:

The Best Colleges for M.Tech Information Technology are the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs). But to get admission to these colleges you have to qualify for GATE with a good rank. The GATE exam is one of the toughest exams. So, it is not easy to crack this exam. However, if you really want to study in an IIT, you can take coaching for this exam.

The private colleges also provide quality education with a great placement record. Also, it is not compulsory to crack the GATE exam to take admission in these colleges. So, you can also choose private colleges for the M.Tech Information Technology Course.

Below are some top colleges for the M.Tech Information Technology course:

Name of the College

ABES Engineering College, Ghaziabad

BBS Group of Institutions, Prayagraj

Bhabha Institute of Technology, Kanpur

Bharat Institute of Technology, Meerut

Birla Institute of Technology, Prayagraj

IIMT University, Meerut

Naraina Group of Institutions, Kanpur

Rama University, Kanpur

Sagar Institute of Technology and Management, Lucknow

Swami Vivekanand Subharti University, Meerut

Salary Package and Top Companies in Information Technology:

The IT companies in India are among the top companies in the world. They have their market in other countries too. These companies provide high salaries and other benefits to their employees. Also, you will get success quickly in these companies. So, you should try to make your career in these companies. The salary of a professional also depends upon several factors. If you have good knowledge of the process and work experience, you will definitely get more salary than a fresher. Because experience is equivalent to knowledge and skill in the professional world.

Some of the top companies which provide high salary package to their employees are as follow:

Company Name
Annual Salary Package

HCL Technologies

1.8-3 lakhs


2.5-5 lakhs

Larsen & Toubro infotech

1.7-3.9 lakhs


2.6-3.9 lakhs


2-3.7 lakhs


2-4 lakhs


2.2-4.1 lakhs

Tech Mahindra

1.9-3.8 lakhs


2.8-4.5 lakhs


2.1-3.8 lakhs

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