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M.Tech Genetic Engineering Course Fees, Eligibility, Salary, Admission, Syllabus, Duration, , Colleges, Job 2024

Update on 18 May, 2024


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M.Tech Genetic Engineering Course Fees, Eligibility, Salary, Admission, Syllabus, Duration, , Colleges, Job 2024-here

M.Tech Genetic Engineering Course 2024: A high-demand course is beneficial for you only when you get it from a good institute. Proper knowledge of the subject is equally important, so you should always choose a college which provides you with a good education. Also, genetic engineering is a field where only knowledge is not enough. You should also have the required set of skills.

Details of M.Tech Genetic Engineering Course:

It is a post-graduation course. Its duration is 2 years. This course provides you with expertise in the field of genetic engineering. It is very important to have deep knowledge to become successful in any field. The demand for this course has recently increased. Genetic engineering means the direct modification of an organism’s genes with the help of biotechnology. This is also known as genetic modification or genetic manipulation.

This subject is of great importance in creating a new species. An organism that is genetically modified is called a genetically modified organism (GMO). Genetic engineering is used in many different fields like medicine, research, agriculture, etc. Because of its different applications, this field has great career opportunities. You can apply in any of these segments. Also, the use of genetic engineering is increasing, so the importance of M.Tech Genetic Courses is also increasing. Hence, there will be even more possibilities in the future.

Pros & Cons of Genetic Engineering:

It gives you great career opportunities. But like everything else, if it has some benefits, it also has some defects and drawbacks. However, we mainly focus on improving the system, so it will give us maximum benefits with minimum harm.

Below are some pros and cons of genetic engineering:


  • Cure complex diseases: Genetic engineering is mainly related to the basic constituent of the living organisms ‘DNA’. It provides different principles about DNA. So, it will help in curing some very complex diseases.
  • Can Increase the life span: As genes are the basic constituents of living organisms, working on them can help us in finding some ways to improve the quality of cells and tissues. This will further help us in living longer.
  • Produce new foods: Genetic engineering also helps us create new food options. It uses different technologies to improve the quality of living things.
  • Generate new species: It is mainly related to producing new sets of genes that are not present naturally. In this way, we can produce a whole new organism. Hence, this is the foundation of new species formation.


  • Genetic defects: If genetic engineering can cure very complex and rare diseases, it can also result in some very dangerous genetic disorders. Genetic engineering is a field in which there is still a lot more to discover.
  • Limits natural diversity: Artificial modification limits the existence of natural species Which is dangerous for the environment.

Important Skills Required for M.Tech Genetic Engineering Course 2024:

M.Tech Genetic Course provides you knowledge of all the concepts which is not enough. You should also have the required skill sets. You can develop these skills through practical work, so try to perform as much practical work as possible.

Some common skills to make a successful career in this field are as follow:

Technology learner: Genetic engineering is a constantly growing field, so technology is also improving frequently. You should be able to learn the use of new technologies and equipment.

Creative thinking: Creative thinking means coming up with new ideas related to your work. You should be able to see different aspects of a problem and come up with unique solutions.

Problem-solving: In this field, you will face different kinds of problems and challenges, some of them are related to the work others may be related to the organization. But you have to solve these problems. If you can manage the situations, you can easily survive in a field.

Team management: You have the quality to work individually and as a part of the team. Team management is a very important skill in almost every field. Make healthy relationships with your colleagues to make a better work environment.

Subject knowledge: Apart from all the skills, you should have a good command of the Geneic Engineering Subjects . If you study the subjects deeply, you can easily understand the process and result. Good knowledge of the subject will help you in learning things fast and better.

M.Tech Genetic Engineering Course Duration and Eligibility:

The eligibility criteria for M.Tech in Genetic Engineering course are similar to other engineering courses. You have to fulfill these requirements to take admission in any college for this course.

  • You should score minimum marks in an entrance exam that is required in a particular institute.
  • You should have completed your B.Tech Genetic Engineering Course with a minimum percentage of 60%.

M.Tech Genetic Engineering Course duration is 2 years. This course has 4 semesters of 6 months each. The minimum Masters in Technology genetic engineering course fees are around 45,000 to 1.5 lakhs per year.

Masters in Technology Genetic Engineering Course Admission Methods:

Genetic engineering courses are available in different institutions. The eligibility criteria are the same in all these institutions but they provide admission to the students through various modes. The following are methods for genetic engineering course admission.

Through entrance exam:

Most of the top colleges have qualified for an entrance exam in their eligibility criteria. The syllabus of the entrance exam consists of all the major subjects and the difficulty level of questions is high. Hence it is not easy to crack these exams. But if you have studied your graduation subjects properly, you can crack these exams.

 Some entrance exams are:

  • GATE

Through Direct Admission:

If you did not plan a course or college, this is the best choice for you. Colleges that take admission through this mode provide admission based on your marks. M.Tech Genetic course fees of these colleges are generally high. But they have a good placement record and teaching staff.

Top Colleges for M.Tech Genetic Engineering Course:

College Name
Bhabha Institute of Technology, Kanpur
Swami Vivekanand Subharti University, Meerut
IIMT University, Meerut
Birla Institute of Technology, Prayagraj
Bharat Institute of Technology, Meerut
Rama University, Kanpur
Naraina Group of Institutions, Kanpur
Sagar Institute of Technology and Management, Lucknow
BBS Group of Institutions, Prayagraj
ABES Engineering College, Ghaziabad

M.Tech Genetic Engineering Course Syllabus:

The syllabus of Genetic engineering is designed to give you a deep explanation of different aspects of the subject. It contains subjects that you have studied in the B.Tech Genetic Engineering Course. But the extent of explanation is very high in a post-graduation course.

M.Tech Genetic Engineering course syllabus is as follow:

1st Semester 2nd Semester
Molecular cloning Developmental genetics
Regulation of gene expression Cancer genetics
Human genetics Program Elective 1
Plant genetic Engineering Program Elective 2
Statistical methods Program Elective 3
Research methodology -
3rd Semester 4th Semester
Program Elective 4 Project - Phase II
Program Elective 5 -
Program Elective 6 -
Program Elective 6 -

Program Elective module:

Human genetics module

  • Human physiology
  • Stem Cell biology
  • Human Genomics

Plant genetics module

  • Plant Physiology
  • Plant Genomics
  • Plant Environment Interaction

Microbial Genetics Module

  • Microbial Physiology
  • Microbial Genomics
  • Molecular virology
Career options in the Genetic Engineering Field:

It mainly focuses on providing you with practical knowledge of genetic engineering. So, this is a valuable course for your career. Also, in this course, you study subjects in other related fields. This gives you knowledge of those fields. After M.Tech genetic engineering, you can make your career in other fields also like medical, research, agriculture, etc. So, this course provides you with great career opportunities.

Medicine: Genetic engineering is used in the field of medicine for various purposes. It helps in the preparation of drugs, animal models that mimics human conditions, and gene therapy. Mass production of human insulin in bacteria is the most common use of genetic engineering in the medical field.

Research: Genetic engineering helps scientists to prepare new genetically modified animals. This is the most important application of genetic engineering. It also helps to cure some very complex diseases.

Agriculture: One of the most common applications of genetic engineering in the field of agriculture is the preparation of genetically modified food. This food is prepared from genetically modified plant bodies. This is used in the place of traditional breeding to produce hybrid species.

Top Companies for Genetic Engineers: This course is in high demand in different fields. So, any professional who has a good knowledge of the subject and has the required skill set can make a bright future after this course. Many companies provide a good Genetic Engineering salary package, work environment, and opportunity to learn about the industry. You should try to apply for these companies.

Some of the top companies for genetic engineers are:

  • Biocon
  • Wockhardt Limited
  • Piramal healthcare
  • GSK Pharmaceutical Limited
  • Bharat Biotech
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