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Education Blogs Write for Us: Education Guest Post

If you are passionate about writing Education Guest Post or articles but couldn't find a better platform for that, then CollegeDisha is here to provide you with a perfect place where you can write for us + education blogs. Collegedisha is an education and career guidance platform where students will get help in increasing educational achievement and preparing for the best career orientation for the future. 

We would be thrilled if you are interested in contributing your expertise to our platform. Here, we greet all types of educational pitches, from all grades to academics. We would really appreciate it if the pitches would be on our core strategies: Leverage Thought Leadership and License Content from Industry Experts.

Education Guest Post & Blogs

What We Are Looking For

We invite articles, tutorials, case studies, and other content related to the Education Guest Post. Whether you're an experienced educator, industry professional, or a passionate learner, we encourage diverse perspectives that contribute to the enrichment of educational experiences. If you are able to write any of them and you have a great command of English, then we welcome you to Write for us + Education blogs and show us some of your creativity to give the best.

What are the Guidelines to Submit Guest Post Education

If you wish to submit some of your expert work to us, then there are some of our rules and guidelines that you must follow for the submission. Keep in mind that if the Write for us + Education is not per the guidelines, we will not be able to publish it until you submit it again. Here are some of the instructions that need to be followed. Those are provided below. Please check them out. 

  • Originality: Ensure that your content is original and not previously published elsewhere. If we find any plagiarism in the content, then it will be rejected at the moment. Also, we accept write-ups on only education and career-related topics with a word limit of 750+ words. 
  • Relevance: We only prefer the content that is relevant to our sites only. For that, you can align your content with our educational focus and address the interests of our audience.
  • Clarity and Depth: Craft articles that are well-structured, easy to understand, and provide valuable insights. Also, the content should be formed with the proper research, and irrelevant information will not be tolerated. 
  • Visuals: Visuals can easily enhance the quality of the content, which is why you can share any of the relevant images, diagrams, or multimedia to enhance the overall quality of your content. Please provide a cover image with dimensions 1200 x 628 PX. The cover image should not be watermarked.
Blogs Education Guest Post Site

How to Submit Guest Post Education Blogs & Articles 

To submit your write for us + education blogs, please send your pitch or completed article to us. Our editorial team will review your submission and get back to you within three days. Due to traffic of the content, it may take more than three days for the content to be reviewed, so that you can contact us to know the status. We look forward to collaborating with passionate individuals who share our commitment to fostering a culture of continuous learning and knowledge exchange.

Benefits of Write for Us + Education with CollegeDisha

Everyone knows that the benefits of the Education Guest Post site for blogs are important. So, here are some benefits given below:

  • You will get high-quality, targeted, and niche-specific backlinks.
  • Blogs targeting more traffic on the website Education Guest Post.
  • Blogs are written for branding purposes.
  • It is written to describe the specific topic relevant to education in detail.

Check Our Advertising Prices & Plan for Education Guest Post

Plan for Education Guest Post

Serial No. Do-follow & No-follow Links Price
1 1 Dofollow Link $120
2 1 Dofollow & 1 Nofollow Link $150
3 2 Dofollow Links $200
4 2 Dofollow & 1 Nofollow Link $220

Note: Same price for 1 Do-follow Link insertion in a valuable existing post. Also, We will change the do-follow link into the no-follow link after 1 year. Your post will remain on our website, CollegeDisha ( But if you want to continue your do-follow site link on CollegeDisha (, you will pay for the continuation as a renewal for the next 1 year at the same price.

Payment Guideline: Education Guest Post

Payment must be complete within 3 days after publishing an article. (If not completed payment within 3 days, the article is disapproved immediately)

Mode of Payment: PayPal, Bank Transfer

Other considerations:

  • Content published in a maximum of 1 business day after sharing. It can be prioritized if you need to in an exceptional case.
  • The do-follow link validity is 1 year; you can renew your do-follow link again. Otherwise, we will convert your Do-follow link into a No-follow link.
  • Guest Post is permanent, and We will not delete your post from our website.
  • Link Insertion in an existing post is live based on validity. After the link validity expires, we remove your link from that current post, or you have to renew the link validity.
  • Casino, CBD, and Crypto posts are not accepted.

Why Advertise with Us: Education Guest Post? 

Here are some of the reasons that will help you to know why you should advertise with us:- 

  • CollegeDisha is one of the Top & Reliable Write for us + Education Guest Posting sites that provides the best quality information in the field of education. 
  • Here, we assure you that if we place your content on our platform, then hundreds of students benefiting from it will read your content. The more people will see your content, the better response you get!
  • We make your work simple! Our design team creates attractive featured and cover images to make your content look more beautiful, to-point, and relevant. We work with you to make your content compatible with the power to compel your potential audience.
  • Want to become a contributor at the Education Guest Posting Site (CollegeDisha)? If so, we invite you. If your application is accepted, then you will receive a welcome email within 24 hours.

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