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Update on 2024-04-12

Best Career Counselling in Delhi NCR - Check 10+ Benefits

As per estimation, There are more than 1000 career guidance and career counselling companies in Delhi NCR but most of them use the old-ways counselling methodology to help their candidates. The old counselling methods do not guarantee any accuracy in your career prediction.

On the other hand, College Disha has combined traditional counselling methods with the latest technology to form an innovative method of student assessment and profile analysis. However, there is no guarantee of the efficiency of these traditional counselling methods.

The market is changing, and so are the career prospects and market demands unlike a decade back there are vast career options and types of jobs available in the market.

According to India Today's report, India has a variety of 250 career options across 40 domains covering 500 job types but 93% percent of students are aware of only 7 career options.

This lack of awareness and carelessness puts the future of our young generation in gruesome danger. And this is the major threat that gave birth to the idea of creating a platform “College Disha” where the students can be educated about the various career options which can be suitable for their individual profiles.


Importance of Career Counselling in Delhi NCR Students

The cities of the Delhi NCR region contribute highly to providing employment to the majority of the nation’s population. But considering the high population and immigration from other states, the NCR cities have now become a racing track where millions of individuals are competing against each other to get that “perfect job”.

Career Counselling helps you to become capable enough to survive in the competitive employment sector. Always remember, success comes to those who have a clear vision towards their goal and the right career guidance can help you in attaining that clear vision towards your goals.

The threats to the careers of individuals that add to the “importance of career counselling for Delhi NCR students” even more are :

  • Unemployment 
  • Inflation
  • Unawareness 
  • Lack of Skills 
  • Lack of Decision-making Skills
  • Procrastinating Behaviour 
  • Anxiety Issues & Lack of Confidence
  • Inconsistency 

All of the above-mentioned factors are responsible for bad career decisions. Career Counseling from College Disha helps individuals to avoid all these threats and helps in the overall development of the student, so he/she can excel in career. 

Top 10 Benefits of Career Counselling in Delhi NCR

Are you trying to convince yourself that you do not need Career counselling because you know better about yourself and your career plans than anyone else? Well, are you always 100% sure for every career move you make? Even if you are certain about your career path and career goals, career counselling can still help you to explore yourself even more! You can always use some help to pre-plan your career strategy in a career counselling program. There are uncountable advantages of career counselling.

1. During College Disha’s Career counselling process, a SWOT analysis is done through various types of assessment tests. You will be aware of your undiscovered Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats for your career. This analysis will simplify many decision-making tasks for you. Also, it helps you to improve your weak areas.

2. At Career Counseling, we also provide you tips to break unwanted behavioural patterns. Some people have a procrastination habit that leads to unproductivity and delay in achieving their goals. Many people are scared of making major decisions. Both of these are the behavioural patterns that can cause a major fall in their career.

3. In College Disha’s career counselling, you get to know about more than 200 existing career options in various disciplines. We run various assessment tests to identify your talents, abilities, and interests and help you choose the most suitable career option among the 200 existing career options.

4. With College Disha, You will also get various additional services such as College admission assistance, Entrance exam updates, Guidance sessions from the industry’s leading professionals, Free-of cost internship opportunities at Top organizations, Off-Campus Placement opportunities, and a 5-year job guarantee card. Want to know more about these services, click here.

5. During the career counselling program, we try to bridge the gap between the parent’s idea of a perfect career and a student’s interests and wants. You may be interested in a particular field but your parents want you to follow some other career path.

This is a very common scenario in every Indian household. This is when career counselling can solve all the conflicts between you and your parents. Please note that College Disha is popular for providing the best career counselling in Delhi.

6. Career Counselling also helps you to build networks in the industry. Nowadays, networks and sources in the industry are the most useful assets for an individual’s career. At College Disha, you will also get a chance to interact with industry professionals and build your contacts in your industry sector.

7. Rightly done Career Counseling Prevent you from being inconsistent towards your career goals. We all know someone who has been inconsistent with their career goals. Jumping from one career path to another is also a part of career inconsistency which is caused due to the lack of satisfaction and interest. During Career counselling, all the dimensions of your student profile are assessed properly and then an apt career path is suggested to you. This automatically lessens the threat of change in career path later in life.

8. During Career Counseling sessions, students are also taught about the basic etiquette and skills that will help them to crack interviews, ace group discussions, and other tests during college admission.

9. Think about the factor that affects your career choice the most. It's "Market-demand", Most of the youth are likely to choose the career options which have a high demand in the Indian or International Market.

Career counsellors can help you to get all the insights about the market's most trending career options which are high in demand and pay well too. They are the most updated professionals who are aware of the latest market trends and the availability of jobs in the market.

10. Students depend on a range of resources for their learning and development. Career counsellors act as a bridge between those resources and students. They determine the areas for improvement in students, based on which they provide the students with access to workshops and seminars that can become the source of improvement. From education planning to financing options (if required), a career counselling company plays an integral role in making a successful career for a student. Hence it is one of the most crucial benefits of career counselling and among the top reasons to choose the best career counsellor for your career guidance.

Top Cities for Career Counselling In India

Online Career Counselling in Delhi NCR

Digitalization has helped us in numerous ways. It is digitalization that reduces the importance of physical presence during an event, lecture, seminar, or counselling session. One-Click ! and Boom! You are virtually there listening and watching everything.

This worked pretty well for our education system during the Pandemic as the classes and even exams were conducted online. That’s when we thought -When everything is shifting online, Why not Career Counselling? Therefore College Disha has also started providing Career Counselling services and sessions online.

We have introduced the service of Online career counselling in Delhi NCR to cater to the needs of the individuals who are not able to visit our head office due to any XYZ reason. We use online video teleconferencing software to communicate and consult candidates residing in remote areas across India.

Online or Offline, we do not compromise the quality of our career counselling and guidance services. If you are someone who is looking for Online Career Counseling in Delhi NCR, Click here, then click on the bar “Go for Counselling” and fill in the required details.

Why College Disha is the Best Career Counselling in Delhi NCR?

When we say "College Disha is the Top Career Counselling Company in Delhi NCR", This is what we mean :

  • We conduct advanced career assessment tests that give accurate indications of the candidate’s real traits and talents.
  • We recommend best-fit education and career options.
  • Our Career Counsellors are trained and certified professionals who acquire adequate knowledge about the education sector and employment sector. 
  • We are an organization that offers you a 5-year Job-Support after the completion of your studies
  • We provide you with All-around support for your career development.
  • With us, You get all the career guidance services under one roof starting from stream selection, course selection, college selection & admission to Job-Support. 
  • Our services are affordable and far lower than other Career Counselling Companies in Delhi NCR.
  • We are not just a career counselling company in Delhi NCR, We are a network that is spread across the top MNCs and leading organizations in India.

Apart from the above-mentioned points, College Disha’s immense dedication, goodwill, and years of experience are what make it the best career counselling in Delhi NCR.

Who can take Career Counselling in Delhi NCR?

Anyone can take career counselling irrespective of their age. Individuals who are uncertain, confused, and worried about their career or struggling to perform well at school, college, or job can take career counselling.

Career development is a lifelong process. It starts on the very first day of your school and ends with your retirement. Therefore, an individual can take career counselling at any point in his life, no matter what class, college, or job position he/she is in.

Many people argue that career counselling is for those who are lost in their lives. Well, this notion is entirely wrong in itself. Career counselling can be taken by anyone.

For instance- many students struggle to learn a particular subject, this situation worries their parents and they start burdening their kids with the pressure of scoring better. They start engaging their kids in extra classes, tuition, and whatnot.

But they still don’t get a better result out of it. In such cases, career counselling sessions can help the parent and student to understand the root cause of his/her poor academic scores and what measures they can take for improvement.

Our Services for Career Counselling in Delhi NCR

Career Counselling Program for students of Class 5th to Class 8th

This counselling program aims to reveal the inborn gifts of the student. It helps the parent to understand their child's potential to excel in a particular area. This program will help you and your parents understand your strengths and how you can use these strengths to build a satisfactory career in the future. This program is also helpful in identifying the root cause of the student’s current low performance in academics and tips for improvement.

Career Counselling Program for students of Class 9th to Class 12th

This career counselling program aims to determine the perfect stream and subject choices for the student. Class 9th to Class 12th are the stages when the student has to make the first and foremost important career choice i.e. choosing the right combination of subjects and streams.

This decision must be taken according to his/her skills and potential. During the counselling program, the student is assessed on various parameters, and hence the best sets of subjects, streams, and career options are suggested to the candidate on the basis of his/her interests, talents, and strengths.

Career Counselling Program for students after 12th and Graduation

Our Career counselling program for 12th/Graduate/Post Graduate caters to the needs of individuals who are not certain about their career path. This program helps the candidates to rediscover themselves and help them to choose an apt career path.

The students who are already pursuing their degrees are provided with useful tips to achieve their career goals timely. Apart from this, the candidates are also informed about the progression of the market and what key skills the organizations are looking for in hiring employees. In addition to this, College Disha also offers job support to individuals.

Career Counselling Program for Job Seekers

This counselling program is intended to guide job-seeking candidates and working professionals who aspire to get their dream jobs. Many people struggle to move up the ladder of the hierarchy even after years of experience, this career counselling program helps such individuals who are not satisfied with their current job role or job position and want to do better in their career.

Also, there are people who want to switch their career paths or rebuild their careers but they don’t how and from where to start. This career guidance program is designed for such candidates.

Fees of Career Counselling in Delhi NCR

In General, an independently practising Career Counsellor charges Rs 1500 to Rs 3500 for an hourly counselling session. A career guidance company’s career counselling packages start from Rs 10,000 and can go up to Rs 50,000 depending on the services you want.

But at College Disha, all the services are provided to you under a one-time subscription package. Click here to see the Career counselling charges of College Disha. The Fees for Career Counselling in Delhi NCR are quite high, but College Disha is a career counselling company that offers you affordable services in Delhi NCR. Anyone can afford their career counselling program without putting a heavy load on their pockets.

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