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Courses After 10th - List of Top Trending Courses After 10th 2024

Update on 14 Jun, 2024


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Courses After 10th - List of Top Trending Courses After 10th 2024-here

A wise man once said that “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” and it is damn true. Academics play a vital role in developing your intellectual growth.

A person who has never gone to school may steal from a freight car; but if he has a university education, he may steal the whole railroad.

So it is important to go to school and attain a good university/college after schooling.

If you have cleared your secondary school examination (10th) and are wondering what to do next, we might have a plan for you that could act as a stepping stone for your success in the near future.

Most of the students after passing their secondary school examination, tend to choose between science (medical/non-medical), arts & commerce.

However, there are many students who want to pursue a specialization in particular courses after 10th.

If you are one of those who are confused mentally and financially, you can take free advice from our counselors who will help you to choose the right course and the right college.

List of Career Options After 10th

A secondary school examination can actually prove to be a turning point in your life. It is that point in time when you choose the most important decision in your life regarding academics.

So it is advisable to take your decision wisely after passing the matriculation examination while thinking of your future plans.

It is true that if choices are given pe, you can take free advice from our counselors who will help you to choose the right course and the right college. People take preferred and more accurate decisions.

There are thousands of colleges in India and numerous students who are willing to choose their dream colleges and universities.

Collegedisha acts as an online portal for these students to choose between a large number of colleges with accurate specifications.

This online platform guides students and their parents to select the right courses and colleges according to their choices.

At CollegeDisha students are given a detailed fee structure of colleges and courses along with scholarships to meritorious and deserving students.

You can also find genuine college reviews by students on our website to revive your decision of choosing the right college and course.

We would like to throw light on some of the factors that might influence or distract you from choosing the right course:

➥ Deciding the Right Course: A lot of students after passing their matriculation examination choose their future plans randomly without any counseling.

They might run the risk of spoiling a bright future as it can lead to a lack of interest in academics in near future.

➥ Choosing the Right College: Numerous students after passing the matriculation examination get enrolled in diploma courses.

But the question arises if they have chosen the right platform to pursue further academics. You should always look at the placement record or take advice from alumni before getting enrolled in a college.

➥ Parental and Societal Oppression: It is always a blessing to take advice from elders but it does not mean that you have no right to follow your own heart.

In India, the majority of students have to choose a selective course because of parental and societal oppression.

Our advice is to take your parents along with you to a good counselor who will make your queries and future plans clear so you can be more ambitious.

➥ Avoid the Middlemen: A lot of people get looted in the scope of getting a nice college and course by middlemen.

We recommend you avoid such people and take a tour of our website to get detailed descriptions like fee structure, placement records, and reviews by alumni and craft your career according to you.

List of Diploma Courses After 10th

There are numerous courses that students can opt for after passing the 10th class examination. In our content, we will briefly describe all those courses that could act as a bridge between you and your dreams.

The dilemma of choosing the right courses after 10th is quite a crucial decision both for students and their parents. It is more often chosen with nerves and anxiety.

The concern and apprehension felt by students and parents are for real as they cannot overturn the decision once made.

➜ Diploma in Engineering

A diploma in engineering or technical education is a technical degree that covers the essentials of an undergraduate engineering degree.

You can acquire skills like basics of engineering, scientific and computing analysis, good knowledge of English, mathematical skills as well as your aptness for problem-solving techniques.

The duration time of the diploma is about 2-3 years and it is equivalent to pre-engineering or we can say bridging for engineering.

Students can either pursue their education in diploma in engineering after completing a diploma or chase jobs like that of technicians in their respective fields.

There are several polytechnic colleges in India that can provide exceptional job opportunities after doing the diploma. We will now discuss some main areas of diploma in which you can pursue technical education.

➜ Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

It is a three-year course program that deals with the design, study, and analysis of material science.

It seeks to provide training and education to students in the manufacturing or production industry and prepares students for changes in technology and market ornamentation.

The minimum eligibility for this program is passing a 10th-class examination. The scope of employment after successful completion of a diploma in mechanical engineering is diversified with designations such as a mechanical technician, assistant manager, direct entry into 2nd year of mechanical engineering, mechanical designer, mechanical consult, etc.

You can even start a business of your own that deals with mechanics.

➜ Diploma in Civil Engineering

It is a three-year duration course that deals with the detailed study of the design, maintenance, and construction of roads, bridges, canals and buildings, tunnels, and harbors.

Planning, drafting, costing, surveyance, and estimation are parts of the variance in a diploma in civil engineering.

Students are also exposed to quality control, material testing, construction management, and entrepreneurship.

Those who are studying for a diploma in civil engineering can attain direct entry into the 2nd year of any civil engineering institute and complete a bachelor's in civil engineering.

Numerous employment schemes are being offered to students who successfully complete their diplomas in civil engineering.

➜ Diploma in Electrical Engineering

A three-year duration course that deals with the basics of electrical engineering. It deals with the study and analysis of electricity and electronics.

The variance in topics included in Diploma in Electrical Engineering can be stated as power, electronics, telecommunication, control system, and signal processing.

The minimum criteria for taking admission is passing the 10th examination with a minimum of 50% marks. The course is beneficial for further studies in a bachelor of electrical engineering.

Masters and Ph.D. courses with a giant scope of employment in multinational companies across the globe.

➜ Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Engineering

It is a three-year course with minimum eligibility criteria for passing the 10th class examination. Students who have applied for this program generally have to deal with the study of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism.

This field came into prominence in the nineteenth century after the depreciation of the electrical telegraph and power supply.

Similar to the diploma in electrical engineering, it also covers topics like control systems, power supply, signal processing, and telecommunication. Students who are pursuing this program have a great scope of employment in the coming future.

➜ Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering

It is also a three-year undergraduate degree for students who want to build their careers in computer science.

Computer science is a great and innovative part of our studies and also offers great deals in the field of employment for students who have expertise in computing skills.

After the successful completion of the Diploma in Computer Science and Engineering program, students can either enroll themselves directly in the 2nd year of a good college/university or seek job opportunities like computer technicians, operators, graphic design and art, e-commerce services, and much more.

➜ Diploma in Automobile Engineering

Automobile engineering can also be denoted as a subdivision of mechanical engineering with a focus on the design, manufacture, and operation of automobile vehicles.

Those who are interested in obtaining a diploma in automobile engineering should have a minimum passing criteria of class 10th. There is a huge scope of employment for diploma holders in automobile engineering from automobile manufacturing plants and vehicle workshops.

Also, you can acquire jobs like assistant manager, field service technician, production technician, design technician, etc.

➜ Diploma in Chemical Engineering

It involves the basics of chemical engineering which constitutes the involvement of the blend of physical and life science, mathematics, and economics to process chemicals into useful formations.

It is also a three-year course with minimum aggregate marks of 50% in physics, science, and math in the 10th class examination. The areas of employment include areas include giant multinational companies across the country.

Students who wish to study further can acquire a graduate degree in bachelors and masters in chemical engineering.

➜ Diploma in Mining Engineering

It involves the study, analysis, and hands-on experience of extracting and processing natural elements from land.

It focuses on locating natural reserves and then organizing plans, device shafts, inclines, and quarries for the process of extraction of natural elements from the earth like coal, minerals, petroleum, etc.

Those who are diploma holders in mining or pursuing a diploma in mining engineering have a great scope in huge multinational mining industries in India and across the world.

Students can also further study for bachelors and masters in the field of mining.

➜ Diploma in Architecture Engineering

It is a three-year diploma course that focuses on the design and study of an ancient and new architecture. Various programs in its study involve low-carbon buildings and the amalgamation of a renewable energy system into buildings.

After achieving a diploma in architecture engineering, you can be employed by private architectural firms or industries. You can also work as a consultant in real estate development firms.

Students who want to study further can pursue M.arch and Ph.D. Some other areas of employment include railways, housing boards, airports, etc.

➜ Diploma in Biomedical Engineering

It deals with the study of design, and analysis of medical equipment such as therapeutic and life-saving devices like heart monitors, dialysis, cardiac defibrillators, etc.

students are also taught the fundamental principles and format of operation and medical diagnosis. Students who get well trained in this program can deal with life-saving strategies, lifecycle management, and other such methodologies.

The course duration of this program is also three years. Areas of employment in this field include jobs in healthcare. Those who want to study further can pursue a degree in B.E,,, and Ph.D.  

➜ Diploma in Mechatronics

As suggested by the word, mechatronics is the integration of mechanics and electronics. The area of competencies in mechatronics includes intelligent computer control in the design of products.

Those who wish to seek employment in the field of design and development and those who possess creative and problem-solving skills are suitable for this course.

It gives you an integrated knowledge of both electronics and mechanics. So those who have made themselves proficient in this field can apply in research labs and industries associated with robotics.

➜ Diploma in Petroleum Engineering

It is a three-year diploma program that can be attained after candidates successfully pass their 10th class examination.

It deals with the study, analysis, and research of production, drilling, reservoir, petroleum chemistry, petroleum safety fundamentals, etc.

The areas of employment include field operator, sales coordinator, process operator, gas service technician, and petroleum geologist.

Those who wish to study further after completing a diploma in petroleum engineering can opt for a bachelor's and master's in the particular course.

This program has the purpose of providing specialization and high-quality training accompanied by employment and research awareness.

List of Courses After 10th Standard

You can attain an undergraduate degree in arts after passing the class 10th examination. It is a very diverse field and the career options associated with it are also quite impressive.

The stream of arts can lead you to numerous professional courses.

The umbrella term for arts can also be defined as humanities that relate to visual arts, law, language, literature, philosophy, history, sociology, psychology, anthropology, and much more. You can attain short-term courses as well as a diploma in arts.

It is an illusion among Indian students and parents that students who are academically dull and cannot perform academically well can take arts for further studies.

Well, this conception is completely wrong as you can attain a rewarding career after the successful completion of academics in the arts. Students who are studying arts can also prepare well for civil service examinations.

The main subjects associated with the arts stream are:

  • English
  • History
  • Geography
  • Political Science
  • Economics
  • Other literature subjects- Hindi, regional languages, etc
  • Psychology
  • Music
  • Home Science
  • Physical Education
  • Public Administration
  • Mathematics
  • Computer Science
  • Fine Arts
  • Sociology

Dental Courses After Class 10th

Students can secure diploma courses in the field of dental after passing a 10th-class examination. You can become a dental assistant after pursuing a diploma in the dental course.

The work of a dental assistant is to assist a dentist in performing treatment, surgery, and examining patients who have dental issues.

After successful completion of a diploma in dental healthcare, you can become a paramedical dentist assistant and help doctors in preparing ceramics for dental healthcare, maintain medical equipment and perform tasks like front end desk which includes patient enrollment and record keeping.

These two fields can be addressed as a diploma in dental mechanics and the diploma in dental hygiene:

Diploma in Dental Mechanics: It is a two years diploma-level dentistry course in which students have to study the designing of dental structures and make patients aware of their dental health.

To be precise, you have to assist a dentist to give patients a perfect set of teeth. The fundamental job of a dental mechanic is to assist a dentist in making ceramics and establishing better dental care facilities in a clinic.

Diploma in Dental Hygienist: You can attain a diploma of two years in dental hygiene under the guidance of a licensed and qualified dentist. By pursuing a diploma in dental hygiene, you can become an oral healthcare practitioner.

The diploma course in dental hygienist course will help you learn prevention and treatment of oral diseases, patient education, scaling, polishing, and whitening of teeth.

Vocational Courses After 10th

You can attain a one-year degree program of certification for vocational courses. Vocational courses are basically non-academic and more precisely skill-based courses that are related to any particular trade or occupation.

You can seek vocational courses after 10th in computer hardware, typewriting, stenography, electric technician, beautician, and tailoring.

You can also pursue vocational courses for the following jobs:

  • Typewriting (English/Hindi) VIII or X class pass from aboard
  • Stenography (English/Hindi)
  • Secretarial (English/Hindi Medium)
  • Electrical Technician VIII or V Class pass with 2 years experience in Electrical Trade
  • Electronics (Radio/TV/Tape Recorder Mechanic) X or VIII pass with two years of experience in the trade
  • Refrigeration & Air Conditioning (VIII pass)
  • Plumbing (VIII or V Class with experience)
  • Beauty Culture (VIII pass)
  • Library Assistant (VIII pass)
  • Cutting/Tailoring & Dress Making (literate)
  • Jan Swasthya (X pass)

However, the two most important certifications involved with vocational courses that can be attained after successful completion of class 10th are:

➜ Craftsmanship Course in Food Production

It is a one-year certification course in agricultural science and technology program with a minimum passing eligibility of 10th class examination.

In this course, you can learn the art of food processing by transforming raw ingredients of food into other forms.

There is a great scope of employment in this craftsmanship course of food production in food processing factories, hotels, mills, beverage factories, distilleries, and much more.

➜ Certificate in Diesel Mechanics

It is a one-year certification course in which students can learn and study work associated with engines that power construction, farming, shipping, and many such industries.

The basics of diesel mechanics include the working and configuration of diesel engines. The training in diesel mechanics includes both theoretical examination and hands-on experience.

By pursuing a certification program in diesel mechanics, you can secure your future in becoming a diesel and heavy equipment mechanic or diesel technician.

➜ Computer Application Course After 10th

Our current generation is highly dependent on computers as almost all our official work is done through computers. Be it a workplace or our home, we are surrounded by computers everywhere.

So it is clear that computers play a vital role in our life. So if you are thinking of pursuing a technical course in the field of computers, you are going the right way.

Numerous institutes in India offer diploma courses in information technology and computer science which can further enhance your computing skills and provide you with a prospective career in your life.

You can further pursue technical education in the field of bachelor's and masters in computer science and information technology. It will lead to exceptional career options related to computers in the near future.

The two diploma courses offered in the area of computer application are briefed as follows:

➜ Diploma in information technology

It is a three-year diploma course that analyses the detailed study of information technology. Students can enroll in this program with minimum eligibility criteria of passing the 10th class examination.

It is the study or use of systems to store, retrieve and manipulate information. As information technology is used in many areas of our life, so there is a huge scope of employment in areas like business, education, healthcare, transportation, governance, e-commerce, etc.

➜ Diploma in Computer Science

One of the questions that are frequently asked by many students is “what is a diploma in computer science”. It is a three-year diploma degree for students who want to build their careers in computer science.

It enhances and blends your computer skills with innovative thinking. The main areas covered while dealing with a diploma in computer science are server configuration, network installation, hardware, and software installation as well as user management.

After the successful completion of this program, students can either enroll themselves directly in the 2nd year of a good college/university and pursue or in this specific field.

The scope of employment in this field is exceptional with designations like software developer, computer hardware engineer, database administrator, systems analyst, and computer network architect.

➜ Commerce Courses After 10th

The commerce stream after completion of class 10th is quite a beneficial stream as it provides a vast number of career options in the future to secure your career financially.

However students do not realize that along with science, you need to have a certain aptitude while commencing the commerce stream.

If you are opting for a commerce stream, then you should have a certain proclivity towards commerce, just like students opting for a science stream have.

The study of commerce makes you learn business activities such as the sale and purchase of goods or managing and calculating account records of businessmen.

If you study well in the field of commerce, you can become a chartered accountant of a multinational national company. For those who are interested in business strategies, commerce is the ideal stream.

Students can opt for BBA and MBA for further studies. Some major subjects covered in the commerce stream are:

  • Accountancy
  • Economics
  • Business Studies
  • Economics
  • Mathematics
  • Informatics Practices
  • English

➜ Mass Communication Courses After 10th

Mass communication is a form of public education and the process of dispersal of information to the public domain. The information can be published or circulated through mediums of mass media like television, newspapers, journals, radio, the internet, etc.

These mediums can be used by people to acquire news, advertisements, and important messages. This field of education comes under the shade of communication studies, advertising, public relations, journalism, films, documentaries, and much more.

However professional courses in these areas can only be attained by completing the 10+2 examination. But you can pursue a certification course in animation after passing the 10th class examination.

➜ Animation Certificate Courses

It is a short-term certification course generally attained between the duration of three to twelve months. However, it is not a degree/ graduate program in animation but a certification program in animation that can help you to acquire key animation skills.

The certification program can be done in the following areas:

  1. Certificate in 2D Animation
  2. Certificate in 3D Animation
  3. Certificate in VFX
  4. Certificate in CG Arts and Effects

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