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CCA Course | Full Form, CCA Course Certification, CCA Course Colleges, Fees, Duration & Syllabus 2024

Update on 24 Apr, 2024


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CCA Course | Full Form, CCA Course Certification, CCA Course Colleges, Fees, Duration & Syllabus 2024-here

CCA Course: INTRODUCTION:  The CCA Course signifies the Certificate in Computer Applications Course. In the present digital era, computers and their associated applications have become widely used and there is a growing demand for effective and qualified computer professionals in all fields. 

In India, however, students and their families are concerned about their bright future, and a sophisticated career, especially in computer science. CCA or Computer Applications Credential is a fantastic way to get prepared with excellent programming skills that are fully accredited, approved by the government, and is a standard course designed to make young people job-ready individuals.

Certificate in Computer Application Course is a technical computer- and IT-related Certificate course. An applicant may follow the course upon completion of his / her graduation. The computer application certificate program is a domain-based training program aimed at enhancing the graduate's skill set to improve his / her employability credentials in the marketplace.

Certificate in Computer Application popular institutes:

  • Integrated Institute of Education Technology
  • Bhagwati Educational Trust
  • Maharaja Agarsen College for Women
  • Guru Nanak Dev University
  • Indira Gandhi Institute of Co-operative Management
  • Aarti Institute of Professional Studies
  • Acharya Narendra Dev College
  • Aplomb Institute
  • Dr. Zakir Husain Institute
  • Florence Polytechnic

Admission to the course is dependent on merit, which is the accumulated percentage of marks earned at graduation or equivalent level exams by the candidate. Colleges/institutes offering the course need a minimum of 50 percent marks at graduation or equivalent level (relaxable for reserved category candidates) (with mathematics as a topic of study at 10 + 2 or graduation).

The computer Applications Certificate course is a skill-based certificate that provides the students with operational knowledge and skills in such a way that they can conduct their learning in a practical sense. During the internship, students are equipped with hands-on subject matter expertise. The average annual fee for the Indian course ranges from INR 6000 to INR 30,000 among the different colleges and institutes across the country that offer this course. The fee difference is dependent upon the location and form of private / deemed or government college/institute.

A Computer Application Certificate program passed out students can search for a range of career opportunities. He/she can choose to work with companies including IBM, Polaris, Wipro, TCS, etc. Until joining the job market one may even opt to go for a higher degree in the discipline so as to further improve awareness.

Highlights of Certificate in Computer Application Course

Level of the course

Diploma or the Certification course 

Duration of the Course

Minimum 6 months course - Maximum 1-year course

Type of the Examination

Semester-wise exam or the Final exam at the end of the program at the year-end.

Eligibility of the course

10+2 in some institutes/Graduation or its equivalent qualified students with at least 50% from a recognized university.

Admission Procedure

Merit-Based entrance or the Entrance exam (in some institute or colleges cases)

Approx Course Fee

Between INR 6,000 and INR 30,000

Approx Starting Salary

Rs.15,000 to 25,000

Popular Recruiting Companies





Satyam computers, etc.

Job Roles


System Analyser, 

DBMS Manager, 

Network designer, 

Assistant programmer, etc.

List of Computer Degree Programs
CCA Course ADCP Course DCCA Course
DCTT Course ACC Course C Level Course
O Level Course PGDCA Course ADCA Course
ECC Course DCA Course CCC Course

What is the CCA Course About?

Computer and IT technology have revolutionized the way we approach the environment today. It comprises all walks of life in modern-day society, from social networking to industry. The sine qua non for today's fast-paced lifestyle is the smooth functioning and uninterrupted flow of knowledge through ICT and computing instruments.

Managing the data flow and ICT systems requires a staff of hands-on experience in different aspects of computer application-based setups. That's an academically sound professional team as well as carrying an industry-relevant skill-set is what's desired.

A computer application certificate course provides the required skill set for graduate students to turn them into qualified professionals. The course with its learning by practice approach improves the student's practical skills while making them suitable for industrial absorption.

(CCA) Certificate in Computer Application Course Duration:

The CCA course is scheduled to finish in just 6 months, or it maybe 1 year too because it is totally dependent on the college or the institute providing this course, during which online training is given and every effort is made to simplify the description of the topics where the teaching medium is also in Hindi and English. Within this duration of the course, training is provided in the form of an online computer course, the practical examination is carried out and an actual test is also given to assess the level of computer understanding.

CCA Course or Certificate in Computer Application Course Fees:

The estimated annual fee for the CCA or the Computer Application Course Certificate in India ranges from INR 6000 to INR 30.000 among the various colleges and institutes across the country that offer this course. The fee difference is dependent upon the location and form of private / deemed or government college/institute.

Popular Institutes providing the Certificate Course in Computer Application:

A significant number of colleges/institutes throughout the country offer Certificate in Computer Application courses to applicants who have passed their graduation / equivalent exam from a recognized university. Students may take admission to the course by applying to different institutes offering this course based on their graduation or equivalent level exam results.

We have tabled various colleges/universities which offer this course in India for your reference.

Name of the Institute/College


Approx Annual Fee

Integrated Institute of Education Technology


INR 8,250

Bhagwati Educational Trust


INR 9,000

Maharaja Agarsen College for Women


INR 7,100

Guru Nanak Dev University


INR 3,500

Indira Gandhi Institute of Co-operative Management


INR 5,325

Aarti Institute of Professional Studies


INR 12,712

Acharya Narendra Dev College


INR 5, 505

Aplomb Institute

New Delhi

INR 11,000

Dr. Zakir Husain Institute

New Delhi

INR 6,500

Florence Polytechnic

New Delhi

INR 14,225

Interested candidates can apply to the aforementioned institutes and colleges for admission to the course. Students may also look for an alternative in the face of institutes offering the course in their local region / residential area if they are not willing to move for study purposes or are employed. 

Eligibility Criteria for Certificate in Computer Application Course:

  • Candidates must have passed university-recognized graduation or comparable standard (with Mathematics as a study subject at 10 + 2 or graduation point) test.
  • He/she must have received at least 50 percent of the marks at graduation or equivalent level (relaxable for reserved group candidates).
  • He/she shall not have any backlog or compartment at graduation or equivalent level in any of the subject/subjects that are still to be cleared at the time of entry.
  • In addition to the above-mentioned eligibility requirements, specific colleges/institutes may have their own additional criteria that the students will have to meet for admission (like domain work experience).
  • In the case of reserved category students, in order to take advantage of the benefits available to them, they will have to show their reservation certificates issued by qualified institutions.

Certificate in Computer Application Course or CCA Admission Procedure 2024:

  • Certificate course in admission to the Computer Applications school is largely based on a selection criterion based on merit with a small few institutes/colleges opting for CET-based admissions. We have listed the detailed procedure below, for ease of comprehension. Please check this out.
  • Students who have completed a degree or equivalent level (with Mathematics as a study subject at 10 + 2 or a graduation point) exam from a recognized university.
  • A merit candidate list (out of the total candidates that have applied) is prepared and the respective institute or college invites candidates for the admission process.
  • The aspirants are required to submit the fee for the course after the final allotment of seats, and to register for the respective academic year.
  • The new academic year starts after all of the above procedures have been completed.
  • The admission process is a straightforward activity in most colleges that would require merit-based enrollment in the course. Some institutes, and colleges, however, go for an admission process dependent on the CET.

Certificate in Computer Application Course: Syllabus and the Course Details 2024:

The course is split into two semesters / final exams with a period of 6 months (in some cases one year). The course syllabus is structured in such a way as to slowly teach the students all the basic technicalities of the domain.

The syllabus details are shown below for your reference.

  • Subjects of Study in the CCA Course
  • Advanced Computer Architecture
  • Computer graphics & Multimedia
  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Networks
  • Advanced operating system
  • Web designing
  • Practical lab & Viva-Voce

Certificate in Computer Application Course or the CCA Course: Who Should pursue this course?

  • Candidates aspiring to the course should have the points set out below.
  • Students who have 10 + 2 or graduate-level experience in the computer domain.
  • All who have an interest in the computer application-based studies area
  • Those who are searching for a career based on technique and expertise.
  • Those searching for higher in-domain studies.

Certificate in Computer Application (CCA) Course: Career Avenues:

Certification passed out candidates in computer applications may take advantage of several opportunities in terms of / her career. One can choose to work as Trouble Shooter, Device Analyzer, DBMS Manager, Network Designer, Programmer Assistant, etc. During their qualification studies, one can also look for an internship with successful and reputable firms to improve their skillset and work experience. This will give the student an insight into the work culture within the industry.

In order to provide a holistic view of the job opportunities of the course, we have provided those areas and the respective positions attached to the same field where students can look for their careers after completing their studies.

Job Profile




A Troubleshooter is interested in offering customer assistance in solving a technical problem either on the phone or by a physical visit to the location of the customer.

1.94-2.16 Lacs

System analyzer

The work involves the organization and structuring of the computer framework of the company after discovering such enhancement methods via overall analysis.

2.21-2.55 Lacs

DBMS Manager

The work includes proper planning, management, and structuring of the company's database through ICT-based tools.

2.24-2.57 Lacs

Network Engineer

A network engineer is involved in the design of the network structure which is important for efficient data flow through the network.

2-2.25 Lacs

Assistant Programmer

The work consists of assisting the senior programmer in testing and coding operations.

1.82-2.08 Lacs

Employment Areas, Placement, or Career Opportunities:

  • Trouble Shooter
  • System Analyzer
  • DBMS Manager
  • Network designer
  • Assistant programmer

Validation Of Course & Certificate or the Certification Authority:

At the end of the course, the certification they grant is absolutely valid in every job market and applicants will find quick breakthroughs in their careers. Our CCA course is recognized by companies as approved by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and the Government of India but again they need to draw on their outstanding skills and put up a bright performance on the job. On completion of the course, one can download the softcopy of the diploma for instant job application via his account, while the actual diploma bearing stamp and signatures are sent via courier to the students' address.


Dear Students, Here in this article we have tried to bring light to almost all the aspects of the CCA or the Certificate in Computer Application Course. We believe that this information would prove useful to you in deciding your career path and shaping the future in the right direction.

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