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DCCA Course, Fees, Duration, Syllabus, Subjects, Colleges, Job and Salary 2024

Update on 12 Jul, 2024


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DCCA Course, Fees, Duration, Syllabus, Subjects, Colleges, Job and Salary 2024-here

DCCA Course: It is the vendor-neutral course, when we talk about the Data Center Certified Associate Course (DCCA). This is a good entry-level certification for those students who are capable of managing, developing, and constructing data centers as part of the IT team's data center-centric realms. DCCA qualifications concentrate on working skills with physical infrastructures such as security, cooling, and equipment, management, racks, and cabling at data centers.

DCCA Course - Career-Boosting Certifications:

Aspirants may customize their course choices or choose tailored learning paths by the subject of technology, including data centers, electricity and infrastructure, manufacturing, health care, and residential and buildings. They may select from two credential opportunities: Accredited Associate Data Center (DCCA) and Qualified Energy Manager (PEM);

DCCA Course Duration 2024:

One of the popular course providers is, which provides offerings of free courses of training through Energy University. The course duration of DCCA is completed in 15 hours. This is the least costly or the most economical data center certificate that is available nowadays.

Schneider Electric also provides a certification which is PEM (Professional Energy Manager): Professional Energy Manager with gear to those students who have energy evaluation and audit performance capabilities and propose energy-saving measures for facilities.

Data Center Certified Associate:

  • The associate certification is an indication of deep, sound, and fundamental knowledge of physically essential data center infrastructures. Data Center Certified Associate (DCCA) demonstrates basic expertise in fire safety, physical security, and management elements.
  • Associates have essential expertise that is required to be part of a team that improves or designs the physical layer of data centers. While making efforts to provide the industry with a quality and competency assessment of core elements of the data center.
  • The University has proud offers for Associate level certification for this reason and is the world benchmark for expertise fundamentally in processes, projects, and built-up data centers.
  • Industry research has an indication that the pool of senior-level skilled management expertise and data center technical experts is continuing to diminish all years. Professional lack of talent has created an ability shortage that is looming in the industry. This is 1 impediment factor to the data center effectively handling.
  • The data center's demand for skilled professionals has a continuous growth and Data Center Certified Associate (DCCA) steps firstly to develop or launch the position and career as a data center professional.
  • Certification and proper training greatly increase competence and efficiency, as trained professionals have an obstacle to overcoming the positive expertise confronted in this area.

Scope of DCCA Course:

  • Data Center Certified Associate (DCCA) is international and acknowledges the professional's ability to engage in data center activities, build-up, and design teams.
  • This is a marketable and reliable certification for the development of the industry. In terms of the quality and quantity of research performed in the software industry, this qualification is very relevant.
  • Professional qualifications and competence professionally.
  • Employment success contributes to betterment and awareness.
  • Opportunities for jobs with competitive wages with evidence of technical achievement.
  • To search for advancement opportunities by providing a successful career path tool.
  • Clear, strong, and basic benchmark information for managers who need to assess employee skills and their capabilities.

Name of Popular Certification DCCA Course:

Many of today's data center certifications require additional skills, including virtualization and cloud computing, thanks to software-defined data center technologies. Certain developments that impact this room include big data, stuff on the internet, and the virtualization of networks. Here are some of the very best data center certification opportunities in 2024.

The distinctions between the data center and cloud certifications have blurred due to a major trend towards virtualized data center networking and software-based networks.

Datacenter networking skills generally include knowledge of virtualization and cloud technology, and supporting cloud data normally involves handling information stored in a data center and making it publicly accessible.

However, there are still plenty of organizations providing data center and infrastructure-specific certifications, which appear to concentrate mainly on conventional networking technologies. But when you dig into their specifics, you're also going to see virtualization and cloud management skills incorporated into those needs.

This article will help aspirants to know the top five data center certifications for 2024, which come from

  • Cisco (two different credentials), 
  • VMware, 
  • Juniper Networks and Dell,
  • Schneider Electric Data Center




LinkedIn Jobs



CCNA - Data Center (Cisco)






CCNP - Data Center (Cisco)






JNCIP-DC (Juniper Networks)






VCE - CIAE (Dell)*






VCP6 - DCV (VMware)






Eligibility Criteria DCCA Course 2024:

  • 16 required learning units, comprising Exam Overline and Study
  • Learning or study modules are free of cost.

DCCA Course Exam Pattern, Exam Date 2024:

  • One exam (100 questions, 120 minutes), 

DCCA Course Registration Form Admit Card and Results 2024:

For all the information regarding the registration for the course and thereafter applying for the exam to seek the certificate, the aspirants can go through the official URL of the Data Center. After the successful completion of the exam of the DCCA course, the results can be obtained from the official website of the Data Center within days or it shall be updated to the examinee.

Cost Of  the DCCA Course Exam

  • open-book format cost per Exam $250 USD

Certifications from Data Centers are an important component of your professional career in this area. It gets a little complicated, though, with so many certifications around, where to start. This is where the certification of a Data Center Accredited Associate (DCCA) becomes important. It is an entry-level qualification that anyone-novice and professional alike-should take. This helps to provide a basic understanding of the process and architecture of the Data Center.

Type of DCCA Course:

The Data Center also includes several different forms of certification. For example, CISCO CCNA and Cisco CCNP are more inclined toward networking with Data Centers. Similarly, both.

1)  the Uptime's   Accredited   Tier   Designer (ATD) and 

2)  the Accredited   Tier   Specialist   (ATS)   

are important to the Data Center activity management side. Schneider's DCCA focuses on the Data Centre's dimension of physical infrastructure.

What is the Data Center Physical Infrastructure?

Physical Data Center infrastructure is a mixed field that deals with the site's physical design. It includes electrical system design, plumbing, and HVAC design, fire systems, security systems, cabling, rack design, stage designs, best working practices, and so on.

Physical infrastructure can essentially combine a variety of expertise from experts in different fields, such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, network engineering, IT specialists, etc.

Who Should Opt for This Course?

This course is an entry-level course built for professionals of all kinds working in a data center. You would certainly benefit from this course if you are a networking specialist, essential facility manager, service specialist, preventive maintenance technician, etc.

This course is designed specifically for consultants and designers at Data Centers. Although this is not as comprehensive or prestigious as the Data Center Design Consultant (DCDC) certification from BICSI or the Certified Data Center Specialist (CDCS) certification from the EPI, it will serve as a stepping stone for the skills to progress.

Some of the specialized Data Center Physical Infrastructure certifications require several years of fieldwork experience. You will not need to have any previous experience with DCCA. So, if you're in your job for a month or have been working in Data Centers for years, you should take DCCA.

Brief Outline of  DCCA Course:

Some of the best things about this course are that it's FREE course material. You can access the DCCA course by visiting the DCCA providers' URL, names as mentioned above, University, and signing up there. The enrollment process is very quick.

Whether you want to take the final exam to obtain the physical credential, however, you'll need to pay $250. Remember the final exam is pretty difficult.

Syllabus Structure of the DCCA Course - What is the Structure of the Course?
  • There are 14 main modules, in total. Every module has a lecture on film and a quiz. The video lectures are extremely informative and can run up to 45 minutes daily on average.
  • You don't have to have an extraordinary ability to understand the lectures. Since DCCA is an introductory level course, it tends to begin with the basics. Any experience in a Data Center and a degree in Engineering / IT would definitely help.
  • Remember that while the course material is easy to absorb as described earlier, the knowledge will be truly checked by the final exam.
  • Whenever you are ready you can take the final exam. Trying all the quizzes is advisable because they will help you with the final exam.
DCCA Course Content Components: 

Since DCCA deals with the Data Center's physical infrastructure, it includes the following topics.

  1. Availability – What is Availability in the Data Center environment, and its importance.
  2. Fire prevention – Addressing the methods used, the tools used and common extinguishing agents and protocols used.
  3. Cabling-basics of cabling, cabling forms, modular architecture of data centers.
  4. Cooling – It is a very detailed subject that has four modules to cover. It covers the basics of heat transfer and cooling, equipment used in data centers for cooling; best practices for cooling i.e. space, row, rack cooling practices; cooling methods i.e. water-cooled, glycol-cooled, air-cooled, cooled water systems, etc.
  5. Electrical Systems – Another detailed subject that involves four modules. This includes the fundamentals of electricity, a generator's fundamentals, importance and electricity recovery methods in data centers, and power delivery methods like transformers.
  6. Physical protection – This section includes physical security principles, access requirements, methods and tools used, protective measures, etc.
  7. Management-This section deals with the physical infrastructure management side. This outlines the problems and solutions. Many subjects include approaches to handling incidents, usability management, change management, etc.
  8. Rack Basics – Since a data center is occupied by large server racks, this subject serves to convey vital information about those properties. This includes rack specifications, styles of racks, methods for choosing racks, and techniques for layouting racks.
Structure of DCCA Course Final Exam:

The final exam is much harder than the quizzes in the course material that are based on segments. There are 100 questions in total that need to be answered within 120 minutes. The exam is focused solely on the English language.


  • To pass the test, you need to get 70 percent.
  • Although the cost material is safe, you need to pay $250 to take the exam. Once paying, the study will be available for 30 days, and only ONE attempt will be made on you.
  • If you've passed the exam successfully, you'd be able to print the certificate yourself. The certificate will be in PDF format. Also, you might contact Schneider for a pre-printed certificate which could cost you more.
Pros and Cons of the DCCA Course:

DCCA is an outstanding course but it does have its drawbacks.


  • Great for beginners; no necessary prerequisite experience
  • Cheaper than other approvals
  • Provides essential key knowledge
  • Will finish online within 15 hours.
  • Content on the course is safe
  • Serves as a fast hitch for your Data Center skills


  • Not an Elite Qualification – If you want to do the best you need certifications such as the BICSI DCDC or the EPS CDCS
  • Does not convey knowledge of the diverse networking tools and protocols.
  • No specific discussions on the virtualization of the Data Center.
Conclusion DCCA Course:

Overall, if you're excited about developing and designing your Data Center career then DCCA is a great course for you as a beginner. Similar to other Data Center certifications it is easier, it can be completed in a much shorter time period, and requires no previous experience.

If you need to advance your skills or get an edge on your colleagues, then DCCA is a great credential to be looking for.

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