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ITI COPA Course: Admission 2024, Fees, Eligibility, Syllabus, Career, Scope, Job & Salary

Update on 12 Jul, 2024


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ITI COPA Course: Admission 2024, Fees, Eligibility, Syllabus, Career, Scope, Job & Salary-here

ITI COPA Course: ITI COPA has proved to be one of the best trades which are offered by the ITI course. Some people still are not aware of this course. Most people think that ITI COPA is all related to computer operation and somewhere the answer is correct but ITI COPA is not only about computer operations but also the programming of the computer. The ITI COPA course is all about the operation and programming of the computer.

Through ITI this course is done by the students and the duration of the course is comparatively smaller than any other course. ITI COPA course duration is only 1 year. ITI COPA course offers the students to gain the maximum knowledge of the basic functions and programs of the computer. This course is good for providing the job with minimum but basic knowledge of the computer like how the internet works and functions. 

What is ITI COPA?

ITI full form is Industrial Training Institute and COPA full form is Computer Operator and Programming Assistant. The Industrial Training Institute COPA course is all about the training course of computer operation and its programming. Through the ITI COPA course, students gain knowledge by using a computer doing the basic programming of computers, and surfing the internet.

Under the ITI COPA course, students will get to know about data entry, Microsoft Office, internet uploading, internet downloading, internet surfing, DOS, computer programming, computer operation, etc. A student who has passed class 10th can do the ITI COPA course. ITI COPA  course is a non-engineering trading course. This course will be advantageous to those students who have an interest in the field of computers and want a job in the field of IT. So advising the students to go for the Industrial Training Institute Computer Operator and Programming Assistant course as their career.

ITI Copa Course Fee:

The ITI COPA course fee differs for different colleges/universities/institutions. Each college charges different course fees for the students according to their norms. There a different course fees in government colleges and private colleges. 

  • In government colleges Industrial Training Institute Computer Operator and Programming Assistant course fees are around 6000 INR
  • In private colleges, Industrial Training Institute Computer Operator and Programming Assistant course fee is between 15000 to 50000 INR

The tabular format of the ITI COPA Fee:


Course Fee

Government College 

6,000 INR

Private College

15,000 to 50,000 INR

ITI Copa Course Duration:

The duration of the ITI COPA course is 1 year only and the ITI COPA course consists of 2 semesters in one complete year. The ITI COPA course covers a vast range of subjects and topics and that includes both practical and theoretical training of the subjects and topics that are covered in the ITI COPA course.

Providing you with the General Timing Structure of the ITI COPA course and the Hour Distribution of the Course:

Course Element  Training Hours
Professional Trade Practical Skill 1320  hours
Professional Trade Theory Knowledge 264  hours
Extracurricular Activity  66  hours
Employability Skill Development and Knowledge  110  hours
Revision and Final Examination  160 hours
Project of the Course 160  hours

So, the total hours of the ITI COPA course are 2080 hours, here is the overview of the ITI COPA course duration and hours, like how much time it will take to get completed by the students.

ITI Copa Course Eligibility:

Those students who are looking to do the ITI COPA course before doing it should check out the eligibility criteria. Students who have passed class 10th from the government of India through a recognized board. Mentioning the basic eligibility criteria for the ITI COPA course:

  • A student must have completed and passed the class 10th from a recognized board.
  • A student must have scored at least 50% of marks in the 10th class board exams.
  • The age of the student should be 14 years and the limit of the age is 40 years not more than that.
  • To get enrollment in this course, a student should attempt and clear the entrance examination held by the government.


Those students who are appearing in the ITI COPA course can check out the syllabus, we are providing the detailed syllabus of the ITI COPA. There are five different elements in the course of the ITI COPA and each element of the syllabus covers the wide and basic range of computer, data entry, internet, computer, and cybersecurity subjects. 

The syllabus of the ITI COPA can differ from college to college. Each college or institute has its own rules and regulations regarding the syllabus of the ITI COPA. down below mentioned the general subjects, training, and topics that are included in the syllabus of the ITI COPA. 

Professional Trade Theory Knowledge (Theory Class)
  • Introduction to computer components
  • Introduction of script language
  • Introduction to Windows operating system
  • JavaScript and basics
  • Introduction to Windows shortcut commands and methods
  • Introduction to Visual Basic for application
  • Basic software installation in Windows
  • VBA data types, variables, and constants
  • Introduction to Linux and DOS
  • Introduction to debugging techniques
  • Introduction to the database management system
  • Using accounting software
  • Introduction to macros and design object controls
  • Data type
  • Introduction to networking
  • Constants
  • A detailed study of networking concepts
  • conversion between data types in JavaScript
  • Double-entry system in bookkeeping
  • Arithmetic, logic, and comparison operations in JavaScript
  • E-Commerce concept
  • Network topologies
  • Introduction to Cyber Security
  • Concept of DHCP server
  • Computer networks, use, necessity, and advantages
  • Concept of ISO in IT trade
  • DOS internal and external commands (Basics)
  • Introduction to internet
  • Basic Linux commands
  • Basic internet concepts
  • Introduction to open source software
  • Introduction to web browsers and search engines
  • Introduction to word processing software
  • Downloading and uploading basics
  • Introduction to a spreadsheet, their uses, and application
  • Introduction to web design concepts
  • Spreadsheet shortcuts and commands (basics)
  • Introduction to HTML and CCE
  • Image editing and creating presentations
  • Introduction to Functions in JavaScript
  • Open course WordPress, Joomla, etc.
  • Concept of using multimedia  and animation files in JavaScript
  • Introduction to Java and programming
  • Analysis of VAT, Cash flow, and fund flow accounting
  • Introduction to Tally
  • Implementing accounts in Tally
Professional Trade Practical Skill (Practical Class):
  • Identify computer components and peripherals
  • Assemble computer
  • Configuring hub and switch
  • Perform subnet masking process
  • Programming in VBA
  • Software installation and basic commands
  • Basic designing of static web pages
  • Developing web pages using JavaScript
  • Practice with arrays in JavaScript
  • Executing commands on DOS
  • Linux operating systems
  • Create, edit, and format word-processing document
  • Use image editing and presentation software
  • Create and edit presentation
  • Protect an important file and data
  • Using ActiveX controls
  • Using MS Access
  • Compress and encrypt MS access database
  • Open Tally and use tally for Accounting
  • Open and use E-commerce websites
  • Setup tight cybersecurity for a computer
  • Using the internet
  • Create and send an email with an attachment of a different kind
  • Use video chatting software
  • Creating an account on various websites
  • Configuring Outlook mail service
  • Install, setup, and configure the network
  • Secure computer network
  • Manipulate arrays in VBA
  • Write basic programs in VBA

Employability Skill Development and Knowledge

  • Improving English literacy
  • Concept of entrepreneurship
  • Designing and compiling programs
  • Introduction to E-commerce and its possibility
  • Introduction to communication skills
  • Motivational training
  • Group discussion, behavioural skills
  • Improve communication skills
  • Capture and designing of images

ITI COPA Course Subjects:

Under the ITI COPA course, there are three subjects:

  • Professional Knowledge (trade theory)
  • Professional Skills (trade practical)
  • Employability Skills

ITI COPA is divided into two areas one is the Domain area and the other is the Core area. Domain area (trade theory & trade practical) provides the professional and knowledge skills and on the other hand core area (employability skills) provides main, life and knowledge skills to the students. Other than this a student has to do the project work and extracurricular activity during the ITI COPA course.

ITI COPA Course Salary:

After completing the ITI COPA course salary of 10,000 will be paid to the candidate as a fresher. After gaining some experience in the same or specific field of work then he/she will get a salary between 20,000 to 25,000. Salary depends on the experience of the candidate, more of the experience will get a high salary. 

If a candidate is thinking of going further in the same field then he/she can go for high studies in ITI. if you have an interest in web designing, tally so you can do the diploma, BCA Course, or master's in your field. 

ITI Copa Course Career:

In ITI COPA there is no limit to the job opportunities, nowadays the use of computers is increased in all sectors of work and thus also increased the career opportunities for the students who have done the ITI COPA course. Because these students are skilled in the field of the computer and have the basic knowledge of the computer programs and computer operations. Students have two options either they can go for further studies or can go for job opportunities.

There are some places where the ITI COPA course Certified can get the Job:

  • Government block office
  • Police department
  • Akshaya centers
  • Data entry centres
  • Welfare office
  • College and university
  • Small-scale accounting firms

After Completing the ITI COPA course a student can go for the key Job Profile as:

  • Programming Assistant
  • Computer Instructor
  • Data Entry Operator
  • Computer Operator

ITI COPA Job Fields:

The ITI looks after the placements of the students who have done the ITI COPA course and ITI is tied up with the various private companies, government organizations, and foreign companies that hire the students for jobs in their company in several trades.

Job in Government Sector

Government organizations are the biggest employers of ITI students. Those students who have completed their ITI COPA course can pursue job opportunities with various government organizations like ONGC, IOCL, BSNL/Telecom, Railways, and others. Not only this a candidate can also seek a job opportunity in the Indian army.

Job in Private Sector

The key areas of the private sector where a candidate can get the best job opportunities and are agriculture, textiles, construction, energy. The private sector deals with mechanics and manufacturing so they seek the employer for the specific jobs in their sector.

Self Employment

A candidate who has done the ITI COPA course can also start their own business. ITI COPA course allows the candidates to start their own business and become self-employed. There are most of the construction workers, carpenters, and plumbers who are not trained and qualified so this is a great opportunity for the ITI COPA certified candidates to start their own business and be self-employed.

Jobs in Foreign Countries

Candidates after completing the ITI COPA course can get the opportunity to work in foreign companies. There are many developed and developing countries that are facing a shortage of professionals in the same field. Career opportunities can be explored in the field of international gas and international oil factories, shipyards, etc

ITI Copa Institutes:

Number of Institutes in India:

  • Number of ITI for CTS Training – 15,042
  • Government ITI’s – 2738
  • Private ITI’s – 12,304
  • Number of courses offered by ITI – 126

Here is the List of the ITI Colleges/Institutes that provide the ITI COPA Course:

  • Bharat Private I.T.I, Karnal
  • Sarvodaya Industrial Training Institute ( SITI), Delhi
  • RAJ-CLC Industrial Training Centre, Kanpur
  • RAJ-CLC Industrial Training Centre ( RAJCLCITC),
  • KanpurSainik Parivar Bhawan ( SPB), Jhajjar
  • Parshuram Private Industrial Training Institute ( PPITI), Nagpur
  • Shri Rawatpura Sarkar Private Industrial Training Institute ( SRSPITI), Raipur
  • Access Private Industrial Training Institute - ITI
  • Advance Institute of Information and Computer Technology
  • Access Private Industrial Training Institute - ITI
  • Aakash Private Industrial Training Institute - ITI
  • Ajay Raj Singh Private Industrial Training Institute - ITI
  • AFWWA Private Industrial Training Institute - ITI
  • Apex Private Industrial Training Institute - ITI
  • Ammar Fatma Private Industrial Training Institute - ITI
  • APJ Kalam Private Industrial Training Institute - ITI
  • Audyogic Vikas Evam Training Centre
  • AIMS Industrial Training Centre
  • Baba Saheb Ambedkar Technical Education Society ITC Vikaspuri
  • Government Industrial Training Institute Malviya Nagar

List of Government Industrial Training Institutes:

  • Sir CV Raman Industrial Training Institute (ITI), Dheerpur, Delhi
  • ITI (W), Mori Gate Gokhle Road, Delhi
  • ITI Nand Nagri, Delhi
  • ITI Khichripur, Mavur Vihar, Delhi
  • ITI Malviya Nagar, Delhi
  • ITI Pusa, Delhi
  • ITI Shahdara
  • ITI Arab Ki Sarai Nizamuddin, Delhi
  • ITI Jahangirpuri
  • ITI Jail Road Hari Nagar, Delhi
  • ITI Siri Fort (W) New Delhi
  • ITI Tilak Nagar, New Delhi
  • ITI Lala Hans Raj Gupta, Delhi
  • ITI Veer Savarkar Basic Training Centre Pusa, Delhi
  • ITI for Women Vivek Vihar, Delhi
  • ITI Jaffarpur, Delhi

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