M.Tech Biotechnology Course, Admission, Fees, Syllabus, Duration, Eligibility, Colleges, Job & Salary
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M.Tech Biotechnology Course, Fees, Syllabus, Duration, Eligibility, Colleges, Job & Salary

13 Apr,2020


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M.Tech is a post-graduation that is a valuable degree in the engineering field. This course makes you eligible for the top ranks in your industry. If you have good work experience and a higher degree, you will be more likely to get a promotion. Also, after the M.Tech Course, you can apply for the research work.

What is the M.Tech Biotechnology Course?

It is a specialization course in which you study different biological organisms, processes, and technologies used in the preparation of bioproducts. This course also provides you with knowledge about the latest technologies used in this field.

Biotechnology has great importance in the field of medicine, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, etc. The application of biotechnology is mostly used in these fields. So, Biotechnology has great career opportunities for students who have good knowledge of the subject. They will get a good salary package and growth in their career.

Benefits of M.Tech Biotechnology Course:

If you are confused about why you should choose an M.Tech Biotechnology Course. So, here are some of the benefits of this course.

Growing Industry: The biotechnology industry is one of the fastest-growing industries. So, you have great career opportunities in this field. You can also apply in the related industries which use the application of Biotechnology. Companies in this industry generally provide good salary packages.

Specialization: It is a post-graduation Course so, you will learn all the concepts and topics with a deep explanation. This is beneficial from different perspectives. If you are a skilled person, you are valuable to the organization. In such a case, your organization will give you a good salary and job role. 

Research Work: In the research department, scientists use their knowledge and perform different tests to design new technologies. You have deep knowledge of the subject to perform the research work. So, this course is very helpful in the research field.

Teaching Work: Similar to research work, teaching also requires expertise in related subjects. The responsibility of a teacher is to guide students and teach all the concepts and principles of biotechnology. He has to tackle different queries of the students, so he should have great knowledge of the subjects. Thus, this course is the most suitable course for teaching work in biotechnology.

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Career Opportunities After M.Tech Biotechnology Course:

Students who have finished their M.Tech Biotechnology Course have different career options. Biotechnology is a vast field and also it is used as a part of the process in other industries like Agriculture, Medicine, Pharmaceuticals, etc. They can start their career in any of these fields.

The growth in this field depends upon several factors. But the basic rule to succeed in any industry is ‘Hard work and Process Knowledge’. If you have good knowledge and you are a valuable employee, your company will definitely promote you to higher job roles.

Some of the common job roles in the field of biotechnology are:

Job Profile



He is responsible for collecting, analyzing and evaluating cells and tissue samples.

Food production manager

He maintains the quality and quantity of food production. He supervises the food production organization to achieve the desired goal.

Professor/Assistant professor

A professor teaches the student about the Biotechnology course. He should have good command over the subjects.

Research analyst

A research analyst analyzes the records and prepares a new and improved model.

Waste Management officer

The waste management officer develops and implements different rules and policies related to the safety of the environment.

M.Tech Biotechnology Course Duration and Eligibility:

You can get admission into a course only when you fulfil the eligibility criteria for that course. The eligibility criteria are the standard that decides whether you are able or not to get admission into the course. Its eligibility is similar to other M.Tech Courses. The only difference is of the stream.

  • You should have scored the required marks in the entrance exam which is applicable in the institute.
  • You should have completed your B.Tech Biotechnology Course with a minimum percentage of 65% from a recognized institution.

M.Tech Biotechnology Course duration is 2 years. Every year has 2 semesters, so there are a total of 4 semesters of Master of Engineering (ME) Courses in this course. Also, Masters in Technology biotechnology course fees are around 55,000 to 1.65 lakhs.

M.Tech Biotechnology Course Syllabus:

Biotechnology is a constantly evolving field, so it is important to teach all the students about the changes. For such purposes, the subjects in biotechnology courses should be revised frequently. And the syllabus should be designed to instruct students about the latest trends and technologies in this field.

The syllabus of this course is prepared to give you a quality education with less effort. Also, this is a post-graduation, so more attention is given to specialization in this field. 

M.tech biotechnology Course Syllabus is given as below:

Semester: 1st

Applied Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Bioprocess Engineering & Technology

Departmental Elective I

Departmental Elective II

Research Process & Methodology

Semester: 2nd


Entrepreneurship, IPR & Biosafety

Departmental Elective III

Departmental Elective IV

Departmental Elective V

Semester: 3rd



Semester: 4th

Dissertation (Final)


Departmental Elective I:

  • Immunology & Vaccine Technology
  • Quality Control in Biotechnology
  • Applied Clinical Research

Departmental Elective II:

  • Biological treatment of Wastewater
  • Nano Biotechnology & Toxicology
  • Industrial Biotechnological products

Departmental Elective III:

  • Genetic Engineering
  • Applied food Biotechnology
  • Molecular modelling & Industrial Application

Departmental Elective IV:

  • Bioreactor Analysis & Design
  • Enzyme Technology & Industrial Application
  • Applied Bioenergy

Departmental Elective V:

  • Tissue Culture Techniques
  • Diagnostic Techniques in Biotechnology
  • Fundamentals of Stem Cell Technology

M.Tech Biotechnology Course Admission Procedure:

Almost every university provides a Masters of Technology in Biotechnology Course. The admission procedure may be different in these colleges. However, the eligibility criteria for the course remain the same. You can choose a college that offers a suitable mode of admission. 

Following are the different modes for admission:

(a). Entrance Exam:

Some colleges ask for scores in an Entrance Exam. They check your knowledge and understanding of the subject. They set a minimum marks limit as eligibility criteria for a course. These are generally colleges that are affiliated with a government university. Some private universities conduct their own entrance exam. The entrance exams for M.Tech Courses consist of the extract of subjects of graduation. So, these exams are tough to crack. You may take coaching if required or you can prepare by yourself.

Some common entrance exams for M.Tech Biotechnology Course admission are:

(b). Direct Admission:

If you don’t apply for an entrance exam, you can still get admission into an M.Tech Biotechnology Course through direct admission mode. In this mode, the colleges ask for marks in your graduation. Most private colleges accept this mode of admission. These colleges are quite expensive but offer a good placement ratio.

Top colleges for M.Tech Biotechnology Course:

Biotechnology is a field that requires the proper practice of different concepts and principles. You should know how to make the theory into practice. If you don’t know the implementation, there is no use of theoretical knowledge. So, the role of college is very crucial in a student’s career. The right college will provide you with the required knowledge and skills. It guides you for your future. Hence, you should choose your college very carefully.

Some top colleges for technical courses are as follow:

College Name

Amity University, Lucknow

Bhabha Institute of Technology, Kanpur

Birla Institute of Technology, Prayagraj

JP Institute of Engineering and Technology, Meerut

Naraina Group of Institutions, Kanpur

Sachdeva Institute of Technology, Mathura

Bharat Institute of Technology, Meerut

ABES Engineering College, Ghaziabad

BBS Group of Institutions, Prayagraj

IIMT Group of Institutions, Greater Noida

Salary Package and Top Companies in Biotechnology:

After a post-graduation, students generally get a good salary package. Because it makes you a specialist in your field. These specialists have a great demand in the biotechnology industry. Also, the M.Tech Biotechnology Course makes you eligible for higher job roles.

If you have good work experience, you will be promoted to higher ranks quickly. Work experience resembles your knowledge of the industry. So, more experience means more knowledge. Also, employees of higher ranks will get more salaries.

Indian Biotechnology companies are amongst the top biotechnology companies in the world. These companies have the highest turnover and their market is in different countries. So, they provide high salary packages and work environments for their employees.

Top Companies for Jobs After Biotechnology Course:

Company Name

Annual Salary

Panacea Biotech

3.2 - 4.5 lakhs


3.1 - 4.2 lakhs

Wockhardt Ltd.

3.5 - 4.9 lakhs

Piramal healthcare

3.3 - 4.6 lakhs


3.2 - 4.8 lakhs

Indian Immunological

3.6 - 4.8 lakhs

Bharat Serum

3.2 - 4.0 lakhs

Rasi seeds

3.9 - 5 lakhs

Zydus Cadila

3.3 - 4.4 lakhs

Novo Nordisk

3.2 - 4.8 lakhs

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