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B.Tech Biotechnology Course, Fees, Admission, Syllabus, Duration, Eligibility & Colleges 2024

Update on 22 Apr, 2024


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B.Tech Biotechnology Course, Fees, Admission, Syllabus, Duration, Eligibility & Colleges 2024-here

B.Tech Biotechnology Course Details: It is an under-graduation course. It is an applied science and a combination of biology and technology. In biotechnology, you will study the biological processes, living organisms, and the latest technologies which are used in the preparation of bioproducts.

➢ Biotechnology is used in fields like medicine, agriculture, the environment, etc. Baking bread and making curd from milk are the processes that come in the category of Biotechnology. Here we use living organisms and biological processes to form the desired product.

B Tech in Biotechnology Eligibility:

 For Admission you should have the following b tech biotechnology eligibility:

  • Candidates should have passed their 10+2 from a recognized board with a minimum aggregate of 60% marks in 10+2.
  • Candidates should have opted for the science stream in their 10+2. Both PCM and PCB are applicable. Also, English is a compulsory subject.
  • Some institutions take admission based on entrance exams. So you should score sufficient marks to get a rank on the merit list.

B.Tech Biotechnology Course Duration:

  1. It is an undergraduate course. So, its course duration is  4 years like any other undergraduate engineering course. Every year has 2 semesters. So, there are a total number of 8 semesters. 
  2. If you choose an integrated program (B.Tech+M.Tech or B.Tech+MBA), the duration will be 5 years for both courses. 
  3. During these years, you will study different aspects of biotechnology. It is applied biology, so it will cover those subjects which can be used to produce desired products.

Difference Between B.Tech Biotechnology and B.Sc Biotechnology:

Most people compare B.Tech Biotechnology with Biotechnology. But there are some differences:

  • The first difference is the course duration. B.Tech Biotechnology Course duration is 4 years. During these 4 years, you will learn about various biological systems that are used in industries. And B.Sc Biotechnology is of 3 years
  • The Second difference is that B.Tech Biotechnology mainly focuses on applications while B.Sc Biotechnology focuses more on theories.

B.Sc Biotechnology is best suited for the research field, as this course targets the theoretical division of the subject. While B.Tech Biotechnology is an industry-oriented course. You will learn more about the uses of various principles and theories.


B tech Biotechnology Syllabus:

Candidates Can check the B. Tech in Biotechnology syllabus before prepare into the topic. Here, we are going to discussed the B. Tech in Biotechnology Syllabus.

Semester 1






Basic Engineering-I (Civil and Mech.)



Physics Laboratory

Chemistry Laboratory

Computer Literacy

Engineering Drawing


Personality and Development-I

Semester 2


Mathematics-LS II

Material science

Principles of Environmental Science


Basic Engineering II

Cell Biology (for Biotech. instead of


Value education



Workshop Practices

Computer Practice

Biochemistry Laboratory

Personality Development-II

Semester 3


Enzyme technology

Genetics and Cytogenetics



Chemical process calculations

Mechanical operations & heat transfer

German Language /Japanese Language /

French Language Phase - I

Computer Skills


Microbiology Laboratory

Cell Biology laboratory

Immunology Laboratory

Personality Development-III

Semester 4


Molecular Biology

Bioprocess Principles


Momentum Transfer

Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics


German Language /Japanese Language /

French Language Phase - II




Molecular Biology Laboratory

Genetics laboratory

Genetics laboratory

Semester 5


Vector Biology and Gene manipulation

Animal Biotechnology

Analytical Techniques

Plant Biotechnology


Mass Transfer


Bio process Engineering Laboratory

Gene Manipulation laboratory

Industrial Training

Mass Transfer laboratory

Personality Development V


Semester 6


Genomics and Proteomics

Protein Engineering


Instrumentation and Process control




Plant tissue culture Laboratory

Animal Cell culture Laboratory

Fermentation laboratory


Personality Development VI


Semester 7


Bioreactor design

Bioseparation Technology

Fermentation technology



Elective lab

Bioseparation Lab

Industrial Training

Bioprocess equipment Designing and Drawing lab

Semester 8


Bioethics, IPR & Patent rights



Project Work


B Tech Biotechnology Fees:

Different colleges are providing B.Tech Biotechnology courses. All of them have different fee structures. Their fees are based on various parameters like campus placement, Infrastructure, and other facilities. B.Tech Biotechnology fees start from 2 lakhs. And it will depend upon the college.

Top Colleges for B.Tech Biotechnology Course:

Even if this is an emerging sector, you should also choose the right college for such a course. College plays an important role in shaping the future of a student. Along with the student’s hard work, Proper guidance is also required to develop the required skills.

The best college is one that provides good knowledge of the subject, helps in harnessing the required skills, and finally gives a better campus placement. Some top colleges for B.Tech Biotechnology are listed below:

Top Biotechnoly Colleges and their Fee Structure 

College Name

Fees Structure

Rama University, Kanpur

4,80,000 for 4 years

Saroj Institute of Technology and Management, Lucknow

3,40,000 for 4 years

Amity University, Lucknow

1,337,000 for 4 years

Meerut Institute of Engineering and Technology, Meerut

4,47,052 for 4 years

Raja Balwant Singh Engineering Technical Campus

3,20,500 for 4 years

IIMT University, Meerut

4,03,000 for 4 years

Vaugh Institute of Agricultural Engineering and Technology

6,16,000 for 4 years

Shri Ramswaroop Memorial University-(SRMU), Lucknow

5,40,000 for 4 years

Integral University, Lucknow

6,00,000 for 4 years

Sharda University, Greater-Noida

6,56,000 for 4 years

Job Profiles & Areas After the B.Tech Biotechnology:

Biotechnology is an emerging field. The career and Scope of B.Tech Biotechnology Courses are great. You can make your career in various fields like pharmaceuticals, agriculture, environment, etc.

Job Profiles for Biotechnology Students:

Job Profile



Collecting, analyzing, and evaluating cells and tissue samples are the main responsibilities of a Biotechnologist.

Professor/Assistant professor

A professor has deep knowledge of the subject and guides the disciples of Biotechnology.

Waste Management officer

He is responsible for developing and implementing new schemes related to waste materials.

Research analyst

A research analyst is responsible for analyzing records and developing a new and improved model.

Food production manager

He is in charge of the production of food products. He looks upon every process and ensures every department is working efficiently.

Higher Studies After B.Tech Biotechnology Course:

Another option you can opt for is higher studies:

  • You can go for M.Tech in Biotechnology. Where you will learn about a subcategory of this branch. 
  • You can also go for a master's in Business administration (MBA). This is a management course. Here you will learn about the management subjects.
  • You can also choose M.Sc in Biotechnology. This course specially focuses on research work. There are more specific subjects in this course. So, you can choose your specialization.

B Tech Biotechnology Scope and Salary:

The salary Package depends upon the job profile and the company in which you are working. The same designation may get different salary packages in different organizations. Also, it depends upon your work experience and performance. But the fact is that you will have a good scope in this industry.

Below is the list of annual salaries of different job designations of a biotechnology graduate:

B.Tech in Biotechnology Salary

Job profile

Annual salary (INR)


2 lakhs - 5 lakhs 

Research Analyst

2.12 lakhs - 10 lakhs

Food Production Manager

2 lakhs - 6 lakhs

Professor/Assistant professor

1.5 lakhs - 6 lakhs

Waster Management Officer

1.24 lakhs - 8.45 lakhs

MNC pays the highest possible packages to its employees. If you want to shine your career, you should aim for top companies. Some reputed companies providing the best salary packages are listed below:

Company Name
Company type
Annual salary (INR)

Wockhardt ltd


2.1 lakhs - 4.2 lakhs

Piramal Healthcare


2.8 lakhs - 5.1 lakhs

Indian immunologicals


2.4 lakhs - 5.1 lakhs

Panacea Biotec


2.8 lakhs - 4.5 lakhs

Bharat Biotech


2.6 lakhs - 5.2 lakhs



2.1 lakhs - 4.9 lakhs

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