Diploma in Biotechnology Course, Fees, Syllabus, Duration, Admission, Eligibility, Colleges, Job & Salary
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Diploma in Biotechnology Course, Fees, Syllabus, Duration, Admission, Eligibility, Colleges, Job & Salary

28 Mar,2020


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Diploma in Biotechnology Course:

Diploma in Biotechnology course is a diploma course of 3 years. The minimum qualification for this course is the 10th class. Also, students who passed 12th class can also apply for this course. The average fee for this course is around 90,000. Biotechnology means using the biological processes, organisms, and their derivatives to develop different products. This branch of engineering is also related to the study and design of equipment used in this field. Biotechnology is used in various industries like medicine, agriculture, the environment, etc.

Biotechnology is an emerging sector. It has great career opportunities for students. A Diploma in Biotechnology is the best course to start in this field. In this course, you will learn all the related practices and technologies. So, you can make a bright future in this sector. The syllabus of the Diploma in Biotechnology course consists of subjects related to Medicine, environment, agriculture, etc. All these fields are interrelated to Biotechnology. So, a student can make his career in these fields also.

Eligibility for Diploma in Biotechnology course:

Diploma in Biotechnology course duration is 3 years. Students who apply for this course after 12th will be promoted to the second year so the course duration for them will be 2 years. However, students can only apply if they fulfill the eligibility criteria. Eligibility criteria define the minimum requirement to take admission in a course. Every student who takes admission in a college must fulfill all the requirements of the course.

The common eligibility criteria for Diploma in Biotechnology are as follow:

  • Candidates should pass the 10th class with a minimum percentage of 60% form a recognized board.
  • Students who take admission after the 12th class should have science subjects (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology/Mathematics).

Apart from the minimum requirements, some colleges also ask for marks in a qualifying exam. This is an entrance test to take admission in a course or college.

How to take admission in Diploma in Biotechnology course?

The number of seats in the Diploma in Biotechnology course is limited. So, the conducting authority decides to regulate entrance tests. These tests check your abilities to study this course. If you can not qualify for the entrance test, you will be considered unable to pursue that course. The competition exams may be state-level, National level or University level. A student who cracks a state level entrance exam will be eligible for a government college in the state. Similarly, If you crack a University exam, you will get admission in the University or in the institution run by the University.

Some of the state-level entrance exams are as follow:

  • AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Science
  • TNJEE (Techno National Joint Entrance Examination)
  • JNU CEEB (Jawaharlal Nehru Combined Entrance Exam for Biotechnology)
  • CUCET (Central University Common Entrance Test)
  • TANCET (Tamil Nadu Common Entrance Test)

Diploma in Biotechnology is a diploma course. So, Institutions which provide diploma courses may also provide this course. The Syllabus of the Diploma in Biotechnology course is similar to B,Tech in biotechnology. The difference is the depth of explanation. In a graduation course, the topic is explained deeply while in a diploma course, it is not well explained but enough to give you the required information.

The syllabus of Diploma in Biotechnology course is as follow:

Semester: 1


Foundation of Biotechnology



Transport Phenomenon

Semester: 2


Industrial microbiology

Cell and molecular biology

Immunology and Immunotechnology I

Intellectual Proprietary Rights Bioethics and Biosafety

Semester: 3

Chemical Engineering Principles

Immunology and Immunotechnology II

Genetic Engineering

Animal Cell culture and Biotechnology


Semester: 4

Fundamentals of Biochemical Engineering

Plant Biotechnology

Enzymology and Enzyme Technology

Bioanalytical Technique

Computational Biotechnology

Semester: 5

Bioprocess Technology

Downstream Processing

Genomics and Proteomics

Food and Nutraceutical Biotechnology


Semester: 6

Biophysical Chemistry

Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology

Animal and plant physiology

Molecular Biology

After the Biotechnology course, you can also apply for the B.Tech in Biotechnology. Higher education will deepen your knowledge and help to achieve expertise. Also, if you apply for B.Tech after the diploma course, you will be directly promoted to the second year.

Top colleges for Diploma in Biotechnology course:

There are limited colleges that provide Diploma in Biotechnology. Since the graduation courses are in great demand. So, the diploma course will soon be available in most of the colleges. Also, the colleges which provide diploma in biotechnology course can not give quality education. This leads to a lack of skills in the students. Hence, it is required to choose a college which offers you better education and work training.


College Name

Online registration


Rama University, Kanpur

Apply now


Raja Balwant Singh Engineering Technical Campus

Apply now


Saroj Institute of Technology and Management, Lucknow

Apply now


IIMT University, Meerut

Apply now


Vaugh Institute of Agricultural Engineering and Technology, 

Apply now


Amity University, Lucknow

Apply now


Meerut Institute of Engineering and Technology, Meerut

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Sharda University, Greater-Noida

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Shri Ramswaroop Memorial University-(SRMU), Lucknow

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Integral University, Lucknow

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Job opportunities and top companies:

Biotechnology is a growing sector. So, there are a number of career options available in this field. Also, this sector is related to several fields. If you want to apply in these fields, a diploma in the biotechnology course is a good course for you. 

Medical Industry: Various principles of biotechnology are used in the modern medical industry. The process of drug preparation, pharmacogenomics is the main areas related to biotechnology.

Environment: Biotechnology is considered beneficial and harmful to the environment. Some biotechnology practices have positive impacts like the degradation of natural products. While artificial practices affect the environment.

Agriculture: Biotechnology has improved the agriculture sector. It has given a new life to the cultivation of crops. Biotechnology is not only concerned with processes but also with equipment that is used to perform biological processes.

Job roles after Diploma in Biotechnology:

Job Profile



The main responsibilities of a Biotechnologist are Collecting, analyzing and evaluating cells and tissue samples.

Research analyst

A research analyst is responsible for evaluating the records and developing a better model.

Food production manager

He manages the production of food products. He handles various departments and ensures each department is working efficiently.

Waste Management officer

He is responsible for preparing new models to control the waste.

Professor/Assistant professor

Professors are responsible to pass on the knowledge to the future generation. He has good command over the subjects.

Biotechnology is an emerging sector. It has several career opportunities and in the next few years, it will create more career options. Companies will offer a high salary package to professionals who have good knowledge and experience in this field. The career and scope of diploma in biotechnology course is high. Some of the top Indian companies which offer the highest salary to biotechnology professional are as follow

Diploma in Biotechnology Course Salary

Company Name

Company type

Annual salary (INR)

Wockhardt ltd


2.1 lakhs - 4.2 lakhs

Bharat Biotech


2.6 lakhs - 5.2 lakhs

Panacea Biotec


2.8 lakhs - 4.5 lakhs

Piramal Healthcare


2.8 lakhs - 5.1 lakhs



2.1 lakhs - 4.9 lakhs

Indian immunologicals


2.4 lakhs - 5.1 lakhs

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