MBA Hotel Management Course, Admission, Fees, Duration, Career, Syllabus, Job Profile & Areas
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MBA Hotel Management Course, Admission, Fees, Duration, Career, Syllabus, Job Profile & Areas

04 Mar,2020


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About MBA Hotel Management Course:

➣ Working towards an advanced degree such as an MBA Hotel Management Course can really benefit students. There are many skills, interests that the student can develop in this two-year graduation course. 

➣ MBA Hotel Management Course is a 2-year full-time program divided into 4 semesters throughout. The average fee for this program can range from Rs. 20,000 to Rs. 20 lac depending on the institution you decide to pursue it from. 

➣ Students with an MBA Hotel management degree will find it easier to get their foot in the door of highly successful and reputed businesses. The program provides an informative balance between hospitality skills, management services, and leadership theories. 

➣ The program equips the students with the tools they will need to manage high-level corporate positions in hotel and tourism, and also to make important managerial decisions.   

Eligibility for MBA Hotel Management Course:

Students who wish to pursue an MBA Hotel Management Course need to fulfill the following eligibility criteria. 

  • The student should have passed 10+2 from a recognized board, with an aggregate of 55% marks, in any stream.
  • The candidate should also have completed a full-time Bachelor's degree (3 Years) in any subject. 
  • The student also needs to appear for an entrance exam, which is recognized by institutes that provide this program. Examples of certain entrance exams include CAT (Common Admission Test), MAT (Management Aptitude Test), XAT (Xavier Aptitude Test), etc. 
  • There are some universities and colleges that do not consider these entrance exam scores and conduct their own entrance test instead. Some examples include XAT, etc. 
Admission process for MBA Hotel Management Course:

➣ The candidates who have successfully completed their Bachelor’s should go for appearing in an entrance exam. 

➣ After the entrance exam results, the interested candidate can apply to universities and colleges of his choice.

➣ Once the admission application process is over, they will release the cut-off lists. Upon meeting the cut-off marks requirement, and qualifying the entrance exam, students are admitted to the colleges. Some colleges may also hold a relevant personal interview stage with the candidate as a final step of the admission process.  

➣ This course is designed for students who love an upbeat life. The field of Hotel Management provides a variety of experiences that result in a developed and skillful individual who can manage a bucket of tasks. If this describes your future self, you are on the right page, and this course is made for you. 

MBA Hotel Management Course Top colleges and their Average Fee:

The list of colleges and universities that offer MBA Hotel Management Course is long since it is among the widely popular courses and attracts a lot of students every year. The best MBA Hotel Management courses always provide a strong and varied academic experience by including many practicals, real-life experience, and on-the-job training. 

College Name
   Average Fee/Annum

Institute of Hotel Management, Catering and Nutrition, Delhi

Rs. 2.5 lac

Welcome Group Graduate School for Hotel Administration, Manipal

Rs. 11.50 lac

Guru Nanak Institute of Hotel Management, Kolkata

Rs. 1.94 lac

Institute of Hotel Management, Bangalore

Rs. 2.30 lac

Institute of Hotel Management, Mumbai 

Rs. 2.30 lac

Institute of Hotel Management, Aurangabad

Rs. 16 lac

Sun International Institute for Technology and Management, Vishakapatnam

Rs. 2.74 lac

MBA Hotel Management Course Syllabus

The following list provides the subject of study in the MBA Hotel Management Course:

Principles and Practices of Management

Organizational Behaviour

Accommodation Management I

Food & Beverage Management I

Communication and Soft Skills


Accommodation Management II

Food Science, Nutrition & Dietetics

Food & Beverage Management II

Workshop on Executive Communication

Applied Operations Research

Financial Management

Hospitality Law

Hospitality Marketing & Sales

Facilities Design & Management

Fundamentals of Tourism & Tourism Products

Management Information System

Strategic Management

Practical (MIS)

Final Research Project and Industrial Exposure Training

The syllabus is made and designed in such a way that prepares the student for a number of roles in the Hotel management sector.  The program covers a wide range of areas such as researching, statistics, and accounting. The MBA Hotel Management Course is a contemporary, critical and internationally recognized area of study with a focus on creating managerial leaders of the future. 

MBA Hotel Management Course Scope: 

➣ Graduates of MBA Hotel Management Course can opt for a variety of employment such as in the Tourism field, Food and Beverage industry, Event Management Companies, etc. 

➣ Students can also pursue higher studies in any specialized and related field, to gain a higher chance of getting recruited into some of the top hotels, restaurants and other companies with the same outlook. 

MBA Hotel Management Course Graduate Job Profiles:

The top job profiles for students who graduate from this course are in various fields. 

  Average salary 

Tour and Travel Agent

Agents who plan, execute travel arrangements for tourists, etc

Rs 5 lac/- (Approx)

Hotels/Restaurants Director

Hotel or Restaurant managers are responsible for the smooth functioning of all the aspects of the hotel or restaurant they are working for. 

Rs. 6 lac (Approx) 

Event Manager

Facilitators or organizers of events and coordinating with customers. 

Rs. 1-3 lac (Approx)

Food & Beverage Director

They maintain a check on the materials, inventories. They maintain and supervise everything from the cost of raw materials to deciding what is on the menu. 

Rs. 5 -6 lac (Approx)

MBA Hotel Management Course Graduate Job Growth:

MBA Hotel Management course covers a wide range of subject and knowledge areas that a general MBA does. The degree is also very beneficial for someone who wishes to start their own hotel and tourism business. The tourism industry is an ever-growing industry, with a projected growth of around 25% within the next five years. 

As the industry tends to grow so does the employment areas. Hence employment in this sector is forecasted to grow around 30% in the coming ten years.  

Top MBA Hotel Management Course Graduate Recruiters:

Some of the best hotels worldwide are regular recruiters of MBA Hotel Management Graduates since these chains keep expanding and franchising in different parts of the world. 

Some of the prominent names are listed below:

  • Marriott Hotels
  • Choice Hotels
  • Palm Hotels
  • Hilton
  • Taj Hotel, etc
Why an MBA Hotel Management Course?

➣ An MBA Hotel Management graduate lives a fulfilling life. The main job while dealing with people is to make sure that they are comfortable and happy. This course equips you for just that, plus a whole load more. The pay is good and the job is fulfilling and satisfying. 

➣ The course also develops confidence within the student to dream. Dream to open his own hotel chain or the like. This course will teach you everything, from book-keeping, front office to back end, kitchen duties, room preparation, etc. In short, it equips you with all the necessary knowledge in every sphere of the functioning of the hotel. 

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