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What is the Diploma Course:

The diploma course is a short term course which is of generally two or three years of the course. The main objective of this diploma course is to train students in any particular field. Majorly you can take admission to the diploma course after passing class 10th but in this article, we are mainly focused on those diploma courses in which candidates can take admission after class 12th. The diploma can be done from any recognized institution of the university. Diploma curriculum offers students to get more practical knowledge on the particular course which is enough to build the skills of the candidates.

There are two types of diplomas are:

  • Graduate diploma: a qualification that is equivalent to under-graduate level
  • Post-graduate diploma: A qualification that is being pursued after obtaining a bachelor degree

On the other hand, the diploma course lets you find the career field in a short time. if you are looking to make a career in any particular stream after passing the 12th exam and eager to discover the new career path, diploma course can be the key to knowing your passion and interest.

List of Top Courses After 12th
Science Course Medical Course
Pharmacy Course Law Course
Arts & Humanities Course Fashion Design Course
Hotel Management Course Air Hostess Course
Interior Design Course ITI Course After 12th
Diploma Course Polytechnic Course
Need to Diploma Course After Class 12th: 

If you are inclining towards photography then you must make your career as a photographer. So there are various reasons why opting diploma courses after 12th can provide you with enriching insights into capabilities and passion.

  • The diploma course is being done to gain knowledge about any particular field and understanding whether it aligns into your capabilities and passion.
  • It offers an enhanced exposure of specific industry and if you want to learn further you can apply for graduation in the same country or you can even find great opportunity here
  • Diploma courses have majored skills rather than comprehensive skills. Suppose if you are targeting to do designing skill course, you won’t have to take up the whole course related to IT
  • This right diploma course in the field of interest land you directly into your dream job without the long years of graduation
  • Diploma course consists of theoretical and practical based which lets you a basic understanding of the skill set in a short period of time.
  • A diploma course is quite cheaper as compared to other graduation course and it has focused on the essential development and furnishing of specific skills rather than complete subjects
Best Diploma Course After 12th:

This is the major decision of selecting diploma course after 12th should depend entirely on the specific career that you are interested in. if you are just starting out or you can begin on sorting out, your field of interest and then pick one that you find yourself the most passionate about.

So this article will help you to choose the best diploma as per your choice in the varied list of diploma courses after 12th that you can choose from the major discipline.

Diploma Course After 12th Management:

Diploma course: Human resource, Marketing management, Business skills, leadership, and management, etc.

Most of the universities offering a diploma course in management fields: LSBF Singapore, Reeva college, Stebinis University, and Berlin, etc.

Diploma course after 12th: Engineering:

The diploma course after 12th  engineering includes mechanical and electrical engineering. Most of the universities offer diploma in engineering: Nilai Universities, London South Bank University, Engineering Institute of Technology, Australia sault college, Cambrian College.

Students can also lookout the engineering diploma course after 12th through polytechnic engineering through the entrance exam in the state wise.

Students can make their careers in mechanical, electrical engineering, civil engineering, production, etc.

Mechanical Engineering:

If an aspirant is looking to make a career in mechanical engineering after the 12th exam, they can participate in the entrance exam through a polytechnic exam where students will be awarded various diploma courses like mechanical to pursue this particular course.


If candidates are looking to make a career in the field of information technology after 12th, he can move ahead towards it. This diploma course contains software development and other software related activities. Students can take admission in diploma course information technology and establish their successful career.

Electrical Engineering :

If candidates are looking to make a career in the field of electrical engineering, they can opt for electrical engineering courses as diploma courses after 12th. After doing so, a student can get a job as junior engineering in any of the private company as well as the government company as the junior engineer

Mechanical production:

If students are seeking to make a career in the field of mechanical production, candidates can do so after clearing the 12th exam.

Diploma course after 12th: Design studies:

Diploma course: fashion design, graphics design, interior design and digital design

University offering diploma in design studies: Cracow school of art and fashion design,  VCAD Canada, Cambridge school of visual and performing art.

If candidates having an interest in fashion designing and looking to make a career in the same, they can make their careers as diploma engineering in the design area as the graphics designer, interior designer, and digital print designer, etc.

Diploma course after 12th: Mass communication and journalism:

There are various other kinds of opportunities are available in the field of mass communication and journalism after class 12th diploma courses like Media, Film Studies, Journalism and Mass communication field. If candidates are looking to make a career in the field of journalism as a press reporter and other related profile, they can look ahead towards this field. There are various other universities are there those are offering this kind of opportunities like Cambridge school of visual and performing art  and London film academy and Vancouver career college and many other institutions

Diploma course after 12th: Hotel Management, Tourism and Event Management

Students who are seeking to make a career in the field of Hotel management and tourism can opt for this course after class 12th.

Diploma and Advertising and marketing:

What work you can do after the advertising and marketing course:

You can find a job in these sectors like digital marketing, advertising, and communication department and other media companies of private companies and in public companies, film production companies, advertising and publicity agencies  or you can work as a freelancer

Duration of this exam: One year course after class 12th(Arts)

Topics covered in the advertising and marketing course:
  • Media planning
  • Market research
  • Public relation
  • Corporate communication
  • Basics of advertising and marketing
Major reasons to choose advertising and marketing course as a career:
  • You should have the best communication skills
  • Advertising and marketing sectors are rising globally and nationally
  • If you are ready to live the fast and glamorous lifestyle
  • You could be rewarded well in terms of salary and incentives.
Diploma course in Kitchen and catering operation after class 12th:

After completion of this diploma in kitchen and catering operation, you can get admitted into the kitchen or catering management area as a restaurant manager and catering manager. The course duration of this id 3 years and candidates who are coming from the art stream can get admission in this course

Topics covered in kitchen and catering operation course:

  • Basic kitchen operation
  • Basic F&B Services
  • Rooms division operation
  • Food and beverage option
  • Basics training kitchen
  • Baking principals and patisserie
  • Culinary French
  • The concept of bulk cooking
Diploma in various language after class 12th:

After completing a diploma in various languages, you can make a career with government institutions, embassies, universities colleges and hostels, travel and tourism industries and multinational companies, etc.

The duration of this course is of 1 year and the eligibility of taking admission in this course is class 12 h from art and other streams.

Another diploma course after class 12th:

There are several other courses after class 12th apart from the above-mentioned courses like Yoga, elementary education, 3D animation, Fine Art, Culinary Art and you can take after 2th and find your career path on developing these skills. Now that you know how incredible help this diploma course after 12th can be worrying and challenging 

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