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ADTP Course, Full Form, Fees, Duration, Admission, Syllabus, Job, Salary 2024

Update on 28 Feb, 2024


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ADTP Course, Full Form, Fees, Duration, Admission, Syllabus, Job, Salary 2024-here

What is ADTP Course?

ADTP full form is Automated Data Processing Training Programs. It is the formulation and application of technology that axiomatically processes data. Automated data processing technology includes computers and other communications electronics that can congregate, store, and distribute data. The key role of automated data processing (ADTP) is to instantly and efficiently process large amounts of information and share it with a select audience.

adtp course scope

  • Students who dream to opt for a bachelor's, master's, or doctoral degree in computer science will exigency provide a career in the automated data processing. By opting for Bachelor’s, Masters’ or Doctoral Degree students can easily find jobs in many industries, such as healthcare, national defense, and business management.
  • Students who want their career involving data processing, data management, and database automation seek to complete their Bachelor's, Masters or Doctoral degree programs in computer science. Such programs reiterate the study of topics that include database systems, robotics, statistics, and database management. 

adtp course fees

  • Full Form of ADTP is Automated Data Processing Training Programs.
  • ADTP Course Fess is 5,000 to 10,000.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science: (M.Sc in CS):

Students who are keen to learn about Automated Data Processing may enlist in a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program. Bachelor Of Sciences In Computer Science includes an overview of computer science theories and practical skills in data management systems and programming. To apply for B.Sc in Computer Science applicants need to have a high school diploma or General Educational Development (GED) certificate.

 Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program includes computer laboratory work for enhancing skills in programming and to also provide exposure to the hardware and software industry. Students who are keen on creating solutions for data processing may take elective courses in the following subjects:

  • Computer algorithms
  • Data visualization
  • Statistics
  • Database management
  • Data tables and architecture
  • Advanced programming

ADTP Course Duration:

adtp course duration

ADTP Course Duration is 6 Months to 12 Months.

Eligibility Criteria For Bachelor Of Science In Computer Science:

  1. Students must have completed their Intermediate or its equivalent examination with Physics, Chemistry, and English with a minimum of 45-60% marks.


  1.  Completed 3 years Diploma course from any recognized university.
  2. Mathematics/Computer/Information Science is one of the subjects.

B.Sc in CS Subjects:

  • Electronics
  • Mathematics
  • Statistics
  • Computer Programming Theory 

B.Sc Syllabus:

First Year:

  • Language I
  • Language II (English)
  • Digital Fundamental And Architecture
  • Data Structure And C Programming

Second Year:

  • C++ Programming
  • Java Programming
  • System Software And Programming System
  • Software Engineering
  • Programming Lab: C++ AND Java

Third Year:

  • Computer network
  • Software Testing
  • RDBMS And Oracle
  • Visual Programming-Visual Basic
  • Programming Lab: VB And Oracle

Master of Science in C.S (M.Sc in CS):

Students who are interested in Research work and Computer science theories and automated data processing can continue their education by enrolling in a Master of Science in Computer Science program. In this program, students are made to participate in advanced study of computer systems, learn skills in business management and practical applications of computer programming.

The M.Sc in Computer Science help you to gain knowledge and your skills to develop according to the requirement of the modern computer industry. The M.Sc in CS courses typically target the application development and fundamentals of computer systems in the starting year. In the second year, a student can choose elective courses in an area of interest and complete research for his or her final project or thesis. Courses that touches the automated data processing and may include the following:

  • Algorithmic design
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Robotics
  • Data mining
  • Database systems


 Master of Science in Computer Science (M.Sc in CS) degree program takes 2-3 years to finish which is accompanied by four semesters.

Eligibility Criteria for M.Sc. In Computer Science:

The basic eligibility required for M.Sc. Computer Science course is mentioned below:

  1. Candidates must Degree in Bachelor Of Science(Honors) in Computer Science, Mathematics, Numerates or Computing related can apply for M.Sc in CS


B.Sc. Applied Physical Sciences with Computer Science and Mathematics.

  1. Candidates who have completed Bachelor Of Science with Mathematics and Computer Science 


 Bachelor Of Science (General) with Mathematical Sciences can also apply.

Admission Process:

Admission in M.Sc in Computer Science Program is on Merit bases and entrance examination.

M.Sc in CS Subjects:

Semester 1:

  • Advanced Programming Language
  • Data Structures Using C
  • Computer Organisation And Architecture
  • Microprocessor And Applications
  • System Software
  • Language Structure
  • File Organization And DBMS
  • Design Analysis And Algorithms

Semester 2:

  • Operating System
  • Introduction To Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Graphics
  • Advanced Computer Applications
  • Data networking
  • System Analysis And Design

Ph.D. in Computer Science:

Professionals possessing Doctoral Degrees in Computer Science/ CS have specific advantages. Many research labs in various Industries require Professionals holding Doctoral Degrees in Computer Science to work with them as an advanced level of technical knowledge and skill are required to supervise large projects and teams. Computer Scientists holding a doctorate can open up their own companies or can easily teach at graduate and undergraduate levels.

Also, students who are interested in teaching in college or conducting advanced research in automated data processing can seek a Doctor in Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Computer Science. Candidates who hold Doctoral Degree seek to address advanced problems in computer design, data analysis, and research that may lead to the advancement of information technology.

Candidates having a bachelor's or master's degree in computer science or any such field that is closely related to computer engineering is eligible to enroll for P.Hd in CS. Courses that include aspects of data processing or automation and can touch on the following topics:

  • Data storage
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Algorithm analysis
  • Database management
  • Operating systems

These programs are not of the same length, but students generally complete their dissertation and earn their PhD within 5-6 years

Eligibility Criteria For Ph.D. in Computer Science:
  • Applicant must have passed their M.Phil with an aggregate of 55% marks (45% to 50% for reserved category candidates) 
  • The candidate must not hold any of the backlog or compartments in any of the subjects.

Admission Process:

Admission in P.Hd in CS is based on CET (like UGC NET).

ADTP course eligibility

ADTP Salary start will from 15k to 25k monthly.

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