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MCA Distance Education - Distance MCA Course in India 2024

Update on 18 Jul, 2024


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MCA Distance Education - Distance MCA Course in India 2024-here

MCA Distance Education is a postgraduate degree program in Computer applications that has a duration of 2/3 years and consists of 4/6 semesters. This course teaches the different aspects of computer technology like programming, networking, mobile technologies, and database management.

MCA also trains the aspirant in the areas like Java programming, statistics, electronics, and cloud computing technology.

Computer technology is the most in-demand sector that enhances the professional career of the individual who wants to make a mark in the field.

The distance MCA program is good for both students who are unable to attend a regular course in IT and for working professionals who want to highlight their resumes with added skills and expertise while continuing their jobs.

Distance MCA Details

Distance MCA course is beneficial to students who do not have the time or resources to attend a regular course. It is also useful for working individuals who want to improve their expertise in the field of computer technology and retain their professional careers at the same time.

MCA Correspondence course has a time duration of 3 years and 6 semesters. Since this is a correspondence course, the duration can be extended for the students who cannot finish the course within 3 years.

The course can be extended to a maximum of 6 years within which the students must complete the training program. This flexibility depends on the college from which the candidate is taking the course.

The distance MCA course syllabus has been designed in such a way that it is similar to the regular MCA course and the students do not miss out on the opportunity of studying and implementing the important subjects of computer applications and programming in real life.

Besides IT being the fastest growing sector Distance MCA training makes the students equipped to handle all the requirements in the field of technological expertise.

Why distance MCA Correspondence Course?

Distance MCA makes way for lucrative career opportunities. After completion of the Distance MCA degree, the resume of the candidate is highlighted with added skills.

This will help the candidate become eligible for good career opportunities with lucrative salary packages.

Below are some of the reasons why a candidate should opt for a distance MCA course:

  • The training consists of well-designed modules that help the candidates to gain expertise in the field of computer technology.
  • Training is delivered by industry experts with wide experience.
  • The course duration is flexible and the candidates can finish the course within a time span of 5  to 6 years.
  • Since the course has flexible schedules it can opt for working professionals too. The working professionals can carry on their jobs and take the course simultaneously.
  • Distance courses are less expensive than regular courses. Many students who want to do a master's degree in Computer technology but cannot afford a regular course program, opt for the distance Course.
  • The candidate can choose from the numerous distance MCA Colleges that offer distance MCA training.
  • Students opting for the Distance Education MCA Course can study from the comforts of their homes and need not attend physical classroom sessions.

Distance Learning MCA Subjects

The distance learning MCA subjects are the following:

  • Fundamentals of computer and IT
  • Theories of computing
  • Programming in Java
  • Programming in C
  • File structures and data
  • Organization of data structures
  • Object-oriented programming in C++
  • Data warehousing and mining
  • Linux
  • Communications and networking
  • Management of database
  • Computer networking and web technologies
  • Computer graphics
  • Software testing
  • Foundations of mathematics
  • System analysis and design

MCA Distance Education Syllabus

The distance BCA course syllabus consists of well-designed modules and makes the student an expert in computer applications, both theoretically and practically. Most of the parameters of computer technology and programming are covered in the MCA Correspondence syllabus.

We have gone through the distance learning MCA subjects in detail. Let us now take a quick look into the distance MCA course syllabus:

1st Semester 2nd Sesmester
Techniques of programming and problem solving Introduction to database management
Web Designing and internet concepts Programming in Java
C language programming Study of advanced data structures
Foundations of mathematics Management of computer architecture and networking
Learning communication skills Object-oriented programming
System analysis and design Details of statistics and probability
Assembly language programming Practical case studies
C language programming -
3rd Semester 4th Semester
Designing and analysis of algorithms What are operating systems
Object-oriented designing Data communication
Software engineering Data networking
Programming in Java and Python Learning database management
Data and file structures Network security
Learning object-oriented technologies Practical case studies in Linux and oracle
Financial accounting management in technology Cloud computing
Practical case studies Project work
5th Semester 6th Semester
What is Multimedia Electives
Advanced internet technologies Project work and assignments
Learning computer graphics -
Web technologies -
Cybersecurity -
Understanding data mining -
Elective subjects -

The distance MCA course syllabus covers all the important aspects of computer technology and consists of Practical case studies in all the semesters which makes the syllabus well-structured and student-friendly.

Distance MCA Elective Subjects

There are several electives to choose from in the distance MCA training. The elective subjects differ for the different MCA Distance Education Best University. Students can choose the elective subjects based on their area of interest and affinity.

Following are some of the elective subjects that are included in the Correspondence MCA training:

  • Big data
  • Machine learning
  • Parallel computing
  • Wireless communication
  • Data visualization techniques
  • Development of mobile applications
  • E-commerce
  • Software development

Distance MCA Course Admission

The distance mca course admission criteria are the most important aspect of getting a chance to study the course. The candidates who want to apply for the training should fulfill all the requirements for the distance MCA course admission criteria.

The following criteria should be met by the applicants for distance MBA course admission:

  1. The candidate should complete a B.Tech Computer Science Course or Engineering from a recognized university.
  2. Should have at least 50% marks in Bachelor’s degree.
  3. Maths or statistics is a must subject for the candidate.
  4. Candidates who have completed a B.Sc Course in Arts, Science, or Commerce can also apply for an online MCA Course in India.

Some Universities conduct entrance examinations as a part of the eligibility criteria for an MCA Open University. The distance MCA course admission for such colleges depends upon the above-mentioned criteria as well as the entrance test results.

MCA Correspondence Course Duration

The duration of the distance MCA program is 2 years and consists of 6 semesters. The distance MCA course duration can be extended. This helps the students to complete the course without worrying about time constraints.

Normally the distance MCA course duration can be extended to 4 years or 5 years. Some Universities offer a more relaxed time span to complete the course and the students can complete the distance MCA within a time period of 6 years.

Top Colleges for MCA Distance Education

There are several well-known and accredited colleges offering online MCA Course in India courses. These top colleges for mca distance education have well-trained faculties and well-structured modules and relaxed time schedules which is beneficial for the candidate opting for the course.

Name of the Colleges District Particulars
Lovely Professional University Uttar Pradesh Bachelor's degree in Computer Science or equivalent
Mathematics is a compulsory subject at 10+2 or graduation level.
Indira Gandhi National Open University Delhi Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university.
Mathematics as a compulsory subject in 10+2
Annamalai University Tamil Nadu Accredited by NAAC
BSc or BTech in Computer Science or
PG Diploma in Computer studies from a recognized University
Amity University - Bachelor’s degree in any discipline.
Mathematics as a compulsory subject in 10+2
University of Mumbai Mumbai Admission on the basis of entrance exams
Karnataka State Open University Mysore Admission on the basis of Class 12 marks
Mathematics as a compulsory subject
Lateral entry after completing Post graduate diploma in Computer applications
Teerthanker Mahaveer University Uttar Pradesh Graduation in Computer Science
Mathematics as the compulsory subject in 10+2
Tamil Nadu Open University Tamil Nadu Graduate(3 years) in any discipline
Mathematics is the compulsory subject
Sikkim Manipal University Sikkim Graduation in any discipline
Mathematics as the compulsory subject in 10+2
Madurai Kamaraj University Tamil Nadu UGC approved university
Admission on the basis of a 10+2 score and mathematics/statistics as the compulsory subject.

MCA Correspondence Course Fees

The distance MCA course fees are affordable as compared to the regular courses and can be availed by students as well as working professionals. The MCA distance education fees for a few well-known colleges are given below.

The candidates opting for the distance MCA course from any of the given colleges have promising career opportunities in the future. Since the distance MCA course fees are affordable, it helps the candidates to take up the course without thinking about the financial hurdles.

MCA in Distance Mode is a Postgraduate Academic Master Degree that nowadays is the most popular among computer application programs among the younger generation who really want to make their career in the world of coders and computer programmers.

MCA Distance Education Colleges
College Name Distance MCA Fees
Amity University INR 1,10,000
Lovely Professional University INR 72000
Karnataka State Open University NA
Annamalai University INR 42,800
Madurai Kamaraj University INR 45000
Tamil Nadu Open University INR 44,100
University of Mumbai INR 48,875
Sikkim Manipal University INR 18,200 (per semester)
Teerthanker Mahaveer University INR 3,20,000
Indira Gandhi National Open University INR 72000

The distance MCA program helps the students to focus on the theoretical background as well as gives good practical exposure to students in their field of interest. MCA is intended to provide modern industry-oriented education in Applied sciences.

Placement and Jobs After Distance MCA Course

The distance MCA course enhances the career prospects of the students with numerous well-paid job opportunities. The placements and jobs for distance MCA make way for promising career paths for the students as well as working professionals who take the course.

Check out the placements and jobs for distance MCA:

  • Software Engineer
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • IT team leader
  • IT project manager
  • Lead Software Engineer
  • Software Developer
  • Web Developer
  • C++ and Java Software Engineer
  • Systems Support Administrator
  • Java Developer
  • Security Expert, Tracker
  • Telecommunication & Computing
  • Banking and Finance
  • Healthcare sector
  • Technical Support Engineers
  • Hospitality services

Career Benefits of the Distance MCA Training Course

Distance learning programs are very helpful for students who do not want to pursue classroom learning methods. The students can study from the comforts of their homes and get all the study material online.

Distance learning is also helpful for working professionals who want to continue their jobs and gain more knowledge and expertise in a particular field.

Distance MCA course helps the candidate to gain expertise in Computer applications and become eligible for well-paid job options. Since Computer technology is the most upcoming field the distance MCA course helps those students who cannot o[t for a regular course in this domain.

A distance MCA graduate can work in the various fields of IT like Software development, Software analysis, Software applications, Website development, New product development, Software consulting, etc.

Career Options After Distance MCA Course

Software Engineer: This involves testing, developing, and installing new software applications. This is a very promising field as there are a large number of software development companies both in India and abroad.

The pay packages of a software Engineer are huge and this field offers growth opportunities for the individual.

System Analyst: This involves designing, analyzing, and implementing IT solutions for an organization. This also involves effective collaboration with the development team. The pay scale for this field of job is very high.

CyberSecurity Expert: Cyber threats and hacking are the most important issues faced by different companies nowadays. Cybersecurity expert is an invaluable addition to a company as they help to keep the data secure and prevent misuse by malware or hacking by individuals. Cybersecurity experts are very well paid for by different organizations.

Website Developer: Nowadays it is important to maintain a brand image or business by promoting it through company websites. The website developer is responsible for maintaining the functioning of the website.

The job of a website developer is a much-needed one and they are very well paid.

Troubleshooting Expert: These experts are responsible for correcting and repairing all IT-related issues in an organization. A troubleshooting expert is responsible for the smooth running of an organization and keeps the function of the organization seamless and error-free. Troubleshooters of well-known companies have very good pay packages.

Cloud Computing Architect: Most companies are shifting to the cloud mode of working and providing cloud computing services. Since a lot of information is stored in the cloud nowadays, cloud architects are very essential for maintaining and upgrading the cloud servers. Cloud architects have an impressive pay scale as they add value to an organization with their skills.

Data Scientist: Data scientists are much in demand due to the huge amounts of data that are available. Proper analysis of the data helps the data scientist to predict accurate customer behavior and buying tendencies and this helps in improving the overall Return on Investment of an organization.

Application Developer: The demand for mobile apps is growing every day. Software and mobile companies develop new apps to keep their business running.

The chief job of an app developer is designing and building mobile applications and ensuring their smooth running. An App developer has immense responsibilities in today’s digitally driven world and his salary packages are very high.

Technical Writer: The job of a technical writer is to write user manuals, guides, product descriptions, design specifications of different applications, and white papers.

Every software organization needs to promote its products and services. They can do this through content marketing. It is not possible for everyone to write technical content.

So technical writers are in huge demand and they are very well paid.

Apart from the above-mentioned career options, the distance MCA graduate can also pursue higher studies and do a Ph.D. program. These candidates can later apply for the job of lecturer and professor in well-known institutes.

Top Companies Hiring Distance MCA Candidates

The distance MCA course helps the candidates to become skilled and experienced. This assists them to get well-paid jobs in well-known companies.

The top companies that recruit Distance MCA candidates are the following:

  • Wipro Technologies Ltd.
  • Cognizant Technology Solutions
  • Hindustan Technologies Ltd (HCL)
  • Dell
  • Tech Mahindra
  • Infosys
  • Accenture
  • Oracle
  • IBM
  • Tata Consultancy Services Limited

Salary After Distance MCA Course

Salary packages of distance MCA students vary from one company to another and depend upon their skills and responsibilities. Most of the companies offer very good salary packages and they also provide options for growth and promotions depending upon the performance of the candidates.

The salary of a distance MCA fresher is usually between INR 15000 to INR 25000. An experienced person can earn between INR 30000 to INR 60000 per month.

Software developers get a salary of around INR 40,000 per month and sometimes, even more, depending on their responsibilities. A web designer’s package varies between INR 25000 to INR 50000.

A mobile app developer’s salary varies between INR 25000 to INR 40000.

The above are a few salaries of the distance MCA candidates mentioned. Sometimes the salary packages may be higher depending on the company and the work responsibilities of the candidate.


In today’s technology-rich world the distance MCA program is highly recommended. This program is very important for candidates who want to pursue a career in the field of computer technology.

The distance MCA training is suitable for students as well as working professionals who want to pursue further studies and continue their jobs at the same time.

The distance MCA program is affordable and upon completion of the training, the candidate becomes eligible for well-paid job opportunities.

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