Difference Between MD and PhD

Is that true that someone having a PhD is considered less qualified than someone with an MD? Well for answering the question you should be well clear with the Difference Between MD and PhD.  Being an aspirant, if you are wishing a career in the medical profession then decide a suitable postgraduate course for completing your further studies. However, the two available options for those wishing to ladder up their career in medicine - a PHD or an MD.

Whoever completes a Doctor of Philosophy(PhD) or Doctor of Medicine(MD) program are referred to as doctors. PhDs is about advancing the knowledge in the chosen field while whereas MDs involve practicing the knowledge in a particular medical domain. PhD is basically a sort of academic research that can be done in a wide range of fields, one including medicine. While MD is dealing and helping in real medical problems. The person who has qualified MD are the real doctors. Are you confused about what to choose? This article helps readers to understand the key Difference Between MD and PhD in the medical field. Let us go into its detail below.

Course Structure

One of the main difference Between MD and PhD is their course structure and duration required for its completion. A PhD is generally lab-based and lasts a minimum of 3 years whereas the MD includes research, findings along with a clinical practice which lasts for 2-3 years. Both postgraduate courses require the student to show their work in the form of a thesis or a portfolio of published work, usually submitted at the end of their course.

Career Options

The choice of studying a PhD in Medicine or an MD qualification significantly impacts your career. For those who want to be a working doctor can go with an MD program. MD program involves clinical roles which require the use of specialized knowledge in order to diagnose and interact with patients. So are you wishing to be a working doctor? Then MD is the ideal option for you. Or if you wish to take your career ahead in a research-based direction, then go for a PhD program.

Academic Value

An MD and the PhD postgraduate programs are both considered as highly prestigious qualifications. But in general, it is argued that PhD is more valuable and higher course because the study duration is long and involves multiple levels of research in a specific field.  

But if you want to seek a career as a clinical professional, then academic reputation and research work are not that important to you. So you can pursue a career in clinical practice which means MD. There are many renowned institutions (like Cambridge and St Andrew’s) offering a wide range of MD qualifications.

Degree Approval

A lot of time is covered while completing these degrees, therefore it becomes utmost important to get the submitted work approved by the heads of intuition. A person takes about four years to complete an MD while a person takes four to seven years to get a PhD degree. Getting a PhD completed mainly depends on the submission of the thesis paper.

You can get an MD degree after two years of course work, and then two years of rotational work in a hospital or clinic. On the other side, a person gets PhD completed after he submits his thesis paper. The thesis work is reviewed by a team of experts who can object their work for which the person can present source reference and justifications to defend their work.

Financial Restrictions

Once done with the basic graduation qualification, you have to carefully choose the high-level course which lies in your budget. Yes, we are referring to education cost. One of the key considerations while studying a postgraduate course is the course fee. It is true that all the courses are going to charge you some money. So it becomes important to choose a course that is affordable to you, before applying for an application. Most of the scenarios depict that students get financial help for their postgraduate study like an MD or a PhD through a series of loans and external funding. Though the MD course will cost you significantly lower as it only lasts for two years.

Despite utilizing the funds raising schemes, studying an MD or a PhD may become a financial struggle as both courses are very time demanding and you rarely get opportunities to earn. However, during an MD course, you get some work opportunities which are paid along with your clinical learning, But if you are studying a PhD program you will hardly be able to manage time for work.

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