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Prospective students, who are trying to chart their course through college, and curious to know about what is the difference between Bachelor of Science [BS] and Bachelor of Arts [BA]. Both are graduation degree of 3 to 4 years. There are key differences between BS and BA. The basic distinction between the two types of degrees is the focus of the coursework students are required to complete in order to earn them. The first thing that many freshly undeniable psychology majors might notice is that their university offers two-degree options: the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and the Bachelor of Science (B.S.). Whenever 12th passed students go for higher education, they will have to face a dilemma between these two degrees. They always confused about what is the difference between these two degrees? Is one degree better than the other? Because these two options are frequently very similar, but there are a few key differences of which students should be aware of.

There can be differences in each university, to see the difference between two degrees, it is important to start by putting a glance in your college's graduation list.

Emphasis on the necessary main sections for each degree, and then see the electives and subject-matter courses that are required. Then talk to your academic advisor for more detailed information about your university degree. Before Bachelors of Science [BS] were discovered, all undergraduate programmes were treated Bachelor of Arts, regardless of their specialisation. The Bachelor of Science is typically the title for all degrees in sciences (Computer Science, Engineering, Health Sciences, you name it). But if you look strictly you might find some B. Sc. degrees even in Business, Nursing, Law, or Architecture. Apart from B.A. degree, what determines this type of degree. Its technical orientation, including laboratory work and practical experience or practice. In this article, we have also shown the difference between BS and BA degree.

Bachelor of Science (BS)

A Bachelor of Science is generally 3 years programs which will emphasise on more science and mathematics courses. Those students who are pursuing a BS degree in Psychology may have to take more lab and statistics general education classes. The subject-matter area of the BS degree may also emphasis more on research technique and applied for psychology courses. The BS option comprises a stronger concentration on the key area of study and pupils take more psychology courses than those who are pursuing a BA.

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

The Bachelor of Arts [B.A.] is an undergraduate degree which comprises the studies like Languages, Arts & Music, Communication, and most of the disciplines in the Humanities Area.  Bachelor of Arts course is all about theoretical knowledge on diverse subjects and it is the great choice for students who plan to later follow a Master or PhD degree in the same field – especially if they are keen in pursuing a career in teaching or research.

Generally, a Bachelor of Arts degree concentrates on more liberal arts general study courses. Pupils who take this degree may also be required to complete a foreign language component. The choice of B.A. usually involves taking fewer courses in psychology and more classes in subjects outside of the key area.

Which Degree is Better BS Degree or BA degree?

We can not differentiate these two degrees that one degree is better than the other. Some educational experts advise that students who earn a B.S. degree in psychology have greater flexibility and more job opportunities. However, it is important to focus on choosing a degree that is the best-suited to your unique needs, skills, interests, eligibility, and professional goals.

The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology is a great choice:
  • For students who have a desire in psychology but also want to examine other disciplines in greater depth. For example, you might want to study psychology but also take a lot of courses in an area such as nutrition and health-related. Such preparation might be ideal for students who are considering specialized psychology fields such as health psychology or forensic psychology.
  • Those students who choose this course option can also opt to go later on to further study in law, social work, counselling, education, journalism, political science, and business.
The Bachelor of Science in Psychology offers an excellent education for:
  • Careers in science as well as further graduate study in psychology or related streams.
  • Students with a strong attentiveness in science can also avail from this degree options extensive study in biological science and research methodology.
  • If you plan to attend graduate school in psychology, you should definitely consider the Bachelor of Science course.
S. No
Consider a B.S.
Consider a B.A.


If you are interested in a more science-oriented course.

You are planning on going straight into the workforce after completing your bachelor’s degree


You plan to earn a graduate degree in the science field.

You plan on going to graduate school in a non-medical field such as business, law, counselling, social work or management.


You are interested in taking a wider range of science-related courses and plan to go to medical college and.

You are interested in taking a wider range of humanities curriculum including foreign language classes.

Note: When it comes to selecting a BA or a BS degree, neither is better on its own merits. Firstly, determine your career field, and then pursue the most appropriate course.

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