Difference Between M.Sc and M.P.H. Degree

Nowadays, several new professional degrees are being introduced at the University level. As we are all aware there is a cut-throat competition when we talk about getting an admission into a good college. Several new degrees at the doctorate, masters and bachelors level has been introduced. Generally, it has been seen that candidates don’t study the same subjects in their post graduation which they studied at the time of their graduation. Companies generally hire those candidates who have expertise in more than one field as then they will be able to link up the knowledge that the gained from two or more fields for the benefit of the company.

Difference in Terms of Study

M.Sc is short form for Masters of science. It is also called MS sometimes. This is a postgraduate degree. It is an academic degree meant for the students who aim to achieve specialization in methodology. MS programs involve quantitative analysis and are way more research-oriented in comparison to MPH programs. In an MS program mathematical analysis and extra research module is involved.

The full form of M.P.H. is masters in public health. It is a multi-disciplinary professional degree, which means that is covers several fields and subjects that are covered under the field of public health.  A student is required to do a field work of 400 hours for providing practical experience. The main aim of the students who are pursuing MPH degree is public health practice and it has nothing to do with research or teaching. There are several MPH programs that are being taught all across the globe.  These programs include school of public affairs, medical schools and schools of public health.

MPH is a terminal or professional degree. It means that the students will have to terminate their work or education in their field for the rest of their life. On the other hand, MS is a degree for the students who wish to pursue a doctorate degree later in future. M.P.H degree is actually practitioner oriented whereas M.S degree is actually research based. M.S is highly recommended for the students who wish to pursue their doctorate degree. As practical experiences and working on thesis can assist them later in pursuing their doctoral degree as it will help them in completing their dissertation.

Who can pursue M.S and M.P.H.?

Masters of science is a postgraduate course that a student can pursue after completing his graduation in Bsc or after completing their B.Tech or any other bachelors degree in science. Masters of Science can be of different types such as computer science, data science, electronics, Msc in information Technology, or Msc in Economics.

Whereas if you want to pursue Masters in public health, then you don’t necessarily have to be a science graduate. That person can also be an arts graduate or commerce graduate. Another difference here is that a person who goes for MPH will only be studying about public health and no other field. Whatever areas you are going to study will be within limit of public health.There are certain countries all across the world where this program can only be pursued by the physician graduates.

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