Difference Between MPhil and PhD

Today in this competitive world every one desires to climb the ladder of success and attain everything in life. In this regard, students try to take as many courses as they want and even pass as many board exams possible. Many scholars wish to continue their higher education, even after the completion of their post-graduate degree. So, they have two options, i.e. M.Phil or PhD. MPhil vs PhD both are the research-oriented course so it students encounters difficult to choose one out of both.

However, MPhil vs PhD is the highest ranking degree provided to the scholars by the university for their research work in the respective subject opted by them. On the other hand, Master of Philosophy is only a postgraduate degree, which is truly based on research and has a syllabus too, for the coursework. In this article, you will find complete Differences Between MPhil and PhD.

Basic Difference Between MPhil and PhD

Firstly we will talk about MPhil i.e. Master of Philosophy. In this course, candidate is expected to analyze a topic that has already been approved, as well as, show a well-grounded theory of research methodologies that is applicable to this particular field of study. Under this course, the applicants must practice uniqueness and originality on how he can make the use of his knowledge and find out ways to expand the limits of the current knowledge using good researching skills. Even though this is not as much easy as it is said that, an MPhil is still simpler as compared to PhD.

On the other hand, PhD course does not only requires the aspirants to analyzes and understands how to stretch the limits of knowledge using research but also enhanced an actual contributor to the pool of knowledge. Higher expertise is therefore interpreted and created in the PhD degree.

Moreover, the thesis paper of MPhil candidate is expected to be somewhere between 20 thousand and 40 thousand words. This varies depending on the topic in the examination. On the contrast, a PhD thesis is expected to be twice as much about 40 thousand to 80 thousand words all in all.

Comparison Chart Between MPhil vs PhD

Basis for Difference



Full Form

Masters of Philosophy

Doctor of Philosophy


MPhil is an academic research degree, that allows the student to provides proper knowledge for further research.

PhD is an internationally acknowledged, highest level research degree course, offered by the universities, that attempts to add something new, in the already existing knowledge.


2 Years

3 Years


Not Paid


Concerned with

Research basics

Original or fresh research

Programme Structure

Coursework and Dissertation work

Coursework and Thesis work

The key Difference Between MPhil and PhD is narrowed below:

  • MPhil can also be known as a second master’s degree course, that is pursued by the aspirant to gain 2-years full-fledged knowledge on the subject and also grants a platform for advanced research. Whereas, Doctor of Philosophy, is a professional degree course, that allows the degree holder to get a faculty position and teach the respective subject at the university level, or work in that field.
  • The time duration of MPhil course is 2-years whereas PhD course duration is 3-years.
  • No stipend is paid in MPhil course and in PhD fellowship is awarded to the student as a stipend, for conducting research work.
  • In MPhil program, students need to do research work and in PhD programme, the students are required to produce their own original work and perform research in a particular field.
  • The curriculum of MPhil course has two components, i.e. coursework and the dissertation work. On the other hand, PhD programme encompasses the coursework, for one year, followed by thesis work.

At the end of this article, I think all the doubts are clear and it has been seen that MPhil is a less advanced research degree as compared to PhD. In MPhil student learn about a model research paper and go through the latest researches made on the subject to recreate it. In PhD, the research work moves around the concept of creating something new and original to the subject, for which continuous experiment and studies is to be performed by the student.

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