Difference Between CBSE and SSC Board

Education is not only dependent on student’s individual potential but medium and infrastructure around also plays a key role. In a diverse culture country like India, we do not have a single mode of education, in fact it has gone through various stages from Gurukul system in Vedic ages to the digital classes in present.

CBSE and SSC are one of the most prestigious educational pillars of Indian Education System, let us understand the importance of both reading Pros and Cons and calculating overall conclusion.

CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education)

CBSE is Board of Education for public and private schools that come under Union Government

Key features of CBSE:

CBSE has wide scope of syllabus not only for school academics as well as for major competitive exams like IIT-JEE, AIEEE & AIPMT.CBSE syllabus is followed by NCERT (National Council of Educational Research & Training CBSE follows patterns like ASL (Assignment of Speaking & Listening Skills) for class 9th and 11th.ASL helps to improve the speaking skills of students .As compared to other Boards, CBSE has good gap in its date sheet so as to provide enough time till last moment .

CBSE is mostly preferred by parents as it provides an easy way for preparation for competitive exams for their kids. CBSE has easy transferability as compared to other boards. CBSE approves Hindi and English language as medium of instructions. CBSE focus on PCM (Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics) from competition point of view. Certification from CBSE is also valid for higher studies in foreign countries. Content is good and tutors are easily available for CBSE throughout India.

Some areas of Improvement required for CBSE:

  • The laboratory exposure for students is less
  • No practical or very low approach as deals with bookish knowledge
  • Sometimes unpredictable exam pattern
  • High fees can be an issue for some schools
  • Students from other State Board have reserved seats in competitive exams
  • No enough options to explore in field of Arts & Literature

SSC (Secondary School Certificate)

All Boards running under respective States supervise these exams along with approval of Central and State Government

Key features of SSC:

SSC (Secondary School Certificate) or Matriculation Exam is public examination held in India along with Bangladesh and Pakistan. In India, it is conducted by various states and conduct the class 10th Board exam. State Board frames the curriculum for SSC. Syllabus is generally based and not concentric as compared to CBSE.SSC is managed by respective State Governments. Less fees as compared to CBSE. Syllabus is bit easy as compared to CBSE. Chapters are not regularly updated and following same syllabus.

State provide various schemes for local state students in State-level entrance examination. State also provide benefits to local students while admission in schools. Language is also considered as subject in respective states. SSC also specifies various schemes for local students in higher Institutions like IIT, NIIT etc.

Students get time for sports and other daily outdoor activities helping in their overall development.

Improvement area required:

  • Syllabus varies from State to State and hence no comparison with CBSE results
  • Less exposure to competitive exams
  • Very less transferability as compared to CBSE
  • Tutors not easily available
  • Students have to face few problems like accessing study materials not so easily available as compared to CBSE
  • Most of the schools do not have good quality teachers as compared to CBSE
  • Some schools give preference to their State students

Exam evaluation is strict than CBSE as result varies from State to State

  • Overall Conclusion:
  • Both are an important part of our Educational System
  • School must provide various programmes on such as counselling so as to avoid confusion for parents as well as students
  • Parents also need to discuss along with their kids for future career studies and specifications like Engineering preparation or Medical or Non-technical exams like SSC (Service Selection Commission)
  • Finally, all matters are performance of students in academics, so Board is not fully responsible as a parameter for deciding the schools but to some extent it can be counted
  • Better parents’ students together discuss on career prospective and choose wisely.

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