Difference Between Teaching and Training

Teaching and training are two important processes that are linked to the accretion of knowledge, traditions, skills, values, and behaviors. These two terms are at the ends of the knowledge acquisition process. Teaching entails granting knowledge whereas training involves seeking knowledge. This is the major difference between teaching and training.

Teach: to provide knowledge, instruction or information

Train: to develop skills through practice with instruction or surveillance

These two sentences will help you comprehend the exact meanings of both the terms in an efficient way.   

What is Teaching?

Teaching is a process of educating a person with intellectual concepts and is a kind of knowledge that is transferred between a teacher and a student. Teacher plays the role of a facilitator of learning by leading discussions, providing opportunities to ask open-ended questions, guiding the processes and tasks and enabling the active participation of learners and to engage with ideas. Teachers are employed in schools with the main purpose of educating the children to grow as good citizens in the world. Children today are the future leaders of society. Therefore, teaching can be considered an important concept as teachers train the students to become that leader independently.

Teaching can be done at any age. Like if you get expertise in a particular area then you can teach someone or share your knowledge with people. Teaching is one of the natural fields a person can pick. A teacher is the first person a student applaud the most. Teaching is like sharing the information you have and make someone capable to read, write and understand. Teaching is more academic and knowledge-based.

What is Training?

Training is a technique generally used in organizations to build a person’s skills, knowledge and attitudes in order to meet the acquired standards by a particular industry. Even though, the person has completed the essential academic qualifications, every person who align the organizations as an employee has to undergo training for a specific period of time.

Training can be offered as: on the job training or off the job training. Depending on the job position it may vary. On the job training refers to the training offered to the employees while they are executing job activities. Most often this type of training is offered to the employees who have similar work experience in some other workplace.

Off the job training is offered to the employees originally to build their competencies to meet with their job requirements. Then, those who complete their training period/probation period are appointed as permanent employees in the company. This type of off the job training is offered to the freshers who newly join the organization after completing their graduation or high school.Training is the more practical aspect of learning. Learning a distinct profession or improving one’s knowledge within a job environment is the core of training.

On the other hand, Training focuses more on the development of new skills or skill sets that will be used in a particular task. It is that process, which is followed by each new employee when joining a company to learn how to carry out the day-to-day task, know how their department works and how job-specific tools perform in order to carry out their responsibilities.

Difference between Teaching and Training

1. Purpose of Teaching and Training

The main purpose of teaching and training is to educate another person to improve their capacity to understand key issues, gain skills and develop academically.The purpose of teaching practise is to provide the students with an opportunity to apply their pedagogical knowledge and skills in practice.One of the aims is also that the student will be able to understand his/her role in the great whole of the profession and in the lengthened operational environment of the school.

A training program allows an individual to bolster those skills that each employee must try to improve.

2. Objective of Teaching and Training

Teaching and Training both aim towards improving the knowledge and understanding of subjects that require learning by the pupil or trainee. The objective of teacher education is to develop a good command over the subject matter and imparting sufficient knowledge about subject- matter.

Objectives of training are: To aid the employees to function more adequately in their present position by displaying them to the latest thoughts, information and techniques and developing in them the skills required in their fields.

To build up a second line of proficient officers and prepare themselves as a part of their career advancement to occupy more responsible positions.

3. Environment in Teaching and Training

Generally, training takes place in the work environment whereas Teaching is more likely to take place in a classroom. A training program focuses on specific skills one can use on the job. Teaching can also be skills based but the end it is part of the holistic access to education through the different categories at school.

4. Method in Teaching and Training

Teaching and training apply principles of imparting knowledge through practical and the theoretical transferring of concepts and facts with experience from one teacher or trainer to a pupil or trainee.A teaching method consists the principles and plans used by teachers to enable student learning. These strategies are determined partly on subject matter to be taught and partly by the nature of the learn.

There are two mechanism through which managers can improve their ability and skills. One is through formal training and other is through the job experiences.

5. Target of Teaching and Training

Basically, there are two target groups, students in schools and juvenile minds and mature students or employees.  Sometimes the art of teaching can be incorporated into the art of training. A teacher can teach and train her students and the trainer can focus on practical skills as well as grant knowledge.  Therefore the target groups of apprentices can make use of both teaching and training.

Career prospects of  Teacher and Training:

The job prospects for teachers are quite good. Their Work timings are quite  comfortable and a teacher generally takes classes between 8 AM and 3 PM. For colleges, the teachers can choose their lecture timings, which again ends maximum by 4 to 5 PM in known universities.As a training profesional an individual handles the learning and development of an organisation's workforce. Their job is  to equip staff with the knowledge, practical skills and motivation to carry out their work activities effectively.

Jobs may be published under different titles including learning and development officer/adviser, training manager/officer or learning officer/manager.

A typical working day is 9.00am to 5.30pm, with some extra hours if necessary. If the  training staff works in shifts, then one may need to fit in with their shift patterns. Part-time work can be possible.

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