What is the Difference Between Training and Development

The terms training and development are used in human resource management. Although they seem very similar, but they both are different and an integral part for any organization. They are also important for a particular individual in an organization. Organization/Companies spend a lot of time and money on recruiting the best possible talent, one way to assure a return on that investment is to have a formalized plan for both training and development.


Training is the process of equipping employees in a specific organization with specific skills, competency, and knowledge so that they can be able to handle various assignments. Training sessions are mostly done for new employees so, that they can be familiar to operations of the organization. Training varies from organization to organization, can be either weekly or monthly, depending on the bulk or work load.


Development is the process through which organization equips the employees with skills and knowledge to the extent that they can have steady growth and the trend is followed as per the market or business need. Moreover, development is provided to help individual employees within the organization so as to have managing skills after they prove themselves at junior level.

Key Differences between Training & Development

  • Training is a short-term process.
  • Training requires guidance or set of instructions in a series of steps to gain a skill or set of schedules to be performed in an organization, working on a technology or a skill.
  • Aimed ata specific task or job.
  • Training is usually related with a non-leadershipactivities, rather confined to a set of monthly goal.
  • To improve the quality of work
  • To develop the capability of handling workload as per the need of the job.
  • Training has a limited scope of time as it is specific job oriented.
  • Under training, the trainer is tasked with the role of offering motivation to the trainee, so that they can work hard to ensure they acquire skills and knowledge to execute the tasks required.
  • Development is a long-term process.
  • Development often includes philosophical and theoretical concepts
  • Aimed at developing relationships, often based on improving leadership skills
  • More general and focused for better knowledge and change in attitude towards work environment
  • It also provides the future needs of business or an organization such as skilled staff etc.
  • Development is career oriented and hence scope is comparatively wider than training.
  • Under development, an individual is required to have self- motivation because external parties are not involved in ensuring that a person develops to be a future manager in the organization.
  • So, an individual must motivate himself or herself, so that he or she can be declared suitable and qualified to handle management positions in the company.
Comparison Training Development
MeaningThe action of teaching a person or group of persons a particular skill or type of behaviour required for the job or businessThe action dealing with the opportunity for an individual to improve their general skills such as to be updated about latest trend in the market and overall growth of their own.
TermShort termLong Term
Focus onPresent/Immediate needFuture roles
Concentrated onJob & abilitiesCareer & Possibilities
LeaderTrainer/Manager/Team LeadSelf
PurposePerformance or capability of an employeeTo prepare individual for future challenges
Number of PeopleCan be one or manyOnly one
AimSpecific job or role relatedConceptual & General Knowledge


Training and development are two different programs used in human resource management to equip employees with skills and knowledge to handle various tasks. As observed, training & development is the single most important predictor of job performance. In modern times when human capital isthe most important asset of an organization, job performance is utmost required for organizational success.

Thus, we can easily conclude due to its positive correlation with job performance that training & development has become the one of the most important functions in an organization. Training & Development of employees improve the knowledge, skills and attitudes of the employees. It provides confidence in employees and brings a satisfaction in the organization. Employees also feel motivated and work harder as a part of an organization which results in their improved performance.

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