Difference between BCA and B.Tech | BCA Vs B.Tech Course

Choosing the right career path is the most difficult situation in every person's life when he passes his intermediate exam. This is the time when we have to set a path for our best career. But as we all know, there are many options available to entice us so, it becomes more confusing to select on career option. If we talk in terms of graduation courses, engineering field is one of the most sought-after fields amongst 12th passed students. But the same problem further gets worse when you look at the technical programmes which follow an almost similar syllabus, teaching methodologies and offers similar job opportunities to the candidates. ‘BCA vs B. Tech [CSE]’ programmes is such combination courses that have put many students in a dilemma. After all, these two courses are vastly different in terms of subject matter, for instance, B.Tech CSE is an undergraduate, BCA is also an undergraduate but still their syllabus and concepts covered in both are almost similar. In order to overcome this, we need to focus on each course individually and look at the minute differences that may clear the confusion and help students make an informed choice. 

BCA [Bachelor of Computer Application]

Bachelor of Computer Application is a three-year computer degree program. Candidates get information about computer applications during the three-year BCA course. After completing the course, degree holders can become software programmer armed with the knowledge of scripting as well as programming languages like C, C++, Java, HTML, PHP etc. BCA degree makes you competent at the application level of the computer. There is no specific entrance exam for getting admission into the BCA course. There is no compulsion for PCM stream to take admission in BCA. Candidates who secure good marks in Science or Commerce streams are also eligible to take admission in BCA course. 

Eligibility Criteria:

Before proceeding, candidates should read the below-given eligibility criteria for the BCA course.

  • Candidates should have passed 12th examinations in any stream from a recognised board.  
  • English should have a compulsory subject at 12th level. 
  • They should have secured st least 50% marks. 
Admission Procedure:

Students can get admission through the entrance examination, which is held at the university level, otherwise, the students can go directly to the college and get admission. 

  • For admission, firstly you need to get the application form by submitting the registration fees.
  • Fill the form and attach the required documents.
  • After completing the form, submit it to the responsible person in the admission cell. 

BCA Scope and Salary

Below, you will know about the attractive career prospects for BCA graduates:




A software engineer is responsible for creating computer programs. He is also called a programmer which is a specialist in one area of computers or a generalist who writes code for many kinds of software.


Database Administrator

The job responsibilities of the Database Administrator is to plan, instal, configure, database designing, migration, performance monitoring, security, troubleshoot, as well as backup and data recovery.


Application Developer 

An application developer is responsible for creating, testing and programming of software for computers.


Systems Analyst 

Systems Analyst is responsible for applying analysis and design techniques to solve business problems using information technology.


Web Designer 

The primary job of web designers is the production and maintenance of websites. They have various skills and disciplines for it.


Multimedia Applications

The person who has expertise in Multimedia Applications field knows all work in the multimedia field such as audio, digital, print, video production. Video editors, web designers, and illustrators.


Graphic Designer 

The graphic designer’s responsibility to work with foster visual communication and problem-solving skills by means of photography design, typography and illustration.


Content Manager 

Content Managers is highly skilled with knowledge of technical writing to ensure that the content for any platform is well-structured and meets the requirements of clients by covering all necessary topics while being up to date and accurate.


Network Administrator-

The network administrator is responsible for maintaining computer infrastructures with an emphasis on networking.


Business Analyst

Business Analyst or BA is responsible for analyzing a business organization or domain, which is both fictitious or genuine. Their role ensures the business processes or systems documents, assesses its integration with the business model or technology.

B.Tech [Bachelor of Technology]

Bachelor of Technology is the most sought-after bachelor's engineering degree courses. The duration of B.Tech course 4 years. If you want to be a Software/Civil/Electronics/Mechanical engineer then you should choose the B.Tech course. If your dream to become an engineer of any category, then you should pursue B.Tech course after 12th class. Candidates can get the admission in any government or private colleges. Several National, State, and University level entrance exams are conducted for granting the admission. Below, you will find the most popular B.Tech streams.

Some of the most popular B.Tech specialisations as follows:
  • (EEE) Electricals and Electronics Engineering
  • (ME) Mechanical Engineering
  • (IT) Information Technology
  • (CE) Civil Engineering
  • (CSE) Computer Science And Engineering
Eligibility Criteria:
  • Candidates should have passed 12th exams with PCM stream from a recognised board in India. 
  • They must secure at least 50% marks 
  • Only valid scores of the entrance exam will be eligible for admission to B.Tech Course. 
Admission Procedure for B.Tech Course:

Students can get admission through the entrance examination, which is held at the university level, otherwise, the students can go directly to the college and get admission. 

  • For admission, firstly you need to get the application form by submitting the registration fees.
  • Fill the form and attach the required documents.
  • After completing the form, submit it to the responsible person in the admission cell. 

Difference between BCA and B.Tech Course

With the help of below table, you will know which one is better BCA or BTech. 



Bachelor’s of Technology 

Bachelor of Computer Applications


4 years 

3 years 

Course Coverage

Applied Science (Technological and non-technical) 

Computer Applications (programming languages) and tools for developing the Applications 

Preferred Master's Degree

M.E. or M.Tech



In the first year, you will get a brief of all most all the branches of Engineering. In general, the branch-specific subjects are taught in the third semester onwards, depends upon the opted branch later.

Database management system, operating systems, software engineering, computer architecture, web technologies and languages such as C, C++, HTML etc. 

Career Options

Depends upon the specific branch studied in the course. For example, someone with a civil branch degree may get to work in a construction company.

In the current scenario, most of the IT companies are having their own IT departments and thus have also expanded the scope of work for BCA graduates.

Focus Area 

Studies generally include technical aspects. It is more focused on information about digital electronics, microprocessors and its programming apart from software languages.  

Focus on in-depth. Knowledge of the development of computer applications and familiarity with programming languages.


Are not eligible for the PhD.

Are not eligible for the PhD.


Physics and chemistry 

In general, it includes mathematics

Opted By

Students looking for a thorough engineering course

Students looking for a course related to the development of computer applications

Note: From the above table, you will know the difference between BCA and B.Tech, BCA vs B.Tech, Which one is better BCA or BTech. 

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