Difference Between Masters and PhD Degree

Both Masters and PHD are post graduate programmes for the students who wish to attain advanced specialization is a particular area. Moreover, it adds to their competence and skill.

What do you understand by a Master’s degree?

This is the initial level of graduate education that particularly focuses on offering specialized knowledge, competence, and skills to a person who has completed his bachelor’s degree. Students who complete a Master’s program are the ones who have received specialized training from the expert professionals. Through a masters program an individual can enhance his or her practical application and analytical skills.

What do you understand by a PHD degree?

PhD is a doctoral program, which states that an individual has specialized qualification in a particular program. Students who pursue PhD programs are the ones who come up with solutions for the problems that are currently being faced in the real world through their extensive experiments and research.

Difference between Masters and PhD  

Financing for Masters and PhD program

The students who opt for a Masters degree generally get some or the other kind of financial assistance from government bodies or from other bodies. The cost of financing differs from one program to another. A high tuition fee has to be paid by the students in order to complete a Masters program but a doctoral program is equally expensive because of the length of the course.

The fees that the students have to pay for completing a doctoral program is less in comparison to an MBA program but the expenses that the students have to incur are way higher in comparison to the expenses incurred by a student who is completing a masters degree. Nonetheless, one must not forget that the cost of both these programs differs in terms of area of specialization and institution.

Process to get enrolled in Masters or PhD

In order to get admission into an MBA program  it is necessary for an individual to complete his or her undergraduate degree. Moreover, they need to demonstrate the field that they wish to get specialization in. It is dependent on the field that they wish to master. There are certain masters programs that make it compulsory for the students to have honors in their undergraduate qualifications.

Enrollment criteria for PhD is completely dependent on the university from where they want to obtain their doctoral degree. There are certain Universities, which do not give admission to the students in their doctoral program unless they have both undergraduate and Masters degree. On the other hand, there are certain universities that give admission to the candidates who have completed their graduation but have not done post graduation.

Period taken in completing PhD and Masters

One of the main differences between PhD and Masters degree is the time period that a student takes in completing a particular qualification. Masters programmes are generally 2 year programmes and it does not take more than 2 years in obtaining a masters degree. On the other hand, if an individual is doing PhD in a particular program, then it is going to take 4 years. There are certain other doctoral programs that can take around 8 years in completion.

Career options after completing PhD and Masters

People who wish to attain specialization in their particular field of interest and complete their Masters enables them in improving their competence, skills and knowledge. The people who have obtained a masters degree in a particular field of interest can obtain influential position in the company.

The people who are interested in becoming a teacher can pursue a doctoral program. These students can easily get a job as a faculty member in colleges of the most reputed Universities. They can also obtain an influential position in the college or University where they can become a department head in a University and at the same time they can continue teach as professors.

Salary Packages

PhD students are highly reputed members of the society and they are considered as the most learned people in the world. Hence, this is an attractive and prestigious program. A PhD program is a program for the people who wish to fulfil their self actualization needs. People who have completed a doctoral program can easily acquire a job with handsome packages as they offer specialized services such as management and consultancy services.

Masters course is also a prestigious program that enables a candidate to apply for lucrative jobs in highly reputed corporates. Although the holders of the masters degree cannot put a prefix before their name like PhD holders. People who complete their masters degree are entitled to higher salaries and packages in the company because they are the key members of the company and generally the management powers are in their hands. They hold influential positions as they manage the affairs of the company.

Ways to acquire PhD and Masters

In a Masters program, a student receives all the knowledge from their professors and whatever he learns and gains from his teachers and from all the programs that are conducted throughout the year is tested at the time of exams. Through these tests the capabilities of the students gets evaluated.

The learning structure in a PhD program is different from the structure that is adopted in the masters programs. Under PhD programs, the students solve problems by conducting a research. They don’t have to sit in the middle of pile of books or stay in the lab all day long rather they are taught in a very flexible manner. The PhD projects are completed under the guidance of a professional supervisor. These supervisors or guides are the main point of contact throughout the program. The supervisor is more like a mentor rather than a teacher.

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