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The Essence of Leadership Course - Check Course Fees, Certificate, Duration, Syllabus, Career & Scope 2024

Update on 12 Apr, 2024


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The Essence of Leadership Course - Check Course Fees, Certificate, Duration, Syllabus, Career & Scope 2024-here

What is Leadership?

A leader is a person who not only guides a team but also understands and listens to the problems of each and every member. A leader helps his team to achieve goals with effective solutions. A leader listens to his team's concerns and engages them with relevant discussions and motivational addresses.

A leader also creates self-awareness among the team members and manages teams from all ends, in-house or remote. He or she helps others to do the right activity by guiding them to reach the right destination with able vision and dynamic ideas.

What is The Essence of a Leadership Course?

This Certificate course is very important in today’s evolving organizational environment where leadership is not only about commanding or instructing team members but it also about inculcating effective communication, the development of better team goals, and innovative ways to adapt to changes.

The essence of leadership course is an online Certificate leadership program that trains the managers of an organization by drawing examples from role models in literature and their pursuits in achieving objectives. There are several personalities in English literature who have inspired people with their great leadership deeds and invincible spirit. The essence of leadership course takes examples of these great leaders and applies them to the present-day workplace scenario to highlight the importance of responsibility, communication skills, and able guidance qualities of the managers.

Why is Leadership Training Important for an Organization?

It is necessary for every organization to impart leadership skills to its employees. A leadership course is beneficial not only for the managers but for the organization in the long run. Effective leadership training helps in creating the right work environment for a company and delivers organizational goals. Leadership training is about developing resilience and socially viable skills which help to overcome the toughest challenge in an organization with elan.

Who can take the Leadership Course?

The essence of leadership admission procedures is best suited for:

  • HR Managers
  • Team leaders
  • Consultants
  • Training managers
  • Industry professionals
  • Senior executives
  • General Managers

The candidates who fulfill the essence of eligibility admission procedures can belong to a variety of industries or may have their own business. The candidates can be a part of the following:

  • Business organizations
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Owners of Family business
  • Government organizations
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Professionals in Multinational firms

The career and scope of the essence of leadership course are such that it helps professionals solve real-world industry challenges with an effective growth plan. The course has flexible time schedules and is customized to the needs of the individuals who want to opt for it. The essence of leadership duration consists of brief sessions on important topics delivered by industry experts having vast knowledge and experience which makes the course scalable and user-friendly.

Let us now see how the essence of leadership course helps an organization in the long run:

1. The course improves the communication abilities of an individual. Able communication with team members keeps an organization streamlined, prevents information silos, and delivers objectives at the right time. It also creates a friendly environment for working.

2. This training improves the productivity of an organization. Able managers can understand problems in an organization and provide innovative solutions to overcome them. Proper guidance from the managers helps the staff to perform better and enhance workforce goals.

3. A capable leader can guide his staff members by enrolling them in several training sessions. This will enhance the skills of the staff and prepare them for bigger responsibilities in the future.

4. A leadership course improves the decision-making abilities of the managers in an organization. A leader can adapt easily to organizational changes, make proper decisions and implement them at the right time.

5. Leadership training emphasizes the development of emotional intelligence of the managers which leads to successful business outcomes. Keeping emotions in control at the workplace helps the managers take unbiased and balanced decisions.

6. A leadership program is important to improve the strategic thinking abilities of an individual. Innovative thinking abilities assist in goal-based planning and effective delivery of actions.

7. Leadership courses guide the managers of an organization to inspire and motivate other members of the team by allotting responsibilities equally. Smart management qualities also help the leaders to recruit the right workforce for the organization at the right time.

The Essence of the Leadership Course Syllabus:

 The leadership course is inspired by the leaders in English literary fiction and reflects them in real-life circumstances. Characters in English literature like the Joan of Arc and Don Quixote are leaders in their own right as they have inspired people for generations.

The essence of the leadership course syllabus quotes the stories of these leaders and applies them in the present day organizational context to understand the following aspects:

  • Characteristics of a good leader
  • Qualities of a strong leader
  • How can a manager turn into a leader and inspire his staff?
  • How can you become a strong leader?
  • Understanding literature and applying it in the context of leadership skills.
  • How can you develop critical decision-making skills?
  • How can you gain insights into complex business situations?
  • How can you interact with team members and stakeholders effectively?
  • Ways to improve networking skills and communication with peers
The Essence of Leadership Syllabus


No. of Weeks

Details of the Syllabus


Week 0

  • Welcome address

  • Survey of the course

  • Understanding the course platform


Week 1

  • Introduction to the course

  • Who are managers and leaders?

  • Appreciating literature


Week 2

  • Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes.

  • Summary of Don Quixote

  • Why is Don Quixote a literary masterpiece?

  • Why are Don Quixote and Sancho Panza important leaders?

  • Dreams and realities of leadership.

  • The courage of fulfilling leadership goals.

  • Self-awareness and courage in leadership.


Week 3

  • Saint Joan by George Bernard Shaw

  • Heroic deeds and martyrdom of Saint Joan

  • Summary of the story

  • Contribution, Inspiration, and courage of Sant Joan.

  • Why did St Joan die?

  • What are the contradictions in leadership?


Week 4

  • Tuglaq by Girish Karnad

  • Summary of the story

  • The rise and fall of Tuglaq

  • Why is trust important in leadership?

  • Role of Aziz and Azam

  • Why did the visions of Tuglaq fail?

  • Analysis and conclusion of the story


Week 5

  • Life of Galileo by Bertolt Brecht

  • Summary of the story

  • Responsibility of a leader towards the society

  • Galileo’s responsibility as a leader

  • What should be the responsibilities of a leader?

  • Importance of faith in leadership


Week 6

  • Yuganta by Iravati Karve

  • Idealism and reality in leadership

  • Personalities and Bhisma and Karna and why their leadership strategies are impactful.

  • Importance of strategic leadership as understood from the loss of Kauravas in the battle of Kurukshetra.

  • Contradictions in leadership roles and ways to overcome them.


Week 7

Concluding thoughts of the course

The Essence of Leadership Eligibility and Admission Procedures 2024:

There are several factors that are required for the essence of leadership eligibility and admission procedures. The candidate should have relevant industry experience with managerial skills. The industry for which the candidate is working and the profession of the candidate is important for the program.

Below are some of the factors that are taken into consideration in the essence of leadership eligibility and admission procedures:

  • Talented individuals who have the ability to solve industry challenges.
  • Applicants with wide industry experience.
  • The profession of the applicants.
  • Area of the industry in which the applicant is working.
  • Applicants who are willing to grow, develop and add value to their organization.
  • Applicants who have played leadership roles in their organization.
  • Application of sponsorship from the organization in which the applicant is employed
  • Applicants must be committed to participating in the whole program
  • Applicants who can interact with other members and exchange opinions.
  • Community and industry-relevant leadership experience of the applicant.
  • Applicants should be able to build future leaders in the organization
  • Applicants must be fluent in verbal and written English.

After a detailed analysis of the essence of leadership eligibility and admission procedures of the training, it is clear that the applicants should be high performers who have sufficient mentorship experience in the industry.

The Essence of Leadership Duration and Course Fees:

The essence of leadership duration and course fees is a management Certificate course and can be availed by the industry mentors who are interested in the program and want to hone their leadership skills.

  • Course Name: The Essence of Leadership
  • Course Duration: 7 Weeks
  • Course Level: Intermediate
  • Language in which the course is delivered: English
  • Course Fees: INR 5,821

Career and Scope of the Essence of Leadership Course:

The essence of leadership training is aimed at the development of practical skills of the managers. This program focuses on theoretical learning as well as practical real-life experiences. The main takeaway from this course is that after the Certification program the managers can apply the skills to the industry to enhance their leadership practices.

Following are the career and scope of the essence of leadership course:

  • The leadership Certificate course will help the candidate gain practical skills of the industry-relevant insights. The chief qualities of a manager such as an employee management, the purpose of leadership, engaging multiple teams to perform tasks, handling business operations. The course also develops knowledge on timely incentives of the employees so that the teams remain motivated to work.
  • The course is self-paced. This will free the managers from time-bound activities and help them focus on key areas of improvement of the company. The course materials are available online and the candidates can access the materials anytime and from anywhere.
  • The essence of leadership training improves the networking capacities of the candidate. The candidate, during the duration of the training, can connect with peer groups to share ideas and discuss relevant topics regarding industry developments. This will keep him updated about the latest industry trends and practices.
  • The leadership course is useful as it improves the leadership style of the candidate. Different individuals have different ways of executing their leadership skills and this course makes him or her confident about their best approach to management expertise.
  • The career and scope of the essence of the leadership course are that it highlights the candidate’s resume with new skills. A robust resume will make way for promotions to higher positions and also increase the salary of the individual.
  • The Certificate leadership training program will enhance the skills of the candidate in various areas that will help him achieve his leadership goals. The candidate will learn about several areas of managerial skills such as communication, negotiation, time management, networking, critical thinking, problem-solving, and connecting with team members.
  • The job and salary of the essence of the leadership of the candidate rise with this Certificate program. A Certified candidate is likely to earn a high salary with a new area of expertise added to his credentials.

Job and Salary of the Essence of Leadership Course:

The essence of leadership is a Certificate training course which improves the candidate’s work practices in his organization and also opens new career opportunities for him. The job and salary of the essence of leadership course are very high and help the individual to rise quickly in his or her career. The job and salary of the essence of leadership courses are diverse as this course prepares them in multiple areas of management and leadership.

Some of the top job prospects of the leadership program:

  • Business owners
  • Team leaders
  • Team supervisors
  • Human resource executive
  • Project manager
  • Sales executive
  • Retail manager
  • Public relations executive
  • Government officials
  • Trainers in different organizations.


“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way”- John C Maxwell.

The Essence of Leadership Certificate course is extremely important as it helps the candidate develop communication and collaboration skills by taking real-life leadership examples from literature.

The life lessons learned from this course help the individual in adapting to the changes in the organization and addressing challenges with innovative solutions. It also improves the strategic leadership and supervisor skills of the candidate. The leadership Certificate course is a great way to boost the resume of the candidate with added expertise and this unlocks profitable job benefits for him.

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