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What is Retail Management?

Retail management is the process of selling products and services to customers in an efficient way to ensure customer satisfaction. The retail sector is the most trending industry today as consumers want quick delivery of products and services. Retail managers reduce the gap between the manufacturing of a particular product and delivery to consumers.

Retail stores can sell the products directly to the end customers and gain revenue. Earlier the retail industry was only about brick and mortar shopping stores. Digital transformation has revolutionized the field of retail and the customers can avail the benefit of retail shopping through multiple channels. 

There has been a boom in the E-commerce platforms in recent times and the retail industry is capitalizing on it. Today’ consumers are more interested in online shopping experiences and the retailers are gaining remarkable profits from the e-commerce shopping behaviour of the customer.

What is a Retail management course?

 Retail management course is the area of management which teaches the seamless selling of the products and services directly to the customers through physical stores via markets or shopping malls. This course also includes the inventory and supply chain dynamics which are the most important part of the retail industry.

Retail management course also includes the basics of accounting that will help the retailers manage customers smoothly and ensure them flawless shopping. This training also makes the retail managers confident of the store dynamics and this helps to keep the store shelves stocked anytime and prevent a shortage of goods.

Retail management involves various areas of the industry in which fashion retail is an important part. Fashion retail is based on visual merchandising and covers the understanding of the fabrics, brand marketing and promoting sales.

 A Retail management course is very important for keeping the store operations streamlined, ensuring profitable selling and retention of repeat customers.

There are various retail management training available in India. Some of these are:

  • Bachelor of retail management
  • Bachelor of fashion merchandising and retail management 
  • Diploma in Retail management
  • Certificate course in Retail management
  • Master of Business Application in retail management
  • Postgraduate degree in fashion merchandising and retail management.’
  • Doctorate(Ph.D) in retail management

These are the main courses in Retail management. Apart from the above courses, there are numerous short courses available in the retail management discipline.

Job profiles of Retail Managers:

The retail management program covers a host of job areas. Some of the job profiles of a retail management executive are as follows:

  1. Floor managers
  2. Marketing managers
  3. Supply chain managers
  4. Store managers
  5. Supply chain distributors
  6. Visual merchandisers
  7. Marketing executive
  8. Department managers
  9. Buyer trainees
  10. Customer care executives
  11. Sales executives 
  12. Marketing executives
  13. Assistant store managers

Why is a Training Course in Retail Management Essential?

Retail is the most upcoming industry at present as it helps in the economic development of a country. Retail managers are required in various fields of marketing, sales, advertising and merchandise campaigning. The course helps the manager in enhancing their problem-solving abilities, communication skills, management of store operations and administrative services.

The boom in the retail sector has unlocked many job openings for the students opting for this course. Retail management is necessary to provide customers with a quick and satisfying buying experience. It ensures that the shopping process is hassle-free so that the customers return to the store to buy products or services.

The necessity of retail management course a be summed as follows: 

  • The in-store retail managers attend customers to ensure that their buying process takes place smoothly. This involves reducing the waiting time of the customers and addressing their issues through customer service executives.
  • The course helps in accounting and managing the daily transaction details of the store by updating the database of information. This keeps financial aspects of the store error-free and increases the store profits.
  •  Retail management helps in maintaining inventory and supply chain logistics of the stores. Visual merchandising ensures that the store shelves are well stocked and well labelled so that the customer can get the required products easily.
  • The course also trains the managers to ensure a smooth and uncomplicated shopping experience for the customers. This includes categorizing the products on the basis of their brands so that the buyers can find the products quickly. This saves time for both buyers and retailers and prevents crowding and unnecessary chaos in the shop.
  • Retailing also helps in categorizing the products based on their pricing, available brands and quantity of available products. This prevents confusion among the buyers and helps them to select their products easily.
  • The retail course also trains the manager to remain alert and control various unruly activities that can be carried out at the store like shoplifting, unpaid bills or confrontation between customers regarding a product.

Eligibility and Admission for Retail Management:

The eligibility and admission for retail management vary according to the courses that the candidate is applying for. Some colleges conduct an admission test as a part of the eligibility criteria for retail.

Given below are the eligibility and admission for retail management

Name of the course
Eligibility and admission criteria

Diploma in retail management

Candidates must pass the 10+2 exam with 50 to 60% marks.

Maths is a compulsory subject for 10 +2


Undergraduate program in retail management

Candidates must pass the 10+2 exam with required marks

Entrance exams conducted by the respective colleges or universities


A postgraduate program in retail management

Candidates should have a bachelor's degree in either of the streams- Science, Arts, Commerce, Engineering


Doctorate in retail management

Candidates should pass the masters degree in retail management from a recognized college or university.

Top Colleges for Retail Management Course:

There are several good colleges in India that offer a retail management course. The criteria for admission into the top colleges for retail management courses are different. Some colleges require the candidates to take the entrance examinations as a part of the admission procedure. 

The fee structure for these colleges are different from each other and the courses offered also vary. Some colleges offer the postgraduate program for retail management while some offer Diploma courses in retail management.

The top colleges for the retail management course have excellent infrastructure and faculty. The fee for the retail courses is well structured. This makes them the most sought after colleges for retail management.

List of Top Retail Management Colleges

Serial number

Name of the college


Courses offered



Birla Institute of Management studies

Greater Noida

Post Graduate Diploma in retail management

  • Accredited by National assessment and accreditation council(NAAC) and National Board of Accreditation(NBA)
  • Entrance on the basis of CAT, XAT, GMAT, CMAT scores


G.D Goenka School of management


MBA in retail management

2-year full-time course

Entrance on the basis of an undergraduate degree from a recognized university.

Entrance exam GD Goenka aptitude test(GATA)


Amity Business School


MBA in Retail Management

Accredited by National assessment and accreditation council and Western association of schools and colleges(WASC)

Entrance on the basis of CAT, MAT, GMAT scores


International Institute of Management studies


Post Graduate Diploma in retail management

  • Autonomous Institute.
  • Entrance  on the basis of CAT, MAT, CMAT


Institute of management sciences


Post Graduate Diploma in Retail management

  • Candidate should pass the undergraduate degree from a recognized university
  • I year course


K.J Somaiya Institute of management studies and research


Post Graduate Diploma in retail management

  • Accredited by the National Board of Accreditation(NBA) & Association of Indian Universities(AIU)
  • Admission criteria include entrance test scores like CAT, GMAT, CMAT, XAT


Indian Institute of social welfare and business management


Post Graduate Diploma in retail management

  • Approved by AICTE.
  • Offers full time and part-time courses
  • Admission criteria include entrance test scores like CAT, JEMAT


Gautam Institute of Management


Post Graduate Diploma in retail management

  • Accredited by the National Assessment and accreditation council(NAAC).
  • Entrance exam GITAMGAT conducted.
  • Test scores of GMAT, XAT,CAT also accepted


Jagan Institute of Management studies


Post Graduate Diploma in Retail Management

  • Accredited to National assessment and accreditation council(NAAC).
  • Entrance on the basis of CAT, MAT, ATMA


IIS University, Jaipur


MBA Retail management

  • Accredited by National assessment and accreditation council(NAAC) and UGC.
  • Entrance on the basis of a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized university.

Retail Management Course Fees:

The retail management course fees are different and depend upon the course that the candidate has applied for. The course offers job opportunities in a variety of disciplines in retail management.

The postgraduate course duration is of 2 years and the diploma program for retail management course is of 2 years. The eligibility criteria for admission to the course is different for different colleges. Some colleges conduct an entrance examination for admission of the candidates to the retail management course.

Below are course fees for top colleges for retail management course:

S. No.

Name of the college

Course fee


Birla Institute of Management studies

INR 9,00,000


G.D Goenka School of management

INR 6,70,000


Amity Business School

INR 10,20,000


Institute of management sciences



K.J Somaiya Institute of management studies and research

INR 14,93,335


Indian Institute of social welfare and business management

INR 6 lac


Gitam Institute of Management

INR 3 lac ( approx)


Jagan Institute of Management studies

INR 7,70,000


IIS University, Jaipur

INR 1,85.980


International Institute of Management studies

INR 6,99,000

Retail Management Syllabus:

The retail management course syllabus gives the aspirant an insight into the various aspects of retailing business. The course covers the different disciplines like store operations, store planning, marketing of products and use of latest technologies in the retail business.

The retail management course syllabus also highlights the supply chain logistics and inventory management in the retail sector. The course is delivered in the form of study materials and practical case studies which includes visits to the different retail industries.

The retail management course syllabus may vary from one institution to the other. The modules for the course are designed by experienced instructors and aim to help the students gain knowledge to solve the day-to-day challenges faced by the retail sector. 

S. No Module Subjects covered Key takeaway


Marketing and sales functionalities

Concepts and functions of marketing

Sales promotion

Sales management

Conducting sales training

Product development

All areas of marketing and sales are covered

What is Retailing

Important factors influencing retailing

Business models in retailing

Organization of retailing

Theory of retail development

Legislation for retailing

Understanding the basics of retail management

Management of retail store operations

Research of retail store design

Reducing loss of inventories

Managing retail accounting

Understanding the responsibilities of a store manager

How to set up retail stores

Management of supply chain

Understanding the challenges and network of supply chain

Route sequencing and inventory management

Managing discounts on bulk purchase

Learning collaborative planning techniques

Understanding the supply chain network


International retailing

International market analysis

Objectives of international retailing

Understanding the global competition in retailing

Analyzing India’s presence in the global market

Chief aspects of international trade and retailing

Planning of retail

Brand management and social marketing in retail

Financial strategy and accounting methods in retail

Selection and employee recruitment in retail

How to do retail recruitment and train the hired employees

Understanding of customer relationship

Understanding consumer behaviour and marketing implications in retail

Culture, decisions and its implications on marketing

Understanding personal influences in retail

Customer behaviour and the marketing context

Electronic retailing

Use of IT in retailing

Management of customer database and online catalogues

Data warehousing

Understanding e retailing strategies

Role of information technology in retailing

Case studies

Case studies and projects are based on the topics selected by the students

Project submission after course ends


Industry based training

2 to 6 months of industry-based training

Industry training

Retail Management Placements:

Retail management is the trending profession and has good career prospects for an individual. At the end of the course, the job opportunities of a retail manager are numerous. Retail management placements take place in reputed companies that open up options for growth of the individual.

Below are some of the well-known companies which offer retail management placements to the candidates. The salary prospects of the company are good with domestic packages ranging from 18 to 20 lac per annum and the international packages range upto 25 lac per annum.

The retail management placements take place in reputed companies like:

  • Bata
  • Aditya Birla Group
  • Infosys
  • First cry
  • Accenture
  • Big Basket
  • H&M
  • Forever New
  • Tata Consultancy Services
  • Crossword
  • Lifestyle
  • BigBazaar
  • Shoppers stop
  • Malls
  • Movie halls
  • Westside 
  • Pantaloons
  • Hypermarkets

Career and Scope of Retail Management:

The career and scope of retail management are widespread and a professional retail manager covers many aspects starting from customer buying operations to post-sales customer service. A retail manager is responsible for running the retail store smoothly and ensuring maximum customer satisfaction and retention.

Career and scope of retail management course are numerous as the training makes the candidate skilled enough to manage the retail store seamlessly and ensure profitable business.

The various roles that retail management training offers are the following:

  •  Store Manager
  • Retail buyer
  • Merchandising expert
  • Warehouse expert
  • Store analyst
  • Brand manager
  • Team leader
  • Supply chain manager
  • Marketing executive

The career and scope of retail management allow the candidate to play a multitude of roles in the field of retailing. The retail industry has lucrative job options for individuals who have completed the training successfully.

The Roles of the Retail Manager are as follows:
  • Managing the financial operations of the store.
  • Responding to customer needs and issues.
  • Handling the inventory and supply chain logistics of the store
  • Recruiting and training new employees
  • Overall management of the retail outlets and handling front desk activities.
  • Communicate effectively with the customers and ensure the hassle-free running of the store.
  • Students can pursue higher studies after completing graduation in retail management. This will enable them to apply for jobs as lecturers and professors in reputed management institutes.
Summing up:

Retail management has several opportunities for the students who are interested in marketing, sales, merchandising, advertising and related fields. The chief job of the retail manager is to increase the sales of the store by communicating effectively with the customers and managing store related functions.

Retail management course covers all aspects of retailing which is a major industry and contributor to the economic growth of a country. Managing the retail operations covers a vast area of responsibilities starting from procuring the goods to post-sales customer service. An efficient retail manager is responsible for the profitability of a store by delivering services which increase customer satisfaction and retention.

Retail management training offers promising career prospects to the individuals by adding new skills and expertise to their credentials which helps them generate revenue for the retail industry.

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