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People Management Course - Check Course Fees, Certificates, Duration, Syllabus, Career & Scope 2024

Update on 21 May, 2024


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People Management Course - Check Course Fees, Certificates, Duration, Syllabus, Career & Scope 2024-here

People Management Course: In the fast-growing era, where the scenario of the world is changing gradually, there has been a significant increase in the number of organizations which consequently leads to a substantial demand for skillful and efficient managers.

Therefore, there is no denial of the fact that students are fishing for good and fruitful opportunities that can give them long-term and reliable benefits. There are numerous aspects associated with smooth functioning as well as the improvement of the organization.

These aspects induce needs and demands for respective human resources that could contribute to the fulfillment of the void created by the respective demand.

People Management Courses: Overview

From the aspect of maintaining a relevant working environment for the employees to standing by the question of significant productivity for the organization, pursuing a people management course can leave a great impact on the people and open a wider ground for them in order to succeed and explore simultaneously.

There are various skills, knowledge, and understanding that needs to be inculcated in an individual in order to become an efficient manager. A people management course is designed in a way that raises the conceptual and analytical skills of the students in order to make them good leader who ensures the management and smooth functioning of an organization.

Due to the rising requirement for efficient managers, students have nowadays been inclined towards searching for relevant people management courses that could be pursued with a substantial outcome.

To serve this purpose they often end up looking for certain aspects such as People management course fees, syllabus, weightage of the certificate, etc. In this article, we have tried to incorporate a few aspects that would help you to know about some of the effective managing people courses and the other relevant details associated with them.

Some of the skills that are ensured by such courses are:

  • Flexibility
  • Active listening
  • Clear communication
  • Patience
  • Trust
  • Maintaining smooth Workflow
  • Decision Making

Skills of People Management Courses 2024

The courses which are specialized in public management are designed in such a way that enables and enriches the students with the capability to nurture and flourish as good managers, possessing brilliant team orientation skills.

There are various objectives that are kept into consideration which are subjected to orienting the students with diverse skills before designing people management courses.  Let us delve into knowing about those skills gained by the respective students and the objectives associated with them.

  • People management course enables the students to become good leaders in order to manage all the employees of the organization and induce the ability to ensure problem-solving with the respect to certain hindrances caused. In the position of a manager, you are supposed to spot the problem beforehand and respond instantly in order to avoid any type of inconvenience. Therefore, the course enriches you with the skill to stay attentive to the workflow and also to be calm during excessive work pressure.
  • One of the prominent skills that can help the aspirers significantly is to be well acquainted with commercial awareness. Most of the management graduates lack this aspect as it is the area which is least focused upon. Hence, while fishing for relevant people management courses the students have an opportunity to select courses on such aspects and gain relevant skills in a very short duration of time.
  • The students can be substantially benefited from the public management certificate which can help them to explore the various job profiles and enhance their learned skills in the enriching working environment provided by the organization.
  • Along with possessing appropriate decision-making and a supportive attitude towards the employees, the managers should also be well versed in the skill of mentorship. The field is bound to undergo organizational changes, so the tips and guidance for maintaining and enhancing the respective skill can help them in working with a team in the right manner and expecting a significant outcome as well.

Highlights of People Management Courses 2024

There are various people management courses that are available online, envisioned towards benefitting the students effectively.

Moreover, the students who are looking for short-term courses for career building and gaining relevant knowledge as well can come across one of the most viable options regarding Public management courses.

But meanwhile, there are several questions that could strike their mind like public management syllabus, job profiles that come under such courses, genuinity of the certificate, respective fee, etc.

The table given below contains some of the courses that come under the public management course and the respective details associated with it, have a look.

Organizational Behaviour: managing people course:

  • About the Course/key Learning: The course helps at strengthening the aspects of Teamwork, leadership, Motivation, and organizational culture.
  • Specialized by: Coursera
  • Offered by: IESE Business School
  • Syllabus: Course Overview & Motivation, Leadership, Teamwork, Culture
  • Skills Gained: Management Styles, Leadership, organizational Culture, Management, etc. 
  • Fee/Enrollment Charge (Approx.): Free enrollment
  • Course Duration: 14 Hours

Preparing to manage Human Resources:

  • About the Course/key Learning: The course will give you an insight into gaining approaches toward employee management
  • Specialized by: Coursera
  • Offered by: University of Minnesota 
  • Syllabus: Alternative approaches towards managing Human resources, What makes Employees work? Money, Of Course!, What makes Employees work revisited Non-Monetary Motivations, The People manager as part of a complex system.
  • Skills Gained: Resource Management, Human Resources, HR strategy, etc.
  • Fee/Enrollment Charge (Approx.): Free enrollment
  • Course Duration: 18 hours (Approx)

Managing Employee Compensation:

  • About the Course/key Learning: The course will help the students in gaining a substantial understanding of stock options, Pay regulations, and technical and strategic understanding of compensation.
  • Specialized by: Coursera
  • Offered by: University of Minnesota
  • Syllabus: Pay Determination, Pay for Performance, Benefits, And Compliance, Non-Monetary Rewards
  • Skills Gained: Compensation and Benefits, Human Resources, Incentive, etc.
  • Fee/Enrollment Charge (Approx.): Free enrollment
  • Course Duration: 15 hours (Approx)

People Management:

  • About the Course/key Learning: This course aids the students to better their communication, organization, and leadership skills in order to become good leaders.
  • Specialized by: EdX
  • Offered by: Indian Institute Of Management Bangalore
  • Syllabus: Introduction to people management, Getting work done through others, Assessment and evaluation, Building peer Networks, essential of Communication and managing self
  • Skills Gained: Improved understanding of people management, enhanced managerial and leadership skills, etc.
  • Fee/Enrollment Charge (Approx.): Free enrolment (Rs11,173 for an added verified certificate)
  • Course Duration: 6 Weeks (2-4 hours per week)

People management: How to confront poor-performing people

  • About the Course/key Learning: By pursuing the course the students can be enabled with the ability to confront poor performance and improve the morale of the organization.
  • Specialized by: udemy
  • Offered by: udemy
  • Syllabus: Introduction to performance management, performance management: setting the stage, Confronting skill scenarios, Strategies, and tools for managing difficult employees.
  • Skills Gained: The building of considerate trust as well as goodwill, management of people and organization, gaining support from the other leaders, giving feedback and confronting the poor performing people, etc.
  • Fee/Enrollment Charge (Approx.): Rs 3200
  • Course Duration: 8 weeks

Productivity and Time management for people who work from Home

  • About the Course/key Learning: This course enriches the students with the skills that can help the students to manage their time efficiently and also have considerable productivity while working from home.
  • Specialized by: udemy
  • Offered by: udemy
  • Syllabus: Introduction to the course (challenges of working from home), Your Home (A Productive Environment), Being Part of a group, and Work on yourself
  • Skills Gained: Maintaining a productive environment at home, Enhancing the aspect of professionalism, having a good social life, etc. 
  • Fee/Enrollment Charge (Approx.): Rs 6080
  • Course Duration:     -

Executive program in HR Analytics

  • About the Course/key Learning: The 4 monthly course enables and aids the students to develop the analytical skills that would help them as HR professionals.
  • Specialized by: IIM Lucknow
  • Offered by: IIM Lucknow
  • Syllabus: Introduction to HR analytics, Basic HR processes and Importance of Analytics, labor relations, compensation, HR Audit and benchmarking using Analytics, Training and development Metrics, HR cost-benefit, Employee engagement (Talent Relations), etc.
  • Skills Gained: Enhanced and strategic decision making, developed HR policies, data-based understanding, etc.
  • Fee/Enrollment Charge (Approx.): Rs 88,000 + 2,500 (Application Fee)
  • Course Duration: 4 Months

Leading Transformation: Manage Change

  • About the Course/key Learning: The course inculcates the ability to influence change in the environment by developing a change mindset in order to accomplish a change cycle for betterment.
  • Specialized by: Coursera
  • Offered by: MACQUARIE University
  • Syllabus: Re-Imagining Change 1 (The change Problem, Re-Imagining Change 2 (Icebergs and  death Valleys), Creating a Change Cycle 1 ( Maps and Orientation), Creating a change cycle 2 (masks & performance), Creating a change cycle 3 (Mirrors & reflection), Leading Change:  Mindful & Mobilishing)
  • Skills Gained: Skills for evaluating, orienting as well as performing change, Leadership strategies, etc. 
  • Fee/Enrollment Charge (Approx.): Free Enrollment
  • Course Duration: 19 hours (Approx)

Apart from the courses and the respective details that are available in the table given above, there are numerous other courses available online that could hold a significant contribution to shaping the future of the students with respect to People management courses.

The number of skills and knowledge gained from such courses presented online would significantly validate the availability of people management certificates. Therefore, this would help to create a good ground for the students to flourish and enhance their skills with respect to the respective courses.

Some more courses such as, Managing social and human capital, Hiring and onboarding employees with a click-up, Leading people and teams, Conflict management, Conflict resolution skills, etc.

Can be looked upon by the students. Some of these courses or a few other courses can help them considerably in giving direction to their aspirations.

Benefits of People Management Courses

People management courses can have a great impact on the management aspirants as they can enhance their personality and leave a substantial impact on the organization as well.

Even from the point of view of an organization, it is vital to have a department or respective representative who can look after the issues and hindrances that come in the way of the productivity of the organization.

Therefore, these are the quality factors that contribute to the benefits of a people management certificate, helping the respective students at various stages of career-making and self-development as well.

There are great benefits that are associated with studying people management courses which are as follows:

  • The study of people management course gives a deeper understanding of the managerial role and the respective duties associated with it. The primary motive of an efficient manager is to align the employees in a proper work environment along with ensuring considerable productivity. A good manager is also supposed to coordinate with employees cordially as well as professionally in order to meet the essential goals and the desired output. 
  • Being nurtured with such types of courses can not only aid the students in gaining good decision-making skills in order to have a good career graph but it can also enhance the confidence and performance of the person as a whole throughout life. Moreover, it is very important for a manager to be good at decision-making skills and contribute to the better performance of the organization as well as coordinating between the employees. By learning and enriching under these courses they can maintain a good balance between all the aspects related to the company or organization and make smart moves regarding any hindrances or pitfalls caused. 
  • A good leader should have the ability to manage the changes happening in the organization and get accustomed to such changes. Such courses inculcate their respective ability in the students and help them to adhere to the needs prompted by such changes. As every company or organization is subjected to hierarchical and organizational transitions, it is the duty of the manager who is responsible to ensure the smooth progression of such changes and transitions and adapt to them in no time.  
  • After gaining a people management certificate and acquiring the respective knowledge and skill, the students would have diverse options that could help them in exercising and nurturing their skills to a substantial status. It would also help them in staying aware and well equipped while tackling a problem and sharing a good relationship and understanding with the employees and their actions. 
  • A good training course ensures periodic feedback and assessment of the students. Getting applauded, corrected or any type of feedback can help you in mending your skills and knowledge to an acknowledged amount. 

Career & Scope of People Management Course

The students aspiring to become good managers need to look for such a type of people management course that could intensify their intrapersonal and interpersonal communication in order to work for an organization in a better way.

The courses are constructed in a way that could uplift the ability of the students for being good at decision-making and problem-solving.

There are several benefits that can be encountered by the students while coming across the information related to the course such as the short-term courses available online, job opportunities associated, incorporated syllabus, fees, etc.

By getting acquainted with such details students can get inclined towards such courses and generate a considerable vision towards career building as well.

Considering the job prospects, there are several professional as well as technical options that can cater to the people management certificate and the skills you have gained through such courses.

Some of the respective responsibilities that fall under such courses can be as follows:

  • Recommending, analyzing, developing, and evaluating the personnel policies of the company or the organization.
  • Revising as well as creating the company's job description along with implementing a compensation program.
  • Maintaining Smooth workflow and substantial recruitment to enhance the performance of the organization as well as preparing a proper report.
  • Analyzing and updating the company's salary budget according to the respective performance.


The article consists of details regarding the diverse managing people course available for people that can help them in enriching and uplift their career profile. Moreover, the various aspects that are associated with finding the answer to what is the scope and future of the people management course are also kept into consideration while framing the article.

The details regarding the various courses like syllabus, duration, fee, etc. are also given to provide you with an insight into some of the best viable options for a People management course.

Hopefully, such information would stand useful for you in order to provide you with a significant direction with respect to such courses.

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