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Marketing Management Course: Course, Syllabus, Admission, Fees, Institute, Duration & Career 2024

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Marketing Management Course: Course, Syllabus, Admission, Fees, Institute, Duration & Career 2024-here

Marketing Management Course: Marketing Management Course involves the study of various marketing strategies, analyzing consumer behavior, consumer demands, and marketing tools. This is a course offered to a business student who wants to get a specialization in marketing and advertising. These courses are usually offered as a certification in management degree programs like Master of Business Administration (MBA), M.Com, B.Com, Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM), or Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGPM).

Marketing Manager Course: Overview

As we know, Marketing plays an important role in the areas like production, sales, operation, and operations. This course trains the student to lead teams of creative professionals. The area of learning covers the basic marketing principles, building a brand image, consumer behavior and modern marketing tools, product promotion, cost-cutting mechanisms, customer creation, and retention by deeply analyzing and forecasting the market’s current state. They also become familiar with general marketing strategies like Commercial Television Advertisements, radio ads, printed ads, digital mediums of promotion, and networking campaigns.

If you are passionate about branding and marketing, this course will be a perfect choice for you as it has a wide area of scope and career options. There is a vast no. of job opportunities in the field of marketing and advertising. Due to the expansion of the industrial sector, there will be a high demand for more marketing professionals in the coming year.

Building, enhancing, and Maintaining the products and their image in the market is the major responsibility of a marketing professional. Being a marketing enthusiast, it is his/her major role to analyze the factors affecting the brand image, its sales/ consumption, and the factors affecting the consumer behavior and to develop new marketing strategies using various PR tools and advisement tools according to the market's current scenario.

Apply for a (UG-PG) Marketing Manager Course:

Most of the colleges take admission on the basis of XAT, CAT, MAT and some consider the merit list. You can apply for degree management degree programs like Master of Business Administration (MBA), M.Com, B.Com, Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM), or Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGPM). which includes the specialized certification of marketing Management course. Also, you can apply for Marketing management courses online, and take online classes of the same.

Eligibility Criteria to Enroll in a Marketing Management Course in UG Level

  1. The candidate must be  12th passed from a recognized board
  2. The candidate must have scored the minimum required marks as per the college’s terms. Every college has its own minimum score criteria for admission.
  3. Candidates must appear for entrance if conducted by the university or college.

Eligibility Criteria to Enroll in a Marketing Management Course in PG Level

  1. The candidate must have a UG degree with a minimum of 45-55% of score or equivalent CGPA score.
  2. Subjects of Marketing Management Course (UG/PG Courses)

Marketing is a vast course are there are many tips included in this course, the following are subjects included in this course:

Marketing Strategies

Marketing Laws

Public Relations and its tools

Service Marketing

Brand Management Strategy

Business Marketing

Advanced IT Tools and applications

Major Research project or Case-based Industrial Analysis Project

Comprehensive Viva Voice

Marketing Decisions

Contemporary Marketing Management

Retail Buying Techniques

Product Management Strategy

Emerging Marketing Techniques

Direct and event marketing

Consumer-relationship management

International Marketing

Entrepreneurship or Managerial Economics

Sales and Distribution Management

Corporate Communication

Human Resource Management

Business Communication


Organizational Behaviour

Statistical Methods

Information Technology management

Personality Development

Indian Ethics and Values of Environmental Science

Marketing Management Undergraduate Level Course:

➜ Course Name: Marketing Management
➜ Duration: 3 Years
➜ Exam Type: Semester Based
➜ Admission Process: Merit or Entrance based
➜ Total Course Fees: Rs 20,000 - Rs 7 lacs
➜ Career Opportunities: Marketing Executive, Sales Executive, Brand Executive
➜ Average Annual Salary Package: Rs 4.5 lacs to Rs 10 lacs

Marketing Management Post Graduate Level Course:

➜ Course Name: Marketing Management
➜ Duration: 1-2 Years
➜ Exam Type: Semester Based
➜ Admission Process: Merit or Entrance based
➜ Total Course Fees: Rs 25,000 to Rs 7 lacs
➜ Career Opportunities: Marketing Manager, Brand Manager, Sales Manager, Pr Manager
➜ Average Annual Salary Package: Rs 7.5 to Rs 22 lacs

Top Marketing Management Colleges in India:



Indian Institute of Management (IIM-A)


Indian Institute of Management (IIM-C)


Indian Institute of Management (IIM-B)


Faculty of Management Studies (FMS)

Delhi University, New Delhi

Indian School Of Business (ISB)


Indian Institute of Management (IIM-L)


Xavier Labour Research Institute (XLRI)


Mudra Institute of Communications Ahmedabad (MICA)


Management Development Institute (MDI)


SP Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR)


Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM)


Symbiosis Centre for Management and HRD (SCMHRD)


Indian Institute of Technology Madras – DMS


Sydenham Institute of  Management Studies, Research, and Entrepreneurship Education (SIMSREE)


SP Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR)


N. L. Dalmia Institute of Management Studies and Research


Xavier Institute of Social Service


NIILM Centre for Management Studies


School of Management, KIIT University


The following courses are Popular short term Marketing Management specialized Courses available in India and you can enroll online for this course:

  1. Digital Marketing: Advancement of technology-enabled us to promote our brand on new mediums of communication. We can think about Digital Marketing as promoting your product using devices and the internet. This course helps a candidate to learn about different techniques of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, etc.
  2. Someone who has a degree or certification in this course can apply for the posts of Digital Marketer, SEO Executive, and Social media marketing expert in Start-Ups and corporate offices. Any graduate can apply for this course. The general fees of the course start from Rs 35,000 for a Digital Marketing Certified Associate. (DMCA)

If you aspire to become a successful and certified digital marketing professional you can also apply for an MBA Digital Marketing Course. The following are the topics covered in this course:

(i) The Digital Marketing Channel Mix

(ii) Update the system they measure, plan, and achieve their marketing activity

(iii) Predictive Analytics and Predictive Modelling

(iv) Create a Digital Marketing Optimization Plan

(v) Implementing Predictive Analytics Across Channels

(vi) Optimizing Return on Investment (ROI)

(vii) The Future of Integrated Digital Marketing

(viii) Integrated Digital Marketing

Content Marketing: Content marketing basically refers to creating a content strategy to deliver a positive message about your brand among target segments. Organizations are focused to use content marketing to attract a targeted group of consumers/audience and gain the loyalty of their consumers. A good content marketing strategy can enhance sales and retain customers which in turn help in the growth of the organization.

There are many content marketing management certification courses available online, in which you can enroll:

Basic Marketing Management: Candidates get a brief knowledge about the use of 4 P’s of marketing - product, price, promotion, and place and these 4 P’s affect the overall performance of the product in the market. Perspectives of marketing like branding, pricing, targeting, advertising, and competitive behavior are covered in the research projects and case studies given in this course. You can enroll in Basic Marketing management courses online available on educational websites.

Social Media Marketing: In a Social media marketing course, the candidates get practical knowledge about using social media tools to build brand image, spread awareness among the target audience, and connect with new consumers. Some of these tools are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Quora, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and many more. The candidate can learn about designing social media campaign strategies, use of tools according to targeted segments.

Email Marketing: In this course, a student can learn to create strong email marketing strategies to contribute to the growth of the business. This is the most cost-effective marketing strategy in the digital domain. The return rate of email marketing is $38 for every $1 spent but one cannot get a good response without a strong email marketing strategy. This marketing strategy provides a reliable channel of communication to both the consumer as well as the organization. The objective of email marketing is to spread brand awareness and gain loyalty and trust from the consumers. You can apply for a short-term email marketing course online on educational websites.

Strategic Marketing: This course involves the process of analyzing the market, creating marketing strategies, predicting the trends in the market, analyzing competitor growth, predicting risks, setting goals and objectives, analyzing internal and external business factors, implementing, and tracking your progress. Learning strategic marketing, and designing effective strategies to gain more consumers and potential profit is the core of this course.  A student can get a certificate or degree in strategic management from colleges as well as educational websites.

Data Mining: Data mining is about converting raw data into useful information. This process helps to generate new business leads and open new market opportunities. This is a graduate-level course, students learn about how to use data about consumer buying patterns. Marketing issues such as customer surveys, profiling/segmentation, communications, campaign measurement, satisfaction, loyalty, and profitability are discussed in a data mining course.

Career Opportunities After Marketing Management Course 2024:

Being a Marketing professional comes with bigger responsibilities, It is a creative field that involves skills like sales, business development, media and entertainment, advertisement, brand management, or even general management, If you are passionate about any of these roles, then there is a wide area of scope to become a successful Marketing professional.

The following are a few career options you can opt for if you are also a marketing enthusiast:

Marketing Manager: A Marketing Manager’s job is to analyze, plan and make marketing strategies and execute them as per necessity. A marketing manager's role is planning when and how to strike the market, grading and standardizing the product, packaging, and labeling, branding of the product, product pricing, designing a product that meets the consumer’s expectation, transportation of products, finding distributors of products, etc.

Marketing Research Analyst: This job involves the research and analysis of a given target audience or any particular segment of the audience or market. Marketing research analyst ensures to prepare a proper report to understand the trends and present scenario of the market which helps the marketing team to understand the market patterns, trends and to be target-audience. The report presented by the Marketing research Analyst helps the marketing manager to design the market strategy and gives it a core vision.

Brand Manager: The role of a brand manager is to make and implement strategies to build the company’s brand image. Brand managers are also responsible for leading the market research team by setting the goals, agenda, and requirements, and identifying the factors such as cost-benefit claims, images, product samples, and video clips. Brand Manager- The role of a brand manager lies in creating and implementing strategies for building a brand image of the organization and maintaining it throughout or improving it.

Sales Manager: As the term itself suggests, the sales manager’s job is to manage the sales by persuading and influencing the customers. It is his/her role to make sure that the target of sales is completed by the sales executives and his/her emphasis should be mostly on increasing the sales graph. Every company needs a sales manager to lead the sales executives and manage the sales graph ratio. Setting sales targets that need to be achieved in a given period of time is the key part of their job.

Digital Marketing Manager: Building the brand’s or company’s image on online/digital platforms iid the responsibility and a Digital Marketing Marketing manager. Promoting and marketing using different channels of digital media, designing effective digital Campaigns (or social media campaigns) to target a significant audience, all these things are managed by Digital Marketing Manager. Every brand company needs a Digital Marketing manager because technological advancement changed the perspective of how we communicate and buy, Therefore a brand’s online reputation directly affects its sales. Digital marketing tools like Website Content, Social Media Marketing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization, PPC (Pay per Click), and Content Marketing are used by Digital Marketing Manager. Digital Marketing is emerging as a powerful tool for branding and advertising which is resulting in a sharp rise in employment in digital marketing as well as traditional marketing roles and it is such a good career option for MBA graduates.

Media Planner: This job role involves planning and selecting the advertising media, a media planner closely works with the Sales and Marketing team, and coordinating with media companies to draft advertisements is also a part of his/her job.

Product Manager: A product manager is someone who looks after the development of the product from the very start to end. Their role is to develop a product from a new or existing idea. The idea to develop a new product is derived from the market need and customer’s need. It is the job of the product manager to ensure that the development of the product is completed in the given time period and within the production budget.

Public Relations Manager: The role of a PR Manager is to create and maintain a positive public of the brand/organization/client by executing different PR strategies using various tools of Public relations. During a time of crisis in a company, a PR manager plays an active role by practicing PR stunts to rebuild the brand's positive image.

Web Producer: It is the job of a Web producer, to create and upload digital content on the websites of the company. They work with content writers, content creators, and other creative team members. The Web Producer ensures to improve the user experience for a website visitor which helps in gaining more audience/Customers.

Employment Opportunities in Various Industrial Sectors:

Every company needs a marketing professional to build the brand image and understand the consumer behavior, there are numerous opportunities for jobs in all employment sectors so, after completing a marketing management course, one can search for a job in various sectors of industries like:

  • Banking
  • IT Sector
  • Hospitality
  • HealthCare
  • Retailing
  • Fashion and Lifestyle
  • Market Research
  • Educational institutions and organizations
  • Media and Advertising
  • Tourism

Top Recruiters of Marketing Management in India:

  • Hindustan Unilever
  • LIC
  • Pepsico
  • Tata Motors
  • Wipro
  • SonyIndia
  • Nestle
  • Mudra Group
  • Reliance
  • Bharti Airtel
  • Maruti Udyog
  • Hyundai
  • Volkswagen
  • HP
  • IndiaMart
  • ICICI Ltd

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