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BA Geography (Hons) Course - Course Details, Fees, Admission, Colleges, Syllabus, Duration, Career & Scope 2024

Update on 23 May, 2024


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BA Geography (Hons) Course - Course Details, Fees, Admission, Colleges, Syllabus, Duration, Career & Scope 2024-here

BA Geography (Hons) Course: BA Geography Course or Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Geography Duration spans over 3 years where undergraduate students learn of the various aspects of geography. The 3 years are divided into 6 semesters each year. BA Geography Course includes all the basic foundational knowledge involving the study of the earth, its features, landforms, inhabitants, climate, and the like.

The course curriculum also covers various geographical-related aspects such as the geographical features of the earth but also its features and the population of humans and animals. One of the specializations of the BA Geography (Hons.) Course is that it deals with the various areas that are related to the course rather than one single area of study. It covers the subcategories of soil, climate change, global phenomenon, plantations, and the like.

Highlights of BA Geography (Hons) Course

Name of the Course

BA Geography (Hons.) Course

BA Geography (Hons.) Course Duration

3 Years, divided into Six Semesters

BA Geography (Hons.) Course Eligibility

Candidates must have passed their 10+2

Admission Process

Entrance Based or Merit Basis

BA Geography (Hons.) Average Course Fee

Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 1,50,000/-

Examination Type

Semester Wise

BA in Geography (Hons.) Course: Overview

The BA Geography (Hons) Course also includes a blend of theoretical and practical aspects with planned field trips to observe and project work alongside research work. The students are also trained in various on-hand knowledge such as cartography, brushing fossils, report writing, preparing a presentation on thematic atlases and field reports, etc. Students get to choose their area of specialization as they become more and more familiar with the degree, they can even choose in their higher studies. It all depends upon the choice of the students, for example, if he or she chooses to specialize in Human Geography, the candidate will learn about the study of human societies, the basics, their population changes, their geographical history, the cultural and religious practices they practice, etc.

If he or she chooses Physical geography, then in that they specialize in the Earth’s various physical processes, such as climate change, global warming, weather systems, natural disasters, rock formations, etc. Usually, degrees such as BA Geography (Hons) or MA Geography, tend to be designed with a focus on human geography, whereas, degrees such as B.Sc Geography or M.Sc Geography, are designed with an intrinsic focus on physical geography and its aspects. However, it is a notion and may vary from college to college.

Candidates can hope to pursue their careers in wide-ranging fields and sectors of the economy by hiring recruiters from both the private and the public sectors.

Geography is the study of the earth including its various components and features that make up the earth such as the land, topography, attributes of people and features of the landmarks, statistical techniques, Remote Sensing, Computer-aided mapping, etc. It is mainly the analysis of Economical, Social, Critical, and Environmental aspects of Geography. It emphasizes enhanced knowledge of the above-mentioned aspects of Geography. Candidates usually develop large skills to understand and analyze critical concepts of geography, since they are allowed to conduct independent research, practically oriented research among various other extracurricular activities. The BA Geography Hons. course is highly developed to produce highly trained individuals in economical, social, and environmental skills in terms of developed and developing countries. The analytical and communication skills that people tend to develop are highly regarded and valued by recruiters.

BA Geography (Hons) Course Eligibility Criteria:

The BA Geography (Hons) Course is usually pretty easy to get admission into as compared to the other nerve wreck in courses such as the sciences and engineering courses, etc. The following are the BA Geography (Hons) Course Eligibility criteria that candidates interested must fulfill.

  • Candidates must have passed their 10+2 from a recognized and relevant university in any stream of choice.
  • They must have scored a minimum of 45% aggregate marks in their subjects of choice.
  • Some colleges prefer a cut-off list and interested candidates need to fulfill those cut-off marks as well to become eligible for admission.

BA Geography (Hons) Course Admission Procedure 2024:

  • In general, for BA Geography (Hons) Admission candidates and colleges generally rely on the cut-off marks and the percentage as per the cut-off list. Hence, usually, the BA Geography (Hons) Admission is merit basis.
  • However, some universities have their own entrance exam for various courses offering students who do not have the required marks to have a chance at admission in the course. After the entrance exam comes the interview, which not only checks the candidate's aptitude for the course but also his or her speaking and communication skills along with of course other soft skills.
  • Aspiring candidates have the option of applying online through the university's official web portal or through offline modes by visiting the university or college itself and inquiring at the institute's admission office.

Top Colleges for BA Geography (Hons.) Course:

Below is a list of the BA Geography (Hons) Colleges and institutes that provide the course for its prospective students. Students can check the eligibility conditions, admission procedures, the average fee charged per semester, or yearly.

Name of the Institute  Average Fee Charged
Abbas Khan College For Women, Bangalore Rs. 30,000/-
Adarsh Mahavidyalya, Maharastra Rs. 10,000/-
Balaji College, Assam Rs. 10,000/-
Abhay Pratap Singh Degree College, Uttar Pradesh Rs. 35,000/-
Abeda Inamdar Senior College For Girls, Pune Rs. 18,000/-

Candidates must ensure that any choice that they make according to the choice of college or institute, they may want to have a look at the different beneficial aspects of the college in terms of their focus on practical training, the level of efficiency in their course curriculum and the like. Some of the best ways to make sure that the choice of college you choose, can be in relation to the fee they charge, placement drives they organize, the reputation and affiliation of the college, etc.

BA Geography (Hons) Syllabus 2024:

The BA Geography (Hons) Duration is around 3 years and is divided into six semesters. Below we have the syllabus of the course curriculum. It is bound to change from college to college and university to university. However, we have provided a list of the basic topics that are covered in the BA Geography (Hons) Syllabus.

1st Semester

2nd Semester

Foundations of Anthropology I

Foundations of Anthropology II

Geography of India

Practical in Physical Anthropology

Maps and Scales

Representation of Physical Features


Physical Geography

3rd Semester

4th Semester

Physical Anthropology

Archaeological Anthropology

Physical Geography II

Practical in Physical and archaeological Anthropology

Representation of Climate Data

Human Geography


Maps Projections

5th Semester

6th Semester

Culture and Society

Primitive Economy and Religion

Distribution Maps and Diagrams

Introduction to Remote Sensing and Field Survey

Economic Geography

Field Work and Report Writing


Hours of GIS and Quantitative Methods

Modern geography is an all-encompassing discipline that foremost seeks to understand the Earth and the different elements, etc. Candidates who have an aptitude to acquire, arrange, and use geographic information.

Course Structure of BA Geography (Hons) Course is as mentioned below stretched over for a span of three to four years, while the master's program takes two years to complete. The teaching methods or modes of instruction include a wide array of techniques, from classroom lectures to fieldwork, seminars for better understanding, extended trips to different locations, on-site training, etc. As Geography in itself is a very broad subject, candidates are given electives and they can choose between the different foundation-building subjects to consider specializing in one, once they have passed their Bachelor’s.

The assessment mod is usually done through examinations, course work, and the comments on the project files of different work projects that the students are advised to do. Students are usually expected to turn in a dissertation on a topic of their choice, a report on any one topic they choose.

BA Geography (Hons) Course Scope:

The BA Geography (Hons) Course enables the students to go for various teaching jobs along with many related jobs. They can also pursue higher studies or degree programs in respective subjects in the relevant area of specialization. Another aspect of the benefit of this course is that upon completion, candidates can pursue research-oriented jobs.

Students who study geography in their higher studies tend to have a fascinating mind, since the questions that need answers, the questions that the students of BA Geography (Hons) Course are taught consist of questions that directly affect the earth, its inhabitants, and much more. It is a varying degree with branches into all kinds of specializations. BA Geography (Hons) course is simply not a single subject study, it is a broad and wide-ranging academic field that encompasses a larger area than what you think “geography” means. 

Key skills needed for BA Geography (Hons) Course:

Candidates who wish to pursue this course from BA Geography (Hons) Colleges need to possess a certain type of skills so that once they start on their journey to explore, they feel at home during the demands of this course.

Some of the skills candidates must have or the skills that will be developed are as under:

  • Ability to analyze different types of data.
  • Interpret and find patterns in data, the ability to think of implications.
  • Skills related to Field Work, such as mapping, observation, etc. 
  • Data collection through surveys, designing surveys, and interpretation of the same.
  • Lab-based skills, testing samples, etc.
  • Analytical skills, mathematical modeling, etc.

Some of the employment areas, the graduates of BA Geography (Hons) course get into are listed below:

  • College and Universities
  • Cartography Offices
  • GIS
  • Urban Development Bodies
  • Environmental Companies, etc.

Some of the job types that the graduates of BA Geography Course are offered are as follows:

  • Content Developer
  • Unit Sales Manager
  • Tech Labs Researcher
  • Subject Matter Research
  • Accountant Assistant
  • Geography Teacher
  • MAP Consultant, etc

However, it is always advisable for candidates to continue their studies after passing out of BA Geography (Hons) Course since the salary offered is not worth sacrificing two years of specializing at a branch in Geography. Hence students usually get admission into higher studies once they are done with their Bachelor's unless they get a life-changing internship offer and the like

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