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BA Political Science Course - Check Political Science Course Fees, Syllabus, Admission, Duration, Eligibility, Career & Scope 2024

Update on 19 Jun, 2024


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BA Political Science Course - Check Political Science Course Fees, Syllabus, Admission, Duration, Eligibility, Career & Scope 2024-here

BA Political Science Course:

BA Political Science is a 3-Year undergraduate course. Political Science involves the studies of State and Politics. It is a field of social science that focuses on government and political institutions. BA Political Science graduates with an awareness of human behavior can have a great career advancement opportunity as the platform of social media is playing a very big role in the spreading of government policy and initiatives. The curriculum of BA Political Science includes topics such as political philosophy, political economics, political theory, comparative governments, research methods, and political processes.

BA Political Science graduates can have various career opportunities in the government, politics, political administration, international organizations, non-profits, journalism, public service, communication, and law. As politics daily affect our lives and as the masses are taking an active role in the administration and government processes of the country. BA Political Science graduates are needed since they provide the knowledge and skills required to meet this newfound awareness.

In this articld we are share the most important informatoon about BA Political Science like ba political science duration, ba political science Fees, ba political science Eligibility and more.

Note: If you have a love for politics and an interest in the way the government works, then BA Political Science is the degree for you.

BA Political Science Course: Highlights

Course level


Political Science Course Duration

3 Years


The candidate must have passed his 10+2

Examination Type

Semester-wise/ Annual exam

Average Tuition Fee

Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 80,000/-

Graduate Skills for BA Political Science Course:

BA Political Science course graduates have a variety of skills that are desirable by many recruiters and employers.

Below is a list of the skills a BA Political Science Course graduate has:

  • Ability to examine written material and oral presentations critically.
  • Ability to gather information, assess its accuracy, and organize its importance and use.
  • Ability to effectively communicate ideas and information verbally, visually, and in writing.
  • An international and culturally sensitive perspective is gained, that gathers and assesses information fairly and objectively.

What you will learn in BA Political Science Course?

Students of BA Political Science, gain knowledge in a variety of areas in the political and social science/liberal arts field.

  • Knowledge of Political Science, its various sub-disciplines, major themes, etc.
  • International perspective on Political Science research, the nature of change in the global political atmosphere.
  • Understanding of human cultural and political variability in India and in the global community, and an appreciation of others' viewpoints, ideas, etc.
  • Public debate and lively participation in Civil society.

Questions that BA Political Science students Explore:

  • Why do countries fight wars?
  • Why can’t Congress and BJP cooperate with each other?
  • Why are some countries rich while some are poor?
  • What does it mean to act ethically in politics? 

Note: These are just the broad frameworks that the graduates of a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science course will learn about. For detailed syllabi, check the syllabus section. 

BA Political Science Course Admission and Eligibility:

The admission process for BA Political Science begins around the time of the declaration of results of the 10+2 board exam. The application forms are released in the month of May and June and classes start in the month of August. Universities generally release their cut-off list and then students are admitted.

Eligibility for BA Political Science Course:

  • There is only one requirement for admission in this course, and that is,
  • Students must have passed 10+2 from a recognized board with an aggregate of 50% marks.

Top Universities for BA Political Science and Fee Details:

There are many different universities that provide a BA in Political Science to their students. Some of the top universities are listed below, with their average fee:

Name of College
BA Political Science Fees

Dispur College

Rs. 15,000/-

Elphistone College

Rs. 4,000/-

St. Xavier’s College

Rs. 5,000/-

University of Lucknow

Rs. 10,500/-

Sharda University

Rs. 80,000/-

Christ University

Rs. 40,000/-

BA Political Science Subjects & Syllabus:

✍ BA Political Science is a 3-Year undergraduate course. Apart from the subjects related to politics and governance, students also choose between two concurrent courses, out of which, one is a language paper.

✍ The course requires students to be present in classroom discussions, lectures, seminars. The students are also required to give solo or group presentations, assignments, quizzes, debates. The year-end assessment is divided between theory paper, which is 75% marks, and practical paper, which consists of 25% marks.

Topics covered 
Area of Focus

Political Theory

An idea of political theory, its approaches, and practices related to Democracy

International Politics

Various forms of international governments, the relation between State and Power, etc. 

Principles of Public Administration

Introduced to the topic of structural and functional aspects of public administration.

Comparative Government & Politics

Familiarizes students with the basic concepts of comparative government.

Colonialism in India

History, contribution, social and economic ideas, and structures in Modern India.

Nationalism in India

History and contribution of nationalism in India.

Constitutional Democracy

Constitutional designs of State structures, and their work mechanism.

Political Processes in India

Various social and political processes in India.

Public Policy & Administration in India

Studies the relationship between public policy and administration in India.

Indian Political Thought

Spans a wide range of political thinkers from ancient to independent India and maps out the development.

Western Political Thought

Thinkers from Ancient Greek till Marxism are covered. 

International Organization

Evolution and needs of International Organizations and their role in various political contexts. 

Local Government in India

Focus on the local government systems of rural and urban areas in India in the context of Democracy. 

Social Movements in Political India

Developmental processes in India after independence, and their effect on the power dynamics in India.  

Understanding South Asia

History, the geopolitics of South Asia are covered. Political regimes, socio-economic issues of the State.  

African Polity and Economy

The political economy of Africa is introduced, ethnicity, ideology, and the effects of colonization.  

Feminist Theory and Practice

Familiarizing students with various concepts of feminist theory and its practice in a political context. 

Dilemmas in Politics

Evaluating and analyzing some of the debates, issues in the contemporary world.

India’s Foreign Policy

Various highlights, issues, developments, of India’s foreign policy at the global level. 

Contemporary Political Economy

Evolution of the modern capitalist world, the political and economic challenges, issues and debates, and how to address them. 

After BA Political Science Course - Areas of Employment:

Political Science offers a broad liberal arts education while focussing on politics and public life.

Some of the key areas of BA Political Science Course are:

  • Law
  • Government Service
  • Business
  • Policy Analysis
  • Journalism
  • Teaching
  • News and Media
  • Graduate school (MA Political Science/ MA International Relations or Ph.D.)

Job Posts After BA Political Science Course:

Editor: A person who edits content, pictures, documents, or audio-visual works.

News Reporter: People who gather news and information to keep the public informed about the latest events in the country and globe.

Politician: A person who is active in party politics, or a person holding or seeking office in the government.

Bank Manager: People responsible for coordinating and directing the functions of a bank. They are the topmost employee in an institution.

Legislative Assistant: People who manage the legislative activities of a team, such as training interns, setting up town hall meetings, etc.

Some of the leading firms offer the following salary packages to BA Political Science graduates:

BA Political Science Course Graduate Average Salary in Firms


Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 40 lac/-


Rs. 7,35,000/-

AON Cooperation

Rs. 4,37,000/-


Rs. 5,79,000/-

InterGlobe Technologies

Rs. 2,70,000/-

BA Political Science Graduate Average Salary:

Some of the job posts that offer the following salary range for BA Political Science graduates are listed below:

Administration Assistant

Rs. 2,45,000/-

Relationship Manager

Rs. 4,20,000/-

Corporate Trainee

Rs. 4,46,000/-

Executive Assistant

Rs. 3,10,000/-

Corporate Communications Manager

Rs. 8,30,000/-

Why do we study BA Political Science Course?

✍ Political Science is the study of nature, causes, and consequences of collective decisions, and actions taken by individuals in a powerful position. 

✍ BA Political Science graduates understand, analyze, structures, and events of politics and government.

✍ Studying BA Political Science will help you understand the forces that shape the law of the country, how society functions, why international relations are important, and the politics of the future. 

✍ BA Political Science lays a strong base foundation for further graduate studies or careers in public law, business, government, BA Journalism Course, etc.

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