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Finance Courses After 12th - Colleges, Admission, Fees, Duration & Salary 2024

Update on 17 Jul, 2024


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Finance Courses After 12th - Colleges, Admission, Fees, Duration & Salary 2024-here

Finance Courses After 12th: Dreams are always an essential part of life. If you have visualized a dream turning into a reality, you should always have the courage to do so. But in the present world, in addition to courage and motivation, many more factors play a vital role in the fulfilment of your dream. These factors include your ability to put up a tough front against the competition existing in the market. Just like one brand has to compete with the other brand to establish its Supremacy in front of a customer.

Similarly, every person in a professional field has to prove himself superior to the opponent. It is essential for multiple reasons. First, if you want to distinguish yourself from your competitors and friends, then making an additional effort has become the need of the hour. One such way to establish your competence is other courses and certifications over and above your existing degrees.

List of Top Finance Courses After 12th:

There are many financial courses after 12th that we can pursue. Check the below list:-

  • Chartered Accountancy
  • Company Secretary
  • Certified Public Accountant Certification
  • Accounting Technician Course
  • ICWA
  • Certified Financial Planner
  • Nse Certification
  • BBA In Finance And Accounting
  • Financial Modeling
  • Bachelor Of Commerce

Importance of Finance Courses After 12th:

In the present world, Finance Courses After 12th have become an additional method to add to your competence. They enhance your skills and open a multitude of opportunities for you. Especially when you want to opt for the accounting sector, financial courses play a pivotal role in enhancing your existing resume. They act as an additional Cherry on the cake. So there are several Banking and accounting courses available to become the only for your recruiter. The least of these financial courses that you can pursue after the 12th have been summarised as follows. 

Best Financial Course After 12th:

Check the details of the best financial courses after 12th that we can pursue. Check details about them below:-

(1). Chartered Accountancy:

Chartered Accountancy Course is considered to be the most popular and reputed financial course in India. It is credited by The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. This organization is considered to be the most significant accounting body not only in India but also in the entire world. The details of the examination and this course have been provided in the following way.

  • The first step to this beautiful cold begins by enrolling for a standard proficiency test. Every undergraduate that means every person who has just cleared 12th can quickly appear for this test. Every student who opted for commerce in their 12th standard must obtain at least 55% marks to qualify for this examination. Every student other than this section of the society has to clear this examination with 60% marks. It is the most accessible level of the test that every person can pass.
  • The second level is known as the integrated professional competence course. It is also known as intermediate. It is a very tough examination to clear. The diversity of the subjects in this examination is also very much. The issues like accounting and business ethics are the most critical in this examination. It is essential to make sure that every student gives at the most vital cost accounting and taxation. To clear this examination every student should at least score 40% in each subject. Further, he is required to obtain an aggregate of 50% in each group. Many students tend to drop out after this examination.
  • The last step towards your dream destination is becoming capable of clearing the CA final level examination. It involves subjects like financial reporting and advanced auditing. To clear this examination, every student must obtain at least a total aggregate of 50% in all the issues.
  • So it can be said that it is one of the very challenging courses in India till yet. But once you qualify for this examination, there is no doubt that you will be enjoying the maximum amount of success. It is a prestigious career because almost every multinational company requires an auditor and a chartered accountant to prepare financial statements. Further, the pay scale for this career is also very high in India. So if you are willing to apply for this course, you can register yourself at the website of ICAI. It is usually valid for three years.

(2). Company Secretary:

A company secretary is again considered to be another reputed qualification that you can have. Just like chartered accountants, company secretaries are also critical officers for any company. At the same point in time, these persons are considered the compliance officers of every law firm. They have a considerable amount of expertise in managing the legal and the taxation department of every company. If a company needs to be incorporated or wound up, its expertise plays a vital role in handling the legal complications. 

The institute of company secretaries of India is the governing body for this examination. This examination also requires three levels to qualify. In the first place, you need to clear the CS foundation program. In the second step, you are required to remove the executive agenda. Last but not the least, you have to qualify for the professional program. Once you have done all these programs, you need to undergo compulsory training under a registered Company Secretary.

The scope of this career is increasing with every passing day. At the same point in time, it is becoming an essential system to control the company's activities. They are in huge demand to ensure that everybody and everyone is acting according to the existing law in India. So if you have passed your 12th standard examination, you can quickly roll yourself into this program. At this point, you need to upload your documentary evidence along with the application form for successful registration.

(3). Certified Public Accountant Certification:

Certified public accountant certification is another prestigious course in India for all those candidates who want to make a career in accountancy. The most important feature of this course is that it allows you to practice at the US state boards of accountancy. This course is usually divided into four sections called auditing and attestation and financial accounting and reporting. This certification is valid not only in India but also in the international market. If you have this certification, you would be eligible to participate in recruitment in foreign accounting and auditing firms. You also become eligible to intern at International mergers and acquisitions phones. It is considered one of the most prestigious courses in which the candidate has to know both Indian and US taxation standards and business laws. 

If you want to appear for this examination, you need to have a three-year B.Com Course or BBA Course degree. In addition, you need a qualification certificate from The Institute of Chartered Accountancy in India. At the same time, you need to have an excellent level of concentration in accountancy if you want to become a part of this organization. It will be helpful to get exposure to the international market as well.

(4). Accounting Technician Course:

If you want to become an accountant but at the same time you do not want to appear for the most rigid examination of becoming a chartered accountant, then this course is definitely for you. It is divided into three stages. To become eligible to register for this course, you only need to pass your 12th standard examination. As a part of the first state, you have to qualify for the accounting technician exam. 

The second stage requires you to complete 35 hours of orientation. This should be followed by hundred hours of complete information technology training. Once you successfully passed these two stages, your next step would be to complete 12 months of work experience under the guidance of a Chartered Accountant. After the successful completion of this course, you will be granted a certificate of completion.

After completing the certification course, you add significant value to your already existing qualification. This value is much more than the value you could have added by doing a conventional BCom or m com course. In addition, it provides you with several opportunities to gain practical experience. At the same time, it is essential to make sure that many law firms and multinational companies invite such candidates at a significant pay scale.

(5). ICWA:

The Institute of Cost Accountants of India is the most prestigious institution that offers education related to cost Accountancy in India. It is considered to be one of the most valuable professions in the present world. So if you want to have in-depth knowledge about managing the business resources most efficiently to generate the maximum amount of profitability, then the course of cost Accountancy is definitely for you. As a cost accounting, your primary duty is to collect the information related to the revenue and expenses of a company. 

You are required to develop the financial analysis and financial statements of your company. This will also play a vital role in understanding the financial health of the company. Undertaking this course is excellent value addition in the life of an average student. Whether in the public sector or private sector, everybody needs a cost accountant to manage their resources efficiently.

If you want to enrol yourself in this course, then you have to pass your 12th examination. Even if you have not given your 12th examination and in substitution do you have passed the National Diploma in commerce examination held by any state board, that is also enough for you to enrol in this foundation course. In case you want to pass the intermediate level, then giving the foundation course is essential.

(6). Certified Financial Planner:

Certified financial planning is one of the most prestigious careers in India. With time, people have become very much conscious about the management of their wealth. They not only want to keep it secure, but at the same point in time, they want to multiply it to the maximum possible extent. That is why financial planners have become very important for the people. This certification is considered to be the gold standard in financial planning. It has been a certified course that provides certification holder recognition in 22 countries around the world. Financial planners are in huge demand even in the corporate sector for managing the assets of the company. They work on four ethics. Education and examination, along with experience and business ethics, are the most critical dimensions of their job.

If you want to enrol yourself in this course, then you should have a bachelor's degree in addition to four years of work experience. Since you get exposure to the international market, then you also need to have a travel passport. Once you become a financial planner, you can quickly get a job in banks and brokerage houses as a fund manager. There are various other opportunities available for growing yourself as a financial planner in India as well.

(7). NSE Certification:

National Stock Exchange of India provides the national certification in financial markets. It is in the position to equip the students with the expertise to operate in financial markets. It is considered one of the most critical economic courses for every student who wants to become a stockbroker. There are five levels of this examination that every student has to clear. It provides exposure to mutual funds and the equity derivative market.

The student also becomes concurrent with the macroeconomic aggregate of the Indian economy and Insurance sector. Every student who cleared this course with a good score gets an opportunity for a job at the National Stock Exchange of India. The best part of this course is that it does not charge hefty enrollment fees. It can be easily affordable for every person.

This certification helps to establish a business in the stock market. You can also get hired by companies for work in equity and derivative projects. So technically, by just passing the 12th examination, you can enrol yourself in this prestigious course and begin your career in the field of the stock market. 

(8). BBA in Finance and Accounting:

In addition to the average Bachelor of Business Administration degree, this certification course in Finance and accounting is another available opportunity for the students. This course can provide much-needed exposure to the students who want to make a career in the field of Finance in accounting. 

There are different variants of this course available on platforms like edx and Harvard. It provides you with exposure to start your own business. You also become eligible to get a better job opportunity. It gives you much-needed information related to investing and managing funds. You also become capable of undertaking liquidating and forecasting activities. So after you have passed your 12th examination, you can get yourself into this course.

(9). Financial Modelling:

If you want to become a professional manager of finances, then this is the best course for you. It is essential to mention that it is considered the best short-term course in Finance after the 12th standard. It is a short-term course of just one year. As a part of this course, you get a tremendous amount of exposure to fund management. At the same time, it is essential to mention that this course is the best option for students who want to earn a side-by-side income while studying. 

It has many practical modules as a part of its syllabus. If you're going to engage yourself with the maximum amount of stock market activities and practice intraday simultaneously, then this is the course for you. As a part of this course, you also have to intern at a stock broking agency. The certificate issued will play a vital role in accessing your performance. You can easily invest your time and money in this course by pursuing your degrees like BBA and MBA. Many students have shown their interest in getting registered in this course. It offers 48 hours of practical training modules, in addition, to live classes every day. You can quickly become a part of this course by logging in at Coursera. 

(10). Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com):

This is considered to be the most conventional choice of the students to pursue after the 12th standard. Every student who has appeared for a Commerce stream in the 12th standard is expected to join this course. It is considered to be a good course which offers promising opportunities to the people. There are many colleges in India considered to be the Best B.Com Colleges in India. The enrollment fees for this course is very decent. You can quickly get a good amount of job opportunities after pursuing this course.

B.Com Course provides you exposure to subjects like cost and financial accounting. You also get to deal with business ethics and business Communications. Subjects like statistics are also taught as a part of the syllabus. It is a three-year-old course. But it is essential to mention that only holding a certification of this course in this professional market would not help you in the long run. If you want the best for yourself, then in such a situation, you have to make sure that you pursue additional certification courses along with this degree.


With this, it can be quickly concluded that this is the most comprehensive guide for every course that a student must try after the 12th standard in the finance field. These courses are very beneficial for every student to make a promising career. So do not waste your time and start choosing the best course for you.

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