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DIPWD Course - Fees, Admission, Colleges, Eligibility, Jobs & Salary 2024

Update on 12 Apr, 2024


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DIPWD Course - Fees, Admission, Colleges, Eligibility, Jobs & Salary 2024-here

Diploma In Internet Programming & Web Designing Course: Introduction

Diploma in Internet Programming and Web Design Course is a 1-2 year diploma course pursued by a recognized Educational Board after successfully completing the 10 + 2 level of education, with a minimum overall score of 50%.

The popular institutes which provide this course are:

  • Pacific - Academy of Higher Education & Research
  • Mohanlal - Sukhadia University, Udaipur
  • Dev - Samaj College for Women, Firozpur
  • Dr. Harivansh - Rai Bachchan Mahavidyalaya

The average tuition fee charged for the Indian course ranges from INR 50,000 to 15 Lacs over a 3-year period. Admissions to the course are generally offered on the basis of advice, depending on the conducting colleges, following the qualification of the candidate for any of the relevant entrance tests.

Such professionals are hired at such capacities as-

  • Front End Web Developer, 
  • Back End Web Developer, 
  • Web Application Developer, 
  • Design and Layout Analyst, 
  • Senior Web Analyst, 
  • Web Marketing Analyst, etc. 

Such graduates/professionals are recruited by organizations such as-

  • IDC Technologies Solutions India Pvt. Ltd., 
  • HCL, 
  • Infosys, 
  • Wipro, 
  • IBM, 
  • ORACLE, 
  • Cognizant, 
  • Netcracker, 
  • Quislex, 
  • Lava, 
  • Mindteck, and 
  • Virtusa, etc.

The average annual salary provided to successful Indian discipline professionals ranges from INR 2 to 6 lacs, rising with the experience and skill set of the candidate.

Diploma in Internet Programming Course and Web Designing Course: Course At A Glance

Listed below are a few of the basic points to bring in compactness about the course.



Highlights of DIPWD Course

Level of the course

Diploma level/Graduate level

Duration of the course

3 months which can be stretched up to 3 years

Type of the examination

Unit - type-examination System

Eligibility Criteria

10+2 or intermediate level with minimum 50% scores in aggregate

Admission Procedure

Merit-based or even based on the entrance exam

Course Fee

INR 50,000 - 15 Lakhs because it ranges between 3 months - 3 years for different institutes/colleges.

Approx Starting Salary

INR 3 to 6 lacs per annum

Famous Recruiting Companies

IT Companies, 

Advertising Agencies, 

Audio-Visual Media Agencies, 

Publishing Houses, 

Marketing Firms,

Institutions & Design Studio (IDC Technologies Solutions India Private Ltd., 










Mindteck, and 

Virtusa, etc.

Job Roles

Front End Web Developer, 

Back End Web Developer, 

Web Application Developer, 

Design and Layout Analyst, 

Senior Web Analyst, 

Web Marketing Analyst, among others.

DIPWD Course: About the course

The course covers specialized technical learning in the framework of Website Development, HTML & JavaScript, Adobe Fireworks / Photoshop, Flash for Layout & Web Animation, Swish, Action Script, Adobe Premiere, Dreamweaver, Search Engine Optimization ( SEO), Web Page Creation and Submission & Portfolio Building of various styles. An Internet application is a client-server application that connects the client to the server using standard Internet protocols. Essentially the same methods can be used to create a true Internet application that is freely accessible via the World-Wide-Web or to create an intranet application.

Whenever we talk about Internet apps, we mean either true Internet apps or intranet apps. By changing the compilation and build settings, and rebuilding the program, you can convert any COBOL CGI program into NSAPI. It should be thread-enabled, though, to get the full benefits of an NSAPI system. Despite people from different business fields wanting to have their own websites, the discipline is gaining popularity quickly these days. The course is a quiet course oriented towards a career. Web design diploma holders will look for opportunities in industries such as IT firms, advertising agencies, audio-visual media agencies, publishing houses, and marketing companies, and Design Studio, etc.

Diploma in Internet Programming and Web Designing Course Institutes:

Listed below are a few of the popular institutes in India that offer the course.

Name of Institute
Approx Fees

P.A. Inamdar-Visual  Effect, Design & Art, Pune


INR 4 Lacs 

Zee Institute of Creative Arts (ZICA), Ranchi


INR 3 Lacs 

Zee Institute of Creative Arts, Bhubaneswar


INR 2.3 Lacs

Reliance Education Animation and VFX Academy


INR 3 Lacs

ZICA - Noida


INR 2.7 Lacs 

Global Institute of Gaming and Animation


INR 2.75 Lacs 

MAAC, Pune Camp


INR 3 Lacs

7 (Seven) Star Interior Academy


INR 7,000 

Reliance - Education


INR 2 Lacs

Frameboxx Animation and Visual Effects


INR 2 Lacs 

Ecole intuit. lab - French Institute of Design and Communication


INR 18 Lacs 

MAAC, Kamla Nagar


INR 1.5 Lacs 

Arena Animation, Jayanagar


INR 4.30 Lacs 

IMS Design and Innovation - Academy (IMS-DIA)


INR 6 Lacs 

Sadhna Academy for Media Studies


INR 40,000 

Zee Institute of Creative Arts, Mumbai


INR 40,000 

Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore


INR 60,800 

DIPWD Course Eligibility Criteria:

  • The minimum criteria that candidates interested in pursuing the course must meet to be eligible for the course are listed below.
  • Successful qualification of education level 10 + 2 in any stream, from an acknowledged educational board. A minimum aggregate score of 50 percent (45 percent for candidates from SC / ST / OBC) at level 10 + 2.

DIPWD Course Admission Procedure 2024:

Many of the institutes offering the course accept students on the basis of success in a related entrance exam, often followed by a round of personal interviews where they are tested for their general aptitude for the course. Generally, the admission process differs across schools. A couple of institutes also provide direct admission based on the 10 + 2 level performance of the candidate.

List of Computer Degree Programs

DCCA Course

DCTT Course

DOAP Course

DPCTT Course

ADCHN Course

ADCP Course

DCAD Course

DCA Course

DCFA Course

DTP Course

Diploma in Internet Programming and Web Designing Course Fees:

The DIPWD Course fees as stated above range between INR 50,000 to INR 15,00,000 which is subjective and varies from college to college. Some colleges prefer to provide this course in the diploma format while some colleges provide it in a full-term graduation degree format.

Diploma in Internet Programming and Web Designing Course Duration:

The duration of the DIPWD Course varies from 3 months to 3 years. The tenure of the course is different because it is a very vast topic and the colleges and the institutes prefer to provide it with variety as some aspirants may like to prefer doing the short term course while the other might want to seek it in a full-fledged 3-year graduation course.

Diploma in Internet Programming and Web Designing: Syllabus & Curriculum Description

Enlisted below is the syllabus or the curriculum of the DIPWD Course.

Unit 1
Unit 2

Designing and Planning Web Pages

Creating Pages with HTML

Website Evaluation and Rubric Creation

Pre - Coding

Surveying the Possibilities


Developing a Website Evaluation Tool

Basic HTML Markup

Color Theory

Elements of Tags

Color Theory in Web Desi

Essential Tags

Selecting a Color Scheme

Common Tags

Web - Standards & Accessible Design

HTML Lists

Web Standards

Unordered Lists

How People with Disabilities Access the Web

Ordered Lists

Planning a Website

Nested Lists

Organizing a Website

Creating Links

Linking to Pages Within Your Website

Linking to External Internet Sites

Unit 3
Unit 4

Creating a Data Table


Creating a Data Table

Introduction to Web Graphics

Formatting Web Pages with Style Sheets

Introduction to Web Graphic

Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets

Copyright Law and Graphics on the Web

Anatomy of a Style

Creating a Web Photo Album

Applying Styles

Understanding Web Graphics

Applying Styles to Data Tables

Acquiring Images for Web Graphics

Page Layout Techniques

Cropping Resizing

Layout with CSS

Adding Images to Your Web Page

Layout with Tables

Creating Navigation Buttons

Unit 5
Unit 6

Basic Shapes and Colors

Overall Site Design and Management

Working With Text

Website Navigational Systems

Layer Basics

Testing the Usability of Navigational Systems

Optimizing GIF Images

Creating Your Own Navigational System

Creating a Web Page Banner

Using an external style sheet

Basic Image Manipulation

Linking to an External Style Sheet

Selection Tools

Stylizing a Navigational Menu

Layer Effects and Blending

Scripts and Server-side technologies

Unit 7
Unit 8

A Simple Javascript Program

Scripting and the Web

Validating a Website

Controlling Style using Web Authoring Software

Validating Your HTML

CSS and Web Authoring Software: Controlling Presentation

Validating Your CSS

Site Management using Web Authoring Software

Validating Your Accessibility

Overview of Site Management Features

Introduction to Web Authoring Software

Client Website

Creating Web-Page using web Authoring Software

Client Website

Basic Features of Web Authoring Software

Planning the Client Website

Constructing the Client Website

Quality Control of the Client Website

Unit 9
Unit 10

Introduction to Websites

Corel Draw & Photoshop

Introduction to Web Technologies


Protocols and Port Numbers


Domain Names, DNS and Domain

Creating Business Cards, Logos

Client & Server Software.

Creating Brochures

Static, Dynamic and Web Apps

Working with Website Layouts

Web Standards and W3C.ORG

Working with Filters

Introduction of Stock Photography

Advanced Effects

Types of Image Licenses

Unit 10: Adobe Flash

Shape Tween and Motion Tween

Introduction to Adobe Flash

Frame Animation

Tools in Adobe Flash

Various Flash Effects

Creating Flash Banners/Websites

Diploma in Web Designing Career, Scope, Job, and Placement:

A Web Designer may be hired through various work sectors, such as:

  • Advertising agencies
  • Publishing
  • Audio-visual media
  • Design studios
  • Printers & typesetters
  • Manufacturers & department stores
  • Marketing firms
  • Exhibits & displays and educational institutes & libraries.

Front end Developers generally functions client-side, dealing with:

  • web page design
  • user-accessible graphics.

Back end Developers are accountable for the back-end development that interacts with the server. They specialize in languages like:

  • PHP
  • Ruby
  • ASP.Net
  • Java
  • Cold Fusion
  • Perl, etc.

Few of the popular professional employment avenues open for such professionals are enlisted along with their corresponding job description and salary offered for each post.

Job Roles
Job Duties

Web Designer

The design and layout of a website or web page is the responsibility of a Web Designer. This can mean working on a brand new website or updating an existing website. There may however be a crossover between the two roles. The work responsibilities include designing website templates, developing sample pages, and keeping up-to-date with recent developments in technology and software. They also produce products that are user-friendly, effective, and attractive.


Graphic Designer

A Graphic Designer deals on a variety of products & activities such as-






computer games, 

product packaging, 

exhibitions and displays, 

corporate communications and corporate identity, i.e. giving visual 'brand' to organizations. Working with the client, creative director, or account manager, they develop creative ideas and concepts according to agreed briefs. Choose the media and style that suits the client's goals.


Digital Imaging Specialist

Digital Imaging Specialists originate images from scanned films or prints, or digital originals. Images are then printed using a variety of printing equipment or output as digital files. There's also a lot of work being done in restoring old photographs. Digital Imaging Specialists may participate in image archiving and cataloging


Multimedia Scriptwriter

Multimedia Authors contribute to the services that millions of people use or see every day, from video games to educational programs to mobile applications. Their tasks can range from writing the text for an internet marketing campaign to creating computer gaming storylines. Multimedia Writers blend creativity and technology together. They may work with computer-aided design ( CAD ) software, video, and photo editing programs, and web development software, in addition to writing online and other interactive content. These professionals usually need a Bachelor's or equivalent degree in Graphic Design.


Interactive Designer

Interactive Designers may work on projects such as websites, electronic games, online learning material, and interactive television using text, data, graphics, sound, animation, and other digital and visual effects. Typically they work in a product development department, which can include helping to create a client description, planning rough design ideas, and using industry-standard graphics and multimedia packages. They also produce separate visuals for each page, design hypertext links and animated menus, write codes, and test end-product functionality.



Producers play an integral role in the video, film, and television industries. They supervise each project from conception to completion in this position, and may also be involved in the process of organizational distribution. They arrange for funding for each project and keep development within the budget allocated.


Content Writer Web Designing

A Web Designing Author creates lesson plans, produces documents and textbooks for students of all ages and designs content for information pages online, including e-books and brochures. We must decide the information relevant to the knowledge base of the learners and communicate the information in a language that is easy to understand.


Translator/ Content Writers

Many service companies employ language experts for activities such as cataloging, writing content, etc..



Dear Students, in this article we have tried to share all the relevant information regarding the DIPWD Course and hope that all this information put forward will prove useful to you and guide you in deciding your career direction.

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