B.Com Professional Course || Admission, Eligibility, Fees, Duration, Colleges, Scope, Job & Salary
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B.Com Professional Course || Admission, Eligibility, Fees, Duration, Colleges, Scope, Job & Salary

05 May,2020


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B.Com Professional Course Introduction:

  • B.Com Professional course is an Undergraduate course awarded for a course in Commerce, usually lasts for 3 years, it is divided into 6 semesters.
  • The course skills eligible candidates with the ability to operate in the discipline of Profession with the objective of the course is to create professionals who can deal with economic & financial matters.
  • The course is crafted & guided by the most able professionals to groom students in order to fulfill the supply-demand gap in the fields of commerce.
  • The B.Com Professional Syllabus also aims to prepare students towards entrepreneurship & competing for the available opportunities in the industry. Colleges like -
  1. Christ University, Bangalore, 
  2. Stella Maris College, Chennai, 
  3. St. Joseph's College of Commerce, Bangalore, and numerous other colleges that propose the degree are among the top B.Com colleges in India.
  • Universities provide jobs for B.Com Professional students, the course assists aspirants to be able to take up challenging job assignments in -
  1. Accounting, 
  2. Finance, 
  3. Marketing, or
  4. General Aptitude job openings.
B.Com Professional Course Details-
  • Normally, commerce stream students pick up the B.Com course, But both science & arts stream students can apply for the course as they also fit the criteria for eligibility for B.Com.
  • The B.Com Professional course details & equips students with-
  1. managerial skills as well as  accounting skills, 
  2. basics of taxation laws, 
  3. laws & e-commerce, etc. are covered under the course.
  • B.Com Professional course equips the students to calculate environmental factors that influence business operation with the conceptual requirements & skills on preparation & interpretation of financial statements.
  • The candidates can continue higher study courses in a variety of areas of Commerce field or one can find endless career opportunities in the rural sector of India.
Reasons to Choose B.Com Professional Course-
  • B.Com Professional course is designed for young aspiring management accounting professionals to skill them for higher career placement opportunities with a global outlook.
  • This course caters to students who want to pursue careers in management accounting by offering a curriculum integrated with the syllabus set by-

 CIMA, the UK to enable students to show and practice knowledge of Accounting Standards and Reporting methods.

  • The goal of the course is to skill the students to analyze & apply cost accounting practices to aid effective managerial decisions to facilitate the students to exhibit the competency & skills to deal with the tax structure, planning, & modalities for its compliance.

B.Com Professional Course At a Glance

Enlisted are some of the major highlights of this course.

Level of the course

Graduation level

Duration of the course

3 year full- time course

Examination Type

Semester System or Year wise examinations

Eligibility criteria

10+2 Intermediate with 50%

Process of admission

entrance test

Fees of the course

INR 7,000 to 7 Lacs

Approx. Starting Salary

INR 3 lakh to 12 lacs per annum

Popular Recruiting Companies







Hdfc bank,

Just dial,







Park Ascent,

ITC Infotech, 



L&T Infotech, 

Godrej, etc.

Top Recruiters


Merchant Banking, 

Industrial Houses, 

Inventory Control, 

Business Consultancies,

Educational Institutes, 

Budget Planning, 

Investment Banking,


Foreign Trade, 

Public Accounting Firms, 

Capital Market,



Multinational Companies, 

Investment Banking, 

Forensic Accounting, 

Retail Stores,

 Advertising, etc.

Job Designations

Business Consultant,


Chief Financial Analyst, 

Personal Financial Advisor, 

Tax Consultant, 



Budget Analysts,

Cost Estimators, 

Entrepreneurship or Own Business, 

Finance Managers,

Business Consultants, 

Certified Public Accountant, 

Chartered Management Accountant, 

Tax Assistants, 


Human Resource Managers,

Investment Analysts,

Marketing Managers, 

Chief Financial Officer, 

Financial Analyst, 

Personal Financial Advisor, 

Stock Brokers 

Teacher/lecturer, etc.

B.Com Professional Course: Know-How

  • B.Com Professional is a bachelor’s course in commerce. The main motive of the course is to produce professionals who can deal well with economic and financial matters. 
  • The course assists the candidate in developing managerial skills along with accounting skills. 
  • Basics of taxations, laws, e-commerce, etc. are covered under the course. After completion of the academic degree, the candidates can try for jobs-
  1. in banks, 
  2. in financial organizations,
  3. in marketing firms, and so on.

The course study offers many advantages to the students. The important benefit of the course study is with regard to the career. Graduates can find career possibilities in

  1. banking, 
  2. retailing, 
  3. education, 
  4. media communications, and so on. 

The candidate can continue higher study courses in diverse areas of Commerce.

B.Com Professional course assists aspirants to be able to take up challenging job tasks in 

  1. Accounting, 
  2. Finance, 
  3. Marketing, or 
  4. General Aptitude job openings.

B.Com Professional Course Eligibility Criteria:

  • The minimum B.Com Professional Course Eligibility Criteria is that a student must have successfully passed 12th Standard/HSC/10+2 or equivalent Level of Examination from any recognized Board.
  • Various universities prefer candidates with a minimum of  50% aggregate marks for the admission process preferably with commerce stream( or science or humanities in the case of some universities.)

B.Com Professional Course Admission Process:

  • The B.Com Professional Course Admission Process starts with the issue of notification.
  •  Detailed information on the application process can be obtained from the official web portal of the institution.
  •  Quite usually application forms are made available through the authorized web portal of the University that proposes the course.
  •  It can also be collected from other authorized centers. Obtained applications must be filled in carefully. 
  • This must be done only after precisely understanding the guidelines given in the brochure. 
  • The candidate should also be very careful in submitting the application before the final date.

Institutes prefer to conduct their entrance exams for the selection of the appropriate candidates. Some of the names are given as follows:

  • Jain  University  Entrance  Exam
  • Christ  University  Entrance  Exam
  • Symbiosis  College  of  Arts  and  Commerce  Entrance  test
  • K. J. Somaiya  College  of  Arts  &  Commerce  Entrance  test
  • Narsee         Monjee        Institute  of  Management   Entrance  test
  • St. Joseph's  College  Devagiri  Entrance  Exam
  • Xavier  University Entrance  Exam
  • University  of  Mumbai  Entrance  Exam
  • Amity  University  Entrance  Exam

B.Com Professional Course Fees:

The B.Com Professional Course Fees ranges between INR 7K to INR 7 LAKHS. The difference in the fee structure is because of the facilities provided by the college or the placement goodwill of the college or because of the lecture timings of the college. On average it is seen that government-aided colleges levy fewer fees on the students whereas the private colleges levy high fees on the students. 

B.Com Professional Course Duration:

The B.Com Professional Course Duration is a 3 years full-time course. This course is divided into 6 semesters and in some universities, it is carried on in the yearly pattern which means conducting exams on an annual basis. The entire syllabus or course is systematically divided across the semesters in the form of lessons that can be delivered to the students in theory or in the practical form of knowledge.  

B.Com Professional Course Colleges and  Institutes Enlisted are some of the top B.Com Professional Course Colleges and institutes in India.

Name of  College and Institute


Approx. Fees

Jain   University


INR 1,20,000

Christ   University


INR 2,50,000

H. R.  College  of  Commerce  &   Economics


INR 3,500

Narsee  Monjee  College  of  Commerce  &   Economics


INR 15,500

Symbiosis   College  of  Arts  &   Commerce


INR 16,833

K. J. Somaiya  College  of  Arts  & Commerce


INR 10,145

Mithibai   College   of   Arts


INR 20,661

Jai   Hind   College


INR 5,742

St   Ann's   College  for   Women


INR 15,955

P. S. G. R.  Krishnammal   College   for Women


INR 900

Tolani   College   of   Commerce


INR 22,385

N.   K.   College   of   Commerce


INR 20,221

University   of   Rajasthan


INR 5,453

Kishinchand  Chellaram   College


INR 19,248

G. N. K. College   of   Arts,   Science   & Commerce


INR 20,510

P.  S.  G. College   Of   Arts  &    Science


INR 15,833

S.D.N  Bhatt    Vaishnav    College  For  Women


INR 50,000

Sree    Narayana     Guru     College   Of Commerce


INR 28,327

The   L. I .S.    University


INR 40,472

Narsee   Monjee   Institute   Of   Management   Studies


INR 79,000

St   Joseph's   College   Devagiri


INR 78,000

Xavier   University


INR 2,50,000

University   Of   Mumbai


INR 8,025

Amity   University


INR 65,496

B.Com Professional Course Syllabus

A yearly bifurcation of the B.Com Professional course syllabus is provided here.

Year 1

Year 2

Year 3

English Communication Skills

Company Laws & Secretarial Practices

Management of Accounting and Auditing

Punjabi or Punjab History & Culture PHC Compulsory



Direct Taxes and  Laws

Business & Labour Laws



Banking  Theory  and  Practice

Financial  -  Accounting Theory & Application



Financial    Management

Business     Management

Windows   and





Q.  T.   for   Business

Indirect   Tax Laws

Entrepreneurship   &   Small Business

Computer   Applications

Insurance   & Risk    Mgt.

Additional   Assignments Project   report   Viva   Voice &   Project   Report

Additional   Assignments Viva   Voice   Six   weeks Practical   Training




B.Com Professional Course Scope:

This B.Com Professional Course Scope course is very vast, a student would attain conceptual knowledge and analytical skills that may help in areas of employment at various levels. This course targets at providing comprehensive insight into accounting, finance, taxation, law, management, and so on. In B.Com Professional course students get the chance to know about computerized accounting & they also get the chance to undergo training with chartered accountants.

Such graduates are hired in designations such as-

  • Business Consultant,
  • Auditor, 
  • Chief Financial Analyst, 
  • Personal Financial Advisor, 
  • Tax Consultant,
  • Teacher,
  • Actuaries, 
  • Budget Analysts,
  • Cost Estimators,
  • Entrepreneurship or Own Business, 
  • Finance Managers, 
  • Business Consultants,
  • Certified Public Accountant,
  • Chartered Management Accountant, 
  • Tax Assistants, 
  • BookKeepers, 
  • Human Resource Managers,
  •  Investment Analysts,
  •  Marketing Managers,
  •  Chief Financial Officer,
  •  Financial Analyst,
  •  Personal Financial Advisor, 
  • Stock Brokers Teacher or lecturer, etc.

It is also helpful in seeking further studies such as M. Com, M.B.A, CFA, ICWA, ICAI, ICS, etc. The course is useful to provide a-

  1. a strong basic-level knowledge of the functioning of business organizations,
  2. commercial transactions, and of various specialized operations such as accounting, finance, & marketing by offering a comprehensive curriculum. The course teaches students to make decisions & solve issues, for example, analyzing data & assessing results to pick the best solution & solve problems.

The salary of the candidates differs from department to department. Candidates having a few years of experience may get lucrative compensation. Salaries depend on the nature of the organization & also on the type of job. However, it ranges between INR 15,000 to 35,000 per month for a fresh hire. The approx. salary of a CA in the company is around 7 lakh to 12 lakh per annum.

B.Com Professional Course Jobs:

  • The B.Com Professional Course Jobs exist mainly in financial firms & in the banking sector. They can deal with the marketing & sales of banking & insurance products. 
  • These graduate professionals can work in the accounting section of various industrial houses & governmental firms. 
  • They can find jobs in central government firms like in Indian Statistical Institute. They can also get into various job profiles available in various organizations under the Department of Commerce, Government of India.
  • With the enormous rise in the number of job possibilities in-
  1. education, 
  2. government, 
  3. business, 
  4. Management,
  5. MNCs, 
  6. NGOs, 
  7. retail sectors, 
  8. banking, 
  9. consultancy, 
  10. finance, 
  11. FMCG, 
  12. consumer durables, 
  13. IT, 
  14. advertising, and media, 
  • B.Com is a necessity, & B.Com Professional provides a deeper insight into economic issues which is very useful in a managerial position in industries as well as in the banking sector.
  •  B.Com professional course prepares a student to grab jobs in national & multinational companies & even govt. jobs.

Job Profiles

Job Roles

Approx. Annual Pay Scale in INR



He is in - charge of managing operations inside an insurance practice.

 Overseas agents,

 specialists, &

 appraisers. Safeguard claims are prepared in a systematic way & resolve issues that emerge amid handling.




Account executives perform their job with a variety of departments, such as-


copywriting and 

art departments, in order to create innovative advertising & marketing campaigns.



Actuaries use statistical techniques & numerical abilities to evaluate the probability of an occasion & its financial results.




The business consultant works with customers on-




planning, and


& assist customers to build business abilities & knowledge.



An auditor prepares & looks at financial records. They ensure that financial records are exact & that charges are paid suitably & on time.


Some other Job Profiles for Bachelor of Commerce B.Com Professional Course:
  • Business  Consultant
  • Auditor
  • Chief  Financial  Analyst
  • Personal  Financial  Advisor
  • Budget  Analysts
  • Cost  Estimator
  • Business  Consultants
  • Certified  Public  Accountant
  • Chartered  Management  Accountant

We have provided the aspirants with all the important information regarding the B.Com Professional Course. This information will help the students to take their career decisions wisely and excel in their respective fields. Hoping for your brighter future.

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