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B.Com Computer Science Course - Check Course Fees, Syllabus, Eligibility, Duration, Career & Scope 2024

Update on 16 Jun, 2024


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B.Com Computer Science Course - Check Course Fees, Syllabus, Eligibility, Duration, Career & Scope 2024-here

Table of Content: B.Com Computer Science Course

  • BCom Computer Science Course in 2024: Highlights
  • Details of B.Com Computer Science (CS) Course
  • Benefits of B.Com Integration with Computer Science (CS) Course
  • BCom Computer Science Course Eligibility
  • B.Com Computer Science Course Admission Process in 2024
  • BCom Computer Science Course Fees in 2024
  • B.Com Computer Science Course Duration
  • BCom Computer Science Course Colleges
  • Bachelor of Commerce Computer Science Course Syllabus
  • Career & Scope after B.Com Computer Science Course
  • Job Profiles After B.Com Computer Science Course

BCom in Computer Science: B.Com with Computer Science is a 3-year full-time undergraduate course formulated to study the application of computer science in the stream of commerce. computer science eligibility criteria are qualifying 10+2 examination with business & commerce as their core subjects.

B.Com Computer Science Course in 2024: Highlights

Name of  the Degree: Bachelor's Degree
Full Name: Bachelors of Commerce Computer Science
Bcom Computer Science Course Duration: 3 Years
Age limitations: No specific age limitations
Minimum aggregate Percentage: 50% marks in aggregate are required in the 10+2 exam
Subjects Necessary: 10+2  intermediate from a Recognized Educational Board or its equivalent
Approx Fees Incurred: INR 10K - 2 lakhs per annum
Similar Options for Study: B.Com Computer Applications, B.Com Corporate Secretaryship, B.Com Accountancy, etc.
B.Com Computer Science Salary: INR 5 L per annum
Employment Profiles: Financial Analyst, Finance Manager, Executive Assistant, Accountant, Operations Manager, Account Executive, Chartered Accountant, Senior Accountant, Senior Account Executive, Account Manager, etc.
Placement possibilities: Wipro Technologies Ltd, Ernst & Young, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co, HDFC Bank Pvt Ltd, WNS Global Services, HCL Technologies Ltd., Inc, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Deloitte, Ocwen LLC, etc.

Details of B.Com Computer Science (CS) Course

Some of the famous Bachelor of Commerce Computer Science course  colleges are as follows:

  • Indira Gandhi College - Kerala
  • Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya - Madhya Pradesh
  • Maharaja Arts & Science College - (MACS) - Tamil Nadu
  • Osmania College - Autonomous - Andhra Pradesh
  • Punjabi University - Punjab

The approx course fee ranges from INR 10,000 to 2 Lacs. This may vary for different colleges. 

Certain major B.Com Computer Science colleges may administer entrance examinations for the program. On adding the marks obtained in the 12th class, admission to the Bachelor of Commerce in Computer Science Course is processed further.

This course exclusively works with the study of computer technology and its science used in the workings of commerce. Aspirants through this course can gain an in-depth knowledge of different computer-based systems & how they can be used to increase their knowledge in this field.

Aspirants are required to have the basic knowledge of operating computers which would make handling of systems an easy task. Having an interest in mathematics and science is considered to be a favorable trait that can be useful to the students in inventing & creating newer technologies. Considering its application in the stream of commerce, computer science enables users with the medium to perform many specified tasks.

The graduates have ample opportunities in the areas of:

  • Software development firms,
  • Networking companies, 
  • Banking sector, 
  • Web designing & much more. 
  • Accounting Sector

Graduates' approximate compensation after completing the program ranges between INR 3 to 8 Lacs per annum, which are subjected to increase with experience & higher qualifications.

  • BCom Computer Science course is an undergraduate commerce program, usually, it is a 3 academic year degree program & may also differ from place to place.
  • The Bachelor of Commerce Computer Science course syllabus is bifurcated into 6 semesters, It may be carried out on a part-time basis by certain institutions.

B.Com Computer Science pass-outs will have:

  1. Ability to create & invent things
  2. Knowledge of technology
  3. Interest in mathematics & science
  4. programming know-how & computer hardware or software by the end of the course.

After completion of the degree course pass outs of the course can find many B.Com Computer Science Course jobs and opportunities in different fields, or won't they want to go for teaching fields at higher degree level i.e. college & university level both in private & government institutions are a good match for it.

The Bachelor of Commerce Computer Science Course students will have a detailed knowledge of the core commercial & computer subjects which include- 

  • E-Commerce,
  • Cost Accounting, 
  • Financial Accounting, 
  • Computers, 
  • Circuits Design, 
  • Modeling, etc.

Benefits of BCom Integration with Computer Science (CS) Course

With an increase in business & commerce, the need for newer applications that can ease the process of transactions & other workings has been on the search. The program put together commerce & computer science in order to solve the work related to accounts and programming. Candidates are required to put in extensive practice and concentration to imbibe the skills needed to understand the subject at length.    

  • Knowledge of programming,
  • Computer hardware, and
  • Sware,

as well as having a general interest in the areas of mathematics & science proves to be beneficial for this course.

The curriculum consists of the theoretical and practical study of the subjects. After taking up this course, students are open with them to opt for higher studies in the subject along with completing their masters in the possibilities respective fields. Computer Science B.Com Course allows its disciples a wide spectrum of opportunities in the areas of employment. Organizations are constantly in need of programs & applications that can assist them in solving many accounting & commerce-related work.

Candidates can choose a career in the:

  • Software industry
  • Computer networking companies
  • E-commerce
  • Programming
  • Governmental departments
  • Business & commercial organizations

The program’s goal is to equip the students with the competence of becoming world-class professionals in the area of study and take up challenging work efficiently.

  • Bachelor of Commerce Computer Science Course is a culmination of Computers & Commerce,  in order to solve the work related to accounts & programming.
  • Computer Science is a study of theoretical processes which are designed to help the user to perform specific tasks.

B.Com Computer Science consists of the theoretical and practical study of the subjects like:

  • Business Organization
  • E-Commerce
  • Cost Accounting
  • Financial Accounting
  • Fundamentals of Computers
  • Internet and Web Designing
  • Banking Theory
  • Banking Law
  • Banking Practice

It teaches students in fields of:

  1. Accounting principles
  2. Export & import laws
  3. Economic policies
  4. Other aspects that impact trade & business

The program’s goal encourages the students to become world-class professionals in their area of study, also taking up challenging work efficiently.

B.Com Computer Science Course Eligibility

  • An Aspirant should have qualified for their 10+2 intermediate examination in Business & Commerce, Arts or Science in order to pursue a BCom Computer Science program.
  • An aspirant willing to pursue the B.Com Computer Science Degree must have obtained a basic of 50% marks in the aggregate & 45% marks in the case of SC or ST, at the previous qualifying examination.
  • The cut-off marks of admission for this B.Com CS Course may vary from college to college.
  • Some institutes consider entrance exam scores + an interview + a weightage percentage of 10+2 class for the admission of students.

BCom Computer Science Course Admission Process in 2024

  • Bachelor of Commerce in Computer Science Course Admission is merit-based, Aspirants who are applying for the Bachelor of Commerce Computer Science course should beforehand have their results from their previous education.
  • Admission Applications can be processed either from the University website or by visiting the Admissions Office of the same college.
  • Aspirants will have to fill out the required details a match the existing documents.
  • Some colleges may also administer private entrance examinations, which would be followed by a personal interview process in order to determine the competence of the applicant who wishes to avail of the program.
  • All other information & details of examination, admission & course prospectus can be availed from the college website.

B.Com Computer Science Course Fees in 2024

B.Com CS Course Fees range between INR 10,000 to INR 2 Lakhs. This variation in the fee structure is because of the ranking, reputation, infrastructure, and placement history of the college or the institute. Usually, the fee levied by the private institute is much more than the fee charged by a public college.

BCom Computer Science Course Duration

The Duration is of 3 academic years which is, for the betterment of imparting the education in a systematic manner, further bifurcated into 6 semesters. Each semester is of 6 months and each academic year consists of 2 semesters each. The entire syllabus is systematically taught in theory and practical subjects to the students.

List of Colleges for BCom Computer Science Course

 The popular names of B.Com. Computer Science Course Colleges are listed below:

Name of the Colleges Place Approx Course Fee (INR)
PBharathidasan College of Arts & Science Tamil Nadu 18,500
Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya Madhya Pradesh 80,500
Gondwana University Maharashtra 20,000
Annamalai University Tamil Nadu N/A
Indira Gandhi College of Arts & Science Kerala 10,200
J.J. College of Arts & Science Autonomous body Tamil Nadu N/A
Kakatiya University Warangal 35,900
K.S. Rangasamy College of Arts & Science Autonomous body Tamil Nadu N/A
Maharaja Arts & Science College - MACS Tamil Nadu 25,750
Oriental University Madhya Pradesh 55,000
Osmania College - Autonomous body Andhra Pradesh 15,060
Punjabi University Punjab 2,00,000

Bachelor of Commerce in Computer Science Course Syllabus

Bachelor of Commerce in CS Course Syllabus deals with the application of:

  • Computer technology
  • Systems
  • Applications in the field of commerce

Candidates are imparted with in-depth knowledge of the subject & knowledge of computer-based languages. The course is bifurcated into theoretical & practical papers, the examination of which would be conducted at the end of each term.

BCom Computer Science Course Syllabus - 1st Year

1st Semester 2nd Semester
Language Study 1 Income tax law & Practice
Language Study 2 Computer Application Practical -1
Accounting Principles E-Commerce
Introduction to Information Technology Principles of Management
Practical: Computer Application 1 HTML & Javascript

B.Com Computer Science Course Syllabus - 2nd Year

3rd Semester 4th Semester
Principles of Financial Accounting Financial Accounting
Marketing Management Marketing Management
Database Management System Database Management System
C ++ Banking Theory Law & Practice
Practical: Computer Application 2 Technical Writing

BCom Computer Science Course Syllabus - 3rd Year

5th Semester 6th Semester
Cost Accounting and Management Java Programming
Business Statistics Internet & Web designing
Business Management Computer Information System
Software Development & Visual Basic Software Development & Visual Basic
Practical: Computer Application 3 Business Statistics

Career & Scope after BCom Computer Science Course

The Scope is very wide after the successful completion of the program. Successfully passed out students can choose organizations that utilize the science of computer knowledge in order to manage the work of accounts & carry on several transactions.

They have a possibility of employment in the areas of:

  • IT Industry,
  • Banking Sectors,
  • Web Designing Sites,
  • Institutions and much more.

They can be employed as:

  1. Mobile Application Developer,
  2. Computer Operator,
  3. Informatics Application Developer,
  4. Computer Application Specialist &
  5. Accounts Assistant and so on.

Applicant possessing:

  • Interest inaptitude for technology, Mathematics, & Science.
  • Familiarity with programming & computer hardware and software.

In-depth knowledge of core electrical & computer subjects such as:

  1. Electronics
  2. Electrical systems
  3. Computers
  4. Circuits
  5. Design
  6. Modeling is suitable for this course

The graduates can find B.Com Computer Science job possibilities in a variety of environments in:

  • Research
  • University
  • Private & public industries
  • Government departments

Course pass-outs can also work as:

  • Programmers
  • Web developers
  • E-commerce
  • Specialists with Telecommunication
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace, etc.

industries that build and use computer-based systems. Candidates can go for higher education which is postgraduate programs in respective B.Com Computer Science fields or for further research work.

B.Com Computer Science Course Jobs

Job profiles after this Course are various and in ample amounts. Candidates with fundamental training in managing various tasks related to business and its management. As this course is a unique culmination of commerce with science, the students have a wide spectrum of opportunities laid across to explore.

They are skilled with the fundamental knowledge of the software which can enable them to perform multi-tasks related to accounting & operations.

Job Profiles After B.Com Computer Science are both in commerce and computer fields. Students can opt for organizations that use the science of computer knowledge in order to manage the work of accounts & carry on several transactions.

Job Profiles After BCom CS Course

  1. IT Industry
  2. Banking Sectors
  3. Web Designing Sites
  4. Institutions and much more.

They can be-

  • Mobile Application Developer
  • Computer Operator
  • Informatics Application Developer
  • Computer Application Specialist and
  • Accounts Assistant and so on.

Job Roles for BCom Computer Science

  • Computer Operator
  • Mobile Application Developer
  • CAD Application Support Technician
  • Computer Assistant
  • Asst. Prof. or Associate Prof. or Professor - Computer Science
  • Applications Developer - Informatics
  • Computer - Laboratory Technician
  • Computer Scientist or Member Technical Staff
  • Clerk - Cum - Computer Operator
Job Designation Job Roles Approx. Salary Per Annum (INR)
Computer Application Specialist & Accounts Assistant Work includes: data entry, Designing, Managing payrolls, Bookkeeping & maintaining account-related tasks. 3 to 5 Lacs
Computer Operator Work includes: maintaining logbooks, maintaining systems, ensuring the system is free of viruses, upgrading of software, and managing data. 3 to 8 Lacs
Informatics Applications Developer Work includes: enlisting the data, managing security, and developing applications to store information. 4 to 9 Lacs
Computer Programmer Work includes: constructing instructions using computer languages, developing applications, maintaining & debugging computer systems. 5 to 8 Lacs
Mobile Application Developer Work includes: creating applications for mobile devices. 5 to 6 Lacs
CAD Application Support Technician Work includes: designing plans for machinery & buildings using CAD software. 4 to 7 Lacs


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