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B.Tech Entrance Syllabus 2024

 B.Tech courses are the most in-demand courses after Class 12 exams.  Candidates with a  degree in Engineering become eligible for job opportunities in various industries with good salary prospects. Candidates who are seeking admission to the top B.Tech Colleges must appear for the Entrance exams. The Entrance exams are conducted at both National level and State level. Some Private colleges also conduct their own entrance exams for admission of the candidates to their desired B.Tech courses.

➥ The subjects for the B.Tech Entrance exams are Maths, Physics and Chemistry. The compulsory language for the Engineering exam is English. Aspiring candidates must know the  exam pattern and the B.Tech entrance Syllabus beforehand. This will help them to prepare well in the exams and score qualifying marks.

➥ Candidates appearing for the B.Tech Entrance Exam must be familiar with the syllabus and the exam pattern. The exam pattern will help them to know the distribution of marks and the weightage of each section. After knowing the exam pattern candidates can start preparing for the B.Tech entrance exams.

➥ The most widely accepted Entrance exam for B.Tech is the JEE main. This exam is conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA)and is held for the admission of the candidates to the top Engineering Colleges like the IITs and the NITs.

➥ NTA releases the B.Tech Entrance syllabus on the official website for both Paper I and Paper II. The Paper I syllabus is mainly from the 3 subjects - Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. The exam also consists of topics from the Class 11 and Class 12 Board exam syllabus for PCM.

➥ The Paper II B.Tech Entrance subjects for JEE Mains is the Aptitude Test for BArch and BPlanning. For both Paper I and Paper II, the exam duration is 3 hours and the exam is a Computer-based online test

B.Tech Entrance Syllabus 2024

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Check out The Subject wise B.Tech Entrance Exam Syllabus for The JEE Mains:

Subject- Physics

Section A- Theory (80% weightage)

Section B - Practical (20% weightage)





Physics and Measurement




Laws of motion

Work, energy and power

Electromagnetic induction and alternating currents

Rotational motion


Electromagnetic waves

Properties of solids and liquids


Dual nature of matter and radiation

Atoms and nuclei

Kinetic theory of gases

Oscillation and waves

KInetic theory of gases

Communication systems

Electronic devices

Subject- Chemistry

Section A- Physical Chemistry(35.6%)

Section B- Inorganic Chemistry (29.7%)

Section C- Organic Chemistry (34.7%)





Some basic concepts in Chemistry

Atomic Structure

Chemical Thermodynamics


States of matter

Chemical bonding and molecular structure


Redox reactions and electrochemistry

Surface chemistry

Classification of elements and periodicity in properties


P-block elements

Coordination compounds

General principles and processes of isolation of elements

S block elements (Alkali and alkaline earth metals)

Coordination compounds

D and f block elements

Environmental chemistry

Purification characterisation of organic compounds


Organic compounds containing Halogen

Organic compounds containing Nitrogen

Organic compounds containing Oxygen



Chemistry in everyday life

Principles related to Practical Chemistry

Subject- Mathematics





Sets, Relations and function




Differential equations


Coordinate Geometry

3D Geometry

Permutation Combinations

Limits and continuity

Sequences and series

Integral calculus


Vector Algebra

Mathematical reasoning


Exam pattern for B.Tech Entrance Syllabus:

Candidates appearing for the JEE Main exam must know the exam pattern to score good marks. The exam pattern will give an idea of the weightage and mark distribution of each topic. From the JEE Mains Exam Pattern, candidates can know about the total time allotted for the exam. This will help them in time management while solving the Mock test papers.

Name of the exam- JEE Main

 Conducting authority- National Testing Authority

➤ Type of exam- Computer based online test

➤ Duration of the exam- 3 hours

➤ Subjects- Physics, Chemistry, Maths

➤ Total number of questions- 75

➤ Total marks- 300

➤ Type of questions- Objective type with Multiple choice answers

Marking Pattern:

➤ Correct answer: 4 marks

➤ Incorrect answer:1 mark deduction

Marking Pattern for Numerical Questions:

➤ Correct answer- 4 marks

➤ Incorrect answer- No deduction

Other B.Tech Entrance exam Syllabus:

The JEE Main and Advanced is the National level Engineering Entrance exam. There are several other Engineering Entrance exams that are conducted at the State level and the University Level. The syllabus for these exams is based on the topics of Class 11 and 12 and the B.Tech Entrance subjects include Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

The exam pattern for these have slight differences in the total marks, duration of the exam, and the distribution of marks.

An overview of the B.Tech Entrance syllabus for the State level and the University level exams

Subject- Physics


Heat and Thermodynamics


Wave optics and Modern Physics

Simple harmonic motion

Current electricity

Motion in 2 Dimension

Laws of motion 

Effects of Current

Ray optics and Optical Instruments

Vector motion


2D Motion


Subject- Chemistry


Chemical Kinetics

Chemical Thermodynamics

Ionic equilibrium

Gaseous state


Alcohol, Phenol, and Ether

Chemical bonding- Acid-Base concept

Redox reaction

Atomic structure

Surface Chemistry

Periodic table


Colligative properties of solutions

Subject- Mathematics




Matrices and Determinants

Theory of equations

Complex numbers

Three Dimensional Geometry

Permutations and Combinations

Limit and Continuity

Binomial Theorem




Reference books for the B.Tech Entrance subjects:

➤ NCERT Physics Book 1 and 2

➤ Problems on General Physics by I.E Irodov

➤ IIT-JEE Physics by DC Pandey (Arihant books)

➤ Fundamentals of Physics by Resnick, Halliday, and Walker


➤ NCERT Chemistry Book 1 and 2

➤ Physical and Organic Chemistry by O P Tandon

➤ Numerical Chemistry by P Bahadur

➤ Concise Inorganic Chemistry by J D Lee


➤ NCERT Mathematics Book 1 and 2

➤ Class 11 and 12 Mathematics by R D Sharma

➤ Higher Algebra by Hall and Knight

➤ Problems in Calculus by I A Maron

Important Points of The B.Tech Entrance Syllabus
  • The B.Tech Entrance exams are difficult but candidates can qualify for the exams if they follow a few simple rules
  • Study your NCERT books thoroughly as they will build the foundation of the different concepts.
  • A study from reference books for all the subjects for an in-depth understanding of each topic.
  • Improve your problem-solving abilities by continuous self-evaluation of all the topics.
  • Do not leave out any section or topic from the B.Tech Entrance Syllabus. All topics are of equal importance and must be studied with full dedication.
  • Learn time management skills by solving mock test papers regularly. Sample test papers will give a good idea of the exam pattern, distribution of marks, and the weightage of each section.
  • Practice all the formulas regularly so that everything is at your fingertips. Regular practice will not only increase the speed of solving papers but also lead to a lesser number of mistakes.
  • Check the official website regularly for the latest notifications on the B.Tech Entrance Exams.
  • Lastly, do activities that will keep your mind stress-free and in good spirits. 

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