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NIOS Board 10th

NIOS Board 10th Syllabus 2024

The National Institute of Open Schooling will release the syllabus for the 10th Board exams on the official website. Candidates can download the NIOS 10th Board syllabus from the official website to understand the topics and the weightage of each section of the exam.

The NIOS syllabus is available for the subjects- English, Hindi, Social Science, Mathematics, Economics, Science and Technology, Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics, Data entry operations, Home Science, and Social Science. After downloading the entire syllabus, students can focus on the different subjects in order of their importance.

Key Points of NIOS 10th Board Syllabus 2024:

  • The NIOS syllabus at the Secondary level consists of Group A and Group B subjects.
  • The Group A subjects include English, Hindi, Urdu, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Marathi, Assamese, Punjabi, Nepali, Persian, Tamil, Odia, Sanskrit, Gujarati, Kannada, Punjabi.
  • The Group B subjects include- Science and Technology, Mathematics, Social Science, Home Science, Psychology, Data entry operations, Indian culture and Heritage, Accountancy, Painting, and Economics.
  • The minimum number of subjects that can be chosen at the Secondary level is 5 and the maximum number of subjects is 7.
  • Each student can take a compulsory language and a maximum of 2 languages.
  • The minimum pass percentage for each student is 33% for the NIOS 10th Board exam.
  • Students must take at least 1 language from Group A and 3 to 4 subjects from Group B.
  • The NIOS 10th Board Certificate will be allotted to the students who have cleared a minimum of 5 subjects and 1 language.

NIOS Board 10th Syllabus

Subject Wise Syllabus of NIOS 10th Board Exam 2024:

Given below are the subject wise syllabus of NIOS 10th Board exam:


Topics- Book 1 Kondiba- The Hero
How the squirrel got its stripes
Tall trees
A Tiger comes to town- I and II
Nine Gold Medals
My elder brother
Indian weavers
The last stone mansion
Stealing and atonement
Noise- How its affects our lives
Topics- Book 2 My vision for India
Caring for others
The little girl
A Prayer for healing
The Village pharmacy
The truth
Cooperate and prosper
Once upon a time
The return of the Lion
Ustad Bismillah Khan
New good things from rubbish
The parrot who won’t talk
The little girl

Science and Technology

Modules Measurement in Science
The living world
Natural resource
Humans and environment
Matter in our surroundings
The moving things


Modules About economy
Understanding economics
Goods and services
Indian economy
Contemporary economic issues
Distributing goods and services
Money, banking and Insurance
Meaning and types of economy
Central problems of an economy
Production and presentation of data
Cost and revenue
Demand and supply
Determination of price
Money and its role in economics
Presentation and analysis of data in economics
Eco secondary analysis of data


Modules Algebra
Commercial Mathematics

Social Science

Modules Introduction to Social Science
Ancient world
Medieval world
Modern world
Impact of British rule in India
Religious and Social awakening in Colonial India
Indian National movement
Climate of India
Agriculture in India
Transport and Communication
Fundamental rights and fundamental duties
Local Government and field administration

Indian Culture and Heritage

Modules Culture
History of culture through the ages
Languages and literature
Religion and philosophy
Painting, performing arts and architecture
Science and Technology
Social structure


Topics History and appreciation of Indian art
Introduction to Indian folk Art
Painting and impressionism
Painting contemporary Indian Art
Renaissance painting
Introduction to drawing materials
Pioneers of contemporary Indian Art
Nature study
Life sketching
Composition drawing
Still life drawing

Business Studies

Modules Nature and scope of business
Cooperative societies and joint scope of business
Transport services
Banking and Insurance Services
Purchase and Sale
Channel and distribution
Choosing a career
Rights and responsibilities of a consumer
Retail trade and advertising


Modules Foundations of Psychology
Social psychological processes
Basic psychological processes
Health and well being
Work life and environment concerns
Human development
Yoga- A way of life


Modules Introduction to basic concepts
Ledger and Trial balance
Introduction to accounting
Preparation of financial statements
Depreciation, provisions and reserve
Computers in accounting

Data Entry Operations

Topics Basics of word processing
Formatting documents
Operating systems
Basics of spreadsheets
Formulas, functions and charts
Mail merge
Creating presentations
Formulas, functions and charts

Home Science

Topics What is home Science
Food groups
Methods of cooking and preservation of food
Communication and Lifestyle diseases
Fiber to fabric
Safety in home
Managing time and energy
Concept of development
Ethics in daily life
Introduction to resources
Charms and challenges of adolescence

Best Books to prepare for NIOS 10th Board syllabus 2024 for all the subjects:

  • All is well guide plus for data entry operations
  • Top NIOS English guide for Class 10
  • Top NIOS Science and Technology guide
  • Top NIOS Hindi guide for Class 10
  • NIOS Class 10 English book by Neeraj
  • NIOS Class 10 economics book
  • NIOS Class 10 Accountancy book

How to Download the NIOS 10th Board books?

  • Go to the official website of NIOS.
  • Click the Student Information section on the homepage.
  • Select the syllabus and sample question paper under the General information section of the homepage.
  • The Class 10 (Secondary course page will appear on the screen with all the subjects.
  • Click on the desired subject and get the books for the subject.
  • Download the books and save it on your computer for future use.

Preparation Tips for NIOS 10th Board Exam:

  • Prepare a study schedule and distribute all the subjects in order of their importance. This will help you to finish your syllabus in time and maintain self discipline during the exams.
  • Study the weaker subject first to prevent last minute anxieties. After completing the areas that require special attention, you can move on to the easier topics.
  • Prepare your study routine in such a way that there is enough time for rest. Do activities that keep your mind relaxed and help you to focus more during the exams.
  • After completing your syllabus, solve as many sample papers as possible. This will help you to self analyze and evaluate. Solving previous years’ papers will assist in understanding the weak topics so that you can focus accordingly.

NIOS 10th Board Exam Pattern 2024:

Students who are appearing for the NIOS 10th Board exams must go through the exam pattern carefully. The NIOS 10th Board Exam pattern 2024 will be released on the official website. There are 8 mediums of the exam for NIOS 10th Board which are Hindi,English,Urdu,Telugu, Marathi ,Gujarati, Odia, Malayalam. NIOS also offers vocational subjects at the Secondary level.

Steps to NIOS 10th Board Exam Pattern 2024:

  1. Go to the official website of NIOS.
  2. Click the “Student information” link available on the homepage.
  3. Now click on the NIOS 10th syllabus and exam pattern link.
  4. The exam pattern and the syllabus will appear on the screen in the respective medium.
  5. Click the medium and the respective exam pattern.
  6. Download the exam pattern and the syllabus and save it for future reference.

Details of NIOS 10th Board Exam Pattern 2024:

  • The NIOS 10th Board exams are held twice a year - April-May and October-November.
  • The subjects are divided into 2 categories- Group A and Group B.
  • The subjects of Group A include - English, Hindi, Urdu, Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam,Marathi, Assamese, Punjabi, Nepali,Persian, Tamil,Odia, Sanskrit,Gujarati, Kannada, Punjabi.
  • The subjects of Group B include Science and Technology, mathematics, Social Science,Home Science,Psychology, Data entry operations, Indian culture and Heritage, Accountancy, Painting,Economics.
  • Candidates have to take a minimum of 5 subjects.
  • It is compulsory to take minimum 1 language and maximum 2 languages to become eligible for Certification.
  • The Grading of marks will be based on final exams and tutor marks assignments (TMA).
  • For Group A subjects without practicals the final marks will be of 100 scaled down to 80 and 20 marks allotted forS.No TMAs.
  • For subjects with practicals (both Group A and group B), the final exam will be of 85 scaled down to 64. The TMAs will be of 20 scaled down to 16.
  • The time duration of final exams for most of the subjects is 3 hours while for subjects like Home Science the time duration is 2.5 hours.
  • Students appearing for the final exams will be tested in areas like knowledge, application and understanding.
  • Subjects like Mathematics, Science and Technology will also have skills and practicals  as the testing parameters.

Distribution of marks for all the subjects of the NIOS 10th Board exams:

Subjects Knowledge Application Understanding Skills Practicals
Mathematics 25 10 42 8 15
Economics 30 20 50    
Social Science 30 14 48 8  
Home Science 25 10 42 8 15
Business Studies 30 20 50    
Psychology 30 20 50    
Accountancy 20 20 50    
Painting 10 5 15   30
Indian culture and heritage 30 20 50    

Distribution of Marks for English and Data Entry Operations:

Subject English
Reading 15 Marks
Writing 15 Marks
Grammar 30 Marks
Literature 30 Marks
Subject Data Entry Operations
Theory 40 Marks
Practical 60 Marks

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