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Odisha Board 11th Syllabus 2024

Odisha Board 11th syllabus 2024: The Council of Higher Secondary exam Odisha will upload the syllabus on the official website. Students must download the entire syllabus and start preparing for the exams. The Odisha Board 11th syllabus will consist of all the subjects and topics of the exam in detail.

Students who are appearing for the Odisha Board 11th exam must have an idea of the complete syllabus to score well in the exam. The Class 11 exam consists of 100 marks allotted for each subject. Odisha Board 11th has the following streams- Arts, Science, and Commerce and a detailed study of the syllabus will help the students to grasp all the concepts in a clear manner.

The Odisha Board 11th syllabus 2024 will consist of all the subjects of the streams- Arts, Science and Commerce. Students must study all the topics and the subjects carefully to score well in the exams. The Council of Higher Education Odisha revises the syllabus every year and students can download the updated syllabus from the official website.

Process to Download the Odisha Board 11th Exam Syllabus 2024:

  • Go to the official website of the Council of Higher Education Odisha.
  • Click the Odisha Board +1 New Syllabus 2024 link on the homepage.
  • The Odisha Board +1 syllabus 2024 will appear in the form of PDF format.
  • Download the syllabus and save it on your computer.
  • Take a print of the syllabus and study material for future use.

Given below is the Odisha Board 11th syllabus for 2024. From the given tables students can get an idea of the topics and the chapters included in the current session 2024.

Subject Wise Odisha Board 11th 2024 Syllabus:


Chapters Topics
Physical-world and measurement Scope and excitement of Physics
Nature of physical laws
Physics technology and society
Units and measurement
Fundamental and derived units
Mass and time measurement
Error in measurement
Dimension, analysis, and application of physical quantities
Kinematics Motion in a straight line
Position time graph
Speed and velocity
Elementary concepts of differentiation and integration for describing motion
Uniform and non-uniform motion
Uniformly accelerated motion
Average speed and instantaneous velocity
Relation for uniformly accelerated motion
Motion in a plane
Scalar and vector quantities
Position and displacement of vectors
Multiplication, addition, and subtraction of vectors
Relative velocity
Resolution of vector in a plane
Scalar and vector products of vectors
Uniform velocity and uniform acceleration
Uniform circular motion
Projectile motion
Laws of motion Intuitive concept of force
Newton’s laws of motion
Momentum and Impulse
Law of conservation of linear momentum and its applications
Dynamics of Uniform Circular motion
Centripetal force
Static and Kinetic friction
Work, energy and power Work done by constant force and variable force
Kinetic energy
Work energy
Potential energy
Conservative and non-conservative forces
Conservation of mechanical energy
Motion  in a vertical circle
Elastic and inelastic collision in one or two dimension
Motion of system of particles and rigid body System of particle and rotational motion
Momentum conservation and center of mass motion
Center of mass of a rigid body
Center of mass of a uniform rod
Moment of force-torque and angular momentum
Rigid body rotation and equation of rotational motion
Comparison of linear and rotational motion
Values and moments of inertia for simple geometrical objects
Statement of parallel and perpendicular axes theorem and their applications
Gravitation Kepler's laws of planetary motion
Universal law of gravitation
Acceleration due to gravity and its variation with altitude and depth
Gravitational potential energy
Escape and orbital velocity of a satellite
Geostationary satellites
Properties of bulk matter Mechanical properties of solids
Stress strain relationship
Hooke’s law
Young’s modulus
Bulk modulus
Sheer modulus of rigidity
Poisson’s ratio
Elastic energy
Mechanical properties of fluid
Pascal’s law and its applications
Effect of gravity on fluid pressure
Stoke’s law
Terminal velocity
Bernoulli’s theorem and its application
Surface energy and surface application
Excess of pressure across a curved surface
Application of surface tension to drops, bubbles and capillary rise
Thermal properties of matter
Heat, temperature and thermal expansion
Thermal expansion of solids, liquids and gases
Anomalous expansion of water
Specific heat capacity
Latent heat capacity
Conduction, convection and radiation
Thermal heat conductivity
Wein’s displacement law
Stefan’s law
Greenhouse effect
Thermodynamics Thermal and definition of temperature
Heat, work and internal energy
First law of thermodynamics
Heat, law and adiabatic processes
Second law of thermodynamics
Reversible and irreversible processes
Heat engine and refrigerator
Kinetic theory of gasses and behavior of perfect gases Equation of state of perfect gas
Work done in compressing gas
Kinetic theory of gases- Assumptions and concept of pressure
Kinetic interpretation of temperature
RMS speed of gas molecules
Law of equipartition of energy
Application to specific heat capacities of gases
Concept of mean free path
Avogadro’s number
Waves and Oscillations Periodic motion
Frequency of displacement as a function of time
Simple harmonic motion and its equation
Oscillations of a loaded spring- Restoring force and force constant
Kinetic and potential energy
Simple pendulum derivation of expression of time period
Forced and damped oscillations
Wave motion
Transverse and Longitudinal waves
Speed of traveling of a wave
Displacement relation of a progressive wave
Principle of superposition of waves
Reflection of waves
Standing waves in strings and organ pipes
Fundamental mode and harmonics
Beats, Doppler effect
Practicals Record of 12 experiments and 6 activities done by the students
Project work to be done by the students

Best books for the Odisha Board 11th 2024 Physics Syllabus:

  • Bureau's Higher Secondary Physics Class XI
  • Authors- S K Chakravorty, N N Panigrahi
  • Super refresher Physics 11
  • Author- Ashok Sharma

Best books for Odisha Board 11th exam Mathematics syllabus

  • Bureau's Higher Secondary Elements of Mathematics- Volume I
  • Mathematics for Class XI by R D Sharma
  • Golden Mathematics Class XI by A P Prabhakaran

Best books for Odisha Board 11th syllabus 2024 for Chemistry

  • Bureau's Higher Secondary Chemistry- Volume I
  • Authors- A K Das, H K Patnaik
  • NCERT Exemplar Chemistry- Class 11
  • Pradeep’s New Course Chemistry Vol II
  • Authors- Dr S N Dhawan,Dr S C Kheterpal, P.N Kapil

Best books for Odisha Board 11th Biology syllabus

  • Bureau’s Higher Secondary Biology- Volume I
  • NCERT Exemplar Biology- Class XI

Preparation Tips for Odisha Board 11th 2024 Syllabus:

  • Students must make a detailed study plan by including all the chapters and topics of the exam. By making their own timetable students can complete the Odisha Board 11th syllabus 2024 systematically and have enough time for revision of all the topics.
  • For subjects like Mathematics and Physics, students must clear the concepts of each and every chapter. They must practice the formulas regularly and learn the diagrams, equations, and definitions of each and every chapter.
  • After finishing each chapter, students must attempt the questions and solve problems given at the end of the chapter.
  • For the Chemistry section, it is necessary to learn and practice all the equations, experiments, and reactions.
  • Students must make a separate notebook for each and every subject and make notes of the important topics which they can revise from time to time.
  • For the Mathematics section, students must refer to the NCERT books for understanding the topics. After understanding each chapter, they must solve problems given at the end of the chapters and also practice the formulas regularly.
  • Class 11 lays the foundation for the Class 12 Board exams so students must understand and study all the topics properly. It is important to understand each and every chapter in detail and not miss out on any topic or any chapter.
  • After completing the syllabus, students are advised to solve sample papers of previous years in all the subjects. This will help in time management and also make students aware of the topics that need extra focus. Self-evaluation is very important to score well in the Class 11 Board exams of the Odisha Board.

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