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Professional Courses After 12th - Check List of Professional Courses, Admission, Fees, Duration, Colleges & Job 2024

Update on 27 Feb, 2024


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Professional Courses After 12th - Check List of Professional Courses, Admission, Fees, Duration, Colleges & Job 2024-here

About Best Professional Courses After 12th

A professional course is a course that is designed to target those students who are about to enter the professional market to make their career in any specific field.

On considering taking a professional course if you want to enhance your professional skills in areas like management, engineering, computer and health, and safety.

The professional course is a course that is offered by so many colleges and universities, do not offer credit, and are specifically oriented toward professional wanting to raise skills for a specific work environment.

Let us understand this with an example, the university offers professional courses in computer use, portfolio development, grant writing, and administration, and all these professional courses after 12th in India are categorized in the continuous education in the university and you will be awarded a professional certificate upon completion of professional course.

The professional courses after the 12th are considered job-oriented courses as compared to the nonprofessional course. Professional courses focus to provide education to students in any particular field suppose, B.Tech Mechanical Engineering Courses is a professional course while on other hand B.Sc Course is a non-professional course.

B.Tech Course holder has a greater chance to get a job as compared to the non-professional course.

Professional courses after 12th are to be designed to provide education and training on considering a specific field and it considers the following things to make it different from another non-professional course which is a field trip to industry, internship, seminar conducted by industry leader, etc.

Top Career Options After 12th

There are several kinds of professional courses are available in the market which is listed below. Suppose you have passed out class 12th with biology, you can make it your career in the field of medicine like can go for an MBBS course and another medical-related course.

Suppose you have cleared class 12th with physics, chemistry, and mathematics, you can make a career in the field of engineering and you can get admission in the B.Tech in any of the streams like mechanical, electrical, civil, etc.

if you are commerce students you can go for a company secretarial and chart accounted course. There are several other professional courses is available after class 12th that are related to management and a computer-like bachelor of computer application and a bachelor of business administration etc.

List of Professional Courses After 12th

Here we have listed some popular Professional courses after 12th related to different fields:

Professional Courses After 12th Engineering: Engineering is forever one of the career-oriented professional courses in India and this course is affiliated with the all India council of technical education.

Students can make a career after doing a B.Tech course in any of the specific streams like mechanical electrical, civil, computer science, information technology, electronics and communication, electrical engineering, etc.

There is a top college to do engineering courses in India which are the Indian Institute of technology, college of technology Pune, vishwesharya institute of college, Bangalore and Sardar Patel engineering college Mumbai and other national institutes of technology.

LAW Professional Courses After 12th: The demand for law studies in India remains very high and UGC estimates some 400000 students graduate with a law degree every year.

This is a five-year professional course and it can be done after class 12th the course fee is around 100000 to 300000 depending upon the university and many other affiliated colleges across the country.

There are several other universities are offering this course 

Medicine Professional Courses After 12th: This is one of the most attractive professional courses after class 12th and over 55000 students graduate as a doctor every year. this course includes allopathy, Ayurveda, homeopathy, Unani, and dentistry stream of medicine.

There are several other common courses are in bachelor of medicine like MBBS, BAMS, BUMS, BHMS, and BDS. All these courses are professional courses and it is quite in trend in the current market.

Architecture Professional Courses After 12th: This s five years course in the field of architecture. This is one of the most popular professional courses after passing class 12th. In this course, the candidate can make their career as an architect and approximately 50000 students graduate from the five years professional course.

This course fee is around 200000 to 500000 depending upon the institution. There are so many top architecture colleges including JJ college of architecture, Narsi Monjee college of management, and various other universities and colleges.

Journalism Professional Course After 12th: In the present time, there is a boom in the field of advertising as well as print, electronics, and digital news media and an increase in film production.

Due to increasing this field, candidates are showing interest in this particular course and it is one of the most tradable courses after class 12th. Typically this course is of a three-year duration and its cost is around Rs 30,000 for the course of a bachelor of communication and journalism or a bachelor of mass communication degree.

Charted Accountant Professional Course After 12th: This is one of the best professional courses for higher education in the field of charter accountancy this is a three to five years duration course but it totally depends on the amount of time taken to complete it and it allows flexibility to work and study.

  • This exam is administered by the Institute of a charted accountant of India and no other university and college is authorized to qualify a person as CA
  • This course cost is around 50,000 only which is considered the cheapest for all professional studies approximately 10,000 students enroll in the CA exam but only three percents qualify for this exam due to its complexity.

Professional Courses After 12th in IT

India is on top destination for the foreign company looking to hire IT experts and over 100000 students enroll in the various IT and other web designing courses in India

A Bachelor of computer science and a bachelor of computer management are the top IT-related course offered by various colleges and universities

This is typically three years course and it cost around 40,000 to 1,00000 and it overall depends upon the college and university. IIT and other national institutions are best for IT studies.

Pharmacy Professional Courses After 12th

Around 250000 students are to be graduated as a pharmacist from various renowned universities in India every year. A pharmacy course B.Pharm Course is a three years course and it cost around 100000 to 200000 each and all the major universities conduct this course.

Eligibility Criteria of Professional Course After 12th

The eligibility criteria for all these professional courses are class 12th. Candidates have to clear the class 12th board exam from any of the recognized boards with the specified marks.

Some courses define the percentage criteria for allowing admission in a particular course.

Admission Procedure for Professional Courses

There are different kinds of admission processes to take admission in the above-mentioned professional course. Most colleges and universities conduct entrance exams to allow a candidate to take admission to the respective professional course.

MBBS Admission Process 2024

As we have discussed, this is one of the most popular professional courses and most universities allow candidates to take admission in this course on the basis of an entrance exam.

The present time, NEET is the main exam and students can get admission into the MBBS course on the marks obtained in the NEET exam.

Engineering (BE/B.Tech) Admission Process 2024

This course is the most popular course among students and there are several admission processes to take admission to this particular course.

Either student can appear in the entrance exam like IIT and other national level exams.

Students can take admission to various engineering colleges on the basis of state-level engineering exams.

There are so many other professional courses thereafter the class 12th. So most universities allow taking admission on a merit basis or entrance exam basis.

Most colleges and universities conduct entrance exams to allow the candidate to take admission to the respective course

Duration of Professional Courses After 12th

The duration is varied depending on the course length. Suppose you want to take admission in the MBBS course, then the course duration will be 5 years.

If you go with an engineering course, the course duration will be 4 years and suppose you go with a Law course after passing class 12th, the course duration will be 5 years.

So the total duration of the course depends on the respective course.

List of Career Options in Professional Course

All these Professional courses after the 12th are to be designed to grab a better career in the field of engineering, medicine, law, and other fields.

There are so many career options that are open after completion of these professional courses which are supposed if you have done B. Tech, you can work as an engineer in a renowned company or you can work as a freelancer to provide paid services to clients.

On the other hand, if you have done MBBS, you can run your own clinic or can work as a specialist doctor in any renowned hospital.

If you have done a BA LLB, you can make your career as a lawyer, and as a charted accountant, you can sell your tax-related service to your clients.

  • Social Work
  • Fine Arts
  • Music
  • Communication studies
  • Political Science
  • English Studies
  • Economics
  • Agriculturalal Science
  • Environmental Management and Toxicology
  • Religious Studies

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