Online CCC Course, Fees, Certificate, Time Duration, Syllabus, Institutions
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Online CCC Course, Fees, Certificate, Time Duration, Syllabus, Institutions

09 Dec,2020


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Introduction to computers

Objectives of computer

What is a computer

Components of Computer

Hardware and software

How to represent data

How to process data

Applications of ICET

Online CCC Course: Computer literacy is very important in today’s times as it makes a person technologically efficient. Almost every aspect of life requires computer technology for functioning and computer literacy is the basic skill using which an individual can stay productive in the competitive world.

Every organization requires computers for speedy and error free working processes and so it is necessary for  the workers to have basic computer knowledge. Most organizations demand employees having computer skills as it is the easiest way of communication and retaining information.

What is an Online CCC Course?

Online CCC course or the Computer Concepts Course  is a Certificate Training Program through which the common man can gain basic computer knowledge and skills and become literate on Information Technology. Since Computer expertise is required for increasing the speed of work and making it error free, Online CCC training courses are important for everyone irrespective of their educational qualification.

Online CCC Course helps an individual to do the basic functions of everyday life like receiving and sending emails, maintaining a database of the different activities, making calculations, searching for different topics on the internet and maintaining accounts.

Online CCC courses are not only essential for the individuals who want to get into the professional arena but also for students and housewives who want to gain technical knowledge on computers. Since the course is based on practical hands-on experience, it is also useful for entrepreneurs and small business owners for their day today professional activities.

S No
Particulars of the Course 
Main Highlights


Name of the course

Online CCC Course


Full Form Of the Course

Online Computer Concepts Course


Course type

Computer literacy program


Conducting Body

National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology.


Periodicity of the Course



Aim of the Course

Provide Computer Certification Training


Mode of Examination



Official website of the conducting body

Eligibility Criteria for the Online CCC Training Course:

The CCC Course is conducted by NIELIT, which is the National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology. After the completion of the course the students can appear for the Certificate Examination conducted by NIELIT.

The Training for the CCC Course is imparted by Institutions who have been authorized by NIELIT. Some students also take the course online at their own pace and time. These direct candidates can also apply for the CCC Certificate Examination that is conducted by NIELIT.

The eligibility for the CCC Course is minimum as the main objective of the Course is to educate the masses on Computer Literacy. The eligibility criteria for the Online CCC Certificate Examination conducted by NIELIT is based on the following factors:

  • Applicants irrespective of their educational qualifications can enroll for this course if they have been sponsored by NIELIT approved Institutes.
  • Applicants who have enrolled directly without being sponsored by any Government Institution. The Educational qualifications of the candidate do not matter in this case and anybody with or without an educational qualification is eligible to apply for the course.
  • The Applicants who have been sponsored by Government recognized Institutions like schools or colleges and have acquired an Unique ID number from NIELIT can take the CCC Certificate Examination.

Online CCC Course fees:

The Online CCC Course fees are quite reasonable. Since this program aims to impart  computer skills to an individual, the fee structure has been made keeping in mind that maximum number of people can enroll into the course.

The Online CCC Course fees can be described as follows:

  • Examination Fee INR 500+ Service Tax.
  • The amount can be paid online through Credit Card, Debit Card and Net Banking.
  • Payment  for Online CCC Training can also be made through NEFT/RTGS/CSP/SPV.
  • The fee for CCC Training should be submitted within  the date recommended by NIELIT. Late fee will not be accepted.

The Online Course fees of INR 500 +Service Taxes is a minimal amount and does not impose any financial constraints for the candidate. The low fee structure ensures that the maximum number of candidates can enrol in the CCC Certificate Course.

Online CCC Course Timings:

The duration of the Online CCC Course is 80 hours and the course takes a time span of 2 weeks to complete. The online CCC Course timings can be fixed by the candidate according to his or her suitability.

The 80 hour duration of the CCC Training Course is divided into the following pattern:

Theory- 25 hours

Practical- 50 hours

Tutorial- 5 hours.

Since the training is self paced and delivered in the online mode the candidates can avail the Online CCC Course timings according to their convenience. A student will usually engage in the course after school hours while the Online CCC Course timings for housewives or professionals may be different.

Self paced Online CCC Course Timings enables maximum number of candidates to enroll for the course and become literate in the field of Computer Technology without worrying about the time issues.

Online CCC Subjects:

The Online CCC subjects have been added to the syllabus in such a way that it imparts the basic knowledge of computers to the candidate. The Online CCC subjects have been formulated by NIELIT and aims to upskill the candidate on computer literacy and basic computer knowledge.

The official website of NIELIT provides a detailed idea of the online CCC subjects.The subjects include the basic operations of the computer and the syllabus is divided into 8 modules which highlights the basic functionings of Computer Technology. 

Let us take a look into the Online CCC subjects: 

  • Introduction to Computers and Typing
  • What is a GUI based Operating System?
  • Word Processing and its elements
  • Spreadsheets
  • Computer Communication and Internet
  • World Wide Web(WWW) and the different web Browsers
  • Communication and Collaboration with the help of Computer Technology
  • Knowledge of Computer based Presentations

All the above Online CCC subjects are covered in the syllabus and upskills the candidate on basic computer functioning.

Online CCC Examination Pattern:

The Online CCC exam pattern is designed by NIELIT and is a computer based examination. Candidates have to give the Online CCC Certificate Exam within 1 hour and there are a total of 100 questions in the examination. To qualify for the examination a candidate must get 50% marks and there is no negative marking for the Examination.

The Examination pattern for Online CCC can be summarized as

S. No
Particulars of the Exam
Highlights of the Exam


Name of the Examination

Online CCC Exam


Mode of Exam

Computer based 


Total marks of the Exam



Type of questions

Objective type


Qualifying marks



Duration of the Exam 

60 minutes


Distribution of marks

1 mark for each correct answer


Negative marking 


CCC Online Exam Syllabus:

  • The CCC online Exam syllabus has been designed in such a way that it provides the candidates skills and knowledge about the basic computer operations.
  • The candidate who has enrolled in an Online CCC Program will get insight in the field of Computer operations  and gain knowledge about Internet functioning.
  • The CCC Online Exam syllabus consists of 8 chapters of well designed modules that will help the candidate get good scores in the CCC Certificate exams.The candidates who will study all the topics and sub topics of the online CCC exam will qualify for the exams with a good score
Topic name- What is a GUI based operating system

Introduction to GUI based Operating Systems

Objectives of GUI based Operating System

User Interface

Simple setting of Operating system

File and Directory systems

Types of files

Topic name- Word processing and its elements

Introduction to word processing

Objectives of word processing

Basics of word processing

Opening and closing documents

Text creation 

Text formatting

Text manipulation

Topic name- Spreadsheets

Introduction to spreadsheets

Objectives of spreadsheets

Cell manipulation

Function of charts

Topic name-Computer communications and Internet

Introduction to computer communication

Objectives of computer communication

Computer network basics


Services of internet

How can you prepare a computer for internet access

Topic name- Web browsers and www

Introduction to World wide web

Objectives of World Wide Web

What is a web browser

Configuring web browsers

Search Engines

Topic name- Communication and Collaboration

Introduction to communication & collaboration

Objectives of communication

Basics of email functioning

How to use emails

Advanced features of email 

Instant messaging and collaboration

Topic name-Knowledge of Computer based presentations

Introduction to presentation

Objectives of presentation

Basics of computer presentation

How to create presentations

How to prepare and present slides

Slide shows on computer

From the above tables we see that the CCC Online Exam Syllabus is well structured and covers all the important aspects of the basic computer operations in detail. The modules of the syllabus will help the candidate to get knowledge in computer literacy and become efficient in using computers for different work activities.

Online Institutions for CCC Course:

The Online Institutions for CCC course should be authorized by NIELIT for conducting the CCC course. NIELIT is National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology which is an autonomous body which aims at imparting Computer Literacy programs to upskill individuals in various areas of Computer Science and Electronics.

The chief objectives  of the Online Institutions for CCC Course is to upskill more manpower in the field of Computer functions and make them eligible to join different  industries.

The Online Institutions for CCC course should be approved by NIELIT which also designs the syllabus for the Concepts of Computer course. NIELIT imparts training in Computer literacy and  conducts online exams to provide Certificates to the qualified candidates. 

Difference between Online CCC course and Regular CCC course

  • The difference between Online CCC course and Regular CCC course is that the Regular courses are based on classroom sessions and have to be completed within the scheduled time.
  • Online CCC courses are self paced and can be availed by the candidate at the time of his or her convinience.
  • Another difference between Online CCC courses and Regular CCC courses is that the Regular courses are delivered live under the supervision of industry experts.
  • A detailed view of the Difference between Online CCC course and Regular CCC course
Regular CCC Course
Online CCC Course


Live Classroom training sessions

Computer based training program


Course timings are scheduled and not subject to change

Course is self paced


Industry experts impart face to face training sessions

No live training sessions, only online classes


Offers placement support to qualified candidates

Placement support is not provided.


Requires minimum educational qualifications as the eligibility criteria

Can be availed by everyone irrespective of the educational qualifications.

If we analyze the above table we can see that the main difference between Online CCC course and Regular CCC course is that the Online courses can be availed anytime by the candidate while a regular course has fixed classroom schedules. The time flexibility of the online classes allows the maximum number of students to enroll for the course without worrying about timing and commuting issues.


The main objective of the Online CCC Training Course is to impart computer literacy to a large number of individuals irrespective of their educational qualifications. The Online course program is approved by NIELIT which is a Government recognized National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology. 

The syllabus for CCC Course covers all the important aspects of basic computer education and the Online CCC examination is conducted to qualify the candidates on the basis of their newly acquired computer skills.

The Online CCC Course provides practical hands on experience to the candidates and makes them ready to join the industry. There is no age limit for the Online CCC program and  the fee structure is reasonable so that  maximum number of individuals can enroll for the course program.

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