Online Digital Marketing Course, Fees, Certificate, Duration, Syllabus, Institutions, Jobs
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Online Digital Marketing Course, Fees, Certificate, Duration, Syllabus, Institutions, Jobs

09 Dec,2020


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Online Digital Marketing course enable you to explore a wide range of options with respect to career building. Digital marketing is basically inclined towards advertising or marketing your products and services on various digital platforms via the internet. The medium of advertising or the respective platforms can be social media (Facebook, Instagram etc.), search engines (google, bing, yahoo etc.), websites, email, mobile applications etc. 

The time duration and fee for Online digital marketing course are few substantial aspects that make such courses preferable and viable in the current generation. Furthermore, there are several other benefits related to the job prospects and the respective acknowledgement delivered by such courses. Digital Marketing allows the companies to communicate and interact, virtually, with the current and potential customers in the digital space. Unlike the old times, when traditional marketers used to connect with their audience in a physical marketplace, Digital Marketing has simplified the whole scenario. Nowadays, people can meet their respective clients online and advertise, market and sell their products. 

The concept of digital marketing and the respective demand has not only aided at simplifying things but it has also induced the introduction of diverse options and syllabus in online digital marketing courses. Availability of such diversity in courses can discover wider ground for students to explore, learn and enhance themselves towards the goal of career building. But you might come across several apprehensions and questions regarding various aspects associated with such courses. This article will give you such relevant information with respect to  online digital marketing courses that you need to know.

Why Choose Online Digital Marketing Course?

According to verified statistical data, there are around 696.77 Million people who are using the Internet in India and over 3.80 Billion People are actively using Social Media in the world. These figures are strong enough to show the importance of the Internet and Social Media for today’s generation. 

Moreover the convenience and viability due to the minimal fee and time savvy aspect of online digital marketing courses, people have been inclining towards choosing it in a substantial number. 

  • As we know Marketing is all about communicating effectively with your customers at the correct time and place where they are present and nowadays the right place to find most of your customers is on the Internet.
  • With the advent of latest technology every single day and evolving digital world, it has become imperative for the brands, businesses or companies to keep themselves updated with an objective of surviving in the long run.
  •  Almost all the companies or businesses, whether big or small, are taking the help of digital marketing to exercise their marketing tactics in order to reach as many customers as possible ignoring the geographical boundaries. 
  • The availability of small and specific field and demand oriented courses can serve the purpose for enabling you with relevant and substantial skills and gaining expertise. 

Eligibility Criteria for Digital Marketing Course:

The only requirement or eligibility criteria for digital marketing course is that the candidate must have completed the graduation from a recognised university in any stream. The international students are required to have pursued their graduation from a recognised university of their country in any stream.

There are some of the courses that are designed to cater to the working professional or interns belonging to a particular field or specialization rather than any fresher. Such courses might consist of minimum eligibility criteria of around 2 years and this criteria is mostly waived off for MBA graduates. 

Overview On The Online Marketing Courses

The table given below will give you relevant details regarding the courses, offering colleges, fee, duration, skills gained and syllabus of online digital marketing course

Digital Marketing Courses
Specialised & Offered By
Fee/ Enrollment Charges
Skills Gained

Advanced Content and social tactics to optimize SEO

Coursera (UC Davis University of California)

Free Enrollment

18 Hours

Content marketing, Search Algorithms, Semantics, Mathematical optimization, Keyword Research, Social Media marketing, etc.

Introduction, Social Media marketing, Influence Marketing and  Creating World Class Content  

Viral Marketing and how to craft contagious content

Coursera (University of Pennsylvania)

Free Enrollment

4 Hours

Marketing Strategy, Viral marketing, Social Network, etc. 

What Makes Ideas Sticky?, How Social Influence Shapes Behaviour and The power of word of mouth, Social Networks

Optimizing A Website For Search

Coursera (UC Davis University of California

Free Enrollment

25 Hours (Approx)

Content Marketing, Keyword Research, Mathematical Optimization, Marketing, ec.  

Introduction, Advance On-Page SEO, Local SEO and Creating an SEO Campaign

The Strategy Of Content marketing

Coursera (UC Davis University of California

Free Enrollment

19 Hours (Approx)

Content marketing, Content Management, Copywriting, etc. 

The Content marketing Ecosystem, The Strategic context, Mapping the Journey: Crafting a Content marketing Strategy and The strategic types of content. 

Applying Data Analytics In Marketing

Coursera (University of Illinois) 

Fee Enrollment

17 Hours

Marketing Analytics, data Analytics, etc.

Course Introduction, Module 2, Module 3 and Module 4

Social Media Advertising

Coursera (University of Colorado Boulder)  

Free Enrollment

11 Hours

Understanding of Social media ads, Understanding to implement effective social media parameters, etc. 

Case Study, facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. 

Content Strategy for professionals: Engaging Audiences

Coursera (Northwestern University)

Free Enrollment

6 Hours (Approx)

Brand Marketing, Content Creation, Content Marketing, etc. 

Introduction To Content Strategy, Audiences And Brand and  Experiences and Voice.

Reputation Management in a Digital world

Edx (Curtin University)

Free Enrollment 

( Rs 7338 for an added verified certificate)

6 weeks (3-4 hours per week)

Managing an organisation’s reputation online, Introducing and developing the principles for managing and solving online issues.

Corporate reputation in the digital age, Reputation and participatory culture, How online has changed the media cycle, managing reputation online, etc. 

Digital Branding and Engagement

Edx (Curtin University)

Free Enrollment 

(Rs 7338 for an added verified certificate)

4 weeks (3-4 hours per week)

Inter relation between earned paid as well as owned media, value of earned media, content media, etc. 

The digital consumer, content marketing, owned media assets, earned media, etc. 

Digital Marketing Strategy

Edx (The University of Edinburgh)

Free Enrollment (Rs 14,750 for an added verified certificate)

8 weeks (4-6 hours per week)

Analysing and developing digital marketing strategy, creating impactful and innovative content, etc.  

The impact of digital marketing on product, The impact of digital marketing on value proposition, etc. 

How to attend online digital marketing course?

There are numerous courses that are available with respect to online digital marketing courses on various online institutions. Most of these courses consist of free enrollment with an added charge of the certificate provided to them. There is a simple process that is involved in coming across these online courses and taking its benefits for the sake of enhancing your learning as well as your profile graph. Most of the students might face issues regarding finding an answer to how to attend online Classes for Digital Marketing Course

They can follow very simple steps to search and avail relevant benefits of the respective courses:

Step 1: Search for the significant courses you aspire for or are interested in. You can choose the course according to your interest.

Step 2: Go through the respective aspects of the online course such as course plan, syllabus, time duration, skills gained, fee, etc. to see whether the course is suitable for you or not. 

Step 3: After checking the respective details, go through and understand the enrollment process and proceed further. 

How to Get a Digital Marketing Certificate Online?

After getting enrolled for the course and completing the course in the specified duration of time, you will receive the online certificate from the Institutes or organisation specifying or offering the course. 

How to become a Professional Digital Marketer?

To become a Digital Marketer, you need passion and curiosity to learn more and more as only having the degrees and certificates won’t help you because this field is really wide and everything can not be learned in the classroom. 

As you know, Perfection comes with practice, so you have to keep on learning something new everyday to become an expert in this field. Keep yourself updated with the latest trends and research going on in this particular domain.

You can become a Digital Marketer by following a simple procedure:

Step 1: According to the criteria for online digital marketing course eligibility, first you need to pursue your Graduation in any subject or stream of your choice. 

Step 2: During your graduation days or after completing your graduation, get yourself enrolled in any online Digital Marketing Course.  

Step 3: After you are done with doing 2 or 3 basic courses, search for Digital Marketing Internships which you can easily find out on various job platforms like, Internshala, Indeed, Linkedin etc.

The internship will help you in inculcating the tricks and techniques with respect to the gained knowledge. Moreover, you will learn about the practical application of various concepts that you have learnt while doing the online digital marketing course. 

Step 4: After doing 4-5 internships, you will get to know the practical application of various digital marketing concepts and then you can start applying for a job as a Junior Digital Marketer. 

Genuine Advice:

  • Continue to do such Internships for gaining experience that counts and simultaneously pursue some advanced digital marketing courses which will keep you being updated with the recent developments in the digital world. 
  • You can also attend various seminars, conferences, webinars taking place in your area from where you will get to know the experts’ view and the upcoming technology they are working on which will ultimately enhance your knowledge.
  • You can also join various groups or communities on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter etc to get connected with more people like you.  
  • Whenever you get an opportunity to meet and talk to Digital Marketing Experts, never forget to ask as many questions as you can related to this particular field

Scope Of Digital Marketing Course:

  • As almost every company is taking a route of Digital Marketing for reaching the potential customers, there is a huge scope for the candidates to make their career in this field. 
  • The continuous rise in Digital Marketing indirectly means an increase in the number of job opportunities in this particular domain. Today, the demand for Digital Marketing Professionals is extremely high in the industry and companies are paying handsome salaries to the  deserving candidates.So, it is the right time for you to pursue a Digital Marketing Course. 
  • The Online Digital Marketing Course will allow you to learn various basic and advanced concepts related to Digital Marketing like Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC), Web Analytics, Conversion Rate, Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Google Analytics, Digital Marketing Strategies, Tools and Techniques of doing Digital Marketing, Marketing analytics etc. 
  • There are so many universities and websites offering hundreds of online digital marketing courses in this particular field. Some of the courses are free while some are paid. You can prefer starting with the basic course in order to be equipped with the basics of Digital Marketing and then move to pursuing the Advanced Courses.  

Job Prospects For Online Digital Marketing Course:

  • Due to the evolving and developing field of Digital Marketing, there has been a significant aid of online digital marketing courses serving substantially to the increasing demand for Digital Marketing Professionals. 
  • The candidates can find lots of job opportunities in various companies like Google, Microsoft, Myntra, Capgemini, Amazon, Flipkart etc.  
  • The candidates get recruited on multiple job profiles which are mentioned in the table given below. 
Job Profiles/Titles 
Job Role 
Skills Required 


Digital Marketing Manager

  • Create new and brainstorming strategies to increase productivity.
  • Identify the insights and optimize the performance accordingly.
  • Analyse and ensure end to end customer satisfaction
  • Inculcate latest technologies 
  • Significant experience in digital marketing
  • Experienced in optimising landing pages and user funnes
  • Substantial knowledge of website analytic tools
  • Device digital campaigns to engage, motivate and inform the audience.


SEO Executive

  • Identify and analyse trends and insights for achieving maximum ROI
  • Develop, enhance as well as implement link building strategies. 
  • Perform keyword searches, optimization, etc. 
  • Analyse and research according to competitor
  • Significant SEO Experience 
  • Experienced in working with analytics and bid management tools
  • Well acquainted search engine algorithms
  • Knowledge of working with Javascript, CSS, HTML, etc. 


Social Media Marketing Manager

Create marketing strategy to acquire customers

Plan and achieve financial objectives

Plan and develop online customer relation programmes to ensure good audience reach. 

Assembling and analysing marketing information

Develop social media marketing plans and introduce promotional support. 

  • Familiar with social media and have the respective skills
  • Efficient at marketing research as well as statistical analysis.

Customer focussed 

Acquainted with financial planning and strategy

Experienced at maintaining customer relationships. 


Front End Web Developer

Develop user and client friendly features.

Optimize application for maximum scalability

Create and Develop reusable codes for future references

Ensure the validation of user inputs before submitting it to the back-end.

Significant understanding of CSS3, HTML5, etc.

Well aware of Javascript Framework and Client-side scripting, etc. 

Know about the SEO principles and ways to its respective application.

Slight knowledge about the image authoring tools


Social Media Specialist

Working with Content Team on Promotional Blogs and their content

Building and Maintaining consistent and active brand presence

Creating, Analysing and Reporting on the progress of Paid and Organic Social Campaigns  

Actively engaging and communicating with the audience by replying to their comments and posts 

Basic Knowledge of Social Media Management Tools and Techniques 

Ability to create social media content

Familiar with the functioning of various Social Media Platforms  



Create and develop creative contents

Analyse and discover the client's needs

Perform online searches (reviews, interviews, etc. related to the search) and frame the respective contents.

Excellent multitasking as well as organisational skill

Significant research as well as writing skill

Efficient at working with WORD, Adobe Acrobat Pro, MS Word, etc.

God interpersonal skill


Back End Web Developer

Optimize the application for maximum scalability

Designing and Implementing data storage solutions

Integrate user-facing elements created by front end developers along with including server side logic 

Migration of data followed by transformation as well as scripting

Significant understanding of SASS, LESS, etc. 

Know  how to integrate database and multiple data sources into one system

Excellent with administration of backups 


E-Mail Marketer

Creating as well as monitoring EMail marketing campaigns

Create digital ads

Following up on Emails

Compiling and purging of email lists

Ensure form and template of messages sent.

Significant experience in unique marketing campaigns

Excellent skills with respect to project management

Ability to produce duly crafted content

Good knowledge about automation and performance evaluation software. 


Product Marketing Specialist

Carrying out research of the competitor’s sales and marketing strategy

Deriving or extracting meaningful insights from the Customer’s data 

Writing informative blogs, conducting webinars, seminars etc.

Coordinating with various functional teams to prepare product roadmaps etc.  

Strong Verbal and Written Communication

Analytical Mindset

Strong Focus on every single detail

Research Enthusiast 

Outspoken and Interactive  


Social Media Influencer

Crafting and developing impactful content

Generate a connect with the people

Shape opinions regarding any topic in order to leave an effective impact on people. 

A large viewership and  significant acknowledgement from people

Excellent and effective communication skill

Presentable and highly dedicated towards influencing people 

Able to shape opinions regarding any topic


Visual Designer 

Designing different digital material available for users like Investor Presentations, Reports, Banners, Emails etc.

Providing Creative and Innovative Solutions to various Business Problems 

Ensuring that the designed material is with perfect pixels 

Excellent Knowledge of various Adobe Products 

Basic Knowledge of various Web Development Tools and Techniques

Basic Knowledge of Web Development Languages 

Knowledge of various web design methods and development 


Marketing Analyst

Perform relevant market research incorporating SWOT analysis

Gathering and analysing statistical data by incorporating modern and traditional method

Device questionnaires, opinion polls , etc. for evaluating and collecting the data, etc.

Excellent communication skill

Strong presentation skill as well as analytical thinking

Relevant knowledge of statistical packages

Well acquainted with CRM programs


UI/UX Designer

Designing Graphic User Interface Elements like Menu Bar, Tabs, Feedback Forms etc.

Planning, Implementing and Executing New Designs and Templates  

Creating Blueprints for New Product Ideas and Testing them with customers before Launching

Optimizing User Centered Interface Designs 

Excellent Knowledge of various Adobe Products 

Strong and Robust Knowledge of using Web Development Tools, Techniques and Languages

Ability of creating user friendly designs 

Detail Oriented, Critical and Creative Thinker


Creative Director 

Creative and impactful contents

Socialise with clients on a substantial basis

To retain a cohesive feel of the project 

Manage good relationship with the clients

Create, analyse and maintain the budget as well as adhere to the timeline for a respective project

Significant leadership as well as interpersonal skill

Ability to create creative content

Well acquainted with the software applications involved

Strong communication and direction skill

Excellent leadership quality


E-Commerce Manager

Design, develop as well as execute roadmaps

Prepare and analyse the reports

Adhere to changes and requirements and ensure progress monitoring

Create and maintain budget and research as well as develop effective marketing plans 

Well acquainted with website designing 

Significant marketing background

Excellent understanding of website speed analysis, traffic analysis, sales journey optimization, etc.

Good understanding of digital marketing channels, affiliate marketing channels etc. 


Digital Analyst

Creating email campaigns, assure quality and ensure a substantial campaign management

Ensure database management (Optimization, segmentation, security, integrity, etc. )

Track the performance of email marketing and analyse the respective effectiveness

Significant quantitative as well as analytical skills.

Good communication skill

Basic understanding of HTML, CSS and Responsive design

Substantial experience in the corporate field (managing large database, segmentation, profiling, etc.)


Content Marketing Specialist 

Visualizing, Creating Innovative and User Friendly Content for company’s blog

Ensuring that the content is useful or valuable for the targeted audience

Creating extraordinary content for various product pages, newsletters, social media campaigns etc.

Strong Writing Skills 

Grammatical Skills

Basic knowledge of SEO

Strong Ability to work before the deadlines

Proofreading Skills 


Content Marketing Manager

Researching and Generating most searched blog topics 

Supervising and Creating the content schedule or content calendar

Ensuring the proper implementation of pre-decided content calendar

Actively delivering innovative and informative content so as to increasing sales and demand.

Planning for the release of various videos/case studies/images in collaboration with other big business houses, designers etc.

Strong Writing Skills 

Grammatical Skills

Deep Knowledge of SEO

Strong Knowledge of analyzing traffic and conversion data 

Team Work Skills

Ability to create and handle a team of content writers both inhouse and freelancers.

Capability of generating blog topics which can drive traffic.

Strong Ability to work before the deadlines

Proofreading Skills. 

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