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M.Pharma Pharmaceutical Technology Course - Admission, Eligibility, Fees, Duration, Syllabus & Job Profile 2024

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M.Pharma Pharmaceutical Technology Course - Admission, Eligibility, Fees, Duration, Syllabus & Job Profile 2024-here

M.Pharm Pharmaceutical Technology Course: M.Pharm represents a Master of Pharmacy which is a post-graduate level degree course in the field of Pharmacy. Master of Pharmacy or M. Pharm Pharmaceutical Technology Course is a two-year postgraduate program in pharmacy. The purpose of the program is to essentially deal with biotechnology, chemical intermediates, manufacturing equipment, packaging machinery amongst others.

M.Pharma Pharmaceutical Technology course is a scientific approach to technology too:-

  1. pharmacology
  2. pharmacy and
  3. pharmaceutical industries

During this course, Aspirants get to learn about

  • techniques
  • methods
  • instrumentation
  • manufacturing
  • compounding
  • preparation
  • packaging
  • dispensing and storage of drugs
  • Details of drugs utilized for diagnostic & treatment purposes are also included in the course

Aspirants having an interest in the field of pharmacology and wish to get trained in pharmaceutical analysis, product formulation, quality assurance, etc should pursue this course. It is also preferable to have knowledge about toxicology, microbiology, and basic related instrumentation to perform better in the course.

The course enlightens about:

  • Analytical techniques,
  • biopharmaceutics,
  • Pharmacokinetics,
  • methods in drug evaluation, etc during the start phase of the course. Then the students also learn about-
  1. The Novel Drug delivery system
  2. GMP, Quality Assurance
  3. Process Validation
  4. Research Methodology, and related biostatics during the course

Product Management and its technologies, Drug Regulatory Affairs, Intellectual Property Rights & Industrial Training are some important parts of this course.

M.Pharma Pharmaceutical Technology Course at a Glance

Enlisted below are some of the major highlights of the course.

Level of Course

Post - Graduation

Duration of the course

2 - years

Type of examination

Semester System or Year wise


B.Pharm from a recognized institute

Process of Admission

Relies on student's performance in a relevant entrance test

Course Fee

INR 5,000 to 1 Lakh

Approx. Starting Salary

INR 4 to 12 lacs per annum

Top Recruiters and Companies

Dr. Reddy's Laboratories, Biocon, Cipla, Lupin, Zyduscadila, Aurobindo, Glenmark, Abbott Pharmaceuticals India, Wockhardt, Clinical Research Industries, Medical Writing, Hospitals & Clinics, Medical Colleges & Universities, Pharmacovigilance, etc.

Job Designations

Pharmaceutical Purchase Manager, Formulation Pharmaceutical Technology Scientist, Product Development Manager (Quality Assurance), Pharmaceutical Subject Matter Executive, Quality Assurance Manager, Sales/Business Development Manager, Sales Manager, Teacher/Lecturer, Clinical Pharmacist, Consultant Pharmacists, Dispensary Pharmacist, Dispensary Manager, Community Pharmacist, Medicines Safety Manager, Hospital Pharmacist, Medicines Management Technician, Senior Clinical Pharmacists, Pharmacy Assistant, etc.

M.Pharm Pharmaceutical Technology - About the Course

Pharmacy is related to the Health & Chemical Sciences, & enrolled students are trained to:

  • make effective & safe use of pharmaceutical products
  • acquire familiarity with processes of manufacturing & quality control of drugs
  • acquire the requisite skills for dispensing & preparing legal medicines and drugs.

Pharmacy postgraduates are employed in-

  • pharmaceutical companies
  • Health & Welfare Provincial Research Council
  • Department of National Defense
  • health centers
  • educational institutes
  • Food and Drug Administration
  • hospitals
  • sales and marketing departments for pharmacy
  • Drug Control Administration
Future Aspects of M.Pharma Pharmaceutical Technology Course:

On successful completion of the course, students can become product or process development scientists, where they can get to work with research scientists to develop original ideas and scientific discoveries, which are generated into new materials, and or products for manufacture also develops and improves existing products.

The students can get many employment opportunities within the food and cosmetic industries or even in the other industries which require quality assurance that a particular product is good, safe, and valuable enough to use.

The student can also become a hospital pharmacist, where they can get to work primarily with the public sector, where they can use their knowledge to dispense the medicines and also advise the patients about the medicine they have been prescribed.

They can also opt for the teaching field in both the private or government sector and can also self-run college, institute, or coaching centers.

Such postgraduates are employed in designation such as-

  • Formulation Pharmaceutical Technology Scientist,
  • Pharmaceutical Purchase Manager,
  • Product Development Manager (Quality Assurance),
  • Quality Assurance Manager,
  • Pharmaceutical Subject Matter Executive,
  • Sales Manager,
  • Sales/Business Development Manager,
  • Teacher/Lecturer, etc.

The course teaches the students about Analytical methods, biopharmaceutics, Pharmacokinetics, methods of drug evaluation, etc during the incubation phase of the course. The aspirants also learn about the Novel Drug supply system, GMP, Process Validation, Quality Assurance, Research Methodology, & related biostatics during the course.

Pharmaceutical product Management and its technologies, Drug Regulatory Affairs, and Industrial Intellectual Property Rights Training are some important parts of this course.

Who are suitable for M.Pharma Pharmaceutical Technology Course?

The candidates having the following set of skills and qualities are more eligible for the course. Some of the qualities are enlisted under:

Required Set of Skills for M. Pharm
  • Communication skills & Interpersonal skills
  • Medicinal & scientific research skills
  • Curiosity & Persuasive skills
  • Business skills like marketing, and organizing
  • Science wizard & technical skills
  • Sharp memory & wicked knowledge
  • Therapeutic & counseling skills 
  • Medical writing & ethics
  • Determinant & consistent skills
  • Adaptability to dynamic situations
M.Pharma Pharmaceutical Technology Course Admission:

M.Pharma Pharmaceutical Technology Admission Procedure. Given below are some of the criteria for the admission of the students:

  • Most of the institutes and colleges offering this course enroll students based on their performance in a relevant entrance exam.
  • Some institutes conduct their own entrance exams for offering admissions. The admission procedure generally varies across colleges throughout the country.
  • Some colleges and institutes even provide direct admission, based on the candidate’s score at the level of graduation.
  • Admission to the course, mostly, is made on the basis of the student’s performance in a relevant institutional test & subsequent rounds of interviews & counseling conducted by the concerned university or institute.
  • The round of counseling comprises 2 additional rounds of Group Discussion & Personal interviews, wherein the candidate’s general aptitude about the course is tested. 
  • A merit list is then issued by the institute, allotting seats to the qualifying candidates.
Eligibility criteria for M.Pharma Pharmaceutical Technology Course:

Enlisted below are the minimum eligibility criteria that interested candidates need to fulfill in order to apply for the course.

  • B.Pharma or Bachelor of Pharmacy from an institute recognized by the Pharmacy Council of India, or equivalent qualification approved by the Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) or the All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE).
  • A minimum aggregate marks of 55% (General) & 45% (SC/ST) at the level of graduation.
M.Pharma Pharmaceutical Technology Course Fees:

The approx M.Pharma Pharmaceutical Technology Course Fees or tuition fee charged for the course in India ranges between INR 5000 and 1 Lakh for a period of 2 years. The approx. month-wise starting salary given to successful postgraduates of the course ranges between INR 20,000 and 25,000 in India, increasing with the candidate’s skillset & experience in the field.

M.Pharma Pharmaceutical Technology Course Duration:

The M.Pharma Pharmaceutical Technology Course Duration is of 2 years full-time postgraduate course. This course is divided into 4 semesters and each academic year of the course consists of 2 semesters.

M.Pharma Pharmaceutical Technology Course Scope:

Qualified Pharmaceutical Technical experts can find lucrative employment opportunities in areas such as-

  • drug stores,
  • healing facilities,
  • psychiatric clinics, and
  • administrative offices,
  • retail units of pharmaceuticals, etc.

M.Pharma Pharmaceutical Technology Course Scope is really wide and enlisted below are a few of the popular job avenues open to such postgraduates, along with the corresponding job description and the corresponding salaries associated with each job designation.

Job Designation

Description of the Job

Approx. Annual Pay Scale in INR

Pharmacy Associate

Pharmacy Associate manages the money matters, telephone calls, manages cash exchanges & performs such other administrative work in the pharmacy. They help authorized Drug Experts with prescribing & selling medicines to patients in retail pharmacy drugstores.



A pharmacist gives away medicines based on doctors’ prescriptions & suggests medications for conditions based on observation of symptoms.


Consultant Pharmacist

Consultant Pharmacists are Drug Experts who act as advisors in terms of providing guidance on the use of pharmaceuticals or on the management of pharmacy services for restorative practices, therapeutic foundations, & individual patients.


Product Development Incharge

Sales Development Incharge identifies potential customers, pitches products to new customers & maintains a relationship with existing ones. They work on customer feedback  & work to promote the organization  & its products among customers.


Clinical Pharmacists

Clinical Pharmacists work specifically with doctors, other wellbeing experts, & patients to guarantee that the prescriptions endorsed to the patients affect the most ideal wellbeing results.


M.Pharma Pharmaceutical Technology Course Colleges:

Enlisted below are the details of some of the top M.Pharma Pharmaceutical Technology Course colleges and institutes in India that provide the course. The name of the college along with the place located in and the approx fees charged are tabulated below.

Name of College


Approx. Fees

Institute of Chemical Technology

Mumbai in Maharashtra

INR 96,700

Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Manipal in Karnataka

INR 2,96,000

Bombay College of Pharmacy

Mumbai in Maharashtra

INR 1,41,000

JSS College of Pharmacy

The Nilgiris in Tamil Nadu

INR 2,50,000

Indian Institute of Technology

Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh

INR 25,000

Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda

Baroda in Gujarat

INR 2,500

Birla Institute of Technology

Ranchi in Jharkhand

INR 1,90,000

Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University

Nagpur in Maharashtra

INR 19,000

J.S.S. College of Pharmacy

Mysore in Karnataka

INR 2,20,000

Poona College of Pharmacy

Pune in Maharashtra

INR 1,50,000

Jamia Hamdard University  

New Delhi in Delhi NCR

INR 1,55,000

Andhra University, College of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh

INR 60,000

Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya

Indore in Madhya Pradesh

INR 46,750

Delhi Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences & Research

New Delhi in Delhi NCR

INR 25,680

Amrita School Of Pharmacy

Kochi in Kerala

INR 1,75,000

Amity University

Noida in Uttar Pradesh

INR 1,68,000

SRM University Kattankulathur Campus

Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu

INR 1,65,000

Bharati Vidyapeeth University

Pune in Maharashtra

INR 1,20,000

Bharati Vidyapeeth College Of Pharmacy

Kolhapur in Maharashtra

INR 65,350

College Of Pharmaceutical Sciences Mohuda

Ganjam in Orissa

INR 75,000

M.Pharma Pharmaceutical Technology Syllabus and Course Description:

A semester-wise bifurcation of the course’s syllabus is tabulated below:

1st Semester

2nd Semester

Analytical Techniques


Methods in Drug Evaluation

Research Methodology

Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics

Novel Drug Delivery Systems 2

Novel Drug Delivery Systems 1

Pharmaceutica l Product Development

Quality Assurance, GMP, and Process Validation

Pharmaceutical Production Management and Technology


Dissertation part 1

3rd Semester

4th Semester

Drug Regulatory Affairs and Intellectual Property Rights

Dissertation Part 3

Dissertation Part 2I

Industrial Training

M.Pharma Pharmaceutical Technology Job Prospects:

M.Pharma Pharmaceutical Technology Job prospects are really nice and they also earn handsome pay. Some Top Job Profiles & Top Recruiters:

a) Pharmacologist: A pharmacy practitioner holding a degree in pharmacology specialization develops new and improved medicinal drugs by carrying out research & lab testing (to ascertain the behavior reaction of the drugs). Some pharmacologists also assist in discovering new technology to develop drugs. They make sure that all research studies, testing, and drugs development are in adherence to regulations by the Pharmacy Council. 

Their research includes medicines with their uses, dosages as well as side effects. They also check that the new medicines developed are as per safety regulations with no or minimal side effects. They decide the suitable forms for drugs such as tablets, vaccination, drops, ointments, liquid syrups, inhalers, etc. They pen down instructions for medicines developed as well as prohibitions such as diets & taking any other substitute medicines.

b) Research Associate: They are accountable for monitoring research studies, analyze the outcomes, & document them. Also, they need to make sure that research carried out is as per the protocols of the pharmaceutical association &  authenticate the documented results of research. The research associates in pharmaceuticals after gaining experience are accountable to train & supervise pharmacy interns, college students, or junior associates. They have to prepare the lab research including medical equipment, laboratory area and also, analyze, interpret & address the research outcomes.

c) Drug Regulator: All medicines before it is available for healthcare facilities are tested & verified for safety, quality, &  regulations as per the pharmacy council. Therefore, drug regulators have to monitor and supervise drug development, supply  & examine all medicines as per the standards. As per the protocols and regulations of the World Health Organisation, all patients must get effective, safe, qualitative  & reasonably priced medicines, therefore the drug regulators make sure the medicines developing companies abide by these standards. They control and check the drug quality degrading, pricing and, also make sure that the labeling & correct instructions for medicines are followed in drug development.

Given below are the names of some of the Indian and foreign recruiters. Take a look-

Indian Recruiters

  • Lupin
  • Cipla
  • Piramal
  • Sun Pharmaceuticals
  • Aurobindo Pharma
  • Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories

International Recruiters

  • Pfizer
  • AbbVie
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • Amgen
  • Merck

CONCLUSION: Dear Students, we have tried our really best to bring out a clear picture and all the details regarding the course. This effort has been made so that your students can take a fair and calculative decision on your career building. We hope you will find this information useful in the selection of the desired future endeavor.

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