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MA Statistics Course - Course Details, Admission, Fees, Syllabus, Duration, Colleges, Scope, Job & Salary 2024

Update on 17 May, 2024


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MA Statistics Course - Course Details, Admission, Fees, Syllabus, Duration, Colleges, Scope, Job & Salary 2024-here

MA Statistics Course: MA Statistics Course or Master in Statistics Course is a postgraduate degree in the field of statistics, as the name suggests. The course is comprehensively designed and developed, in such a way that it covers the topic of statistics in a deep and thorough manner. MA Statistics Course duration is for 2 years just like any other postgraduate degree. Studying statistics includes studying the science of collecting, organizing, analyzing, and interpretation as well as the presentation of data in a clear and concise manner. Students learn the topic of statistics through the point of view of economics as it is mainly an economic phenomenon.
In other words, MA Statistics Course is the study of applied mathematical principles to conduct research experiments and survey techniques to arrive at results and plan the future course of action. Some of the branches or specialized fields in MA Statistics Course are, such as Business Statistics, Data Analysis, Econometrics, Demography, Statistics, Psychological Statistics, Social Statistics, Engineering, Actuarial Science, etc. Students study topics such as Analysis, Probability Theory, Statistical Methods, Database Management Systems, etc. The students who wish to make a career in the field of economics or relevant fields.

MA Statistics Course Highlights:

Name of the Course

Master in Arts (Statistics) MA Statistics Course

MA Statistics Course Duration

2 Year

MA Statistics Average Course Fee

Rs. 3,000 to 80,000

Eligibility Criteria for MA Statistics Course

Candidates must have completed their bachelor's

MA Statistics Course Admission Process

Entrance Exam or Merit Based

Examination Type

Semester Mode

The MA Statistics Course is designed to prepare students for a wide-ranging career in industries that require statistical skills or mathematical and analytical skills. Students study a variety of topics and science of collection, organization, analysis and interpretation techniques, and methods, etc. They also learn how to gain expertise and skills in the field of economics and mathematics at advanced levels. The course is specifically intended for students who wish to pursue higher studies in the field of statistics. It is a highly relevant field with applications in many different careers and fields.

Eligibility Criteria for MA Statistics Course:

Candidates need to fulfill these specific criteria below to become eligible for admission to this course:

  • Candidates must possess a Bachelor's degree in any stream. However, some of the most reputed institutions and colleges require the candidates to possess a Bachelor’s degree in the related fields if not in Statistics.
  • Candidates are also required to have a minimum of 50% marks in their Bachelor’s degree.
  • Candidates must also pass the entrance exam if they are applying for admission through the entrance exam rather than merit-based.

Selection of the candidates is done on the basis of the marks they have obtained in the entrance exam or they have scored in their Bachelor’s degree.

MA Statistics Course Admission Procedure:

The admission procedure for the Master in Statistics Course is simple, as there are two main modes candidates can gain admission. Candidates who have scored marks in accordance with the specified marks of the specific institutions and the colleges. For students opting for admission through the entrance exam mode, needs to appear for the entrance exams at, national level or college level.

Some of the entrance exams that candidates appear for are listed below:

ISI Admission Test

ISI Kolkata also provides admission to students on the basis of the marks they score in the entrance exam.

Delhi University Entrance Exam

Entrance exam conducted by the Delhi University for students who wish to gain admission in any undergraduate, postgraduate course by the Delhi University. 

Aligarh Muslim University Exam

Aligarh Muslim University also conducts this entrance exam for admission into various courses at different levels including masters in statistics. 

These entrance exams are usually offline and candidates need to appear for the examination after registering themselves with the universities or colleges web portal or database. Candidates who are interested must head over to the official websites of the university they are interested in and check their last dates to apply. Candidates may need to appear for a counseling session or personal interview round before their admission can be finalized.
To conclude, candidates must submit their admission fee and other important deadlines must be adhered to and documents and the like should be submitted without any hassles.

MA Statistics Top Colleges:

There are tons of universities and colleges that provide students with the option of studying the course. Many colleges focus on placement and pool drives for the students since it is a postgraduate degree and students generally look for jobs after the completion of the course. Some colleges also offer students the necessary practical and skill development workshops and training sessions. Candidates have the choice of both the government and private institutes offering this course.

Below we have provided a list of MA Statistics Course Top colleges and universities that students can take a look at:

Name of Institute
Average Fee

Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi

Rs. 4,500

Utkal University, Bhuvaneshwar

Rs. 5,500

Gauhati University, Guwahati

Rs. 18,000

Sri Venkateshwara College, Delhi

Rs. 22,000

University of Lucknow, Lucknow

Rs. 60,000

Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth, Varanasi

Rs. 20,000

Sai Nath University, Ranchi

Rs. 6,500

Some colleges also offer the choice of distance learning for candidates who have reasons to not apply for full-time classes. However, students must choose a college that fulfills their needs and financial pockets. Out of the many available institutes and colleges, students can choose the one that fits them the most.

MA Statistics Course Syllabus:

Students study a host of topics of which some are considered compulsory papers while some are electives that students get to choose from. The topics covered in MA Statistics Course are listed in the table below (semester-wise).

MA Statistical Course Syllabus (1st Semester)


Survey Sampling

Probability Theory

Statistical Methodology

Practical -I


MA Statistical Course Syllabus (2nd Semester)

Linear Algebra

Stochastic Processes

Designing of Experiments

Statistical Inference -I

Practical -II


MA Statistical Course Syllabus (3rd Semester):

Statistical Inference -II

Generalized Linear Models 

Multivariate Analysis

Practical -III

MA Statistical Course Syllabus (4th Semester):

Econometrics and Time Series Analysis

Statistical Quality Control and Reliability


Practical -IV

The topics listed above are compulsory papers that candidates need to study in MA Statistical Course Syllabus, however, below we have listed the options of a variety of elective courses that candidates need to choose from. They must also note that optional papers can vary from college to college with little differences. However, the basic papers are listed below.

Bayesian Inference


Actuarial Statistics

Statistical Design Theory

Statistical Inference

Stochastic Process and Economics

Advanced Theory of Experimental Design

Advanced Survey Sampling Theory

Advanced Design of Experiments and Sample Theory

Applied Stochastic Processes

Computer Programming (Theory)

Economics Statistics and Demography

Non-Parametric Inference

Order Statistics

Financial Statistics

Distribution Theory

Mathematical Analysis

Operational Research

Multivariate Analysis and Statistical Inference

Problems and Numerical using Statistical Software Packages

Problems and Numerical using C Language

Sample Survey and Design of Experiment

Reliability and Survival Analysis

Probability and Measure Theory

Computational Techniques

Operational Research

Statistics for Research and Management Studies

Hence candidates can choose between a variety of optional courses in the field of their choosing.

MA Statistics Course Scope:

Candidates who possess a high level of analytical power along with the ability to collect and present data in interactive and easy-to-understand methods are candidates that will excel in this course. These business skills come in handy in the future and candidates who develop and hone these skills create around themselves an edge. It is also a highly attractive trait that allows candidates to understand different concepts behind data management and relational database systems and the like. Thinking and creating solutions is a trait not only desirable in MA Statistics Course but usually in every career or field.

MA Statistics Course has excellent knowledge and practical skills, blended in the right proportion to serve as a foundation for future career choices of the candidate. Many candidates after they complete the MA Statistics Course appear for exams such as UGC-NET or JRF exams, which enables them to become teachers and researchers in established and reputed institutions. Apart from this many students also appear for the Indian Statistical Services or the Indian Economic Services to become officers of the country, not to mention the Indian Civil Services examination as well.

MA Statistical Course Job Fields:

Some of the job fields that students opt for after they complete the course are listed below:

  • Educational Institutes
  • Businesses
  • Consulting Firms
  • Economics Sector
  • Financing Sector 
  • Social Research Centres
  • Commercial Hubs
  • Insurance Companies
  • Data Survey Agencies
  • Banks
  • Stock Exchanges
  • Statistical and Economic Bureaus, etc.

 Some of the job profiles are for graduates of the MA Statistics Course are as follows:

  • Assistant Professor
  • Biostatistician
  • Research Analyst
  • Enumerator
  • Data Interpreter
  • Lecturer
  • Econometrician
  • Research Scholar
  • Statistician
  • Data Analyst
  • Stock Exchange broker, etc.

MA Statistics Course graduates have tremendous job opportunities and advancement options since economics is the backbone of any country, and experts in the field are always high on demand. Wherever there is data to be handled, a graduate in any economics field is required.

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