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MA Astrology Course - Course Details, Admission, Fees, Colleges, Syllabus, Duration, Career & Scope 2024

Update on 23 May, 2024


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MA Astrology Course - Course Details, Admission, Fees, Colleges, Syllabus, Duration, Career & Scope 2024-here

MA Astrology Course: MA Astrology Course is the master level degree course. The tenure of this course is usually 2-year long & its curriculum is divided into 2 semesters. It is also provided on a part-time basis by the various institutes. Some institutes administer their own entrance tests for admission to this course. The admission procedure may vary from across the colleges. Most of the colleges admit candidates to the course based on their performance & talent in a relevant entrance test conducted by the institute- specific.

Astrology is the science of the exploration and analysis of the stars in foretelling & understanding of the religion and the science at the deeper level of the human culture, & expressions of the human experience and writing its outcomes. It is a career presented in nature & provides many job opportunities for candidates after its successful completion.

Highlights of MA Astrology Course:

Enlisted here are some of the major points of the course:

Name of the Program MA Astrology
Level of the Course Post Graduation
MA Astrology Course Duration 2 years tenure, full-time and also Distance - Learning Program
Stream of Study Astrology
Type of Examination Yearly or Semester Basis
MA Astrology Course Eligibility Criteria Graduation with a minimum of 50% aggregate or equivalent qualification in the related subjects
Admission Procedure On the basis of the performance of the student in the entrance test. Some institutes administer their own entrance tests for offering admission
Approx Course Fee INR 4K to 1.5 Lacs
Approx Starting Salary INR 2.5 to 12 Lacs
Top Recruiters and Companies Beckmann Group Pt Ltd, Chaturanga Astrology, Tanishq Teletech, Solution Planet Private Limited Virtual Astrologer, Automobilist Media, UrbanClap, Your enigma, Pragyan Foundation, etc.
Top Job Profiles • Astrologist, • Numerologist, • Palmist, • Tarot Card Reader, • Fortune  Teller, • Mind  Reader, • Philosopher, • Mathematician, • Lecturer, • Teacher, • Assistant Professor, • Sales Coordinator, • Academic Research Editor

Details MA Astrology Course:

  • MA Astrology course is a Postgraduate Academic Degree course awarded for a program usually in a branch of the Liberal Arts or Sciences, Astrology is the science that is being practiced from prehistoric times, based on the belief & faith people once had & still have now.
  • MA Astrology course In India, the duration is for over a period of 2 years.
  • A person seeking the MA Astrology course needs to study elective subjects. In the MA Astrology course syllabus, there are a number of combinations of subjects one can opt for depending upon the availability to specialize in Astrology.
  • With options ranging from French to Psychology, a student can easily mold his or her MA Astrology course as per their future aspirations.
  • Some of the famous colleges for the MA Astrology course in India include:
  1. St. Stephens College, New Delhi
  2. Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi
  3. Hans Raj College, Delhi University, etc.
  • The admission Process includes merit-based admissions & entrance exams. MA Astrology program details for admission & other requirements including entrance exams may vary from university to university.
  • Teaching and  Government or private jobs are the primary areas of employment & there is a wide range of jobs after the course.

What is Astrology?

Astrology is the investigation and the analysis of the stars in foretelling and understanding on a deeper level, the human culture, religion, science, & expressions of the human experience & writing. It constitutes the new discipline of archaeo-astronomy - (the investigation of celestial arrangements, introduction, & imagery in old & present-day engineering).

Astrology is a science that is practiced from very ancient times. History records the belief & faith people once had and still have now. Astrology is connected with a collection of beliefs, customs, and codices that embrace the relative positions of the stars, the celestial bodies, and other related matters. This science is applied to provide information relating to human relations, their lives, affairs, & other earthly topics.

Astrology has been defined as the ‘foretelling introspective sciences' that watch into the influence that celestial bodies hold over the lives of mankind. The science of Astrology has a piece of significant information for the development of humanity. The course is ideal for students who want to develop an aptitude in Astrology or perceive it more fully.

Astrology is the act of correlating celestial bodies & their positions to lives and occurrences on earth. The discipline of study explores on an advanced level, the connection between the mysterious, galactic & cosmological convictions and practices, & society, legislative issues, religion, & human expressions, over a wide span of time.

Astrology has been told as a ‘foretelling introspective sciences' that investigates the impact that heavenly bodies have on the lives of humans. The investigations of Astrology have noteworthy data for the improvement of humankind. It is a 2-year-tenure course and the starting salary offered in India to successful postgraduates of this course lies between INR 20,000, and 80,000 monthly.

Payscale for MA Astrology 2024:

  • Palmist: 1,50,000 - 5,50,000
  • Mathematician: 3,50,000 - 9,50,000
  • Astrologer: 2,50,000 – 7,00,000

What is About MA Astrology Course:  

  • The MA Astrology Course degree is one of the oldest & best-known degrees in the world. It is popularly known as MA which is an abbreviated form of the Masters in Arts Degree, & this specialization in astrology is of great scope in the world where superstition drives people's lives.
  • Technically, Astrology can be defined as the foretelling introspective science, that watches into the influence that celestial bodies hold over the lives of mankind.
  • The science of Astrology transfers significant information for the development of humanity, so this course is ideal for students who want to develop an aptitude in Astrology or perceive it more fully.
  • The MA Astrology course In India, the tenure is for over a period of 2 years.
  • Major characteristics of the MA Astrology course are:
  1. To develop new skills in prediction & related guidance
  2. To fortify the capabilities of a professional Astrologer by grasping diverse therapeutic measures
  3. To support people to overcome the hurdles of life through proper & suitable research methodology
  • The ability to analyze situations, setting of priorities, and communicate predictions to others are some such skills that can be developed for those pursuing the course.

Course Objectives of MA Astrology:

Enlisted are some of the principles objectives of the course:

  • To enhance the quality & competency in prediction with objectivity.
  • To generate a comprehensive understanding of pedagogical measures in organizing learning experiences for students in the field of Astrology.
  • To fortify the capabilities of a professional Astrologer by grasping diverse therapeutic methods mentioned in the scriptures to help people overcome the hurdles of life through proper & suitable research methodology.
  • To develop and enhance new skills required for an Astrologer in prediction & related guidance.

Ethically, the course aims to enable eligible candidates to predict:

  • The accurate date of marriage from a horoscope in minutes, the nature of the marriage, & the features and profession of the partner
  • A suitable occupation as indicated by the position of planets in a horoscope, to ensure the abundance of money, fame, & success
  • The most suitable profession from the horoscope of a child, to ensure a better & financially secure future for the child
  • The most suitable gemstone to heal illness, foretell its nature & duration
  • The right Mantra to awaken an individual's latent potential energies for the achievement of great professional success in life
  • The most auspicious color & the gemstone to attract wealth & prosperity
  • The good & low stages through one’s life through investigation of Mahadasha & Antardasha lords, for enabling one to deal with the significant events in one’s life

MA Astrology Course Fees 2024:

MA Astrology Course Fees range from about INR 4,000 to INR 1.5 lakhs. This difference in the fee structure is because of the ranking, the placement history of the college. There are many other factors that affect the fee structure of the college. In the same manner, the fee levied by public colleges is much less than the fees charged by private colleges. Hence, the students are advised to go through the brochure of the college carefully before applying in the same.

MA Astrology Course Duration 2024:

MA Astrology Course Duration is of 2 full-time academic years. In order to deliver the course information in the systematic form, the syllabus is, in some colleges, is bifurcated into 4 semesters of 6 months each. Each academic year consists of 2 semesters each.

Eligibility Criteria for MA Astrology Course 2024:

  • The eligibility for Master of Arts in Astrology Course is graduate-level education from a recognized university or college with Science, Arts or Commerce stream can opt for MA course.
  • They should have studied English as a subject at the graduate level.
  • The candidate should have a minimum percentage of 50%marks in aggregate or as specified by the college for admission to the course.
  • All SC or ST candidates can avail for a relaxation of 5% marks at required an overall minimum percentage required.

MA Astrology Course Admission Form 2024:

MA Astrology Course Admission is done in 2 stages:

  • Institutional Entrance Test
  • Personal Interview - including the assessment of fitness, work experience, publications, & statement of purpose.

Most of the colleges admit students to the course on the basis of their performance in the relevant entrance test. Some institutions or universities administer their own entrance tests for offering admission. The admission procedure may vary across colleges. A few institutions and colleges also provide admission based on the candidate’s marks in the last qualifying examination.

  • Admission to the course is possible through both the entrance tests and merit-based processes.
  • Candidates who are applying for the MA Course should have all the necessary documents before giving the entrance test such as Graduation results and I.D verification. After when the application forms are evaluated, such students are called for field & ECA trials.
  • Either from the University website or by visiting the Admissions Office of the university, candidates can get the admission form & further details.
  • Direct admission procedure which differs from college to college is also available in some colleges & universities.
  • Certain colleges & universities also intake students based on ECA & Sports quota generally 5% of seats are reserved under the ECA & Sports quota.

Documents Required for MA Astrology Admission:

  • Copy of HSC Certificate and Mark sheet.
  • Copy of 10+2 Certificate and Mark sheet.
  • Copy of all the Graduation Certificates and Mark sheets.
  • Original copy of College Leaving Certificate
  • Original copy Migration Certificate in case of a student migrating from other universities.
  • If applicable Provisional Certificate
  • Recent(not more than 6-month old) passport size color photographs duly attested by students themselves (self-attested) (5 copies).
  • Caste or Tribe certificate (for SC/ST candidate) or Physically Handicapped certificate.

NOTE:- Students who are admitted to the course must bring all the original documents with them to the Institute Campus on the day of counseling. Students failing to present all relevant original documents upon request and submitting a copy of the same may be denied admission or later told to leave the university.

MA Astrology: Academic Options 2024:

Successful postgraduates of the course who are interested in further studies in this discipline may go for pursuing M.Phil, Ph.D., etc., or post-doctoral studies in the subject.

Post-doctoral studies in Astrology for seeking job opportunities such as Astrologist, Numerologist, or Palmist, Tarot Card Reader, etc. in the field of astrology, besides choosing this they can go for lectureship in colleges or universities.

Top Colleges for MA Astrology Course:

Some of the Best Colleges for MA Astrology Course are enlisted as under:

S. No.



Indian Institute of Astrology


Madurai Kamaraj University


St. Stephens College


Sastra University


Hans Raj College, Delhi University


Sri Ramanujar Astrology Training & Education Centre


Lady Shri Ram College

MA Astrology Syllabus 2024:

A year-wise bifurcation of the course’s syllabus is given below:

1st Year

  • Fundamentals of Astrology
  • Predictions Based on Graha & Upagraha
  • Predictions based on Bhaava & Dasa
  • Marriage Muhurthas, Nakshatras & Other information
  • Yogas & Other Astrological Branches
  • Horoscope reading & Writing Methods, Communication & HR (Practical included), Ability in Ganitham

2nd Year

  • Phaladeepika of Mantreswara
  • Prasna Astrology
  • Navagraha Worship in India.
  • The practice of Astrology - 1
  • The practice of Astrology - 2
  • Major Project work
Scope of  MA Astrology Course:

Let us now discuss the scope of the MA Astrology Course:

  • It is usually considered the easy stream according to the larger populace & is generally looked down upon as compared to Science & Engineering Streams.
  • The reason behind this is that a person who graduates specializing in Arts Courses (Astrology), is considered a pseudoscience graduate who doesn’t have to learn complex engineering concepts as studied by the science and the commerce students but the scientific working of the universe based on the superstitious beliefs of the people.
  • This Master’s degree is a flexible one allowing candidates to adapt to the changing demands of the employment market & meet their career demands, as here people’s beliefs are everlasting than job roles in companies.
  • Jobs & salaries of MA course graduates may vary & also the education body in which they have pursued their MA degree course.
  • After MA the course one can pursue can be Ph.D. in higher education.
Job Profiles after MA Astrology Course:

Career opportunities or job Profiles and Areas after MA Astrology Course for such graduates rests in:

  • Academics
  • Temples, and
  • Private institutions
  • As Private Practitioners
  • Astrologers
  • Vedic Astrologers both in India and abroad

They may even seek private practice as Astrologers. Vedic Astrologers can find employment with temples both in India & abroad, or set up their own consultancy services or work as Columnists for leading newspapers & magazines Such pass-outs are hired in capacities such as:

  • Astrologist
  • Numerologist
  • Palmist
  • Tarot Card Reader
  • Fortune Teller
  • Mind Reader
  • Philosopher
  • Mathematician
  • Lecturer
  • Teacher
  • Assistant Professor
  • Sales Coordinator
  • Academic Research Editor, & many more others

Some of the famous professional avenues open to such pass-outs are listed below with the estimating salaries offered for the respective profiles:

Job Profile Job Roles Approx Annual Salary in INR


The work of an Astrologer is relied on casting horoscopes of individuals during birth or later to recount the past, & forecast future, events, & conditions of their lives; determining auspicious times for various human activities such as:

  • Inaugurations, 
  • Marriages, 
  • Journeys and 
  • Religious & other ceremonies; 
  • Studying the influence of the constellation of the stars & of other phenomena on a person’s life & situation.

INR 2,50,000 – INR 7,00,000


Mathematicians keep on expanding learning in numerical fields, for example,

Variable-based algebra or geometry, 

By growing new standards,

Speculations, & ideas. 

They apply numerical hypotheses & strategies to take care of handy issues in the business, designing, the sciences, or different fields.

INR 4,20,000 - INR 9,50,000


Palm Readers watches all sorts of things to analyze the lines on the palm. They watch and consider the relative sizes, qualities, & intersections of the lines. They read and analyze the 3 major lines & the 3 minor lines, the shape of the hand, & study the dominant hand & the non-dominant hand. They observe & compare mounts, lines, & shapes. They predict the individual’s


Emotional status, 



Life purpose, 

Life events, 

Character, & unique aspects such as speaking & writing skills for presentations & in-depth papers.

1,50,000 - 5,50,000

Job, Scope, Salary, & Placements for Area’s Offering for MA Astrology




Library & Information Science

Civil Services

Professional Writing

Community Service

Public Administration

Journalism & Mass Communication

Religious Studies

International Relations

Social Work

Job Roles for MA Astrology Degree Holders:
  • Private Practitioners
  • Astrologers
  • Content Writer
  • Astrologist
  • Numerologist
  • Palmist
  • Tarot Card Reader
  • Fortune Teller
  • Lecturer
  • Academic Research Editor, and many others
Salary After MA Astrology Course

Job designation

Approx Salary

Content Writer

Rs. 4,51,590/-

Human Resource Manager

Rs. 4,82,537/-


Rs. 5,18,228/-

Executive Assistant

Rs. 5,11,575/-


Rs. 3,00,000/-


Rs. 3,94,753/-

Fortune Teller

Rs. 3,53,033/-

Academic Research Editor

Rs. 3,60,033/-


Dear Students, we have provided you all with the most relevant and accurate information available so that you people can go through it in detail and check on each and every aspect of the course. Here, in this blog, we have provided you with all the necessary information such as, MA Astrology Course, MA Astrology Course Fees, MA Astrology Course Admission, MA Astrology Syllabus, MA Astrology Course Duration, What is the eligibility for MA Astrology Course, Best Colleges for MA Astrology Course, What is the scope of MA Astrology Course, Job Profiles and Areas after MA Astrology Course, etc. We hope that this information will prove useful to you and the students will be able to make the best decision for your career.

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