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Diploma in Apparel Design Course, Fees, Admission, Duration, Syllabus & Colleges 2024

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Diploma in Apparel Design Course, Fees, Admission, Duration, Syllabus & Colleges 2024-here

Diploma in Apparel Design: The diploma in Apparel Fashion Design is a course that includes technical, creative, and artistic skills for the fashion industry. Fashion designing is a basic fast-track course in the field of fashion design. A diploma in Apparel design is a 1-year diploma course that is eventually based on the revised curriculum of fashion trends and designing, guiding students towards various lucrative careers in the field of apparel fashion designing.

A person who is specialized in their streams, working in the board area of the apparel industry. Such as ready “Ready to Wear, Specialized fashion, Active Wear, Sports Wear, and functional clothing” in simple words we can say that designing clothes, especially for a particular professional, etc.

A fresh aspirant can earn an average salary between INR 2,00,000 to 6,00,000 per annum. It depends upon the caliber and experience of the candidate. In the world of fashion, experience counts more than your qualification and qualities let your talent and skills speak louder than your degree.

Apparel designers who also go by the name of clothing designers conceptualize and create clothing items. The main duty of an apparel designer is to keep an eye on the evolving or trending fashion statements and to predict the upcoming ones. An apparel designer is also responsible for designing new sketches, opting right patterns and fabric for the garment, and managing production. Once the concept is ready they require confirmation from the client, retailers, or creative directors to proceed with the idea.

Set of Skills Required for Apparel Fashion Design:

The set of skills for apparel fashion design which is required for creating illustrations for designs, analyzing market trends, and using the latest technology is mentioned below:

Creative and artistic skills

Intrinsic knowledge of colors, shades, tones, etc.

Good communication skills

Quick learner

Basic technical skills such as using computer-aided, designing, and machinery.

Understanding market and consumer demand for trendsetting

Eye for detail

Core knowledge of the fashion industry


Drawing, Sketching, and graphics

Patience for long hours of detailed work

Consistency and adapting dynamics

Eligibility Criteria for Apparel Fashion Design:

The Apparel Fashion Design course is pursued by students who have completed their 10+2 education from recognized and affiliated education boards. There are no restrictions on streams. Aspirants from any stream either from science, commerce, or humanities anyone can pursue apparel fashion design even though there is an undergraduate course available for apparel fashion design.

A skillful designer has a sound knowledge of fabrics, styles, and patterns. Employers often seek out apparel designers who have a strong grip and understanding of textiles and trends. Check out the eligibility requirements to become an apparel designer.

  • The candidate needs to clear the class 12th final examination to pursue a relevant course to be an apparel designer.
  • Any higher education degree that inculcates designing and technical skills in an individual. A graduate degree in fashion design is considered one such qualification.
  • Candidates can also opt for relevant certification courses to enhance their abilities or knowledge and have an upper hand in the competitive world of apparel design.

Course Curriculum for Apparel Fashion Design:

The apparel fashion design course curriculum is designed in such a pattern to impart technical skills among the candidates, some common topics that are taught as part of an undergraduate course in apparel fashion design are as follows:

Bachelor of Design (B. Des) in apparel fashion design (Subjects)

  • History of costume and fashion design, science, and liberal arts.
  • Design management
  • Concept Designing
  • Apparel quality procedures and practices
  • Apparel standard and quality control
  • Fabric manufacturing and dyeing
  • Auto CAD and other computer-based applications for designing
  • Fashion research and forecasting
  • Apparel Production and management
  • Apparel production techniques
  • E-commerce in the fashion industry
  • Artificial intelligence application
  • Material optimization for fashion products

Bachelor of Fashion Technology in apparel production (Subjects)

  • Apparel manufacturing technology, information technology
  • Quality management
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Fundamental governing aesthetics and design elements
  • The fundamental of management
  • Extensive knowledge of raw materials including fabrics and trims
  • Extensive knowledge of machinery involved in the manufacturing of apparel understanding of production, planning, merchandising, work-study, and quality control.

Bachelor of Science in apparel fashion designing (B.Sc. - FAD) (Subjects)

  • Language 1and 2
  • Fibre and yarn science
  • Elements of fashion and design
  • Pattern-making and garment construction
  • Environmental and public health
  • CC and EC (co-curriculum and extension activities)
  • History of textile and costumes
  • Textile and apparel testing
  • Apparel production
  • Life skill or personality development
  • Fibre Science and analysis
  • Fashion illustration and design
  • Indian constitution and human rights
  • Fashion retail, marketing, and merchandising
  • Apparel computer-aided design
  • Fashion accessories
  • Draping
  • Needlecraft
  • Textile wet processing
  • Fashion art and design
  • Culture, Diversity, and society
  • Entrepreneurship development
  • Garment surface ornamentation
  • Apparel total quality management
  • Clothing culture and communication
  • Fashion portfolio and design collection
  • Indian history, culture, and diversity

B. Des fashion design (Relevant course which includes apparel designing as the main subject)

  • Introduction to pattern making and draping
  • Introduction to textiles
  • Introduction to fashion design and fashion technology
  • Fashion Theory
  • Social Science
  • Management
  • Introduction to fashion sketching and illustration
  • History of Fashion
  • Apparel development
  • Current trends and forecasting
  • Computer-aided design
  • Fashion illustration
  • Children wear design
  • Advanced draping
  • Model and prototype development
  • Research and communication
  • The element of color and design
  • Fashion model drawing
  • Fashion accessory
  • Art appreciation
  • Men's wear
  • Design Process
  • Apparel design for fashion

B.A (Hons) Fashion Design (Subjects)

  • Drawing techniques and processes art and design
  • Visual Communication in art and design
  • Design principle
  • Idea generation and development in art and design
  • Pattern drafting in fashion
  • Production techniques in fashion
  • Computer Ms- Word, Ms- PowerPoint, Ms- excel
  • Personal and professional development
  • CAD/CAM for fashion and textile 
  • Techniques and processes in the fashion
  • Textile manufacture production operation
  • Contextual and cultural referencing in art and design

Job Profile and top Recruiters in Apparel Fashion Design:

Apparel fashion designers are involved in designing and maintaining the clothing line of an apparel brand. They create, and illustrate designs, and patterns, and estimate the cost of manufacturing and maintaining their associated brand’s clothing lines; these all are done by Apparel designers.

Fashion trends forecasting is just like weather forecasting. The fashion industry is ever-changing every day you’ll see new trends set, therefore, as fashion forecasters, they are required to research and analyze the worldwide fashion industry.

These fashion forecasters work with a fashion designers to identify and create apparel designs that will set the trends in the market. 

Apparel quality controllers are also involved in setting standards for the fabric to differentiate the original and quality products from faux material. The apparel quality controller is responsible for maintaining a differentiation in the quality of original fabrics from synthetic ones and also making the consumer aware of it. Some manufacturers adopt the unethical practice of selling faux material as the original one at a very high cost.

Top Apparel Fashion Design Recruiters in India

Allen Solly


Van Heusen

Park Avenue


Peter England

Louis Phillipe



Top Apparel Fashion Design Recruiters of Abroad

Marks and Spencer





Job profiles selected by fashion design graduates largely depend upon the sphere of design that they need a keen interest in also because of the arena during which their skill set lies. Typically, a fashion design graduate can pursue a career as a dressmaker, fashion concept manager, fashion monger, technical designer, and similar job profiles.

Fashion Designing as a profession involves researching the present market trends after which the designer is predicted to consider an ingenious design/idea and sketch an equivalent. After this, a final sketch of the particular garment size is formed on paper and a rough material is cut out of it. this is often then stitched and a fitting session is undertaken. Thereafter, the designer makes any necessary modifications within the design and works to make sure that the fitting of the garment/dress is ok.

After performing these tasks, finally, the outfit is replicated within the real fabric. Most people feel that after pursuing a course in design, one can only become a dressmaker. However, this is often simply a myth. There are a plethora of profiles one can explore. a number of these are mentioned below:

Apparel Designer: If you would like to become an apparel designer then you'll either start your label or join a firm to style clothes for them. As a dressmaker, a private has got to work on styling differing types of garments like jeans, jackets, women’s wear, children’s wear, men’s wear, evening wear, knitwear, sportswear, and therefore the like.

Apparel Fashion Marketer: Under this profession, one can work for clothing companies, boutiques, or outlet chains. As a fashion marketer, one must work towards publicizing also as increasing awareness of a specific brand, designer label, or department shop. So, basically if one chooses such a knowledgeable field then they're expected to plan, direct, or coordinate marketing policies and programs, like determining the demand for products and services offered by a firm and its competitors and identifying potential customers.

Fashion Concept Manager: People working under this profile are expected to consider unique themes on which a clothing or accessory range should be designed by a designer, brand, or fashion firm. Also, the research suggests ways through which the printing operation of clothing should be advertised.

Apparel Quality Controller: The first and first task of a top-quality controller is to line quality standards for love or money and everything that's purchased for a replacement collection. Aside from this, the standard control (QC) manager also issues guidelines for every department to determine quality in various processes alongside the assembly of clothes. QC is additionally liable for checking the standard of the merchandise through the varied stages of production.

Fashion Consultant/Personal Stylist: People who wish to become fashion consultants/personal stylists are mostly self-employed. However, one can only make a mark for themselves during this job profile if one needs a very good reputation within the apparel industry. The standard task of a fashion consultant/personal stylist is to assist people to develop a wardrobe that promotes their public image. People working in this profession advise others on the newest fashion trends, clothing styles, colors to wear/avoid, and the way to try on their make-up and hair.

Technical Designer: People working as technical designers are liable for deciding how a garment should be stitched and made. Thus, they're liable for creating a technical package or TP. So, their task starts when a sketch of the garment to be made is given to them. Typically speaking, technical designers get to put in sewing details, points of measurement (or POM), wash descriptions, label/hangtag placement, and packaging instructions.

Apparel Fashion Coordinator: They are liable for creating a unified ‘look and feel across all fashion divisions of an emporium, design house, or fashion magazine. A fashion coordinator must constantly monitor various fashion publications and wishes to be up-to-date with industry trends so that he/she can advise the organization regarding which fabric, pattern, and elegance the firm should produce.

Apparel Fashion Show Organisers: A person who works as a fashion show organizer must organize various fashion events. To achieve success in this profession one should have good connections and therefore the ability to handle the show with full responsibility and flawlessly.

According to Mckinsey’s Global fashion index, the worldwide garment industry's worth is estimated to be $2.4 trillion. Also, they forecasted the sales growth of the style industry to travel 3 times between 2016 and 2018.

The State of Fashion Report by Mckinsey also mentioned that in 2018, for the primary time quite 50% of sales of apparel and footwear will originate outside Europe and North America and therefore the emerging markets will persistently be an important source of this growth.

According to the McKinsey Fashion scope, the Asia-Pacific region is predicted to extend by 40 percent of worldwide apparel and footwear sales by 2018. The Asian online apparel market alone is estimated to succeed in the US $1.4 trillion.

Therefore, scholars pursuing a course in apparel design have a promising careers within the apparel industry.

Popular Colleges for Apparel Fashion Design Course:

College Name
Entrance exam

National Institute of fashion technology

Hauz Khas, Delhi

Fee 1L to 11.09 L

NIFT entrance exam

National Institute of fashion technology

Navi Mumbai

59 k to 11.09 L

NIFT entrance exam

National Institute of fashion technology

H.S.R layout, Banglore

71.39k to 11.09 L

NIFT entrance exam

National Institute of fashion technology

Salt lake city, Kolkata

35.4 k to 11.09 L


National Institute of fashion technology

Taramani, Chennai

2.25 L to 11.09 L

NIFT entrance exam

Pearl Academy

Rajouri Garden, Delhi

1 L to 21.31 L


Private Apparel Fashion Design Course:

Fee / Salary

Indian Institute of Fashion Technology, IIFT Bangalore

Vijayanagar, Banglore

2.1 - 2.5 LPA (Salary)

JD Institute of Fashion Technology

Hauz Khas, Delhi

55 k 

JD Institute of Fashion Technology

Vile parle west, Mumbai


JD Institute of Fashion Technology

Lavelle Road, Banglore


JD Institute of Fashion Technology

Panaji, Goa


JD Institute of Fashion Technology



List of Top-rated Apparel Fashion Design Courses:

Here we have given you a tabular format of top-rated apparel fashion design course which is based on alumni reviews. We have given you a list of the best courses in apparel fashion design you have to explore these reviews to choose one out of the best.


Undergraduate diploma in fashion design

JD Institute of fashion technology

Corporate Centre, Hauz khas

B.Sc in fashion and apparel design

Indian institute of fashion technology


B.F. Tech in apparel production

Indian institute of fashion technology

Hauz Khas

B.F. Tech in apparel production

Indian institute of fashion technology


B.F. Tech in apparel production

Indian institute of fashion technology


Advanced diploma in apparel fashion design

JD Institute of fashion technology

Lavelle Road, Bangalore

B.F.Tech in apparel production

Indian institute of fashion technology


B.F.Tech in apparel production

Indian institute of fashion technology


B.F.Tech in apparel production

Indian institute of fashion technology


B.F.Tech in apparel production

Indian institute of fashion technology


Popular Apparel Fashion Design UG courses in India:

Here is the most popular apparel fashion design UG (undergraduate) course. Here you can easily explore the top colleges which are offering you Undergraduate courses.

Undergraduate Courses
Number of Institutes

UG Diploma

170 colleges in India


56 colleges in India


13 colleges in India


12 colleges in India


11 colleges in India

Popular Apparel Fashion Design PG Courses in India:

Here are the popular apparel fashion design PG (postgraduate) courses. In this tabular format, you’ll get an idea that how many colleges are there that are offering you PG apparel fashion design.

Post-Graduate Courses
Number of Colleges

PG Diploma

43 colleges in India


41 colleges in India


8 colleges in India


4 colleges in India


2 colleges in India

This is what the apparel fashion design industry is. Numerous companies design and sell clothes, footwear, accessories, innerwear, luxury item, etc. It is the product categories that include everything even though the basics also.

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