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Courses After 12th 2022

Update on 30 Mar 2022


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Courses After 12th 2022
Being in 12th class or Higher Secondary schooling can be a pleasant stage - why?

Because it will provide them with a platform to make the career of their choice or dream career. The life of such students may go as they or their parents have planned.  For others, it can be a critical moment especially for students who do not have any plan or cannot achieve it for reasons- why?  There are several reasons for being a person in this stage.

Some of the reasons are:
  • There are a lot of courses to choose from, each having its own advantages and disadvantages.
  • Problems in deciding how to choose the courses: Whether to choose them according to the salary that one will get after completing the specific course, or according to personal interests. This confusion is more prevalent among students who are not from a rich background.
  • While choosing courses, whom to listen is also a matter of concern. Whether to listen to the relatives/family members or to an experienced guy/a good friend. Some students find it better to discuss the matter with the counsellor. Many students are often puzzled by so many different opinions.
  • Problems in deciding, in which stream one should go for, means whether to go for medical, engineering, arts, management or other fields. Because the course one will do after 12th will decide the future of the candidate. So the course after 12th acts as a kind of one-time opportunity to decide where to go.
  • The pressure of society and family: In this case, the student choices are restricted because of the society or family. The student is not allowed to choose the course of his choice because of the society or family. The society/family thinks that a particular course is inferior. This is more common especially with girl students and people who are traditional thinkers.
  • There are many types of courses like short-term courses, certificate courses, Diploma courses, distance learning courses etc.

Are you one of those students? If yes. Then keep reading or even if you are not from one of those students, you will surely learn something new. There are a number of courses to choose from, after your high school. Generally, students who are from Science stream go for engineering and medical courses. Students who are from commerce stream go for management, banking and business related courses. Students who are from Arts background generally go for Arts & Humanities courses.

Not interested in those lengthy courses/ degrees? If you do not want to undertake a Bachelor’s degree that is at least 3 years long. You can go for diploma courses they are usually 2 years long. Still worried about the length?  If you like you can opt for certificate and short-term courses that are shorter in length like 1 year or even less than that.

Do not want to go to college? You can choose to take distance learning courses. These courses can be done both online and offline modes. There are several online sites like course, edx where you can even get a degree online. These websites offer a wide range of courses in various topics. There are several universities like IGNOU and DU which offer distance learning courses.

Courses After 12th Science-

Science is the most popular stream after 12th in India. According to Cambridge dictionary Science is “ the careful study of the structure and behaviour of the physical world, especially by watching, measuring, and doing experiments, and the development of theories to describe the results of these activities “. There are enormous opportunities after completing the 12th class from Science.

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If you are the student who likes biology and curious about how wounds heal, what makes a person ill, how diseases are cured, then medical courses are the ones you should go for.


What are medical courses and what are the requirements ?:

Medical courses are the courses in which practice of medicine is done and students (medical students) who take the course learn how to cure a disease or other medical condition. Medical courses are well suited for students who want to do the work for the welfare of humans. Medical courses consist of several courses. If someone has the combination of PCB (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) can go to take the courses related to medical.

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Have you ever wondered- how that pill cured all the pain. What makes some tablets more effective than others? How much and what salt is required? And the chemistry of medicine and pills. Then these pharmacy courses are for you. Admission is based on merit. The pharmacy courses contain all details about the salts and medicines. B. Pharma (Bachelor of Pharmacy) and D. Pharma (Diploma in pharmacy) are the most popular courses if you want to make the career in pharmacy.

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want to learn more about the law? Curious what makes lawyers argue in the courtroom? Wonders how laws are made and applied? LLB is your answer to all these questions. There are currently 2 types of LLB courses. If you just completed your 12th and want to pursue LLB, then you can opt for integrated LLB course. Many colleges will require you have a certain percentage of marks in 10+2.

LL.B. (Bachelor of Laws): LLB is one of the most popular courses in India. It is one of those courses that are popular not only among students of the related stream but also among the students of other streams. LL.B. duration is 3 years. This course will teach a student about all the necessary details on how laws are made, passed and applied. This course is intended to build a strong base on laws and rules. It covers a wide range of topics from the constitution to international laws. However, this course may require you to have some knowledge first like a strong foundation. Therefore you may not be able to do this directly.

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Arts and Humanities Courses-

If you have a certain interest in subjects like English, Political Science, Geography, History and Economics, then arts is the perfect stream for you. There are many students and their parents who have a misconception and misplaced prejudice when it comes to the field of arts as it is considered as a dull stream for most of the Indian parents but these people are unaware that there a lot of opportunities waiting for you when it comes to the real world scenario in the field of arts.

In fact, the students who are studying arts have exceptional opportunities for professional competitive exams like UPSC civil service examination. So if you comprehensively study subjects of arts during your schooling, it can definitely help you to crack competitive entrance examinations.

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Business & Management Courses-

Do not want to go for courses related to Science? More inclined towards commerce? Want to start your own business? Love managing stuff and people? The business and management courses are for you especially if love solving problems related to statistics and mathematics. Most institutions take admissions on merit basis in such courses. There are several business and management courses. Topmost popular courses include:

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration): This course is intended for suitable candidates. This three and a half year course will cover detailed aspects of the business. This course is good for those who want to make a career in business administration or want to start their own business. The detailed syllabus will focus on both management and communication necessary to start one’s own business. This course is also known as by BBS & BMS names. Students from different streams take do BBA. It is one of the most popular courses in India.

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Fashion Design Courses-

Fashion can be designed as a popular trend specifically in clothing, footwear, accessories, makeup, lifestyle, hairstyle and body. It is the way of style in which people represent themselves. Fashion can become a predominant style in the lifestyle of a person. More often fashion is referred to creativity in clothing, however, there are various aspects of fashion that can dash you off to be a trendsetter. If you possess the necessary creative skills, passion and desire for the latest trends in fashion, then we recommend you to pursue a career in fashion designing.

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IT Computer Courses-

According to a survey, very few youths in India are pursuing the jobs of their dreams. The rest are either employed in workplaces in which they have no interest or either completely unemployed. The youth of India is undergoing the wrath of employment. So it is recommended to choose the right course that could provide you employment with high packages. There is no doubt on the fact that almost all our work is done through computers and the internet. Even education is dispensed to students through virtual education by computers which is more easy to learn than the traditional theoretical concept of books. From hospitals to departmental stores and from schools to our homes, we are surrounded by computers everywhere.

The limitation of jobs and unemployment in youth are increasing day by day, so it is recommended to pursue a course in a field related to computers and we assure you that after the successful completion of your course, you will be no more unemployed as the current generation is revolutionized by the era of computers.

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Hotel Management Courses-

There is no essence that all students should take medical or non-medical courses after completion of their higher secondary exams (12th Standard). In today’s era, when there is so much competition between students for getting admission in the top-notch institutes across the country, there are certain students who couldn’t make it to that level. So what is the career and employment scope for those students? Should they opt for courses related to the medical and non-medical field from poor quality institutes who have low academic quality and poor placement record? The answer is No! In our content, we will be discussing a course that has huge employment opportunities yet it is not related to the medical or non-medical field.

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Air Hostess Courses-

Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return. Air hostess is one such course which many young girls look forward to pursuing because when fears are grounded, dreams take flight. The aviation industry has taken a boom in the past few decades thanks to globalisation. People prefer to fly and save their time rather than taking long routes. Not only girls, but boys can also be a male cabin crew or steward. If you wish to fly high, then air hostess is the right course for you.

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