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BE Marine Engineering Course, Fees, Admission, Duration, Eligibility, Institutes, Job & Salary 2024

Update on 22 Apr, 2024


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BE Marine Engineering Course, Fees, Admission, Duration, Eligibility, Institutes, Job & Salary 2024-here

BE Marine Engineering Course Details: Marine engineering is the known branch of the engineering division which is responsible to deal with the construction and operation of mechanical equipment of seagoing craft, docks, and harbor installation. The main job of a marine engineer is to design, build and maintain the vehicles used around the water which includes typically aircraft carriers, ships, submarines, tankers sailboats, etc.

➥ In broadway, we can explain that marine engineering is based on the design and maintenance of the propulsive system and designing of the steering tankers, submarines, and sailboats.

➥ B.E Marine engineering is a full-time undergraduate engineering course. The duration of this course is 4 years and it is divided into 8 semesters. Candidates who have completed their 10+2 or any equivalent exam with relevant 55% marks in physics, chemistry, and mathematics from any recognized board are eligible to apply in the course of the BE Marine Engineering Course.

Eligibility for BE Marine Engineering Course:

➥ Candidates who have completed 10+2 with the subjects physics, chemistry, and mathematics from the recognized board with at least 55% marks are eligible to take admission in BE Marine Engineering Course. The percentage might be different as per the college requirement from one to another.

➥ Candidates who have completed three years of diploma in any stream are also eligible to take admission in B.E Marine Engineering course through Lateral entry. Eligible candidates are advised to apply in the course online/ offline through the official website of the college or university

BE Marine Engineering Course Admission Process 2024:

There are two processes to take admission in B.E marine engineering courses. Students can take admission either through a merit list or entrance then followed the personal interviews. Most of the colleges are agreed to give admission into their respective colleges on the basis of marks obtained by the students in the 10+2 examination. But on the other hand, some of the colleges believe in allowing admission through written tests followed by personal interviews. So taking admission into the BE marine engineering courses might vary as per college norms.

B.E Marine Engineering Subjects & Syllabus 2024:

This is the list of syllabus yearly basis after taking admission into B.E Marine Engineering course:

BE Marine Engineering 1st Year Syllabus

  • General psychology with alcohol and drug prevention
  • Analytic geometry and solid geometry
  • Engine watch keeping, engine officers
  • Ship construction and ship suitability
  • Marine pollution and prevention
  • Mechanics and Hydromechanics

BE Marine Engineering 2nd Year Syllabus

  • Marine vocabulary and terms
  • Fuel oil and lubricants
  • Spherical trigonometry
  • Aptitude for the services
  • Ship and ships routine
  • Marine power plant and diesel

BE Marine Engineering 3rd Year Syllabus

  • Engineering drawing
  • Auxiliary machinery
  • Marine power plant
  • Plane trigonometry
  • Engineering physics
  • Electrotechnology

BE Marine Engineering 4th Year Syllabus

  • General chemistry
  • Integral calculus
  • College algebra
  • Machine shop
  • Heat balance
  • Basic safety

Who should grab this course: B.E in Marine Engineering:

  • A candidate who is seeking to know about the ships and how it works and who have a deep interest in marine engineering and its related field 
  • Candidates who have the good interpersonal skill and good communication skills
  • Candidates who have willing to become a ship manager at degree level are suitable to apply for this course
  • Hardworking candidates who have a lot of patience and keep themselves up to date in the field of marine engineering are suitable candidates for this course.

Top Institutes of BE Marine Engineering Course:

There are so many institutes that are called up students for this B.E Marine engineering course in their institute. Below is the list of the colleges that are providing courses.

  • Andhra University
  • VELS university
  • AMET University
  • Anna university of technology
  • Chandigarh college of engineering and technology
  • GKM college of engineering and technology
  • Gujarat technological university
  • Himalayan University
  • Hindustan Institute of maritime training
  • Mangalore marine college and technology
  • Marine engineering and research institute
  • Mohamad Pathak engineering college
  • Tolani Maritime Institute
  • Srinivas Institute of technology
  • Sri Venkateswara College of engineering
  • Sri Nandhanam maritime academy
  • Rajlaxmi engineering college

B.E Marine Engineering Course Fees 2024:

The course fee might be varying on the basis of colleges and universities. Every college has its own fee structure to take admission to its college. There is not any rigid model related to the fee structure. In this section, we will explain some colleges with the fee details below.

BE Marine Engineering Fees Structure 2024


Fee structure

Andhra University

INR 800000

VELS university

INR 978000

AMET University

INR 25860

Anna university of technology

INR 300095

Himalayan University

INR 32000

Gujarat Technological University

INR 25000

Mangalore marine college of technology 

INR 55000

B.E Marine Engineering Course Duration:

➥ BE Marine Engineering is a full-time undergraduate engineering course. The duration of this course is divided into 8 semesters. For a successful engineering course, candidates are required to qualify for all 8 semesters of exam successfully, and then finally they will be rewarded as marine engineers. 

B.E Marine Engineer Salary:

After completion of this course, students can start work in the marine field in many areas. In this section, we are going to discuss all the major posts which will be assigned to the candidates after completion of the courses.

Job Position: Marine engineer

Job description: Marine engineer is responsible for designing and developing, building and installation, proper inspection and maintaining the propulsion system, pumps, engine, and other pieces of the technical equipment that are necessary and make the boat and maritime vessels function in the proper mode. They are to be hired for the particular specialized area in which marine engineers should be mastered.

Salary offered: INR 7 to 8 Lakhs

Job position: Port manager

Job description: the Port manager is responsible for the smooth management of the port so that the marine or boat can reach the destination on time. They perform their duty in close contact with the range of the industry group like shipping line, stevedores, and quarantine. They used to spend more time on the port and out of the port also for the management work and managerial meetings.

Salary offered: Generally, INR 14 to 15 Lakhs packages have been offered to the Port Manager

Job Position: Ship Operator

Job description: The ship operator is responsible for the technical task. He also ensures troubleshooting technical specifications and operates the machine which is executed with the predetermined procedure. They are also responsible for ensuring the vessel voyage which ensures the minimum cost and performs the duty efficiently. They are also required to assist with off-hire statements, commercial analysis, annual functioning reports, and the preparation of the company's operational and laytime.

Salary offered: Mostly INR 6-7 Lakh package has been offered to the ship operator position. 

Job Position: Ship Manager

Job profile: Ship managers are responsible to manage all the important documents like shipping notice, bill of loading, etc. they direct the flow from the package to the shipment for the packages. In broadly you can say that the ship manager is responsible to manage finance-related activities which usually perform over the ship. They are also responsible to track, prioritize and check the necessary software functioning which is helpful in the functioning of the ship in a smooth manner. They are also seeking legal regulation and ensure compliance. He is also responsible to create reports to represent in front of the management of activities and several kinds of issues. They also looked out the company policy.

 Salary offered:  INR 11-12 Lakhs package offered to this particular ship manager post.

Job Position: Marine Surveyor

Job profile: Marine Surveyor is responsible for surveying marine vessels like boats, ships, dredges, and tankers to ascertain the condition of the machinery. He is also responsible to determine the needed equipment for the repairing purpose of the machine to meet the requirement. They inspect the condition of the rudder, propellers, and other sea valves. They are responsible to take a reading of the tail shaft and bearings.

Salary offered: INR 7-8 Lakhs has been offered generally for the position for the marine surveyor post.

BE Marine Engineering Lifestyle:

➥ Life after doing marine engineering courses on board a ship is demanding mentally, physically, and emotionally. Marine engineering job is quite hectic on the ship like a complex mechanical system with a hostile environment. Engineers are mainly appointed for the four hours shift but they have to do some additional work if it is required however during the emergency period, the work hours could be extended as per the situation without any major break so broadly you can say working hours are not fixed, it could be stretched as per the current conditions. Those stretch hour work will continue until the problem flushing out or the broker machine is brought back into the working conditions and there is no threat to the ship of any kind.

On the port, a marine engineer can go onshore, if time permits, and after taking permission from the chief engineer and captain. Marine engineer is just like crew work on a contract basis just like other ships. Shipping companies normally offer to work with them for a fixed tenure of four to six months. This contract might be extended if your work performance is up to the mark and this contract might be extended as per the experience.

Marine Engineering Books:

If you are a student of the marine engineering course or you are just seeking the knowledge of the maritime domain. There are some popular marine engineering books written by some of the finest experts in the marine industry. These books can be used for several years in the marine industry and it is famous for maritime students and experienced professionals.

Some of the famous books are listed below.

  • Introduction of marine engineering
  • General engineering knowledge(Marine engineering)
  • Marine auxiliary machinery
  • Lamb question and answer for the marine diesel engine.

There is some important FAQ are related to the Course B.E in Marine engineering:

Que: Which exam is necessary to get admission in the course of BE Marine engineering

Ans: There are so many entrance exams on the basis of students can take admission in the course of marine engineering which is listed below.

  • MERI
  • GATE

Que: Can we do marine engineering after completing the diploma?

Ans:  one of the best parts to do diploma in marine engineering after completing the course of mechanical engineering courses is that you do not need to go through the entire period of four years which the marine engineer has to continue instead one-year graduate diploma will open ladders into entering into the merchant navy.

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