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O Level Syllabus 2024

O Level Syllabus 2024:

The main objective of the NIELIT O Level Examination is to upskill the candidates on the foundation course of Computer Technology. The O Level Syllabus 2024 has been designed in such a way that the candidate gains theoretical knowledge as well as practical experience on the basics of Information Technology.

The O Level Syllabus 2024 is conducted by the Government of India and after successful completion of the course, the candidates can apply for jobs in Government organizations.

Candidates who complete the O Level Exams become eligible for the following roles in Government offices.

  • Web Designer
  • Web publication Assistant
  • Office Automation Assistant
  • IoT Application Integrator
  • User Interface Designer
  • Junior Programmer
  • Lab Assistant 
  • Technical Assistant

How will you Download the O Level Syllabus?

  • Go to the official website of NIELIT is
  • Go to the homepage of the official website.
  • Click the “Education and Training” button at the bottom right corner of the homepage.
  • Click the “Various courses and Training programs” link.
  • Select the “Computer Courses” link.
  • Select the “O Level courses” from the drop-down menu. 
  • The O Level Syllabus 2024 will appear in PDF format.
  • Download the O Level 2024 Syllabus and save it for further use.

The O Level Syllabus 2024 is available on the official website of NIELIT and any revisions or changes in the syllabus are updated by the NIELIT authorities on their official site. Candidates who are interested in appearing for the NIELIT exams can do so by downloading the syllabus and studying all the topics in detail.

An Overview of the O Level Syllabus:

S.No. Examination particulars Details of the Exam
1 Name of the Exam O Level Exam
2 Conducting Body NIELIT
3 Duration of the Exam 1 year
4 Total number of semesters 2
5 Examination Type Theoretical and Practical
6 Total number of Modules 4
7 Official website of NIELIT

O Level Syllabus 2024

How will the NIELIT Exam Syllabus help the aspirants?

The updated NIELIT Syllabus will impart the necessary knowledge and skills to the students and help them apply for jobs in the following domains:

  • Website Designer
  • Office Automation Assistant
  • Website Publication Assistant
  • User interface Designer
  • IoT Application Integrator
  • Teaching Assistant

Highlights of the revised NIELIT syllabus are given below with the total number of hours allotted to each paper

S.No Modules of the Exam Total number of hours (Theory+ Practical) Total Number of Hours
1 Information Technology and Network Basics 48+72 120
2 Web Designing and Publishing 48+72 120
3 Programming and Problem solving through C Language 48+72 120
4 IoT and its Applications 48+72 120
5 Project work 40 ( Practicals) 40
6 Total 192+328 520

Check out the important topics covered in the O Level Exam syllabus

Topics Covered
Information Technology Tools and Network Basics
Internet Technology and Web Designing
Programming and Problem solving through C Language
Internet of Things and Application of .Net Technology
Introduction to Multimedia
Introduction to ICT Resources

Grading Pattern of the O Level Exams:

  • The examination pattern of the NIELIT Examination is as follows
  • The O Level Course has a duration of 1 year and consists of 2 semesters.
  • The exam schedule for the foundation-level computer course is as follows:
  • Theory exam of 100 marks and 3-hour duration
  • A practical exam of 100 marks and a 3-hour duration

Given below is the grading system in the O Level Exam. Knowledge of the O Level Syllabus and the grading system will help the candidate revise all the topics and prepare well for the examination.

S.No Marks Obtained Examination Grades
1 Below 50% F ( Failed)
2 50% to 54% D
3 55% to 64% C
4 65% to 74% B
5 75% to 84% A
6 85% and Above S

Now that the candidate has an idea of the grading system for the examination, we will go through the O Level Syllabus 2024 based on the different modules in detail

O Level Exam Syllabus for Module I

Information Technology Tools and Network Basics
Computer organization
Computer Appreciation
Information Technology and Society
What is an Operating System
Spreadsheet Package
Presentation Package
Database Operations

NIELIT O Level Syllabus for Module 2

Internet Technology and Web Designing
HTML Programming basics
Current trends on the internet
Protocols of Internet Technology
Electronic mails
Interactivity tools
Web publishing and Browsing
Services of the Internet
Security management concepts of the internet
Internet Network
Information Technology and Copyright issues

O Level Subject Syllabus for Module 3

Programming and Problem solving through C language
Introduction to Programming
Introduction to C language
File processing 
Self-referential structures and link lists
Algorithms for problem-solving
Structures and Unions
Storage classes
Conditional statements and loops

O Level Paper Syllabus for Module 4

Internet of things and Application of .Net Technology
The Net Framework
Common language specification
Just in time compilation
C# basics
C# using libraries
Advanced features using C#
Graphical device interface using C#
Case study ( Messenger Application)
ASP.Net 2.0
Introduction to Programming and Visual Basic .Net
File and Database Applications
Advanced Programming Constructs
Net Architecture and Advanced tools

O Level Syllabus for Module 4

Introduction to Multimedia
Web and Internet Multimedia Applications
Computer fonts and Hypertext
Families and faces of fonts
Bitmap fonts
International character sets and Hypertext
Audio fundamentals and representations
Digitization, frequency, and bandwidth of sound
Sound synthesis, MIDi, Wavetable
Compression and transmission of Audio on the Internet
Image fundamentals and representations

O Level Syllabus for Module 4

Introduction to ICT resources
Concepts of Networking
Administration of Networking
PC Assembly and Operations

The O Level Exam is conducted in the Theory and practice mode. Candidates can download the revised O Level Syllabus from the official website of NIELIT. The O Level course is conducted in the field of Information Technology and the duration of the course is 1 year.

NIELIT conducts both theoretical and practical exams for the candidates who apply for the O Level Course. The field of Computer Applications is an upcoming one with well-paid job prospects and many candidates enroll in the Program every year. Shortlisted candidates who complete the O Level Course successfully become entitled to well-paid job prospects in Government Organizations.

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