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TN Board 9th Class Syllabus 2024

TNSCERT (Tamil Nadu State Council of Educational Research and Training) regularly alters Samacheer Kalvi Tamil Nadu State Board Class 9th Syllabus and now it has a most updated edition of the Class 9th Syllabus.

Tamil Nadu Board Class 9th Syllabus 2024:

Tamil Nadu Board 9th Syllabus 2024

Tamil Nadu Board 9th Social Science Syllabus 2024

Tamil Nadu Board Class 9th History

Particular Details
Unit 1  Evolution of Humans and Society – Prehistoric Period
Unit 2  Ancient Civilisations
Unit 3 Early Tamil Society and Culture
Unit 4 Intellectual Awakening and Socio-Political Changes
Unit 5 The Classical World
Unit 6 The Middle Ages
Unit 7  State and Society in Medieval India
Unit 8  The Beginning of the Modern Age
Unit 9 The Age of Revolutions
Unit 10 Colonialism in Asia and Africa
Tamil Nadu Board Class 9th Geography Syllabus 2024
Unit 1 Lithosphere – I Endogenetic Processes
Unit 2 Lithosphere – II Exogenetic Processes
Unit 3 Atmosphere
Unit 4 Hydrosphere
Unit 5 Biosphere
Unit 6  Man and Environment
Unit 7  Mapping Skills
Unit 8 Disaster Management: Responding to Disasters
Tamil Nadu Board Class 9th Civics Syllabus 2024
Unit 1 Forms of Government and Democracy
Unit 2  Election, Political Parties and Pressure Groups
Unit 3 Human Rights
Unit 4 Forms of Government
Unit 5  Local Self Government
Unit 6 Road Safety
Tamil Nadu Board Class 9th Economics Syllabus 2024
Unit 1 Understanding Development: Perspectives,
Measurement and Sustainability
Unit 2 Employment in India and Tamil Nadu
Unit 3 Money and Credit
Unit 4  Agriculture in Tamil Nadu
Unit 5 Migration
Tamil Nadu Board Class 9th Mathematics Syllabus 2024 
Tamil Nadu Board Class 9th Maths Syllabus (Term-I)
Set language Introduction, Set, Representation of a Set, Types of Sets, Set Operations, Cardinality and Practical problems and Set Operations
Real numbers Introduction, Rational numbers. Irrational numbers, Real numbers
Algebra Introduction, Polynomials, Arithmetic of Polynomial, Value and Zeros of a Polynomial, Division of Polynomials, Remainder theorem
Geometry Introduction, Geometry Basics- Recall, Quadrilaterals, Constructions
Coordinate Geometry Mapping the Plane, Devising a Coordinate system, Distance between any two points
Tamil Nadu Board Class 9th Maths Syllabus (Term-II)
Set language Introduction, Properties of Set Operations, De Morgan’s theorem. Cardinality and Practical problems and Set Operations.
Real numbers Introduction, Radical Notation. Surds, Rationalisation of Surds. Scientific notation.
Algebra Introduction, Factor theorem. Algebraic Identities. Factorization.
Geometry Introduction, Parts of circle, Circle through three points. Properties of Chords of a Circle, Properties of Chords of a Circle. Cyclic Quadrilaterals, Constructions
Statistics Introduction, Collections of Data, Measures of central tendency, Arithmetic mean, Median, Mode,
Tamil Nadu Class 9th Maths Syllabus (Term-III)
Algebra Introduction, Linear equation in one variable, Linear equation in two variables, Slope of a line, Intercept of a line, Simultaneous Linear Equations, Consistency and inconsistency of a linear equation in two variables
Coordinate Geometry Introduction, Midpoint of a line segment, Points of Trisection of a Line Segment, Section formula, The Coordinates of the Centroid
Trigonometry Introduction, Trigonometric Ratios and some special angles, Trigonometric ratios for complementary angles, Method of using Trigonometric Table.
Mensuration Introduction, Heron’s Formula, Application of Heron’s formula in finding areas of quadrilaterals, Surface area of cuboid and cubes, Volume of cuboid and cube
Probability Introduction, Basic ideas, Classical approach, Empirical approach, Types of events
Tamil Nadu Board Class 9th Science Syllabus 2024
1. Measurement and Measuring Instruments.
2. Motion
3. Light
4. Matter around us
5. Atomic structure
6. Living World of Plants-Plant Physiology
7. Living world of Animals – Diversity in Living Organism – Kingdom Animalia, Health and Hygiene – Food for living, Computer
Tamil Nadu Board Class 9th English Syllabus 2024
Unit 1 Prose: Goal Setting, Poem *: Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening, Supplementary: The Fun They Had
Unit 2 Prose: I Can’t Climb Trees Any more, Poem: A Poison Tree, Supplementary: The Envious Neighbour
Unit 3 Drama : Old Man River, Poem : Little Sarah, Supplementary : Little Cyclone - The Story of a Grizzly Cub
Tamil Nadu Board 9th English Syllabus (Term-II)
Unit 1 Prose: Seventeen Oranges, Poem: The Spider and the Fly, Supplementary: The Cat and the Pain-Killer, (An Extract from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer)
Unit 2 Prose: Water – The Elixir of Life, Poem*: On Killing a Tree, Supplementary: Earthquake
Tamil Nadu Board 9th English Syllabus (Term-III)
Unit 1 Prose: From Zero to Infinity, Poem*: The Comet, Supplementary: Mother’s Voice
Unit 2 Prose: A Birthday Letter, Poem: The Stick-together Families, Supplementary: The Christmas Truce


Tamil Nadu Syllabus

Tamil Nadu Board Class 9th Textbooks:

Tamil Nadu Board Class 9th Textbooks: For Class 9th, Samacheer Kalvi Tamil Nadu Board Textbooks are prescribed by the TNSCERT. The Tamil Nadu Board has a trimester scheme for class 9th exams, which means the entire curriculum is divided into three parts and the exams are also held three times in one academic year. The Samachar Kalvi Books are based on the tri semester scheme for Class 9th. These books are divided into three terms, each term comprises equal sets of chapters and practical lessons. These books are designed to relieve the pressure of studying the entire syllabus for the final term. Hence students can have a balanced curriculum.

Tamil Nadu Board Class 9th E-textbooks:

State Council of Educational Research and Training Tamil Nadu uploads all the e-textbooks on the official textbook services portal namely "Tamil Nadu Textbook and Educational Services Corporation". On this portal, you can find all the textbooks for Class 2nd to Class 12th. You can also download these 2-textbooks from the website. 

Steps to Download Tamil Nadu Board Class 9th Textbooks Online:

  • Visit the official website of Tamil Nadu Text Book and Educational Services Corporation i.e
  • On the home page, click on the option "Std. 9"
  • Now you will be redirected to a page where the links of the e-books are available term-wise,
  • Before downloading the book, select your Class and Medium (Tamil/English) from the bar mentioned on the top-left corner. Now all the available textbooks will appear on the screen
  • Click on the "Download" button to download the e-book of your desired subject.
  • Your E-textbook will be downloaded as a PDF file.

Steps to Purchase Samachar Kalvi Class 9th Textbooks Online:

  • Visit the website
  • Click on the Student Login option and register yourself with the website.
  • Please note that you have to provide a different email for every standard.
  • After registering yourself with the website, on the homepage click on the class for which you want to purchase books.
  • Complete your order by paying for the books you want to order by using net banking or any other acceptable payment mode.
  • After the successful payment, wait for a few days. Your books will be delivered to your given address within one week or less.
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