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TN Board  12th

TN Board 12th 2024

TN Board 12th Exam 2024: Tamil Nadu board is among one of the most educated or literate states of India. More than 80% of the people are recorded as educated in the year 2011. There was a survey which has been laid by the Assocham which says, this state is top with the 100% Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) in the primary as well as the upper primary education among the other state of India.

TN Board  12th

TN Board 12th Exam Overview:

Tamil Nadu state is populated by about 7,21,47,030 people according to the census of 2011 and it has an area of 1,30,058 sq km in all. This board was established in the year 1910 under the government of the Tamil Nadu Department of Education. TN Board 12th Exam 2024 is conducted by Tamil Nadu HSC Board every year. Data states that more than 90% of the students passed their examinations successfully. Percentage of passed girls: 94.1% and boys are 87.7%.

TN Board  12th

The Motive of Tamil Nadu 12th Board (TN-HSC):

  • The process of Education is a needed process for everyone as it's a fundamental need for the enhancement of anyone or everyone. It is a process by which society reflects the living standards of people making a group or community. It is a must for the establishment of a society that can seek opportunities for the enhancement of the children and make them creative and able to express themselves. Through education, a person seeks knowledge of the world around them. It makes children capable of interpreting things in the right direction.
  • Achievement towards universalization of education at both the levels of elementary and secondary by providing quality education through joyful learning. Along with the basic infrastructure coupled with safety and security for the well-being of all the children. TN Board Class 12th Exam 2024 focuses on universal access, equity, and quality, at the primary, Upper primary, Secondary along with higher secondary levels. We are bound here to provide all core developmental education to the child. A child can evolve through various curriculum and evaluation procedures in conformity with values enshrined in the Constitution.
  • Tamil Nadu Board is fully competent in building up the knowledge of a child and his/her potential coated with never underestimated talent which may develop the child's physical and mental abilities to the fullest. In exams, students are focused to give their best and we ensure the comfort of each & every child in school. Our faculty’s perception is that we think, and believe in a conducive learning environment through learning activities, a discovery with needed exploration in a child-friendly child-centered manner.

TN Board  12th

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