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Update on 24 Apr, 2024


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Top Trending Courses-here

Top Trending Course: The competition is increasing day by day in every field, job opportunities are there but only for those who have skills, specialization in their work, and passion. In today's world, every company/industry is looking for a candidate who can prove to be an efficient resource for the company.

To seek great job opportunities candidates need to polish their skills in their work specialized courses can help with this.

There are many courses available in the market from which you can get jobs just after completing the courses. The courses provide specialization in particular field courses that the candidate is interested in. If you are interested in cybersecurity you can opt for the Cybersecurity course or if you are interested in digital marketing you can go for Digital Marketing Course and so on.

Here are a few top trending courses that will help you improve your career and guide you through the various courses for trending courses in science and commerce.

Details of Top Trending Courses

Artificial Intelligence Course

As the title suffices for itself, Artificial Intelligence Course is the intellect part demonstrated by machines. This kind of intelligence is very different from the type of intelligence that humans and animals demonstrate. AI is a growing field in technology, making it one of the top trending courses in 2024. The major goals that an aspiring student should set while going for this course are -: knowledge of reasoning, planning, Machine Learning, natural language processing, computer vision, robotics, and artificial general intelligence.

AI has improvised advances in computer sciences, a large amount of data, and theoretical understanding. AI techniques have become an essential part of the technology industry, helping solve many challenging computer science problems, software engineering, and operations research. IT sees this as a new boom and hence is a top trending course in the IT field.

• Eligibility – 10+2, UG, PG, Diploma.

• Fee Criteria – varies from 20,000 pa – 70,000 pa.

• Duration – 12 months

Blockchain Course

If you have been investing, banking, and cryptocurrency, you might have come across the term "Blockchain Course" It is a record-keeping technology that builds the bitcoin network. It is a special type of database that stores information into blocks and joins them together in chronological order. This platform is used to store different kinds of information, but it is majorly used in the ledger for transactions.

How does Blockchain work exactly?

As it receives data, it is inputted into a new block; once the block is filled, it is fixed with the previous block, thus making a chain. There are several online programs as well as courses on Blockchain available. The course is very beneficial for software developers, IT professionals, analysts, engineers, and technical leads.

The top skills that one can learn are Ethereum, hyper ledger, smart contracts, fabric, composer, and core backend development (agile, MVC framework, API, dynamic programming).

One can avail of the various job opportunities after completing Blockchain courses: Blockchain developer, Ethereum developer, node js Blockchain developer, hyper ledger developer, solidity developer, JavaScript developer backend developer, etc. The bare minimum requirements for any enrolling candidate are as follows:

• Minimum Eligibility - Bachelor's Degree with 50% or equivalent passing marks. No prior coding experience is required. 

• Cost Of Program – Approximately 2,25,000 incl all taxes

• Duration of the program – 13 months ( 12/15hrs a week )

One can certainly pave a good career path by taking such courses as technology is a booming industry. The banking and financing sectors are rising with more advanced technology. This course is a must-go for all eligible and interested candidates.

Data Science Course

Data Science is a field that deals with using scientific methods, algorithms, processes, and systems to evacuate knowledge from many structured and unstructured data. Data Science is related to data mining, Big Data, and Machine Learning.

It is a concept of analyzing and understanding the actual phenomenon through available data. It uses theories and phenomena based on mathematics, statistics, computer science, information science, and domain knowledge. Data Science being a top trending course in the IT field provides insight into how the top social media platforms work.

Various programs and courses are now available on the online platform. One can either opt for learning all the courses together or go for each course individually. By applying to one of the Data Science course, one can learn many things and shape a good career as a data scientist. Enrolling applicants can get an insight into the current Data Science scenario; learn popular Data Science tools such as -: Jupiter Notebooks, RStudio IDE, and IBM cloud.

Become excellent in using data science technologies to build, test, and train data models. One can learn how to work with Python, which is the most preferred language, other than SQL, and many more. Hence it is the best trending Course in 2024.

• Duration of the course: For a bachelor's degree, the duration is 3 years, for a master's degree, it is for 2 years, whereas pg diploma courses for professionals are for 1 year. Online certification courses are for 3 to 6 months.

• Fee Structure: For a bachelor's degree, Fee Structure can vary from 3 lacs to 6 lacs depending upon the Institution. For a master's degree, it can vary from 20,000 to 4 lacs, and for any online course, the minimum fee required can be from 6,000 to 8,000 per month. 

• Eligibility: To get a master's degree, one must have a bachelor's degree. Online platforms are open to everyone. Some colleges have admission tests while others give admission based on marks in high school and inter.

Cyber Security Course

The practice of protecting computers, servers, mobile devices, networks, and data from malicious attacks is known as cybersecurity. Cybersecurity also deals with biology for biometric information. Hence it's one of the top trending courses in medicine as well.

It is also known as information technology security or electronic information security. Cyber Security professionals work hard to protect the data. Individuals working hard in the virtual world help out with the threats in the real world. Some of the specialized courses in cybersecurity are as follows – 

  1. IT Management and Cyber Security
  2. Computer Science with Cyber Security and Quick Heal
  3. Information Security with IBM
  4. Intruder technique
  5. Computer science with Cyber Security and Forensics
  6. Computer science with Cyber Security and Investigator

A Cyber Security degree program can be a 4-year course that focuses on the array of methods of securing and protecting data and information. Candidates are trained in technical and business skills, such as database applications, system administration, and data recovery.

It also comprises criminal psychology, digital forensics, and policy analysis for a complete understanding of IT security. Cyber Security is considered one of the top trending courses due to the many job opportunities provided in this field.

Eligibility: Candidates for the UG program should have passed 10+2 from a recognized board in the science stream. For a Master's, Candidates should have a graduation degree with at least 50% from a recognized institute in cybersecurity. 

Duration of Course – The UG and PG courses for diplomas range from 10 months to 1 year. Degree programs for CS/Cyber Security are for 3 years. Online certification courses range from 3 to 6 months.

Fee Structure: Courses Fees vary from 40,000 to 60,000 making it affordable and top trending courses in engineering.

Digital Marketing Course

Digital marketing is advertising one's product through various online platforms such as search engines, websites, social media, email, and mobile applications. Through Digital Marketing companies can endorse goods, services, and brands.

The Digital Marketing course generally expertise its candidates in various marketing domains such as search engine optimization, social media, pay-per-click, conversion optimization, digital analytics, content, mobile, and email marketing. The advertising industry is growing with new technological advancements every day, making Digital Marketing a trending commerce course.

Through Digital Marketing courses and programs, one can be an expert in 40+ digital marketing tools with extensive project experiences. Such programs are beneficial for freshers, traditional marketers, entrepreneurs, brand and communication managers, and sales professionals. 

The top skills that an individual will enhance during this program are SEO, SEM, Social media and content marketing, branding, and marketing analytics. The candidates bag numerous job opportunities such as Digital Marketing Manager, SEM Manager, SEO Specialist, social media, and Content Manager. 

• Eligibility Criteria - should hold a bachelor's degree 

• Course Duration – It can vary from 3- 6 months, 8/10 hrs per week. 

• Fee Structure – Approx 45,000 pa. 

Business Intelligence Course

It's a term that often refers to different tools that enable a quick and easy understanding of an organization. Business Intelligence advances software and services to convert data into actionable insights about an organization's strategic and tactical business decisions.

BI tools analyze data sets and represent all the analytical findings in reports, summaries, dashboards, graphs, charts, and maps. One can learn many BI tools such as Board, Domo, Dundas BI, Microsoft Power BI, Micro strategy, Oracle Analytics Cloud, Qlik, SAS, Sisense, Tableau, Tableau CRM, and Tibco.

As a business analyst, over 1.45 million career opportunities can use data and models to inform domain-specific decisions. If we shine light upon salary packages, a BI Architect can earn up to $102k pa and command up to $104k pa. 

• Eligibility: This is a course that is offered at MBA/PGDM level. Therefore, the minimum qualification is graduation from a reputed university or institution. 

• Duration: It can vary from 6 – 12 months.

• Fee Structure – Approximately 8,000 per month.


Big Data is one of the top trending courses in tech and business markets. The demand for Big Data tools and solutions is increasing among industries and organizations. Subsequently, the big data courses and various proms are rising.

These are top trending courses after graduation, providing a business student with an opportunity to dive into technology. There are several training centers and online courses of top-notch.

These institutions teach the enrolling candidates to learn several Big Data tools such as (Hadoop, MapReduce, Kafka, Spark, Apache Pig, Hive, Flume, Sqoop, etc.). They also help them to produce Big Data for real-world projects. As a candidate is learning, they become proficient in applying their learned methods in real-world scenarios. 

• Eligibility – Bachelor's degree in technology, computer science, or related field. Experience and a basic understanding of Java. IT and Technology professionals, Project Leads, and Managers in IT/ Tech companies. This is the primary focus of students who are exploring an option in top trending courses in computer science.

• Duration: It varies from 7 to 11 months. 

• Fee Structure – Approx 17,955.

Cloud Computing Course

Cloud Computing is a new day mechanism of accessing, executing, and storing data of all sorts in a virtual space rather than a physical storage space. In a digital world with our day-to-day activities taking an online trend from e-booking to online shopping, accessing emails to watching videos, requires huge data spaces while keeping factors like portability, cost of infrastructure, and physical maintenance at check better provided by Cloud Computing than traditional storage techniques.

• Eligibility – post-bachelor's degree or in a direct course or certification from an institution that may span over two days to 12 months, depending upon the course's level and other resources available to you. This course is the top trending course after graduation.

• Fee Structure – Rs.1, 25,000 + GST

• Duration: 6 months

Aspirants equipped with qualifications can work as cloud architects, cloud developers, cloud security specialists, or cloud infrastructure managers in an IT company. MBA aspirants are into operations and hence this is a trending course in management.

Virtual Reality Course

The subject refers to the experiences of a user in the virtual world with a 3D environment. This experience might be something natural or superficial. Virtual Reality is one of a kind course that might be related to education or entertainment. Virtual Reality helps the user in the simulation of a scenario around himself/herself.

It finds a scope in specific training operations, movies, and gaming platforms. The user feels connected to the environment, and hence this serves as a dominant medium to deal with crucial circumstances without really having to experience them. Virtual Reality is a Trending course in science, changing how reality is perceived.

Widely, Virtual Reality may be segmented into three major categories: non-immersive Virtual Reality, semi-immersive Virtual Reality, and fully immersive Virtual Reality. Each of these categories serves at a different level of user submergence of a user into a product.

• Eligibility – For UG courses, completing +2 in the science stream from a recognized board is essential. Else, for PG courses, a degree in engineering from a recognized institute is a must-have. This makes it the top trending course after 12th

• Duration: 288 hours for the short-term course to 3 years for a degree course.  

• Fee Structure –Approx 1.75 Lakhs to 6 Lakhs.

UI/UX Design Course

UI refers to the user interface, i.e., all the items on the screen that the user interacts with. It may be related to the graphics, the buttons the user interacts with, transitions from one screen to another, texts used in the interaction with the user, images, and related animations. However, this requires in-depth knowledge of the design and functionality of the device. The UI design course is all about the other interactive features of the application.

UX is related to user experience. Designers make sure that the application's user experience is fast, intuitive, and fun to use while designing an application. The designer must also keep in mind that the user does not have any issues while using the application and helps the user complete their task easily.

UX ease is a plus while interacting with the application. If the user faces difficulties while using the application, he/she might end up losing interest and not installing the application at all. Although UI and UX are different, they often go hand in hand for the overall success of the product.

• Eligibility – For UG courses, completion of +2 in any stream from a recognized board is essential. 

• Duration: 11 months (3 days a week and 2 hours daily) to 1.5 years full-time.

• Fee Structure – 1 Lakh– 27 Lakhs depending on the institute you wish to apply for it.

DevOps Course

In a traditional method, the software development life cycle (development, testing, and operations) is about creating software depending on the development team. But in DevOps, the scenario is different. DevOps is purely about the generation of well-designed products on a specific timeline.

This is done when the development team and operations team work together to achieve the common goal to develop the software in a more efficient way than a traditionally developed generic software. Also, this consumes less time as compared to any other lifecycle format.

DevOps can be considered as teamwork. As far as coding is concerned, it is unnecessary to have prior coding knowledge to learn DevOps. However, knowing how to code is always a good option to opt for. DevOps is pretty challenging for the work front. It requires both problem-solving abilities and business understanding that need to make up an excellent team.

• Eligibility: Any fresher, quality assurance, quality control, developer, tester, etc., can become a DevOps engineer. The candidate should be well versed with Cloud platforms like Azure, GCP, AWS, and many more.

• Fees: Online certification courses start from 20000 INR to 2.25 Lakhs

• Duration: 90 hours to 1 year for diploma courses.

Machine Learning Course

Machine Learning is the science of getting computers to learn and act like humans without being decidedly programmed. It is considered a part of ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. It focuses on developing computer programs and applications that can access data and use it to learn for themselves. Machine Learning is amongst the best trending courses in 2024.

It uses various algorithms such as Supervised, Unsupervised, and Semi-Supervised Algorithms to improve their learning accuracy. Over the past decade, ML has given us self-driving cars, web surfing, and speech recognition. It is being used by many MNCs to provide better services to their customers. There are various courses in this field.

• Eligibility: A Bachelor's degree with a minimum of 1 year of work experience. Or a degree in Mathematics or Statistics.

• Fees: Rs40,000pa – Rs80,000

• Duration: 4 - 6 Months (5 to 6 hours per day)

IoT (Internet of Things)

IoT is one of the most up-and-coming technologies in the world. It is a network that can connect anyone with any device anywhere. IoT uses embedded devices to connect everyday appliances such as cars, thermostats, and microwaves to the internet. These 'things,' also known as 'smart devices, 'collect and transmit information, and send bytes of data over the internet to an application that interprets and collates that data into valuable insights. 

The devices do most of the work without human intervention, although people can interact with their devices. Many courses are available that teach you how to independently Design, Code, and Built IoT products for the market. These courses will help you learn how to use some of the physical devices like Arduino and RaspberryPi.

• Eligibility - Beginner-level knowledge of Programming/Coding. Having a beginner-level understanding of electronic and electrical circuits is recommended but not necessary.

• Fees: varies from Rs40,000pa - Rs60,000pa

• Duration - 3 to 6 months (6 to 8 hours per week)

The Internet of Things is almost considered the next Industrial Revolution because it will completely change the way businesses, governments, and consumers interact with the physical world.


Ques 1. Why should we choose one of these top trending courses?

These courses are designed to keep in mind the changing technologies and the day-to-day advancements in various fields. They are the building blocks for the future. Technical superiority is a must these days as most aspects of society are stepping into the digital world.

These courses are going to provide a person with a better perspective. All these courses deal with providing up-to-date knowledge of recent developments. They will help an individual to adapt to the changing times. Modern society looks to give the best solutions to age-old questions, and courses like the above-mentioned are some of our best bets. 

Ques 2. Career and Scope of best top trending courses?

All the courses mentioned above have excellent job opportunities and future scope for an even better career. For example, Big Data provides a lot of career options ranging from being an analyst to a specialist.

Companies like Google and Facebook deal in millions of bits of data per day and need professionals to handle this job. This proves that these courses are very flexible and provide well-paid executive positions. These top trending courses also give an opportunity to grow into a better employee. 

Ques 3. Which courses have more job opportunities?

Job opportunities vary from course to course, depending on the level of skills an individual can develop in that course. We all know that getting a good job in today's world is very difficult, so being unique and efficient in what you do is extremely important.

All these courses are the latest and thus trending. All these courses are new to the market, and thus there is less competition among peers. There are budding job opportunities in all these fields, and they are only going to increase in the coming years. 

Ques 4. Which course is best in 2024?

All courses are the best in their respective fields. These courses focus on developing the world and putting new ideas in people's minds. AI, also known as ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, is a highly coveted field whose evolution is mind-boggling on its own.

Digital Marketing is bringing new advancements into the world of e-commerce. Therefore, these courses are all flourishing quickly and bringing in a new era with them. They are providing a successful career to many people even when they are so new to most of us. This makes digital marketing the top trending course in commerce.

Ques 5. Which courses are best for the future?

Courses like Big Data, Cloud Computing, and Digital Marketing are all very sought after by companies. No one knows what the future might hold, but we know that whatever it is, we need to prepare for it accordingly.

These courses not only give the best opportunities but also create environment-conscious individuals who think of the future while keeping the present in mind. All these courses are best as they expand the thinking of a person. They provide jobs with excellent packages that will provide a smooth lifestyle.

Ques 6. What are the best short courses?

DevOps, Virtual Reality, and various other courses provide short programs for students. These courses will give you an edge over others as they are not common among students. Those people who need an extra advantage or do not have as much time on their hands can look up these courses.

However, the person needs to have beforehand knowledge about the subjects and a drive to make it through. These courses will also give your hands-on knowledge and high-paying jobs in a short amount of time.


Professional certificates provide excellent avenues for developing the skills and knowledge of an individual. It broadens the spectrum of learning and developing a set of skills. They help you produce productive, lucrative job positions as we all know that recently the entire world faced a pandemic that forced us to stay at our home.

These were some hard times, but they were a new doorway to many opportunities. Individuals had enrolled themselves in many courses and got polished for their upcoming challenges.

Not only do these courses enhance one's educational background, but they help a candidate pave a new pathway for their career. We have various courses that match our needs and interests just a click away, so why stop?

One must grab as many opportunities as he/she can. With this article, we have focused on top trending courses helping out many individuals in their careers.

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